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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Karpal Singh Must Be Losing His Mind (Read:Nyanyuk)

I read Karpal Singh latest antiques as reported in Malaysiakini "Karpal: I didn't insult Islam" at "".

My advice to Karpal is that please be sensitive to other race’s feelings and sentiments. You cannot expect people to understand you if you do not try to understand the other side.

The alleged “death-threat” against Karpal is nothing more than an emotional response to Karpal’s insensitive remarks about Islam and the Malay rights. Karpal should know better than to be making careless remarks that touches upon the sensitivity of the people in Malaysia, namely the Malays.

Also, one should also not forget the inconsistency of Karpal Singh when making his remarks. For instance, while he vehemently argues that Malaysia’s Constitution is secular, he equally rejects the Malay Special Rights which is clearly stipulated in it.

Stranger is the fact that the Malaysian Constitution is more explicit on the Malay Special Rights than Secularism. The word “secularism” is not mentioned in the Malaysia Constitution, yet the word “Malay Special Rights” is. Therefore, the contradiction of Karpal Singh is highly visible.

Karpal, in fact, rejects the Constitution of Malaysia. He only recognizes his own interpretation of the Malaysian Constitution. He accepts what he likes and rejects what he dislikes. There exists other constitutional expert in Malaysia who does not believe that the Malaysia Constitution is secular. Among them is Dr. Abdul Aziz Bari, a well known expert of the Malaysian Constitution.

If Karpal was consistent, he should accept the Malaysian constitution as it is, and that includes the stipulation of the Malay Special Rights. He should not pick and choose as he pleases. Especially, in matters which there is no consensus on it i.e. the secular nature of Malaysian Constitution.

One will also note his other inconsistencies i.e. his call for the Hindraff 5 to be released, yet there are 80 other detainees arrested for alleged involvement in Islamic terrorism. If Karpal is really a humanitarian, he will apply his policies to all, and not to selected few, of which he finds it convenient to support. No matter who they are, they deserve a free and fair trial.

On the Islamic State, Karpal should realize that it is PAS’s main agenda. If PAS has not come out in public to ask DAP to abandon “Malaysian Malaysia”, the polite thing for DAP to do is not to criticize PAS for their stand.

Karpal and DAP should realize that all polls conducted shows that more than 80% of Malays in Malaysia regards Malaysia as an Islamic state. Karpal insistence will only alienate the Malays from Pakatan Rakyat and strengthen their resolve to reject DAP and Pakatan Rakyat in the next election.

By 2012/13, the number of Malay electorate will be more than now, and especially in Penang, it is projected that Malays will be 51% of the Penang electorate in 2012/13. Given the Karpal recent antiques, one can only imagine how the DAP will be able to hold power in Penang.

Karpal, as usual, is stuck in a time wrap. It’s time for Karpal to break free from the cocoon and start looking forward. Otherwise, the best thing for Karpal to do is to check into the retirement motel.

PAS has been very understanding with the DAP. They have been quite when Lim Guan Eng openly denounces NEP, they have been supportive of Teresa Kok’s Selangor pig project announcements and their willingness to put aside the Islamic state agenda temporarily in place of the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto.

All of these actions taken by PAS will result in PAS becoming more and more unpopular among the Malay electorate. Yet, in the name of spirit of friendship they’re willing to make the sacrifice.

Karpal recent outburst is not just rude, it’s downright primitive. It reflects Karpal’s arrogance rather than anything else. It also reflects Karpal’s inability to appreciate differences in the society.

DAP should be able to keep Karpal Singh on a leash. His outburst will further aggravate the Pakatan Rakyat, not to mention alienate and aggravate the majority of the Malays from the Pakatan Rakyat. DAP will need to realize that without the Malay votes, they will never be able to hold on to Penang state government for long.

I concur with the statement issued by President of Muslim Professional League (MPF) recently that Karpal is out of touch with current reality. In fact, Karpal is more suitable to be put in a museum along with the likes of UMNO.

In fact, if Karpal and DAP continues to display their insensitivities towards the Malays and Muslims, the only other possible course of action for PAS is to join UMNO and Barisan Nasional. At least that is the sentiment I sensed from a lot of my Malay Muslims friends and colleagues. And such sentiment is getting stronger and stronger by the day. Trust me on this.

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  1. liers (lawyers) always lidang bercabang, u belum tau ke

  2. Just a short note: MPF is Muslim Professional Forum, NOT Muslim Professional League.

    "League" sounds like some neo-fascist organisation, whereas MPF is one of the most open and progressive Muslim groupings.

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