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Monday, May 26, 2008

Wong Chun Wai Is Part of the Problem, Not The Solution

I pity Wong Chun Wai for his simplistic and unrealistic comment( Give them a dressing down) of Munirah Bahari’s recent statement(Islamic group condemns 'sexy' school uniforms) as reported on Malaysiakini. Wong Chun Wai seems to be insensitive to the real problems currently being faced on the ground.

At a time when the problem of teenage sex, teen age pregnancy, rape, molestation saw no signs of subsiding in fact wosening, we should be thankful to Munirah Bahari in making suggestions towards eradicating these problems.

Wong Chun Wai, instead of providing solutions to worsening problems, choose to make fun of Munirah Bahari. In return, what has Wong Chun Wai offered, thus far, towards solving the problem of teenage sex in this country? The question is zilch, nada, nothing, none whatsoever.

Wong Chun Wai only knows how to ridicule people with good intentions towards solving impending problems without offering any alternative solution whatsoever. It’s almost as if Wong Chun Wai is an agent of immorality and decadent and the likes of Munirah contradicts his ideology. It is almost as if Wong Chun Wai doesn’t think that teenage sex is a problem at all.

As for the merit of the suggestion from Munirah, although it was not supported by empirical data, but it has it’s base in logic and common sense. For example, whenever women are featured in an advertisement, they almost always are exposed? When was the last time you see all-covered women featured in an advertisement? The answer is rarely. In Malaysia, advertisers use covered women so that they are able to advertise in Kelantan. For example, check out the link here to a Celcom commercial featuring Maya Karin here. Tell me why Maya Karin is not covered up?

The truth is, women who are exposed attracts attention. From there onwards, it will lead to more negative activities that we may not have control over. Munirah’s suggestion is to stop the rot from its sources, and one of them is exposed dressings.

And the reason for the school uniform be exposed is not because it’s white, but because it’s transparent. Therefore, Munirah’s suggestion makes sense is that she proposed the school uniform’s color be changed. And I am very sure that Munirah’s proposal only applies to Muslims.

Wong Chun Wai is also concerned about how the International media perceives Malaysia because of Munirah’s statement. Maybe Wong Chun Wai needs to wake up to a fact that International media has so much contempt against Islam and Shariah. For instance, they painted the Taleban of Afghanistan as being a very bad example of Islamism. Yet, all of Taleban’s policies comes from Saudi Arabia. Yet, u do not hear a single word from the International media against Saudi Arabia because Major Multinationals are investing in Saudi Arabia by the billions.

For a closer look at life in the “Taleban Country”, please click here: pt 1 and here: pt 2 for a real life pictorial essay on how life is in the real Taleban country. You will be pleasantly surprise. I can assure you that much.

Wong Chun Wai is also caught for lying about Islam, as the statement below proves:

“But what is disturbing is the trend to embrace the Arab culture in the name of religion and those who seek answers are immediately shut off for being insensitive to the religion of others.”

Statements like this reflects the apex of ignorance in Islamic Shariah. Can Wong Chun Wai prove to all of us that the current attire worn by Muslim women are based on Arab culture? Where is the evidence that the “Hijab” is based on the Arab Culture?

If this is so, then let me ask Wong Chun Wai, why did God made wearing “Hijab” as compulsory in the Quran and Sunnah? If the default Arab culture is to wear clothes covering their hair, necks and bodies, why then is there a need for verses of the Quran and Al Hadeeth making covering of “aurah” as compulsory.

Wong Chun Wai should stop lying in the name of Islam. It is a fact that the Arabs pre-Islam does not wear the “hijab”. They started to cover-up only after the coming of Islam into their life. Since they have been Muslims for 1400 years, Islam has become their culture and thus their standard attires are that of Islam.

To say that we are emulating the Arabs is not only errornous but also slanderous. And it’s clear, Wong Chun Wai have no clue as to what he’s talking about. I am very sure that Wong Chun Wai has never lived his live, even for one day, among the Arabs.

In conclusion, my advice to Wong Chun Wai, is that if he refuse to be part of the solution, then he better not be part of the problem. This is because at the end of the day, it’s not him that will have to bear the burden and trouble related to problem of teenage sex, teenage pregnancy etc. It will be the respective parents of each students. And Wong Chun Wai should refrain from making the job of parents today even harder with his ridiculous and absurd ramblings.
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  1. i am no fan of wong but you are the real idiot here.

  2. Dear eddie,

    Can u be a little bit more specific? Why am i an idiot?

  3. flimsy excuses. pun intended.

    I left the following message in Mahaguru58 following his post about the flimsy dress and it applies here too. just one more question before you read on :- for the past decades, did you feel the urge to rape when looking at advertisements or school girls in thin uniforms?

    "it would be pathetic if the supposingly God fearing man like Mahaguru58 can look at students in "flimsy" apparels and have the urge to rape them. what hope there are for others whose iman is less teguh?

    God has given brains (akal) to humans so they can think for themselves. It should be substance over forms, not forms over substance. No point to cover in black with burqa if the mind of men still wonders what lies beneath. The less you see, the more curious you get, no? Then what? Lock all your womenfolk at home only? If men can not control their nafsu, castrate them so they have no nafsu, is that right? Or if men can not control their nafsu, lock up all the women so men will not have chance to commit sin in fulfilling their nafsu? which should be the way? you are the guru, you tell us. if men can't control their "penis", why profess to be human at all?

  4. thomas mok asks "Average Malaysian should consider that the recent hike in oil prices is a sign of corruption having a direct impact on Malaysian’s daily life. Will Malaysians allow the rich to become richer or will they put a stop to this trend once and for all?"

    My answer: No because i'm not a rapist.

    But there are rapist out there who does. And do we just want to remains naive and assume that everything will be fine and dandy by not doing anything

    So much for calling people flimsy, Thomas Mok

    It's not like u have anything concrete to suggest on how to curb rape.

    All you do is to work in the opposite direction.

    You too are part of the problem Thomas


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