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Friday, August 1, 2008

Anwar and Permatang Pauh is Like Two Peas in a Pod

At this point, ensuring Anwar's reentry into Parliament is the most patriotic thing anyone can do.

(Picture courtesy of Malaysiakini)

Anwar and Kak Wan has made is official. Kak Wan Azizah has resigned from her position as the MP of Permatang Pauh to give way for Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a by-election. Thus, providing Anwar Ibrahim a chance to re-enter Parliament as an MP, again.

Permatang PAuh has always been a volatile seat. PAS once won the seat in 1978 where their candidate Arwah Cikgu Zabidi contested. The seat then went to Anwar Ibrahim in 1982 after he joined UMNO under the invitation of Dr Mahathir Mohd.

But after Anwar Ibrahim was sacked and humiliated, the seat went back to the Opposition and for the last 3 elections, their MP is Kak Wan Azizah. It is one of the few Malay majority Parliamentary seats in the West Coast to have fallen to the opposition more than 3 times since Merdeka.

And Kak Wan Azizah accomplished a feat that very few Malay politician had accomplished before, she managed to win the seat as a first timer and has never been defeated since. With her resignation, she will go down in history as being an undefeated MP. Not to mention defeating Ibrahim Saad in 1999 qualifies her as a member of the "Giant Killer" club.

The release of Dr Mohammad Osman’s medical report will help a lot with the Malay electorate. They never believed the first accusation and there was no medical report for them to refer to back then. Now, with documented evidence like this, their sympathy to Anwar Ibrahim is expected to be at an all time high. The Malays calls it “Seperti Sireh Pulang ke Gagang”.

If Anwar retakes Permatang Pauh again, then that will be 4 times the seat as fallen into opposition hands since the Anwar debacle. And it marks the height of the Malay resistance to UMNO’s domination of the Malay polity. Through high and low the Permatang Pauh electorates had held their grounds and refuse to compromise their principles. They have given UMNO Permatang Pauh a bloody nose in which the blood is still running. And UMNO Permatang Pauh is looking more and more like UMNO Pengkalan Chepa, a constant loser.

The condition now looks best for Anwar to contest in a by-election. Among the Non-Malays, the level of support for UMNO/.BN is at an all time low. UMNO, at the same time, is gearing up for their own internal elections, which means that they are heavily fragmented. The MIC is also fragmented and so is MCA. And GERAKAN is totally lost, so they cannot be too helpful for BN at this juncture.

What’s more the Penang State government is under the control of Pakatan Rakyat and that would mean the Barisan Nasional cannot use the State government apparatus to help their campaign. They will be forced to use Federal govt apparatus only for their campaign. That will take out at least 40% of Barisan Nasional’s strength for the campaign.

I never agreed to Anwar contesting in either Bandar Tun Razak or Kulim Bandar Baru. The majority in these seats are smaller than Permatang Pauh which means the BN can catch up with the gap through fraud. Being a by-election, the Barisan Nasional can concentrate all their attention and resources to the particular area and that will mean Anwar Ibrahim might now make the jump successfully.

So, it is the role of every Malaysian who cares about their country, their families and their religion to come to Permatang Pauh and help Anwar Ibrahim to return to Parliament to his rightful place.

With Anwar in Parliament, the road to a change of regime at the Federal Level could not be clearer than ever. This is necessary if we want to ensure a better future for our children.

Tulang Besi

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Cucu Tok Selampit said...

Kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia merasa teruja apabila Anwar Ibrahim menyatakan kesediaannya bertanding di kerusi Permatang Pauh, yang telah dikosongkan oleh isterinya, Wan Azizah semalam. Apakah yang dapat dipelajari oleh rakyat Malaysia melalui episod ini?

