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Friday, November 7, 2008

Is the ISA Still Necessary in Today's Malaysia?

I never felt that ISA is necessary in Malaysia now and then. The excuses given by UMNO/BN to me are completely ridicolous. They're making excuses to maintain a law that had helped them for so long. In this article i shall try to argue briefly all of the argument that has been traditionally given by UMNO/BN in defence of ISA

1.0 The ISA is used to curb Communists activities

REPLY: The terror target of the Communists are the British owned rubber and tin plantations. Despite Malaysia being independent, our natural resources were still under the British. The Communists real enemies were the British and not the Malays or the people.

But since the UMNO/Perikatan government were British stooge, they had to clamp down on the Communists to please their masters.

The right thing to do is to get the Communists to register as a legitimate political party and make them contest in General Elections. But, that was not an option considering it doesn't fit the British's grand design

2.0 ISA is a preventive measure

REPLY: All laws passed in the history of man is preventive in nature. Why are all the laws in Malaysia not considered good enough for preventing disaster from happening? As far as I know, we have enough laws to cover all bases.

What's even more perplexing is that the ISA is never invoked whenever the ruling parties are the ones responsible for inciting hate and racial tensions. Just go back to 1988 and one will remember how the people responsible for the racial tension was allowed to go to Australia for holidays while people who have nothing to do with the racial spats were put under detention.

And there are many of such examples for one to ponder.

3.0 ISA is necessary to protect the sanctity of Islam

REPLY: This is a lie invoked in the name of Islam. Since when does Islam allows cruelty in defence of Islam? If any such excuse will only give more bad light to Islam. Any Muslims out there who wishes to use such excuse please refrain from doing so. It will only make Islam look worse.

4.0 ISA is needed to maintain order and peace

REPLY: The people is by nature peaceful. Normally, it's the people from the ruling party that likes to raise sensitive issues for their own political benefits. The body snatching incident is a good example where such act is taken to give certain party an aura of heroism in the eyes of Muslims in Malaysia.

When at the same time in Kelantan, where PAS rules, body snatching is non-existant. PAS doesn't need to invoke such shenanigan simply because PAS practices religion in their daily life. They don't need to dramatize their Islamis credentials, unlike the other party.

5.0 ISA is needed to protect the security of the country

REPLY: WRONG. ISA is almost always used to protect the interest of the corrupted and thieves. The security of the country is the last thing on their mind.

Prime example: Arrest of RPK.

Tulang Besi

And here is the rest of it.
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  1. ISA should only be used on terrorists, "Ah Longs",big time gangsters and NOT on citizens!

  2. If you had noticed, our first blog post was on ISA. We totally oppose it and would like it to be banned.

    Another Act should be in place to handle terrorists. Is that too difficult to do? Whatever Acts that contradict Islam should be reviewed and abolished/amended.

    Best Regards.........


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