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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Cure For Migraine Headaches: Personal Experience

I thought i might share my experience in curing my wife's migraine headaches. You'd be surprised that it doesn't involve any forms of drugs but it does require a bona-fide prescriptions. It might not work for all migraine sufferers, but it might help some of you.

My wife use to suffer migraine headaches on regular basis. Sometimes it gets so bad, she vomits her stomach content and has to resort to sleeping for hours and hours.

While we were living in Egypt, we passed by a spectacle shop and my wife noticed some frames that is attractive to her. So, we went inside and asked the price and it turned out the price is much cheaper than the ones in Malaysia. And they looked expensive and good too.

So we told the store hand to make us two sets of spectacles with new lenses. To our surprise the optometrists said "MAMNU'" which in English means "It's illegal".
The optometrists told us that we are to get a proper prescription from a license and proper optomologist. In other words, we have to get the prescription for the lens from the nearest eye clinic.

So, the next day my wife went to the eye clinic close to our apartment to get the prescription. The optomologist on duty at that time examined my wife's eye. He also examined my wife's current lens.

What he discovered was that the lens in my wife's spectacle is 20 units higher than what is the correct prescription for her eyes. Since the difference is small, my wife didn't really feel the difference in terms of the clarity of her sight.

So, my wife took the prescription and went to the optometrists. Shortly afterwards, my wife bought two pairs of brand new glasses.

What's weird is that after wearing her new glasses, her frequent migraine attacks disappeared. My wife told me that her Malaysian glasses had their lenses prescribed by an optometrist at the glass store. It was not given by an eye specialist like in Egypt.

So, the change in glasses with the exact and correct prescription cured my wife's constant migraine.

No disrespect to optometrists around Malaysia, but i do not think optometrists around Malaysia in all the Glass-stores may not have the right equipment or even the right expertise to come up with exact and accurate prescription.

I believe the Egyptian system is a good system and should be practiced in Malaysia.

I feel i should share my experience with my readers. Who knows, it might help many of you out there suffering from such medical problem. Even if i can help one of you, my life will be much better. Do tell me if my experience has managed to make your lives a little bit better.

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  1. In America, they even dilate your eyes to check before they prescribe. Unfornately, it is not done here.

  2. Using higher power than your actual power can cause the eyes to strain. But using lower power don't. Using exact power can cause problems for myopics when reading. I used to suffer from migraines but on the advice of one optometrist, I used power lower than my actual lens power for both eyes for a decade now I seldom get migraine any more.

  3. Tks for sharing the experience. I ask my wife to try it out!

  4. this is rare cause I think. It could be the 'cure' though but for non-drugs best relief of headache / migraine / high BP is acupuncture.

  5. not all even only few of optical store in malaysia have optometry service.. they only so called 'optician'... optician n optometrist is diferent.. optometrist is highly reliable to give prescription to four eyes people....

    FYI.. optometrist in malaysia always take a mess from optician all wonder...:)


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