1. Parlimen dihina dan rakyat diperkotak-katikkan

Wan Azizah dan Anuar Ibrahim menganggap jawatan wakil rakyat yang dipegang seolah-olah macam Taukeh Kedai Kopi, yang boleh dkosongkan bila-bila masa. Mandat yang diberikan rakyat dipermainkan. Pilihanraya bukanlah medan untuk seseorang mengumpul kekayaan, mendapat kekayaan berjuta atau menguji populariti dan juga bukan juga untuk mengejar cita-cita peribadi. Wan Azizah dan Anwar Ibrahim telah membuktikan konsep politik kekeluargaan yang diamalkan oleh kaum-kaum terdahulu seperti Bani Umaiyyah, Bani Abassiah dan juga golongan di raja Firaun. Inikah yang dikatakan pejuang rakyat?

2. Berjuta wang rakyat bakal dihabiskan

Belumpun memegang jawatan dan kuasa, wang rakyat sudah hendak dibelanjakan. Berapa banyakkah wang rakyat yang bakal dihabiskan. Berjuta!! Pembaziran mengadakan pilihanraya kecil kerana hendak memuaskan hati seorang pemimpin yang gelojoh dan gopoh bernama Anwar Ibrahim patut dielakkan. Bukankah lebih baik wang berkenaan digunakan untuk perbelanjaan rakyat marhaen??

3. Sikap pengecut yang ditunjukkan oleh "US Stooge"

"Saya bersedia bertanding di mana sahaja." Cakap kosong orang politik yang tidak mempunyai maruah. Janji tinggal janji. Balik-balik kampung sendiri yang dicari. Kalau betul anak jantan dan hendak menguji populariti kenapa tidak berani bertanding di Johor, misalnya? Si pengecut inikah yang hendak dijadikan Perdana Menteri? Bodohnya rakyat Malaysia!

4. Perjuangan "US Stooge" = "Flip Flop PM"

Persamaan di antara kedua-duanya:

* Kedua-duanya "flip flop", suka berbohong dan memutar belitkan kenyataan.
* Perjuangan keluarga dan anak beranak melebihi perjuangan rakyat.
* Kedua-duanya boneka. Satu boneka Singapura dan satu lagi boneka US.
* Kedua-dua berlagak alim, tapi perangai ....
* Kedua-dua berasal dari Pulau Pinang. Hanya berani masuk gelanggang dekat kampung sendiri sahaja.
* Kedua-duanya masih merasakan mendapat sokongan rakyat, tanpa menyedari ramai yang telah muak.

Akhir kalam, Ya Allah selamatkan Malaysia dan rakyatnya daripada pemimpin-pemimpin yang tamak dan gelojoh serta rakus mengejar kekayaan dan kemasyuran di bumimu yang sementara ini. Amin.

Muhammad Safwan said...

It's a rare chance for me to exercise my right to vote twice a year. I will definitely go back and vote our new Prime Minister!

zackdanial said...

Dear muhammad safwan ,

Please do vote , every votes counts . Car pool and drive safe .

People said...

Kepada cucu tok selampit,

Kenapa engkau tak menerangkan fakta bahawa beribu juta ringgit telah dirasuah dan dibazir oleh Kerajaan BN'!

Think before you make any comment!
I hope you have brain! Not naive coward for BN!

Anonymous said...

actually, straegically speaking.....Kulim would have been a wiser choice.....Wan Azizah is still a person who commands a lot of respect...

if DSAI had competed in Kulim, even if dirty tricks comes in and he loses, shes still there......

u never know what the corrupt BeeEnd govt will now do....if DSAI loses, Wan Azizah also out!..............

another question, from now until 60 days when Eelectioon commission calls for the by-election, what if DSAI gets arrested? can he still run?? if cannot, can Wan Azizah run again? even though she resigned?

Mr. Smith said...

"If Anwar retakes Permatang Pauh again, then that will be 4 times the seat..."

Well I would prefer to say, " When Anwar retakes ............".

I think his victory is a forgone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

kepada cucu tok selampit.

