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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Information From Permatang Pauh

Below are some information that I got from my contacts in Permatang Pauh. Notice I did not write much about Permatang Pauh. I was following closely thru a few contacts and I didn't want to accidentally expose some vital information to the enemy.

1.0 It seems UMNO had used the "Sumpah Saiful" issue to early. It gave a lot of time for Pakatan Rakyat to neutralize the effects of the issue. The ultimate blow to BN's nose is when the Imam who oversaw the "Sumpah" ceremony of Saiful went public and told that he was used by UMNO to do the Sumpah.

2.0 In the first week of the campaign, we were very worried about the "Sumpah Saiful" ammunition by UMNO. To compound the problem is Anwar Ibrahim's reluctance to conduct the same "Sumpah Ceremony" because he is adhering to Islamic Fatwa from Islamic scholars on the issue. But the Ramlang Ponrigi expose has effectively neutralized the issue.

3.0 Malaysiakini reports "Malays split 60-30 on Saiful's confession" indicates that Malays believing in the UMNO's deception is limited to hard-core UMNO supporters only. Pity for BN because apparently they are banking on this one "silver bullet" and it missed.

4.0 UMNO has been using highly racial and religously sensitive issues against Anwar Ibrahim hoping that the Majority Malay electorate will be swayed. Apparently, they have given up on the non Malay votes and consider the Non malay votes as goners.

5.0 PAS is pulling no stop in helping Anwar Ibrahim reelected as MP for Permatang Pauh. The BN candidate tried to approach Ustaz Hamdan Abdul Rahman hoping to sway him into weakening the PAS election machinery, but Ustaz Hamdan turned him down flat. So, that avenue had failed

That's all I am at liberty to say. All we can do now is pray and get people to come out to vote in large numbers.

May Allah SWT grant us victory.

Tulang Besi

And here is the rest of it.
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  1. Heard that there are heavy security presence so as to deter or intimidate voters in the predominantly Chinese areas.

    We need to send PAS supporters (Malays)to the area to guide the Chinese voters to the voting booths to avoid unscrupulous advantage under such circumstances.

    Take no chances. This election is too important!

  2. Kept on hitting your blog but none
    yet of the latest pointers,felt had to retire early so did not wait up till the early hours. But wished all the more to be in PP just to get a feel of the excitement. Howsoever always staring at the laptop. Hate the MSM..Salam Reformasi..

    besi buruk

  3. Can someone in Penanti help me to check my name in the SPR list? I'm currently located in Beijing and are not eligible to vote. Below are part of my info:

    Lokaliti 044 / 11 / 05 / 010 - PENANTI MK 3
    Daerah Mengundi 044 / 11 / 05 - KAMPONG PELET
    DUN 044 / 11 - PERMATANG PASIR
    Parlimen 044 - PERMATANG PAUH

  4. pl be aware of any dirty tactics and help to guide the voters out

  5. stay safe everyone. pray without ceasing :)

  6. why until now less than 60% come out to vote. pl try to find out why. all the best to PKR

  7. have this information been transfer to Anwar or Azmin Ali. in malaysitoday one state that the voting papers have been rub with wax so the voters cannot cross in Anwar slot. if so then it might come out as spoilt votes. pl be aware.

  8. Hanya penjara boleh menyekat suara Anwar.

    Seperti yang kita saksikan di piliharaya kecil Permatang Pauh, BN telah menggerakkan usaha bersekala besar bagi mematahkan kemaraan Anwar ke Dewan Parlimen.

    Berbagai-bagai usaha telah dilakukan oleh BN bagi menyekat Anwar memenangi pilihanraya kecil Permatang Pauh yang keputusannya mungkin boleh diketahui awal malam ini (26 Ogos 2008), termasuklah tuduhan-tuduhan yang mungkin diada-adakan dan direka-reka bagi menjatuhkan kredibiliti Anwar, dari kes liwat hinggalah ke kes rasuah.

    Walaupun tuduhan-tuduhan itu belum dibicarakan dan belum diputuskan oleh makamah, tetapi ia sudah cukup untuk mengoyahkan kepercayaan orang ramai terutamanya pengundi di Permatang Pauh terhadap kewibawaan Anwar.

    Kelantangan dan kepetahan Anwar sangat digeruni oleh kerajaan BN yang memerintah, oleh itu BN ada sebab yang kuat untuk cuba sedaya yang mungkin bagi menyekat Anwar dapat bercakap di Dewan Parlimen.

    Melihat kepada sambutan pengundi-pengundi di Permatang Pauh hari ini yang memberansangkan kepada Anwar memang sukar untuk BN menang dalam pilihanraya kecil itu.

    Nampaknya usaha melalui cara demokrasi memang BN tidak dapat menyekat kemaraan Anwar ke Parlimen.

    Pilihan yang ada kepada kerajaan BN selepas ini bagi menyekat Anwar ialah dengan menggunakan penjara dan makamah sahaja. Kita tidak berasa pelik selepas ini kerajaan BN akan menggunakan BPR, makamah dan polis untuk menahan Anwar dalam penjara bagi kesalahan yang diada-adakan atau direka-reka.

    Taktik yang digunakan pada tahun 1998 mungkin akan berulang lagi, penjara saja yang dapat melenyapkan suara Anwar.

  9. This thumping 17,662 majority victory by DSAI represents a clear mandate from the Rakyat (People) for DSAI and his PR Alliance to capture the Malaysian Federal Government currently ruled by the BN/Umno regime since independence from Britain in 1957. Many see this victory as Independence for Malaysia from the corrupt and authoritarian BN/Umno regime of PM Abdullah Badawi...More


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