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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Updates On Anwar Saga From The Rumour Mills

" 8.0 Apparently, Anwar knows that Saiful is a mole for UMNO. But Anwar wanted to use Saiful Bukhari to feed UMNO with deceiving information. And apparently, Anwar thinks that his plan has worked well, until the sodomy report that is. That is why pictures of Saiful with UMNO leaders were so quickly exposed to the public.

9.0 Saiful, felt that he's being used by Anwar and feeling like he has been made a fool out of, decided to act in this way. He wants to prove to Anwar that he is not that easy to be duped.

10.0 Apparently, Saiful has been scolded for feeding bad intel to UMNO. So, he has to redeem himself in this way."

As we all know in Malaysia's politics, the rumors we hear are more credible than what is officially reported in the papers. I've been bombarded with so many messages and i feel i'd like to share them with you. I also like to thank those whom has provided me with these information.

1.0 It seems many UMNO leaders and BN leaders are caught by surprise. They never expected such thing to happen to Anwar at all. It seems that the entire operation has been planned and carried out in total secrecy even from most of UMNO leaders. That's why now you see many UMNO leaders are being as quiet as a church mouse on this particular issue.

2.0 It's also reported to me that 80% of UMNO leaders disagree with this particular move. They think it's stupid and it has been a failure the first time around. Many of UMNO leaders stil cannot forget the bitterness of having to faced the Malay people the first time ANwar got accused of sodomy. UMNO leaders were treated like lepers and they remembered not being able to sleep at night for fear of their lives and their families life. They also remembered how even their closest family would cancel invitations of them to weddings and family functions. In fact, they didn't enjoy very much being a leper.

3.0 Ezam Mat Nor has been sending SMS all around denying any involvement. But, another source tells me that it was Ezam who brought Saiful Bukhari to see Najib Tun Razak. It seems that Ezam has a mole in his "band of misfits". Ezam's plan to do a statutory declaration is leaked to the public and now he may have to cancel it.

4.0 Also, he saw from the initial reactions, this particular bandwagon is doomed to fail. So, his plan to accuse Anwar publicly and to support this move had to be shelved. It would mean political suicide for him and his group regardless, especially when majority of UMNO leaders disagree with this move.

5.0 Apparently, UMNO has learnt that only about 6% of Malays believes Anwar is guilty of sodomizing Saiful Bukhari. Which means that only UMNO die hards and hardcores buys this "crap". The rest of Malaysians who still maintains their sanity could not swallow the story of a 61 year old man who had undergone a spine operation can "violate" a 23 healthy boy? It just doesn't compute.

6.0 Many UMNO MP's who was atas pagar now are inclined to join PR. The recent incident only makes UMNO unpopular among rural Malays, which is UMNO's last bastion of support. The urban voters are gonner for UMNO and BN due to the recent oil spike. The Anwar accusation of sodomy will destroy UMNO support amng kampung people.

7.0 And yes, the rumor about Anwar being a target of assasination is also credible. But, it is a last option and will only be invoked when it's really necessary

8.0 Apparently, Anwar knows that Saiful is a mole for UMNO. But Anwar wanted to use Saiful Bukhari to feed UMNO with deceiving information. And apparently, Anwar thinks that his plan has worked well, until the sodomy report that is.

9.0 Saiful, felt that he's being used by Anwar and feeling like he has been made a fool out of, decided to act in this way. He wants to prove to Anwar that he is not that easy to be duped.

10.0 Apparently, Saiful has been scolded for feeding bad intel to UMNO. So, he has to redeem himself in this way.

11.0 At the location and time that Saiful Bukhari mentions in his police report, Anwar was really there. But he was in a meeting with 4 BN MPs and the nature of the meeting is secret. And, the meeting was not even logged in Anwar's diary because of it's secrecy but Saiful got to know about it. So Saiful is taking a chance since he knows Anwar will not expose his meeting with the BN MPs.

But, Anwar has already announced 4 MPs will be joining PR apparently to scare Saiful and his UMNO sponsors.

12.0 Among diehard Anwar haters in UMNO, they are saying that the evidence they have this time around will put Anwar away forever.