Sedap ko jer berkata kata..
Xpikir plak BN pnya rasuah bape puluh juta plak kn..ko nie otak sempit la..X berfikirn terbuka..kalu pilihanraya nie habis berjuta ringgit pn tp lepas pemerintahan DSAI membawa perubahan utk negara ape salahnye. Ko x nampak ke BN tengah nk bungkus skrg nie,ko nk kutuk2 anwar pesal Sedangkan para2 ulama dan tokoh2 ternama diseluruh dunia pn menyokong anwar n mintak idea lg dr anwar..

JLEE anak Sban said...

Let's not forget PAS has also confirmed their stance on supporting PR and they had given a big slap on the face of UMNO. Two great news in the same day same hour. Thumbs up for PAS and they had gained my cofidence again.

Rakyat Permatang Pauh, nasib Malaysia terletak dalam tangan saudara-saudari sekalian, undilah PR demi kita semua!

malayamuda said...

more than Ezam , Saiful Bukhari will be a better choice for UMNO in Permatang Pauh.

Uncle Pet can be the chief campaigner taking over from Khairy...

malayamuda said...

Ezam will have to bring boxes and boxes of X files of Anwar, that will be too troublesome for both Anwar and Ezam.

Saiful will just have to show his torn arse to the rakyat jelata or is it jelita ?

Saiful can become UMNO's sex tool or sex object, whatever u wanna call him

Tayadih Maysia said...

ini cucu tok selampit ke atau cucu najib althantuya saudfara kepada cucu tok dolah flip flop...

saudara, pergi nasihat pm flip flop saudara dulu sebelum nasihat orang lain. lepas tu nasihat najib, mat taib, rahim tambhy cik, jamalduddin jarjis dan etc...lepas tu baru nasihat DSAI.

semoga berjaya... misi anda kini sama dengan ezam raja sumpah malaysia.

conscience said...

Good choice, let Saiful be the candidate for Umno. The result will show who is telling a lie. Any anyone interested in a small bet RM10 to nothing!

Anonymous said...

cici tok selampit.....kau ni memang anjing betul. x yahla tulis panjang2 untuk menunjukkan yang kau ni memang binatang amno.

Anonymous said...

Reformasi...dan bersedialah rakyat melepaskan perasaan tidak puas-hati terhadap BN-UMNO dan semoga dengan tertewasnya mereka ini akan langsung patah semangat... sebab 1 saja, iaitu, rakyat sudah hilang kepercayaan kpd BN-UMNO... hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Insyaallah ...kejayaan akan ditempa oleh DSAI...sokongan rakyat Permatang Pauh kepada PKR dan PR akan tetap diteruskan Insyallah..

Bila membaca komen Tok selampit...teringat tulisan RPK..dalam blog nya...ramai orang yg mengaku berugama Islam tapi amalan hidup mereka tak semestinya mengikut cara Islam..kita sama berdoa pada Tuhan yg sama..tapi niat lain lain...

Bila sibangsarrttt Cucu Tok Selampit (CTS) komen pasal Parlimen dihina dan rakyat diperkotak-katikkan...oleh DSAI/DSWA...maka dia CTS , terlupa bagaimana seluruh rakyat malaysia
telah selama ini dihina dan diperkotakatik oleh kerajaaan dan juga jentera2 nya ..termasuklah Peguam Negara, Polis....kalu tak tak kan Mahkamah akhir membuang kes itu...? rujuk sahaja kes LIWAT DSAI tahun 1998...betapa seluruh rakyat malaysia kene tipu oleh kerajaaan BN...??..
Mungkin CTS tak lahir lagi masa tu...

Bila sibangsartt CTS kata pembaziran berjuta juta sebab kene adakan piliharaya kecil.....maka terserlah kebangangan CTS nie...Lu tau tak..kalau duit yg dibelanjakan berjuta juta tu...maka ia adala oleh Kerajaan BN lah ...Kempen POLITIK di tukar dan diubahsuai jadi Hari Pemimin Bertemu Rakyat...Hari Penyerahan Geran Rumah...Geran Tanah..dan termasuklah Geran Reban Ayam serta Reban Kambing...maka akan dijemput seluruh orang kampung datangg...TV3,,TV4 TV5..dan TV3/4 pun turut membuat liputann...tu tak perabih duit rakyat ker,...pas tu suruh rakyat sokong BN...

