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Friday, August 8, 2008

Reports From The Rumor Mills on Anwar Issue – pt 4

More rumors from the Rumor Mills On The Anwar Issue

More reports from the rumor mills with regards to Anwar Ibrahim issue.

Apparently, the move to destroy Anwar Ibrahim is ongoing. But it seems the effort to put Anwar down has faced a few snags:

1.0 Right now, it seems, the AG office is having a problem trying to come up with a credible charge sheet.
1.1 The expose’ of Dr Mohammad Osman’s medical report on Saiful Bukhari has really put a cramp on the ability to charge Anwar Ibrahim properly, never mind trying to get a credible conviction.
1.2 Even the judges that is already bought is having a problem passing a sentence on such a clear cut case. It will make them look really bad if they pass a sentence based on the charges they’ve read

2.0 There is a big quarrel apparently, in the AG office with regards to this case.
2.1 They cannot come up with a charge that is strong enough for a decent judge (never mind respected) to give a conviction to Anwar Ibrahim.
2.2 Apaprently, they’re exploring the possibility of charging Anwar and Saiful under voluntary sodomy.
2.3 This will, according to them, nullify the Dr. Mohammed Osman medical report with Saiful saying that he had used a whole lot of lubricants.
2.4 But, the people in AG office realized that even this would not hold water since despite usage of lubricants there will still be some trace.

3.0 The AG office is so desperate that they are thinking of charging Anwar with a different charge.
3.1 They’re thinking of charging Anwar under the Police Act for illegal gathering because of Anwar’s involvement in the BERSIH gathering.
3.2 The AG office is also findings any other charges that they can use against Anwar, i.e. corruption etc. I think if they can find a DBKL parking ticket that Anwar didn’t pay 20 years ago, they will charge Anwar in open court and jail him for a year. That’s the measure of their desperation right now.
3.3 In short, they AG office is grappling with the problem of lack of evidence. Under normal circumstances, the case would have been shelved without hesitation.

4.0 It’s clear that the AG Office is being pressured by somebody above them. And there is no one above them, other than the PM’s office.
4.1 Apparently, Najib Tun Razak is for once cleared from all charges with regards to framing Anwar Ibrahim.
4.2 What is happening shows proves the entire conspiracy is planned direct from the 4th Floor of JPM.
4.3 It is informed to me that, in fact, the entire conspiracy is the work of someone from within the Pak Lah family. And my #1 suspect is none other than the SIL.
4.4 It’s a classic killing two birds with one stone strategy

5.0 Apparently, this also shows that the 2010 exit plan of Pak Lah is nothing more than a time buying gimmick
5.1 The Anwar sodomy accusation will in turn tarnish Najib’s image. It is not something strategic for Najib to plan this conspiracy since he too will be implicated
5.2 Why does Najib need to frame Anwar since his acsencion to power is already assured.
5.3 But the entire shenanigan has the potential to remove both NAjib and Anwar simultaneously.
5.4 Plus Najib is already implicated in the Altantunya issue. So, another conspiracy charge against him will only further destroy his credibility.
5.5 Thus keeping Pak Lah in power for at least another 4 years.

6.0 We are lucky because among the UMNOPUTRA elites seems to be disunited in their effort to redeem UMNO.
6.1 They cannot help but stab each other in the back for their own individual gains
6.2 This might help Anwar in his quest to topple UMNO and BN

7.0 If PAS had been successfully coerced, then Pak Lah do not need to continue with the Anwar sodomy conspiracy
7.1 Apparently, the UMNO faction is PAS is keeping low at this moment.
7.2 Their immediate aim is to remove Husam Musa. They want to smear Husam Musa and probably frame Husam Musa for corruption.
7.3 They believe Husam Musa is the main force behind Tok Guru Nik Aziz’s resistance to the UMNO-PAS alliance.
7.4 In truth, Tok Guru acted on his own accord and Husam had very little input to his decision
7.5 I will try to expose corruption and misuse of power committed by Mustafa Ali. Seeing that Mustafa Ali is the ring leader of this move and, not to mention, the UMNO and Pak Lah mole in PAS
7.6 Bear in mind that the main force behind this move is some Malay businessmen who do not want to lose their preference level in the government. On the PAS side, it is led by Rameli Musa who was recently awarded a RM2b contract.