13.0 The Turkish Government is even willing to give Anwar asylum status, should Anwar requires it.

14.0 Turkish embassy was willing to risk diplomatic crisis and continue providing Anwar shelter, but Anwar refuse and told Turkish Embassy that he doesn't want Turkey to have a diplomatic crisis with Malaysia

15.0 Anwar was kept awake all night at the Turkish embassy because they kept serving him Turkish coffee. Apparently, it's one of the best brew in the world.
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  1. The sodomy report on Anwar is a load of rubbish. Looks like the BN government will again bring to court the mattress smeared with stains and what have you. Don't the BN government realise that it may not work at all. The rakyat are no more fools and very likely not to believe this. Do tell me, Anwar the PM in waiting is going to risk everything for just a few minutes of pleasure. I for one will never believe. Anwar is smart, so much smarter than those guys in UMNO. May those BN devils have sleepless nights for a long long time.

  2. All Malaysian are waiting on how the Conspiracy Engineers to fabricate the medical report on Saiful....Pls don't expect all Malaysian still having a firty years ago's mentality!

  3. Can you believe this kind of takde otak punya government coming out with this kind of plot? They think we are are so stupid to believe this fake story. A 61 years old old man can attack a much taller fit-looking 23 years old young man ke? And also, for many times, ke? Guiness book record lah!! Totally so so stupid lah. What an insult to our intelligence! Kita bukan kindergaden children lah, oi!

  4. "I didn't have sex with ... the kid"! A familiar cliche.


  5. Looks like Ezam will go down in Malaysian history as the slimiest traitor!

    His name will be more cursed than the one made upon the nobles of Pulau Langkawi by the "Puteri" who was falsely accused of infidelity.

    Looks like seven generations of Ezam's family will be cursed bcause of him! He will be a pariah amongst them.

  6. Regardless of its accuracy, your intelligence gathering apparatus seems to work marvelously, hantulaut!
    Juicy stuff :-)

  7. Oops... my sincere apologies... for some reason i called you "hantulaut" instead of "tulang besi"... guess i the ombak in your blogbannermade me think of the sea!

  8. that saiful gay guy is so sial!!disgracing the youth group..mengada-ada want to become student leader konon..go here and there and do nothing..stupidity,kaki ampu,amik gambar with menteri this and that as if he is so f*&king great!

    i hate these golongan that academically so poor and yet mengada-ada, pura-pura aktif ass!!these are leeches that needed to be destroyed, buried alive, or buang negeri!!

    if he’s around borneo, i will chop his head off..worst still, behead him!! F&^k u, saiful the gay guy!!u r rubbish, hopeless, your potential is ZERO!!

  9. Salam...

    I wonder how he can he apply a "scholarship" since he is a dropout?

    I wonder...

  10. I'd like to know who the 4 MPs and if they will provide the alibi for Anwar in which case Saiful and whoever is behind him will be history.

  11. The events that has unfolded in Malaysia look eerily similar to Zimbabwe.

    In Zimbabwe, we had the Opposition leader seeking refuge in the Dutch Embassy. In Malaysia, we have the De facto Opposition leader seeking refuge in the Turkish Embassy for his safety.

    The only difference between Zimbabwe and Malaysia is that at least the gorilla regime of Robert 'The Beast' Mugabe did not plant sodomy allegations against Mr. Morgan Tsevangarai of the opposition MDC.

    It looks like the ZANU-PF and BN-Umno are pretty much similar in many ways. Both are corrupt and racist.

    Coming back to the allegation of Dato Seri Anwar's alleged sodomy against this Saiful creep, only a die hard BN-Umno supporter or an idiot will buy this crap.

    Anwar is within reach of the corridors of power in Putrajaya. With the momentum going in his favor, why would he want to screw things up for himself at this juncture?

    If I were in DSAI's shoes, and assuming that I were gay with an uncontrollable urge to screw some one's ass, it would be easier and safer for me to get a 'ladies boy' and pay him well for our mutual satisfaction. After all, it wouldn't take much effort to find one in KL. I wouldn't do it with a member of my staff who just joined the team only 3 months earlier.

    As for Saiful, is this guy for real or what? If you claimed that you got your ass screwed the first time, why the heck did you do nothing and got your ass screwed a second time? I smell a rat here.

    They say a picture paints a thousand words. Go to this site and you will know what I'm talking about.

