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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life in Taleban Country pt 3

Since the word "Taleban" have been used repeatedly to negatively label any efforts towards implementation of shariah or Islamic rules, i've taken the initiative to write this pictorial report. The word Taleban is used to signify oppression of women, backwardness etc. So the idea is any effort to implement Islam is a step towards oppression of women and backwardness.

The term Taleban is used by Islamophobes to paint any effort towards Shariah in a bad light. Such as this article by Helen Ang "Selamat datang ke Darul Al-Taliban" which questions the new MPKB dress code. The Kelantanese have no problem with this dress code as they have voted PAS over and over again, though.

The real truth is that all of the then Taleban policies are sourced from Saudi Arabia. In other words, Saudi Arabia is the real Taleban country. And the picutres below will show that backwardness is the last thing on your mind if you're living in Taleban country.

In truth, in the real Taleban Country, mutinationals are investing by the trillions. Life cannot be much better.

This is how a typical Taleban Middle Class Neighborhood looks Like. They sure don't live in caves and tents.

This is the type of neighborhood Osama Ben Laden grew up in.

This is another picture of their typical middle class neighborhood in Taleban country. This is the type of neighborhood Osama Ben Laden grew up in.

Typical Middle Class house will look something like this in Taleban Country.

Osama Ben Laden's house is something like this only much much bigger.

There are also Starbucks in Taleban country. In fact u find Starbucks everywhere in Taleban country.

But the Starbukcs are gender segregated. In fact in malls where the Starbucks are small, the sitting places are reserved for women only. Men, will have to buy takeaways. (Yes, discrimination is abound in Taleban country. Women will be given prefrence first over men)

There are high rise buildings in Taleban Country. They also have downtowns and office buildings.

Their highways are 3-4 lanes. U can drive for hours and you do not see a single tol. U can drive to just about everywhere.

Despite the banks being gendered segregated, the HSBC in Saudi Arabia thrives. Noticed the Ladies Section notice.

Talibanites like to drive huge cars like the one shown. Their gasoline is cheap and their price of cars is even cheaper.

The Bin Ladin Groups are the biggest government contract receipients in Saudi. Picture taken at Jeddah old airport where Bin Laden group is doing some major reconstruction.

I was told that the renovation of Mecca and Masjidil Haram is done by them as well

Picture of the Women's entrance in the Pizza Hut

Women's entrance in the local TGI Fridays.

In short, all the Taliban labelling is done out of context from reality. The reality is that the "Taleban" is more modern, up to date, and business friendly.

They're just strict a bit here and there .....:)

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  1. That post at haris ibrahim blog about Kelantan as darul taliban was written by HAris Ibrahim al munafikin... not by Halen ANg... if you read carefully, Halen blamed the MSM badmouthed about Kelantan...

    BTW.. these secular zealots used the word Taliban because they are the fools who was fooled by the Bush and his neo-cons media... espacially when US want to attack Afghan... they didn't used the word "Saudi Taliban" or Saudi Mullah etc.. because the Saudi ruler is a white house stooge in the middle east...

  2. anak perelih,

    that's exactly my point. Most of the points used against Islam and Muslims are lies concocted by international media.

  3. TB,

    It is said that Bin Laden Group won the maintenance contract for Masjidil Haram in Mecca by submitting a bid of one riyal.

    On the lipstick ban by MPKB, bloggers like Haris Jambu Tree who has vowed to boycott MSM seemed to have been taken by MSM. Remember, when in doubt always go back to Rule No. 1: Never trust the MSM. The logical things to do then was to call up MPKB and ask for clarification. We can not go on writing or commenting on what MSM has written.

  4. err..I thought taliban means 'student'...if that is the case, then the word 'taliban' has been used out of context la..

  5. yup I was told by a mutawif during Umrah that Bin Laden group submit SAR 1 for tender maintenance of both Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi.

    May Allah grant them 700x more rezeki!


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