8.0 Mustafa Ali desperately needs this new UMNO-PAS alignment. He will be made a Senator and then a Cabinet Minister
8.1 He is now going around telling people that he did what he did to trick UMNO into giving PAS a few valuable things
8.2 He has already started to attack Perak, Selangor and Penang in his blog.
8.3 He is the prime motivator to this entire move because he is an UMNO mole in PAS
8.4 UMNO will reward Mustafa Ali handsomely if he is successful in delivering PAS to UMNO
8.5 Among the tools adopted by Mustafa Ali is the accusation that Anwar is a US agent. Never mind he has zero evidence for it, it was apparently believed by the old guards and Terengganu faction.
8.6 He managed to poison Tuan Guru president’s mind into thinking that PAkatan Rakyat will destroy Islam.
8.7 I always believed that when PAS was kicked out from Barisan Nasional, they left behinds moles in PAS to ensure that PAS remained weak and dejected.
8.8 Please remember that Mustafa Ali came into prominence in the 1974 elections when PAS was already in Barisan Nasional. He was not one of those leaders who struggled with Pas during their hard days before 1969. He appeared out of nowhere and grew to prominence. He was also made a TImbalan Menteri under Tun Razak cabinet.

9.0 Lastly, please remember that with Anwar Ibrahim behind bars, their plans towards breaking up Pakatan Rakyat will become easier. The powers that be feels that their first try to bring PAS into BN failed because Anwar is still around and able to meet leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat.
9.1 With Pakatan Rakyat broken, the chances of Pak Lah remaining in power will be bigger.
9.2 With Anwar in jail, there will be no more major obstacle against them breaking the Pakatan Rakyat especially with trying to bring PAS into Barisan Nasional.

Tulang Besi
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  1. it chills to the bone to put the useless dpm and AI togather, dont you think so?

    let there be a clear cut chasm btw.

  2. Leaving politics aside for a second, DSAI is a man who has a wife and 6 children.

    And he is already 61 years old.

    That the powers that be can cook up a trump up charge and then NOT give him bail to keep him away from his loved ones, this is TOO MUCH!!!

    GOD has eyes!!!!

  3. Mereka merancang, tetapi Tuhan juga merancang, rancangan Tuhan itulah yang pasti menjadi.

  4. Will it be charge first,then try to justify
    Even when things are too obvious, no need to clarify
    With main objective achieved, who else is there to pacify
    Guilty or innocent, what is there really to specify?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070808
    Thu. 7th Aug. 2008.

  5. Another Umno BIG LIES

    FOr those who truely love this country. I suggest NOT TO celebrate this coming 51th merdeka and hang Malaysia flag upside down to show the gov we rakyat are sick with all this lies. They must stop all the lies immediately.

    God bless Malaysia.

  6. When Pak Lah first took over from Dr.M as the PM of Malaysia I perceived him to be a gentleman, soft spoken, clean, a man with compassion though not as aggressive as Dr.M. But from recent readings I can only imagine that he is a MONSTER disguised in a sheepskin ! If what I have been reading so far is true then his team is only planning for themselves instead of for the nation which is now in need of REAL leadership. So sad and disappointing.

  7. This blows my mind! Kudos for investigative insight, Tulang Besi.

  8. hey good stuff keep it up =)
    you know malaysians, we just love all the conspiracy theories + intrigues...make our boring lives more exciting? ke ke ke =)
    i'm sure your life is not boring though...neither is mine

  9. im speechless...may Allah with us!

  10. Badawi is nothing but a dunghill covered with flowers and controlled by his SIL. He's not very bright too, only an idiot will believe that this conspiracy can succeed.

    Now it all adds up - Badawi's biased comments siding with Saiful, his pre-judgement of rape. Well, the man will just destroy himself with his stupidity.

  11. Hi Pihak Bloggers,

    Saya menyangkal dakwaan SIL terlibat dalam kes ini dan telah berhujah dengan panjang lebar di tentang sebab sebabnya

  12. syabas tukang besi.yes,the ruling elites r shaken n stirred,and they r desperate,n will go all out to remain in power.but history has shown dat whenever falsehood reigns,there will be a major shake umno moles in pakatan,watch out!!


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