    It looks like the BN-Umno regime is in desperation mode, thus they and their cohorts, the IGP and AG are trying to prevent the inevitable, Pakatan Rakyat forming the Federal Government and Dato Seri Anwar as Prime Minister of Malaysia. A lot of dirt will be uncovered and I bet the new prison in Sungai Bakap will serve all the BN-Umno goons, 4th Floor Boys, Mahathir, IGP, AG, MR. EC Chief and gang pretty well!

  12. I'm not sure i believe the part about the coffee... :)

  13. Saiful Azlan should be caught and put into jail by the police because when Sukma made the same claim in 1998, he was jailed. Already got precedent what???

    Kereta langgar pokok but pokok kena tangkap....

  14. wah,
    your cerita seems credible and logical, hear ye, hear ye!

  15. Ezam's defection back to UMNO and the surfacing of the sodomy story is simply just too close to be a co-incidence. This sodomy concoction was an act to show to the UMNO supremos how clever he was. However the bommerang will be smacking him back on his face, with shit in his mouth.

  16. With Pak Lahs head in the Iraqi desert(OIL For Food),ECM libra Components , Saifugate,RPK's SD,The police report on the IG and AG, Altantuyas Murder that "She " wrote,and the sociopath criminal doctor who put out the falsified Medical reports, together with the gang of 4 of the last IGP who worked against the Law , etc

    Well !!! UMNO and its connected hoods who are all shivering in their pants -- not knowing when the next breaking is going to be flasshed Nation wide ..... Well !!!!!

    To all of them sleep well , take Valium if you want --- or over dose yourself to save the Rakyats investigation expenses.
    Take care!!! for tonight may not be duplicated tommorrow!!!!!!!!!

  17. Yo!!

    You must have connection with the underground world.

    I am wondering if the 'anu' of the 61 year old man still 'boleh keras' likes 'tulang besi' after having spinal back operation.

    If yes, the 61 year old must be using very very good and effective viagra, tongkat ali or whatever. He then, deserves to be the ambassador of the product.

    I am still wondering if the 61 year old seasoned 'anu' could screw the 23 year old 'fresh' and 'tight' ass-hole.. the 61 year old must be in great shape. If not, they must be using cans of lubricant, sure a good ones. Or, the 23 year old ass-hole must must be like SMART Tunnel.. really seasoned for dual-functions.


  18. And to all the UMNOputras who have wet their pants , and have just taken the Valium,sit back and see each word you see on your screen in this video till the End .

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. If it is true Anwar met 4 BN MPs at the said location and time where he allegedly sodomized Saiful then Anwar should announced these 4 MPs provided that they have crossed over to PR. They can be used as alibi then isnt it? But maybe Anwar has better plan. I really hope justice will prevail.

  21. Guys, the messages by "bad man", "miya" and "konek" are basically the same. These are stupid imposters from bn/umno-trooper/s trying stir up misunderstanding among bloggers. Just ignore these idiot/s.

  22. gosh... hmm...i don't know who to trust...not about the sodomy case but i am not sure if the big G is doing this or Anwar himself is setting this up... bwah hahaha....

    if this is a set up by the big G, then this really prove to me that they are a bunch of idiots la... now i can see and confirm that they are still living in the 70s or 80s mentality and didn't grow up... or grow old .... :P

    if anwar is the one who set this up himself... then i am not sure if this is a good move...although it could be deem as a smart move...

    but one thing i sure believe is... anwar sure did not sodomize that 23yr old stud la...aiyoh..come on...

  23. I believe many know that Anwar is bisexual. Ask people who were in UM with him. Because of this, he is an easy target for UMNO.
    In Malaysia, sodomy is a criminal act. Not in other countries, which means Anwar has to choose between political suicide, and continued relationships with soft youth leaders.
    Yes, the accuser is gay, as are most active UMNO youth leader wannabes, mainly the ones that suck up most to the ministers and ppl in power.
    He probably got paid a lot of money to make the allegation, just like the RM2 mil Ezam got for joining UMNO. There will be evidence, I think, as Anwar did probably have relations with the guy, in that posh apartment, thinking it was consensual.
    However, one can easily see the complications, from a legal perspective in a de facto Muslim country and from a conspiracy theorist's perspective.

