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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rumors On Anwar Saga from the Rumor Mills Pt 3

Firstly I apologize for being quiet for some time. I have been down with a flu and I could not write. Although, I thought of stopping writing on rumors and restart my analysis, but a lot of readers are asking me to continue. So, I feel that I am obliged to do so.

Second, after my two “rumors” series, my sources are drying up. In the sense, that they have given me explicit warning not to print what they’ve told me. So there are many rumors/information I cannot tell since they’re not rumors but information from credible sources.

Third, I believe that the recent incidence that has occurred these past few days will have it’s bearing in our country’s political future. We are close to seeing some significant change to our political landscape. Which brings me to my first rumor:

1.0 The army is ready to take over at a moment’s notice. Apparently, they will not allow a government that has more Non-Malay MP’s than Malays. The fact that the Army’s PR officer has to come out to deny this story, is testimony of the Army’s real intention.
2.0 One source told me that the entire sodomy plan this time around, has Najib Tun Razak written all over it. It was a perfectly laid out plan, because at the end of the day the buck stops at Pak Lah’s office. Pak Lah will have to decide whether to prosecute Anwar or not because the IGP and AG reports to Pak Lah. If Pak Lah says no, then UMNO strong-men will be angry with Pak Lah. This will jeapordize his chances of getting re-elected as UMNO President. If he says yes, then the people will be angry with him making him more unpopular. But, Najib didn’t expect the P. Balasundram wild-card in Anwar’s hand.
3.0 With the P. Balasundram SD, Najib is seriously in a bind. Since, rumors are more trusted than printed materials in Malaysian politics, Najib’s image is seriously tarnished.
4.0 Najib is also in a bind with the sodomy charges. A serious bind. First he says that he doesn’t know Saiful. Then, now he says he knows Saiful Bukhari because Saiful came and see him to ask for scholarship. So, now how could anyone believe his statement that he doesn’t know Altantunya?
5.0 It’s also strange that Saiful went to see Najib for a scholarship when he was already dismissed from UNITEN? The truth is, Saiful was brought to see Najib by Ezam Mat Nor.
6.0 Notice that Najib contradicts himself in many places like the time he met Saiful and the place he met Saiful. He gave contradictory accounts. His inconsistency only underlines his compliance in the entire affair among the public.
7.0 The truth is that he is trying to hide the real time and date because he doesn’t want to expose the person who actually came out with this idea, Ezam Mat Nor.
8.0 Ezam Mat Nor is part of this conspiracy right from the start. He needs this gig to prove himself worthy to UMNO and the UMNO grassroots. He cannot afford to stay in UMNO wilderness for long.
9.0 Apparently, P. Balasubramaniam had to change his statement because he is under duress from people in the government. He is now reported missing and I heard it from the grapevines that it is the handiwork of our Army intelligence (MIO).
10.0 The people in PM’s office are getting really jumpy. Poll results are coming in and reports from the government’s various intelligence bodies points to one thing: that the people overwhelmingly do not believe that Anwar commits sodomy.
11.0 Sooner or later the puck will fall back to the PM’s office because the Attorney General has to get the green light from Pak Lah whether to prosecute Anwar or not. Although at the moment Najib is getting all the heat, but the final blame will fall on Pak Lah and the PM’s office, if they don’t play their cards right.
12.0 I actually know who Anwar met in the condo, but I cannot divulge that information because I have been forewarned by my sources. So, sorry.
13.0 UMNO internal sources are also reporting uneasiness among UMNO’s rank and file over the latest sodomy accusation on Anwar. In one of their internal dialogue, one of the participants says unequivocally, that it took them 10 years to make the Malays forget that UMNO once vilified Anwar in such a way. Now, all the effort for the last ten years has been wasted.
14.0 UMNO state Liasons are reporting rumblings and uneasiness among their ranks about the latest sodomy charge against Anwar. Not that these UMNO people believed that Anwar did not do it, but they know that Malays as a whole cannot believe that Anwar is a sodomizer.
15.0 One UMNO dude said that this issue alone will wipe out UMNO cause UMNO is already on it’s last leg. UMNO have been limited to rural Malays only. With this issue, rural Malays will abandon UMNO like in 1999.
16.0 Certain UMNO people are telling me that even Pak Lah is caught off guard with this latest move. I mean, even if people say he is stupid, but he is not that stupid. As I explained above, the final blame will fall on Pak Lah.
17.0 Although another UMNO faction believes that the entire charade is engineered by people from the 4th Floor. This is so that both Anwar and DS Najib will be taken out of the equation.
18.0 We have heard rumors about Najib’s connection to Altantunya. Now, it seems that the rumor is translated into SD from P.Balasubramaniam. So, it’s already one step above rumor now.
19.0 What’s clear, the recent Anwar sodomy accusation is done very differently than in 1997. It seems, the entire plan was conceived and executed with most of UMNO leaders in the dark about it and truly most of them were caught by surprise.
20.0 This confirms that the Anwar sodomy issue is meant to kill two birds with one stone. Taking out internal and external enemies.

