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Friday, May 2, 2008

Raja Perta Being Vicitmized Because Of Najib's "Guilt"

I read about the news of Raja Petra's house being ransacked and his personal belongings being taken hostage by gangsters with badges (aka Polis Diraja Malaysia). It's funny considering all this happened after Raja Petra replied to a letter from Najib's press secretary Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad. Not only that, Raja Petra also ran a blow-by-blow response to the letter written by Najib's press secretary Tengku Sharifuddin Tengku Ahmad.

It's clear to me that Najib has a lot to fear from Petra's expose'. I think the entire shenenigan we have all come to know as the "Altantunya trial" is nothing but a cherade. A stage-show. All this after considering the Malaysian judiciary as a bunch of whores, serving the interest of the corrupted elites of Malaysia.

Raja Petra has just done that with his article. Since the trust on the Malaysian Judiciary is next to nothing, Raja Pertra's article will result in the majority of the people believing that Najib is guilty despite the courts finding otherwise. Therefore, in order to prevent this, desperate measures had to be taken. Shaking down Raja Petra is just one of them. Putting Raja Petra behind bars will be another. Next we will find Raja Petra being trialed in a the kangaroo court of Malaysia. This will be, by no means, a sad attempt to destroy Raja Petra's credibility.

But, for me, UMNO and Najib is seriously out of moves. No matter what they do, the people will still link Altantunya murder to Najib and Rosmah. Actually, the best thing for Najib to do is to resign from offfice.The people already know that Najib is linked to Altantunya murder. The people know that the court that the case is being trialed inside is a kangaroo court. The people know the judge presiding the case is nothing but a whore to the estadblishement. The people know that the AG office has always prosituted themselves to the interest of the corrupted secular elites. And the people also knows that judges in Malaysia are appointed by some screwed up lawyer named Linggam. So, how else can Najib redeem himself. Even if Najib is not linked to the murder, the state of our judiciary will make him look really guilty
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  1. sila layari

    khas untuk pas dan anwar

  2. Najib could care less what the people think. As far as he is concerned, as long as the press, the judiciary and the government states that he is not linked to the case, he will continue to have legitimacy to rule Malaysia as the DPM. The PDRM, ACA and TDRM will have to listen to him.

    What the people thinks is relevant as the people can not arrest him, charged him or punish him. All the people can do is talk and blog. So what? Najib still controls your money, family and life. If he doesn't like your face, he could use the law to put you in jail. If he thinks it is too troublesome to go through the motion of a kangaroo court, he will just use C4. You think you can vote him out? Ha ha ha. Even if not a single real person vote for him, phantoms who willingly vote for him still outnumber living persons in his constituency.

  3. You could, at the very least and out of respect, spell Raja Petra's name right!

  4. ada saksi ker? kalau tak percaya kepada sistem perundangan atau apa2 jua malaysia..bawak jer la semua anak beranak, ibu bapa, ipar duai, sedara mara berhijrah..takanla semua hakim busuk..takan la tak ada yang betul di malaysia ni..

    buka minda, kuatkan iman..sedara.

  5. Saudara, hakim2 kita dilantik oleh seorang peguam nama Linggam.

    Cukuplah itu sebagai bukti.

  6. awak kata najid pembunuh alatuya....saya kata awak pun sama, pernah membunuh sesorang, apa kata awak....awak terlepas dari tuduhan, sebab saya tak nak masuk campur urusan pembunuhan kejam yang awak lakukan....
    Fikir-fikirkan lah, wahai sahabatku!

  7. Saya rasa ramai yang tak faham artikel saya.

    Hakikatnya, oleh kerana mahkamah kita mahkamah kangaroo, maka apa pun yang diputuskan oleh mahkamah, rakyat tetap kata Najib salah.

    Sebabnya tiada siapa yang percaya pada mahkamah kangaroo Malaysia lagi

  8. Cakap le apapun, penjilat tetap akan menjilat.

    Bila takde bukti, mereke akan minta bukti, bila ada bukti mereka akan kata bukti itu palsu dan macam2 lagi.

    So si penjilat tetap akan terus menjilat sehingga yang kena jilat terpaksa menjilat...

  9. Higher punishment takes long time. Most of the time we do not see justice being served but one thing for sure, the culprits will go to HELL. It is stated in the Quran. All the wealth and power will not defeat death and suffering in HELL. Let us all pray that the culprits be burned in HELL for long long long time.

  10. Its true that Najib wouldn't gave us a thought at wat we the rakyat feels as he has at present control /power over the police, judiciary, media and even us...BUT one think for sure is we have ALLAH on our side, WHo DO u think gave us the rakyat via our Pakatan Rakyat the winning streak over the powerful BN on the 8 March? Nothing is permanent in this world...but we've to perservere as "sabar" is part of iman and lots of doa so that these tyrant of a leader will be phased out of our country...Amen

  11. My dear colleagues and bloggers.

    To be honest, I'm an avid fan of RPK and his site Malaysiatoday. Can't go through the day without reading his site and the stories/comments published therein. Kudos to RPK for having the vision and insight to provide us Malaysians with an 'alternative' source of information.

    Note the use of 'alternative'. Yes, I agree with many comments made that the mainstream media is currently controlled by the Government. This is clearly shown during the last General Election. I for one have no love whatsoever for the current premiership .. his flip-flop method of governing a multiracial country, and letting this country going south is a few of many grouses I believe I share with the rakyat of Malaysia.

    Now ... we see RPK being prosecuted for the information published in his site. There are many theories about the death of Altantunya .. the most popular is with the DPM being involved. However, I sincerely hope that RPK has reliable source/evidence to back up such claims that the DPM is involved. One cannot go on writing such matters without having some evidence to back up the article.

    I believe that to a certain extent, there is still some good in the system ... that not all are corrupt and not all judges are kangaroos. Do let the system work, albeit a high percentage of confidence is lost in them judges and the system. In the event RPK is telling the truth, having evidence to back up on articles claiming theories that landed him in hot soup in the first place, God willing, he has nothing to worry about.

    Why do I stress evidence? It is a basic requirement of the law that if you allege (sp?), you must prove. Or else, this country will run into chaos with any tom, dick and harry writing slanderous and damaging articles about everybody else. And believe it or not, many Malaysians (IMHO) are still gullible enough to believe what is written and take it as the truth.

    Free press? I believe the same principle should apply. Or else nothing gets done when damaging articles that can actually cause unrest is published. I don't believe in total freedom of the press, some governance is required. Then again, the body governing such freedom must do so without fear and favour. All harping about freedom of this and freedom of that is living in a dream world .. what can be actually enforced in real life is a different matter. This is where an 'alternative' media source can be used as a check and balance system. But again, with some evidence and responsibility, or else you're no better then the others that you claim as 'corrupt', 'devils' etc etc. So how?

  12. I think that the most important thing right now is that the Judiciary is controlled by UMNO and BN.

    So anyone found not guilty in court is never seen the same way in the court of public opinion;


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