  24. Forget about Vision 20/20 how about the New Republic of Banana? I have always thought there's some parallel in politics between US and Malaysia. Just when the ending of Monica Lewinsky blue dress versus Bill Clinton was ending. Mamaktail pull one sodomy case over Anwar. At least Clinton got a few blowjobs out of it. Now you have a prime minister as intelligent as George W Bush going on his second term. In the eyes of the world George Bush and his administration made US look like a pariah. And now in the eyes of the world Badawi and his umnoputras look like a bunch of morons. Unfortunately Malaysian citizens are represented by their many people hated the Americans because of Bush and his adminstration. And people laugh at Malaysians because of Badawi and his cronies. Perhaps Malaysia politic once again mimic the one of US waiting for someone like Obama to take them out of the current misery. But this is the least of Malysians concern. How do you get rid of Ali Baba and his 40 thieves? I remember watching P.Ramlee version of the movie. I believe in the end when these thieves were hiding inside the urns hot oil was pour on them. How ironic, given the Petronas situation and the inflation of petro. But I digress, What I cannot tolerate is, these incompetent lazy asses were given all the resources available and they came up with a repeat sodomy charge against Anwar? This is an insult to those mentally handicap people. At least they cannot modify their genetic mishap. Who ever are behind these should be strap with C4 courtesy of the defence department and blow to bits. I think they are better off being use as fertilizer. At least I hope these morons are bio degradable and in centuries will turn into fossil fuel. These much they can contribute to the world. Who cares what two consenting adults do in close doors. People should stop being a pervert and peek into what other people do in their room. Believe me what people do behind close doors are worst than you can imagine what Anwar did or did not do. Unless the Malaysian government intend to strap a webcam on each and everyone's orafice and genitals, the sodomy law is as absurd as anything I ever hear of. Human are sexual beings, accept that people can behave creatively in their own privacy. If one prefer missionary position all their life thats their cup of tea. Let's get pass this smoke screen attempted by Anwar adversaries and focus on the real issues. These could be the turning point where Malaysians can enjoy some true democracy. How much are Malaysians willing to ante up to achieve that status? With all these responses in the blogs crying for change, is the number enough? Let's not repeat the Tiananmen Square tragedy. Only the urban intellects understand the current situations. Many folks in the kampung have no clue what was going on. Is this the case in Malaysia? I'm sorry for ranting like a lunatic. Too many points to make, too late in the day and too little sleep. I hope Malaysians keep putting on the pressure. God speed.

  25. Dear all,

    THe truth is nobody believes that Anwar Ibrahim is a bisexual or a sodomizer.

    Except a bunch of Malaysians who calls themselves UMNO supporters.

    Only UMNO people buys the crap that Anwar is a bisexual and a sodomizer.

    Anwar underwent a spine operation and he is not equipped to have a bad fall ever again. Let alone trying to force himself onto a healty 23 yr old boy.

    PLus anyone with half a brain will testify that a man with 9 children is hardly bisexual.

    And the fact that they had to convict Anwar on trumpeted charges the first time shows how pathetic these people are.

    Again, only UMNO people are stupid enough to believe in all this nonsense.

    So please refrain from being stupid

  26. tq antares,

    but please bear in mind these are all rumors.

    Except for the part when i said that Anwar's diary was empty on the accused date and time.

    But that's because Anwar has been seeing so many BN MPs in secret.

  27. Make no mistake ...anwar's star shines like the sun right now ....

    Gambling on anwars life ...check it out at :

  28. When reading through the SD by RPK I made a comment in Sloone's blog stating that it was Najis who was having an affair with Attantuya !
    Ros, as a wife and a "mother figure" had to protect her love one in whatever means.
    The picture is becoming clearer now with the SD of P.Balasubra is it not??

    Ezam? This guy I predict he will be our hero 2008 as Loh Gwo Bourn was our hero 2007. Ezam is "agent 007" of Anwar.

  29. Tak perlu bising-bising, Bersumpah dengan Al Quran sudah memadai.

    Tidak ada saksi yang melihat perlakuan liwat Anwar, mungkin berlaku mungkin tidak, hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu.

