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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back By Popular Demand: Rumors On Anwar Saga Pt4

I wanted to stop listing rumors I collected from various sources, because I don’t want to be called “hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong”. But it seems many have ask me openly not to stop. In fact they want me to continue writing without hitch.

So here I go:

1.0 Recent polling numbers has shown that more than 90% do not believe that Anwar is a sodomizer, to a varying degree. Despite all that is done, the people who believed in Anwar being a sodomizer are limited to UMNO stalwarts.

2.0 In desperation, they started to challenge Anwar to conduct “swearing” or “sumpah” to prove his innocence. We even have people like Abdul Aziz, head of Putera UMNO, making such call to Anwar. If I were Abdul Aziz, I’d make a “sumpah” to prove that his “American” degree is genuine, first. We have been informed that the college he claimed to have graduated from is non-existent.

3.0 But, the fact that Anwar Ibrahim filed his case in the Shariah Court, is an effective counter-measure to the recent UMNO move. This is because, Anwar is not oblige, in Islamic jurisprudence, to make the oath of innocence.

4.0 In Islamic jurisprudence, it is the accuser that must swear first, Anwar, will only swear his DENIAL, to the accusation. Anwar Ibrahim is not required to make an oath at this point, until Saiful makes his oath first.

5.0 The call for Anwar to make “oath of innocence” is actually a desperate move by UMNO to smear Anwar more

6.0 I also heard that Ezam and friends had to cancel their public announcement. They originally wanted to come out saying they knew of Anwar’s homosexual activities for a long time. They also wanted to say that they left KeAdilan after learning of this fact. But, since the Malays acceptance of Anwar’s guilt is at an all time low, they figuresd their admittance will not add any value. Besides, they have no credibility anymore since they are going back on their words.

7.0 There are talks that this is a Pak Lah/Khairy conspiracy since the recent Anwar/Najib “scandal” is potentially lethal to both Anwar and Najib. Their removal will result in Pak Lah staying in power for a much longer period.

8.0 But, my other source tells me that it is the handiwork of Najib Tun Razak, since at the end of the day, it is Pak Lah who will have to decide whether Anwar is to be indicted or not. Why? The AG reports to the PM department and the final decision rests in the hand of PM.

9.0 Army involvement in Najib/Anwar Saga: The Military Intelligence (MIO) is now 100% behind Najib and will do everything to ensure Najib is protected and becomes Prime Minister

10.0 In the last 10 years, Najib has managed to win the hearts of so many generals in the army. And it seems the Army’s allegiance now is to Najib Tun Razak. The Sultans have only nominal influence on the Army.

11.0 The view among the Generals now is that Anwar is no longer an option because he is seen to be too liberal. They believe that Anwar in power will put the Malay’s interest in this country in jeapaordy.

12.0 This is also bad news for Khairy/Pak Lah because the Mahathir’s claim that Pak Lah is a Singapore agent seems to go down well with the Army. They view Paklah and Khairy as Singapore agents.

13.0 The Army will do anything to uphold the sovereignity of the Malays and the Malays Sultans and Islam. Any candidates or party seen to contradict this stand, will not be tolerated by the Army.

14.0 As of now, the MIO is working overtime to clear Najib from the Altantunya rap. I was told that Bala is actually kidnapped by the MIO (but am not sure). And that, the MIO is now actively advancing Najib's political career. They are now wiping out any evidence linking Najib to Altantunya.

15.0 They are also fighting every effort to smear Najib. This also means that the MIO is gunning on Raja Petra. It’s also funny because Raja Petra’s house is not very far from the MIO base in Sungai Buloh.

16.0 The MIO is already instrumental in building Najib’s popularity among UMNO rank and file. Even now, Najib is getting standing ovations whenever he goes to visit UMNO Bahagian or Negeri. It seems that MIO, among all, has done a good job in building Najib’s internal popularity.

17.0 Businessmen, whom has benefited from Najib’s MINDEF contracts are also bank-rolling Najib’s campaign. And they are geared towards making Najib Prime Minister.

18.0 Anwar will have a hard time in his effort to become Prime Minister. The last time Anwar was smeared and lied upon, the Army chose to be neutral. This time around, both the Army and Police are working against Anwar Ibrahim.

19.0 In fact, the Police and MIO are busy creating a strong case to permanently destroy Anwar’s credibility. Luckily, all that is collected against Anwar so far has been circumstantial. So far, there has been no direct evidence proving Anwar has committed act of sodomy.

20.0 However, the circumstantial evidence may not be effective in courts of law, but it is may be effective in the court of public opinion. A court trial may not get Anwar incarcerated, but it might scar Anwar’s image among certain segment of the voters. It might prove sufficient for UMNO/BN in the coming General Election.