Kalau kempen Pembangkang semua guna duit hasil derma rakyat yg menyokong...bukan macam Parti BN suka gua jentera Kerajaan.....

Bab lain yg disebut oleh CTS malas lah saya nak komen...sebab tak relevan langsung dgn isu yg kita bincang...

Kepada bangsarrtt CTS.....elok lah kamu teruskan menyokong parti BN yg memang dah sah sah merampok harta dah kekayaan rakyat malaysia menggunakan saluran yang sah....


pua kang kang said...

Cucu tok selampit, ganpang lah lu. mana lu pi..ketika Tun (Masa itu masih Datuk Seri) Mahathir mengadakan pilihanraya kecil untuk membolehkan Dato Abu Hasaan menjadi Menteri besar Selangor.. Masa itu awak tak nampak kah.. berjuta RM di bazirkan..

Atau mulut awak di sumbat ngan @#$%#@ ? Kalau nak mengutuk orang tengok tengok dulu jika ada najis tercalit kat punggung awak sendiri.

Anonymous said...

cucu tok selampit ko cakap camtu pasal ko tak mandi wajib la tu lepas berjunub dengan pelacur.mungkin ko dilahirkan melalui dubur.tu yang ko cakap macam tu..berjuta-juta konon.habis berbillion-billion harta rakyat malaysia anak beranak Pm kebas sapa mau jawab.kalau tak takdelah si kamaluddin tu jadi antara orang yang terkaya dimalaysia melalui companynya(SCOMI).kalau aku diberi pilihan untuk langgar antara babi,anjing dan ko.Aku akan langgar ko dulu.hinanya ko ni macam babi.kalau berani suruhlah saiful tu jadi calon UMNO di permatang pauh.

Linette said...

God bless Anwar Ibrahim and lead him to victory.

Anonymous said...

Dear cucu tok selampit.
I always refrain myself from giving comments, for i always thot, nvmind, others have already stated what i felt. But i can resist giving my two cents worth of comments on your point no 2.

Here is what you said..
2. Berjuta wang rakyat bakal dihabiskan

Belumpun memegang jawatan dan kuasa, wang rakyat sudah hendak dibelanjakan. Berapa banyakkah wang rakyat yang bakal dihabiskan. Berjuta!! Pembaziran mengadakan pilihanraya kecil kerana hendak memuaskan hati seorang pemimpin yang gelojoh dan gopoh bernama Anwar Ibrahim patut dielakkan. Bukankah lebih baik wang berkenaan digunakan untuk perbelanjaan rakyat marhaen??

Not to say that spending millions is right. But think it in a wider term. Or longer term. If you are able to picture and visualize what will happen in the long term if the current government is allowed to continue their stoopyd way of governing. I am assuming your IQ is average, like 150++.

Spending money for a better futture is better than spending money for the cronies. Ahh.. this is too much.. You didnt get the idea..

anyway, interesting articles could be found here..

Pendekar Din said...

Usher in our next Prime Minister.........



Anonymous said...

It will be interesting so see whether, Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee (both Sabahans) and Wan Junaidi (Sarawakian) will allow a vote of no-confidence to be taken with Anwar having the numbers especially with a large number of Sabahan and Sarawakian lawmakers joining in calling for the vote...More

Anonymous said...

Ada sesiapa tahu TPM boneka siapa?

Anonymous said...

Ada sesiapa tahu TPM boneka siapa?

Anonymous said...

Kepada Cucu Tok Selampit,

Saya setuju dengan konsep CTS tetapi oleh kerana sebab yang berlainan. CTS telah banyak berhujah tentang institusi parlimen, wang berjuta juta, sikap pengecut dan sebagainya. Sebenarnya ini tak penting langsung atay bah kata pepatah Augustine Paul, tak relevan.