    Kalau ada gambar rakaman videonya seperti yang telah berlaku kepada kes bekas Menteri Kesihatan Chua So Lek, maka sudah tentu kita tidak perlu lagi kepada empat orang saksi.

    Di masa zaman Nabi dulu, memang tidak ada perakam video, maka syarat utama yang diperlukan di masa itu untuk mengesahkan tuduhan seseorang yang disabitkan dengan kesalahan zina mestilah disaksikan oleh empat orang.

    Oleh itu di zaman moden ini, sebagai pilihan selain dari membawakan empat saksi sebagai syarat untuk membuat tuduhan zina kepada seseorang, rakaman video juga boleh dijadikan bahan bukti yang sah untuk mendakwa seseorang atas kesalahan zina atau liwat. Video yang dijadikan bahan bukti itu mestilah disahkan oleh pakar sebagai bukan palsu dan tidak diubah suai.

    Di kalangan orang bukan Melayu, persepsi hubungan seks di luar perkahwinan tidaklah merupakan satu kesalahan yang begitu berat berbanding persepsi orang Melayu.

    Seperti yang telah berlaku pada Chua So lek, pendedahan hubungan seks haramnya yang diikuti dengan pengakuannya tidaklah membuatkan beliau berundur dari jawatan kerajaan dan politik yang disandangnya. Malah semua penyokongnya dan kebanyakan masyarakat Cina tetap setia di belakang beliau.

    Beliau hanya melepaskan jawatan hanya bila di nasihat oleh Pak Lah, sebagai menghormati Pak Lah yang menganjurkan Islam Hadhari, tentulah perbuatan seks haram beliau itu tidak selari dengan semangat Islam Hadhari.

    Untuk menyelesaikan kemelut kes liwat Anwar pula Dr. Asri Mufti Perlis telah mencadangkan satu penyelesaian yang terbaik dengan cara bersumpah mengikut syariat Islam. Saya dan mungkin ramai lagi orang Melayu yang beragama Islam bersetuju dengan cadangan beliau itu. Rasanya inilah cadangan yang paling tepat untuk penyelesaian kepada masalah ini.

    Anwar tidak perlu bimbang kes liwatnya akan menyebabkan dia boleh kalah dalam pilihanraya kecil yang ingin disertainya nanti. Kalau dia tidak pernah melakukan perbuatan liwat, dia boleh membersihkan namanya dengan menjalani acara sumpah yang dicadangkan itu. Sekali dia bersumpah dengan Al Quran atas nama Allah, pasti akan memberi keyakinan kepada orang-orang Melayu untuk terus menyokongnya.

    Malah orang Melayu yang selama ini yang masih was-was terhadap diri beliau juga turut akan berubah untuk memberi kepercayaan sepenuhnya dan menyokong beliau kalau beliau berani untuk melakukan sumpah ini.

    Tidak perlu timbul soal samada mangsa yang diliwat Saiful Bukhari perlu juga melakukan acara bersumpah ini. Yang penting di sini Anwar perlu melakukan sumpah penafian perbuatan liwatnya untuk membersihkan namanya dan untuk memulihkan keyakianan orang Melayu kepada diri beliau.

  30. Lease this WebApp and get rid of the ads.
    Saiful Dan Sumpahnya
    Sun Aug 3, 2008 3:44AM

    Saiful telah mengumumkan yang beliau akan bersumpah dalam sedikit masa lagi. Sebenarnya, teman tidak berapa faham dengan nilai bersumpah atas nama Allah dengan mengangkat Al Quran yang dilakukan dalam zaman ini. Jika seseorang itu sudah melakukan sesuatu jenayah besar di dalam Islam
    -memfitnah yang diibaratkan sebagai 'memakan daging saudara sendiri', atau meliwat 'yang dilaknati Allah semenjak era Nabi Luth lagi'- apakah sukar benar baginya untuk bersumpah? Dengan itu, jika kedua-dua Saiful dan AI bersumpah, siapa yang patut kita percayai? Jelas, kebenaran tidak akan terserlah dengan hanya bersumpah selagi Allah tidak menurunkan bala ke atas sesiapa di antara keduanya yang berbohong. Itu pun ada yang akan mempersoalkan sama ada bala itu datang kerana bohongnya atau atas sebab-sebab lain.