I wish I could tell more, but I have been forewarned. So, my apologies

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  1. We need one or two hard facts to support Balasundram's 1st SD:-

    1) Retrieve and publish the SMS sent by Najib to Abdul Razak Baginda about meeting the IGP and staying cool from the telcos records.

    2) VIP attendance records or confirmation by diamond exhibition organisers or vendors on Najib presence with or without others, with day, date and time period which can be cross referenced against records when Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya are known to be in Singapore.

    These are two simple allegations that should be verified to make some kind of case instead of hearsay in the SD. If such kind of evidence is forthcoming, I don't even need a Paris photo to be convinced.

  2. Nooooo!!!!! Don't stop!!!! I am already addicted to RUMOURS! More please!!!

  3. I'm addicted to your blog by please continue your delicious stories...

  4. ok kittykat,

    it seems i have to continue my rumor reporting, and i'll do it just for you...:)

  5. Just 2 question. so is the Army with the Rakyat or not and do you know what is the position of the Agong and sultan in all this?

  6. Mengapa lama bersepi. Tiada cerita lagi? Ana inginlan akal berisi. Dengan cerita-cerita rumors sensasi.

    Syeikh? 3 hari tiada cerita? Tolong beri sesuatu untuk ana membaca.

  7. The drama is more and more interesting. I even gave up watching soap opera to follow-up on Malaysia's news recently.

    However, drama remains drama, stock market is crashing, ppl living desperately hard, unstable with high inflation, even risk of military takeover... WHAT IS THE SOLUTION???????

    Can we request all the stupid heck to stop all the drama, and focus on deriving a workable solutions for all Malaysian?

    Najib murderer or not, Anwar sodomize of not, pak lah sleeping or not, who cares? Who can provide the best solution for the people, to make all the Malaysians live comfortable, managing our natural resources well, managing our country well, that is the no. 1 questions!

    Even if Najib a murderer, Anwar a sodomizer, Pak Lah a sleeper; if one of these guys can make Malaysia better, Malaysian will be very forgetful & pardon your mistakes and worship you like a God.

    Go ahead and setup a debate and each proposed a workable solution for all of us!!! Else forget about fighting to become a PM because you will just make the country worst and more ppl will be suffering.

  8. Sodomite ok, sleeper also ok both actually do not injure anyone except under certain circumstances.In fact some country even accept sodomite as part of their normal community. But none in the world can accept a murderer as one of them. So Najib is totally unacceptable.

  9. Part 4.0 .....

    Hmmnnnn ... interesting.. interesting..

    Logical in some sense ...




    Tarikh: 10 Julai 2008 (Hari Khamis)
    Jam: 08-30 malam
    Siaran Langsung (astro Awani)


    YB Dato Dr Zambry Abd Kadir
    (Panglima Berantai Melayu)
    ADUN Pangkor - Ketua UMNO Bhg Lumut, Perak

    YB Dato Zahrin Hashim
    (Tukang Karut Purbaraya)
    MP Bayan Baru - Pengerusi PKR Negeri P.Pinang

  11. We are going to see the resurgence of Caliphate(pious and just ruler) very soon happened in our country.Malaysia will be the nation bless by God Al Mighty to be the 2nd Medina(Set up of Perlembagaan Madinah;transform the capitalism/secularism into Divine Revealation in the form of Quran and Hadith.Remember what Nostradamus predicted,in the 21st century,the blue turban(Muslim) will conquer and rule the world.So the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia will not be chosen by God Al Mighty from the political figure but instead one who can emulate and offer solution just like Hijrah Rasulullah ke Madinah dan tertegaknya Perlembagaan Madinah.Insyallah.

  12. You may not be able to reveal your army source but I think it is a very important issue.
    Can you tell us which side will be army be on. Are they under UMNO or are they under the Agong?

  13. Najib n his Roast-PorkyMa should come out now and show they still have some microspical honesty left and tell Malaysia they are sorry and accept the rule of law and be judged.

    If they dont Pak Lah & the BN stooges must drag them over burning coals to come clean.

    Our country's image and integrity are at stake. Even banana republics have never shame themselves in the way this couple has doen to Malaysia.

    Murder is a capital sin in whatever religion. The whole of Malaysia, Mongolia and, in fact, the world knows Najib & PorkyMa have blood on their hands and all the oceans' water cannot wash that blood off!

  14. 1. I did not do it

    2. I did it, but in different manner

    3. I did it, but not as per the allegation

    4. I did it, but not as per charge

    5. I did it, but not on the date in the allegations

    6. I did not do it with the boy

    7. I did not do it forcefully

    8. I did not do it, it's a conspiracy to lie

    9 I did not do it, because I got black eye before

    10 I did not do it, because all these are fixed by my enemies

    11. i did it, but it's not an offence known to law

    12. I did it, but why are you busy body

    13. I did not do it, but the police is prejudiced

    14. I never deny that

    15. I never said that

    16. Who says I said that?

    17. Who says I didn't say that

    18. Ask him, dont ask me

    19. I'm too close to victory, that's why

    20. Sumpah


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