Let me remind the readers again, that these are rumors I picked up from various sources. It might not be proven correct. So, I leave it to my readers discretion to decide it’s authenticity.

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  1. "I were Abdul Aziz, I’d make a “sumpah” to prove that his “American” degree is genuine, first"

    kakakakakak...He claims to have obtained a Masters Degree at age 21 from a certain Preston University ?...One of those dodgy places which issue a degree upon payment of a generous fee.

    Or was it Rempit University ?

    Keep your delicious rumours coming...
    Some of them are quite believable when you compare them with observed events....

  2. What??!!! the army want to play God in the future of the rakyat !!!!!

    who they think they are? this country is own by the rakyat, not by few general and UMNO.


    so thay really want to leave this country in the hand of a murderer, perasuah and penipu all because of 'fear' that Malay will lost their right? Did they did not think that if that happend, the malay will never be save and the country will be heading the same level as Zimbabwe!!!

    This is rakyat malaysia country and WE are the one wo have the right to say about it future, because it is our future.

  3. This is so depressing. Seems like Malaysia is not only a Police is an Army state as well. Damn!!

  4. There, I told you. Malaysia will become another Pakistan. i.e. from a liberal advanced muslim country to become a pariah islamic country with all the murders & corruption.

  5. Remember how Shah Iran was dethroned...even though he was so powerful...the secret police, the army, the cabinets were all under his power and influence....but the power of the people of Iran and the power of God are the end he was thrown out of his own country...what is Najis going to do turn this country into another Pakistan? The government must listen to the wisdom of the crowd...the Rakyat...

  6. The army issue is 50/50. You must remember the Army is not askar melayu, we have Chinese and indian officers.We have the rangers.
    It's tru Najib has alot of generals liking him due to contracts but mostly generals. The common soldiers are not that stupid. They know generals makes a lot of money and retire as Board members. The allowance the soldiers gets are pittance, soldiers have 2 jobs, they suffer in rented house in KL, resettlement schemes are failures...
    Only the Agung, as an ex army officer understands the situation..not sure if he's aligned with Najib.

  7. But you can see alot of ex army officer joining PAS and PKR.They have direct contacts with the current soldiers and MIO knows about this.
    THE ARMY SHOULD STAND are paid by the rakyat, not by UMNO.Do not become like Indonesian Army after the fall of Suharto, becomes mercenaries for American corporates.
    The army is to defend the nation not UMNO !!!!

    UMNO swastakan NAAFI dan buat business dengan PERNAMA.
    Askar takde lagi faedah barang tanpa cukai.Kadangkala kena jadi Teksi sapu kat KL.Dan you orang sokong Najib.
    Cuba tengok ape jadi Persatuan Bekas Perajurit..hancur.bekas tentera melarat.
    The army can make difference in democracy..defend with the Malaysians not with UMNO Malays

  9. because the Army are lowly paid, what better way then to corrupt them with Money, starting with MIO (for sure approval from Army Chief). UMNO can do it.
    What can PR do to stop it ?Forget that the soldiers are also human beings and rakyat in heart?
    You need to act quickly....

  10. The rise of people power in Indonesia and Philipines are majority from less educated people.
    if Malaysia were to have people rising , its the middle clas and the lower class mixed.and that is explosive !!!

  11. Your rumours sound quite credible lah! Gua feel very depressed already. This only goes to show Malaysia is without hope.

    If there's no real change soon, Malaysia akan hilang di dunia. The whole country is being C4ed.

  12. Here's a little bit of scoop I can pass to you for your blog.

    The police detectives actually hands-on investigating the sodomy allegation against Anwar have found absolutely nothing to incriminate Anwar. Zilch. Zero.

    Whether any other parties attempt to inject "other evidence" in to re-spin the case remains to be seen.

  13. Anyway, Ezam who reads your blogs is desperate and vows to attack Anwar. Can you comment on the pathetic, desperate and dirty means of this jobless 41 year old man?

  14. All you pro conspiracy theory consistent la sikit...

    Tu hari RPK kata Military intelligence dig up the Altantuya case kasi report implicate Rosmah kat Pak Lah, lepas tu bagi kat KJ untuk simpan.

    Tulang besi pulak lata Military intel gila2 support Najib, nak make sure dia jadik PM...

    Ni mana satu nak percaya nih... Banyak sangat penipuan dalam blog nih.... Tapi seronok baca comment suckers2 yang percaya habis... Pandai la hang tulang besi... Besok bole bukak cult mcm arkam... kasi depa semua hirup air basuh tangan kau...



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