    Kedua-dua fitnah dan liwat adalah di antara dosa-dosa besar yang pasti akan dilaknati Allah jika tidak di dunia, di akhirat kelak. Apakah dengan bersumpah, laknat Allah itu akan datang dengan cepat saperti yang dipercayai olih bolih dikatakan kesemua orang Islam di negara ini? Ada orang kata dalam masa tidak lebih dari 3 bulan dari tarikh bersumpah. Bolih sesiapa mengemukakan hadith saih dan/atau ayat Al Quran untuk menguatkan kepercayaan ini? Dan apabila laknat itu datang, bolihkah sesiapa dapat mengesahkan yang ia berlaku kerana si polan telah berbohong dalam acara bersumpahnya atau sememangnya Allah melaknatinya kerana telah memfitnah atau meliwat?

    Tanpa hadith saih/ayat Quran yang saya pinta, saya cenderung berpendapat acara bersumpah hanyalah satu kaedah yang digunakan olih seseorang untuk membela diri dan/atau menyakinkan orang ramai, termasuk Kerajaan dan jentera Kerajaan bahawa beliaulah yang benar atau mangsa di dalam sesuatu kes itu. Kemungkinan ini bertambah kuat jika seseorang 'penuduh' itu berulangkali bercakap mengenai kesediaannya untuk bersumpah sambil mencabar 'pihak yang dituduh' untuk sama-sama bersumpah walhal pihak yang dituduh telah pun menyatakan bahawa beliau tidak akan bersumpah atas nasihat beberapa mufti dan ulama melainkan diperintahkan olih Mahkamah Syariah. Barang diingatkan acara bersumpah adalah satu proses melaknati diri sendiri dalam mencari kebenaran. Itu sahaja. Jika sewaktu bersumpah, terlintas di dalam hati orang yang bersumpah niat lain, misalnya supaya dapat upah yang banyak atau bolih menjadi PM, ada ulama berpendapat akan turunlah laknat ke atas orang itu walaupun dia pihak yang benar.

    Bersumpah juga di bawah undang-undang jenayah kita tidak dapat melepaskan seseorang itu dari didakwa di mahkamah jika terdapat bukti dan saksi yang beliau telah melakukan sesuatu jenayah. Jadi kenapa perlu bersumpah sebelum mahkamah bersidang? Di sinilah niat mungkin akan terpesong bahawa seseorang itu bersumpah untuk sesuatu keuntungan duniawi kepadanya yang dilarangi olih Allah.

    Tetapi Saiful masih mau bersumpah dan peguamnya kata sedang diaturkan. Kalau begitu bersumpahlah kamu Saiful secara bersendirian dengan cepat. Memang kamu patut bersumpah dulu pun kerana kamu pihak yang menuduh. Jangan diulang-ulang kesediaan kamu untuk bersumpah dan cabaran kamu kepada AI untuk bersumpah bersama-sama kerana itu membayangkan kamu disuruh berbuat demikian dan sedang diperalatkan untuk tujuan politik 'tuan' kamu, iaitu menjatuhkan marwah dan kewibawaan AI di mata rakyat dan rakan-rakannya di dalam Pakatan Rakyat.Dalam pada itu, rakyat bersedia mendengar sumpah kamu. Adakah ia hanya berbunyi "Saya diliwat olih Anwar bin Ibrahim, K.P. No. xxxxxxxx" atau ditambah dengan "tanpa persetujuan saya dan saya tidak diperalat olih mana-mana pihak dan dibayar apa-apa upah kerana membenarkan diri saya di liwat olih beliau".

  31. Ya, cabaran untuk bersumpah yang diulang-ulang bolih membawa makna Saiful tidak mempunyai cukup bukti dan saksi untuk menuduh AI. Orang yang mempunyai bukti kukuh dan saksi tidak akan bercakap banyak tetapi membiarkan Polis menjalankan kerja. Atau apakah ada orang di sebelakang tirai yang mengajarnya berbuat demikian pula salinan repotnya belum diberikan kepada AI. Hari ini saja kita telah membaca cerita baru Saiful mengenai liwat di luar negara.

  32. It seems the UMNO people in the government do not have the brains. Each step was met with blunder....God help us from these harebrains..


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