Hanya satu sebab yang munasabah yang dapat di terima iaitu Khairy Jamaluddin. Kita sebagai rakyat harus menyokong Khaire dan memupuk semangat Khairisme. Oleh kerana YB Rembau (yang berjawat Menantu Sakti) tidak memberi sokongan kepada Anwar, maka kita tak sokonglah. Buat apa pening pening cuba berhujah kehulu kehilir dengan pendapat yang senang ditepis oleh orang lain. Katakan saja "Khairy suruh kita buat macam ini, so kita buat lah"

Natijahnya, gunakan otak untuk mendapat ilham, ilham itu digunakan untuk mencari wang, wang itu diberi kepada kerajaan amnya melalui cukai dan KJ khususnya dengan melanggan di kedai butiknya dan senanglah. Itu kan tanggung jawab kita

Rakan Siber KJ

Anonymous said...


Bagi saya, YB Rembau adalah bakal pemimpin tertinggi di negara ini. Beliau hansem, pandai dan sudi berinteraksi dengan golongan miskin dan papa seperti Mat dan Minah rempit.
Inilah yang tabiat yang harus dicungkil dan tidak boleh dikutuk.
Dewasa ini saya berasa amat tidak senang ekoran pelan pemindahan kuasa 2010, saya berpendapat TPM tidak selayak KJ, dan jikalau KJ pula yang mengambi alih, nescaya ekonomi akan mantap, pelabur asing akan berlumba lumba dan index BSKL mencecah 5,000 mata

Mama Tan

Anonymous said...

kroni bum kuda jantan aka kj ni memang ada niat utk kontrol lumba circuit haram/halal malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Bapa 'nuar kata: Pikir balik 1998. Jgn lupa gambar 'nuar dgn pelacur Bollywood Kushboo keluar dalam media. Tuan2 dah lupa ke? Kushboo itu pelakon seksi India. Boleh lihet gambar dia di sini :

Dah lupa ke Nallakaruppan? Dia tu Director of Entertainment utk syarikat judi China. Dah lupa ke? Nallakaruppan yang 'impot' Kushboo datang jumpa 'nuar.

Dah lupe ke air mani Syamsidar atas tilam yang famous tu? Nak jerit macam mana pun, peguam 'nuar tidak dapat mematahkan hujah Pendakwaraya bhwa air mani dia dijumpai atas tilam itu.

Tetapi air mani 'nuar dan syamsidar tak ada kena mengena dgn kes itu (1998), jadi pendakwa tarik balik tuduhan. Bodohnya! Pendakwa hanya nak malukan 'nuar depan mata orang. Taktiknya kotor. tetapi kesan air mani 'nuar dan syamsidra itu betul.

Dah lupa ke semua ni?

Perdana Menteri itu bukan hak 'nuar. Parlimen itu bukan gelanggang mainan 'nuar dan keluarganya. 'nuar membazirkan duit rakyat utk merampas kerusi Parlimen.

Akhir kata Melayu yg nampak bodoh. Perdana Menteri Melayu itu bangggang sangat. Mercu tanda kebolehan Melayu. Satu pihak lagi Pas dgn perjuangan Melayu Islam. Juga nampak makin banggang kerana hendak kerjasama dgn UMNO.

'nuar pula pelakon, pembohong dan main buntut. Dan tak faham apa pun pasal apa pun. Shakespeare pun dia tak faham tapi dia kata dia dah baca enam kali.

Akhir sekali orang Melayu memang sudah 'f*cked'.

Elok panggil balik orang putih ambil balik negara ini. Kalau malu sangat, serah saja kpd orang China dan mamak macam Dr mahathir. Mereka lebih pandai jaga negeri dan jaga masa depan Melayu.

Anonymous said...

woi cucu tok slampit ketampit!!! aku tak muakkkk pun..ko lah lagi bodohhh tak pyh panjang lebar stakat cakap cam tu nampak sgt ko takde pelajaran .. undi DSAI satu2 nye peluang slamatkan negara malaysia ble blahhhh ko

Anonymous said...

woi ko jgn nak mengaku cucu Tok Selampit...jangan nak wat malu atok aku... kalo ko benar cucu die tak bodo dan pikir sempit cam tu

Anonymous said...

Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!
Hidup Anwar Ibrahim!


Anonymous said...

anon kata:

"Dah lupe ke air mani Syamsidar atas tilam yang famous tu? Nak jerit macam mana pun, peguam 'nuar tidak dapat mematahkan hujah Pendakwaraya bhwa air mani dia dijumpai atas tilam itu."

JAWAPAN: Bukan lupa tapi tak pernah tau mcm ni, sebab sebenarnya mana ada air mani sapa2 yang dijumpai atas tilam tu.

Dgn kata lain, takda satu sampel yang jitu dapat diambil dari tilam tu.

Cerita kat atas ni setaraf cerita dongeng orang dulu2

Anonymous said...

cucu tok selampit kata:

"Wan Azizah dan Anwar Ibrahim telah membuktikan konsep politik kekeluargaan yang diamalkan oleh kaum-kaum terdahulu seperti Bani Umaiyyah, Bani Abassiah dan juga golongan di raja Firaun. Inikah yang dikatakan pejuang rakyat?"

Jawapan: Ini semua kerana UMNO/Dr. Mahathir telah menjadikan mahkamah Malaysia sebagai Mahkamah Kangaroo sehingga mereka telah menjatuhkan hukuman penjara ke atas kesalahan yang Anwar tidak pernah bersalah.

UMNO lagi teruk, kehakiman mereka pelacurkan.

Yang tu penyokong UMNO mcm cucu tok selampit tak nampak pulak yee.

Memang sah la org UMNO ni dasar otak tak senter.

Anonymous said...

cucu tok selampit kata:

2. Berjuta wang rakyat bakal dihabiskan

Belumpun memegang jawatan dan kuasa, wang rakyat sudah hendak dibelanjakan. Berapa banyakkah wang rakyat yang bakal dihabiskan."

Jawapan: Yang ni saya setuju kerana kelak nanti wang berjuta ini akan digunakan oleh UMNO untuk merasuah pengundi untuk mengundi mereka.

Itu tak masuk airtime kesemua TV-TV yang akan menabur fitnah berbagai2.

Anonymous said...

Cucu Tok Selampir gelar Anwar US Stooge.

Dulu bukan Najib ke yang berbangga sangat di Heritage Foundation menayangkan segala kerjasama MAlaysia dengan Amerika?

Wahai sekelian ahli UMNO, sebelum korang tuduh Anwar US Stooge, sila baca link ini


Anonymous said...

Kepada Ahli UMNO yang bengap tak tentu arah mcm Cucu Tok Selampit, sila baca keratan dari ucapan Najib Tun Razak ini:

"A Special Relationship with the U.S.

Malaysian forces regularly conduct joint training with United States counterparts, and the United States routinely enjoys access to Malaysian airfields and ports. Also, Malaysia provides one of the few bases outside the United States for U.S. military jungle-warfare training. U.S. troops are warmly welcomed in Malaysia and enjoy training there. In particular:

* There have been more than 75 U.S. military ship visits in the past two and a half years.
* The United States conducts training exercises with the Royal Malaysian Air Force, flying with and against them in mock battles.
* U.S. Navy SEALs conduct training in Malaysia twice a year.
* The U.S. Army does field exercises with the Malaysian army. I might mention here that, for their expertise in jungle warfare, Malaysians are known in the business as "whispering death."
* Finally, 1,500 Malaysian defense personnel have benefited from the U.S.-sponsored IMET (international military education and training) program. "

Sapa dia US Stooge ni???

Irfan Chipon said...

For Permatang Pauh people,

Any UMNO candidate from Permatang Pauh could never be the PM.

But if you vote for DS Anwar Ibrahim, means you are voting for Malaysia's Prime Minister!

Bila lagi anak jati Permatang Pauh boleh jadi Perdana Menteri ni?? Ini lah peluang keemasan!

Undi lah DS Anwar Ibrahim untuk Perdana Menteri Malaysia!

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