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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

16th September Cometh and Without Delay

The much awaited day of 16th September 2008 is upon us. For most Malaysians, it cannot come any sooner. But, for some Malaysians it will be the most dreaded day ever in their entire live-span.Tian Chua has informed us of a Press Conference to be held tomorrow by Anwar Ibrahim. The press conference will reveal to us the necessary details of how and who the change in government will take place. I have been informed of the numbers and who will be the "side shifting". But, I don't want to spoil the fun. All I can say is if the information i have at hand is accurate, then the fall of Barisan Nasional is inevitable (except in Perlis, Terengganu, Pahang, Melaka and Johor).

I also heard that the Negeri Sembilan government is also in immediate danger, so much so, that the sitting Menteri Besar, Mohd Hassan has threatened to dissolve the NS Assembly should there be any ADUN switching sides. The threat is imminent and Mohd Hassan will not make such threat if it isn't.

AS for consent from the Palace, i believe it will not be a problem considering ANwar Ibrahim has fulfilled all the conditions set by them. It should not be a major problem.

The wild card will be the Army and the Police, especially the latter. As far as I have checked, no one is able to predict how they will respond. We pray to God that they will not resort to tactics that will cost the country even more than what we already lost, thus far.

What Malaysians need to do now is to remain calm and watch and follow instructions from top leadership. We want to avoid any form of provocation from happening. It is advised in the next two weeks, there should be zero political rallies or meeting.

It is a blessing that the plan is executed during Ramadhan. It is hard for even the worse of Muslims to do bad things in the open during Ramadhan especially when in the day we are fasting and at night we are praying.

I have been told of groups being prepared by UMNO to do acts of religous provocations. But May GOD helps us and protect us.

Lastly, we are to be steadfast in our stand and must not waiver and must not fall to attempts to provoke us into committing acts that will benefit them.\

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  1. Dawn of a new era! Makhal Sakti indeed! Takbir!

  2. TB!
    We all are saying to The Heavens, The Divine & The Angles - the change will happen and we will be protected!
    Godspeed, Bro!
    C u sometime soon for a TT{Teh Tarik }!

  3. It's been a looooooooooooooong time coming.... of course we'll be coooool! :-) Thanks for keeping us in the loop, my friend.

  4. Dear Readers,

    In the Traditions of Parliamentary Democracy, Pak Lah government it is ALL OVER.

    1] becoz 51 years of UMNO rule, they all cannot imagine that such a thing can happen and they are now in a State of Shock and Bewilderment !

    2] The Chief Secretary of State , if he knows his job like that of the Permanent Secreatry of State of Westminster Hall would prepare Instruments of Power and Letter of Appointment for a new government.

    He has to forwarn the Agong to be ready. But KSN never reads the History of Westminster Palace !

    3] Pak Lah must accept the REALITY which has not sunk in yet.

    He has to prepare to leave Putrajaya and Seri Perdana within 24 hours in the Traditions of No. 10 Downing Street.

    4] Anwar Ibrahim needs only to tell [not inform] Pak Lah to resign forthwith adn tender resignation to Agong.

    Then, KSN duly does all the background work. Don't panic behave like a professional.

    And secure all State Secrets in the Putrajaya PM office complex.

    5] AnwarIbrahim then, drives to Istana Negara where the KSN should have be there already.

    Anwar informs the Agong and the Agong duly signs letter of Appointment and can even take the oath of office.

    Anyway, the Queen does that becoz they are used to the change of Government and the Secreatry of State prepares them so smoothly.

    6] Speaker of Dewan Raayat calls a sitting of the Dewan can motion for a Division ... that Anwar has the Majority of the MPs ...

    7] If the like Ceremonies, by all means have that BUT not necessary waste of time in a modern situation.

    All I know is that British PM simply takes trhe Oath before the Queen. Never see ceremonies on BBC !

    8] Anwar informs the Public, in UK the BBC simply tells the public that a new Prime Minister has taken over rather than a Government !!!!

    Can be from the same Party.

    9} so please Malaysians, don't be ruffle by this simple change of Prime Minister and in this case a complete CHANGE of Government .

    KSN do your job in the traditions of the Westminster Hall Mandarins.

  5. Dear MPs, Voters and Raayat Malaysia,

    It is important for all to know this Tradition of the Parliamentary Democracy.

    1] The Leader of the Oppostion Anwar Ibrahim believes that he now COMMANDs the Majorityof the MPs in the Dewan.

    2] Pak Lah refuses to accept. Then, it is incumbent upon Pak Lah to do the following:

    a) call for the sitting of Dewan and get a motion for a Vote of Confidence.


    b) ask ALL the UMNO + BN MPs to vote for a new Leader of the Hosue who can command Majority of ALL MPs of the Dewan.

    Be it Najiba Razak, Ku Li or Mahyuddin or just anybody !

    3] It is a FALLACY for UMNO members in particular to hold to the illogical and inconsistent reasoning that , under the present circumtances, the Leader of UMNO+BN is the Prime Minister.

    It is only that when Pak Lah loses the Vote of Majority of UMNO+BN MPs he MUST RESIGN as Prime Minister as he may not have the vote of the Opposition PKR, PAS & DAP !

    4] Therefore , for all intent and purposes, Pak Lah has technically and in all manner of the Traditions of Parliamentary Democracy, Pak Lah has LOST the confidence of the Dewan Raayat.

    5] Pak Lah must resign and give way to the Leader of Opposition to form a New Government.

    6] Unless Pak Lah wishes to form a Government consisting of UMNO + Military Junta + IGP + AG.

    7] In which case, no Civilised Government in this World wil recognize , sans, USA+Canada, Japan, Korea, Indian, China, Uk+Euro, and CommonWealth countries.

    Mugabe , Burma, soem African Banana Republics and Tin Pot Democracies may recognize.

    "what a Civilization"

  6. Apa yang korang merepek ni labu. Hari ni dah 16 September. Bila Flip Flop Back Door PM tu nak angkat sumpah. Esok minyak boleh la turun RM0.70.


    Remember the story of Moses
    Who went up to Egypt's pharoah
    To request for "Let my people go!"
    So that no moss with sorrows flow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160908
    Tue. 16th Sept. 2008.

  8. Bro TT,
    What time is the press conference?I was told it will be @ 11am.Ya,BN must accept the reality that its all over,they have to accept the reality that rakyat wants them out.They have to accept the fact,that they r the opposition now.Of course,they will resist.Billions have been stolen,takut dibicarakan,masuk sg.buluh..they will try some last minute acts to stay on,but,it wont work.Good thing,Pakatan has fulfilled all the requirements of the Yang Dipertuan Agung.Brilliant!!!Syabas!!Tahniah!!!Man,it's a great day for all Malaysians!!!Selamat Hari Malaysia!!!

  9. 2pm,ada press conference ke?Ada yg cakap 5 pm..but,after listenin to PM's full of sh!t speech,me thinks,Pakatan n DSAI aint gonna wait any longer.Enuf of respect has been given to this incompetenat,lazy,sleepy head!!

  10. Just watched the 2pm press conference from Live TV via the internet...

    Here in a nut shell.

    DSAI reaffirm he has more than 31 Katak... err. I mean MPs and more will follow suit.

    He has given the list to Bodoh and is expecting him to meet up to discuss the transition.

    DSAI wants the transition to be smooth and trouble free which is DSAI's top most priority.

    Should Bodoh refuse to meet up, then he will send the petition to Agong for further action.

    That is all I can gather, sorry I am at work and can only hear partially.

    Emily Pratt


    Mesti dia hendak tangguh pembentukan kerajaan selepas 24 Sept dimana beliau diminta hadir ke mahkamah untuk perbicaraan kes liwatnya.. jika dia ditangkap atas kes tersebut, maka dengan mudah dia menyalahkan kerajaan menghalang pembentukan kerajaan 'idaman' beliau... sudah dijangka beliau akan tangguhkan peralihan kuasa sehingga beliau ditangkap....


  12. Dah ada orang yg histeria dalam blog ini pasal 16 Sept. Macam orang gila babi. Dia ingat nak ambil alih kuasa ini macam nak pakai baju ke bros?. Anwar dah ada list cuma kena buat secara gentlemen nanti pak lah dan geng2 umno macam dalam blog ini pengsan dan buat provokasi yg bolih membahaya keselamatan rakyat. Orang yg desperate yang tak pernah turun/ kalah, tiba2 kalah..apa lagi gila babi meroyanlah. Inilah PR kena fikirkan. Proper handover, smooth transition is the key. Bukan histeria. Way forwards Anwar for betterment of Malaysia.

  13. I used to have high hopes on September 16 to happen but unfortunately it did not. This is a minus point for PR that they talk only (of course not as bad as BN). I felt that today's press conference wasnt necessary. What he said today was what he was talking about for the past few months. He could have said those things a week ago to give BN a deadline today before they take over the government with the list of defectors and not only start it today. Yes, i know that public safety is a concern and we must always keep it as the top priority but somehow is the timing factor. What he did today, he could have done it a week or 2 weeks ago. At least then, he can expose his first batch of crossovers or some sort. I really hope PR does soemthing 'important' the next few days....HL

  14. Slyderrose @ September 16, 2008 6:55 PM is spot-on there with the takeover attempt!


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