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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Rumors On The Upcoming UMNO Elections

Dear readers,

Firstly am sorry for not being able to update my blog as often. While being away from blogsphere I have been fed with a number of rumors with regards to the UMNO elections. Below are some of the rumors that I have picked up:

1.0 It seems that the Pak Lah team is now campaigning for either Ali Rustam or Mohd Taib. Even though Muhyiddin got the most nominations, but it may not translates into enough votes for him to carry through.

2.0 The Pak Lah team is unanimous is blaming Muhyiddin for Pak Lah’s early exit. So Muhyiddin will have to pay for his treachery.

3.0 A 3-cornered fight is welcomed by the UMNO delegates as they are now able to get money from at least 3 sources. The mathematics is simple: the stingy will lose.

4.0 Muhyiddin is feeling the pinch as Muhyiddin is never known to be a money giver when it comes to UMNO elections

5.0 The delegates from States that was lost to Pakatan Rakyat are known to be the “hungrier” delegates. They will vote for anyone who can give them anything.

6.0 This is because most of UMNO’s delegates are contractors and under Pakatan government they have not been getting enough dosage of “projects” to sustain them.

7.0 Although, Mat Taib is laced with scandals and Ali Rustam doesn’t have an inkling of leadership quality, but they are known for their generosity which might carry either one of them through.

8.0 Money politics runs in UMNO veins. There is nothing anyone can do to curb it anymore. It is already an accepted practice. In fact, to shun such practice in UMNO is a sure sign of defeat.

9.0 The rule is simple: More candidates contesting, more avenues for money to come out.

10.0 Anytime you hear an UMNO leader complaining about money-politics, it's either the particular leader have been outspent or he has ran out of cash to hand out.

11.0 In short, UMNO is no more than a money-sucking machine hiding behind Malay Supremacy excuse.

12.0 There is no hope Najib Tun Razak will do anythin significant to curb these practices.
These are the rumors that I’ve picked up so far. Will update you more.
Tulang Besi
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  1. Hear the Papar UMNO Division in Sabah, the UMNO Ketua Bahagian Datuk Rahim Ismail bribed RM 1000 per vote to secure the win against Osu Sukam. Evidently, Musa Aman wanted to see Rahim Ismail lose the contest but because of Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand flying all over Papar for every Delegate, they could not refuse and drop Datuk Rahim Ismail. Vote buying is the thing in Papar and the talk is RM5 million was spent by Datuk Rahim Ismail to secure the victory as Ketua Bahagian.

    UMNO Malaysia (Pusat) knows about the vote buying in Papar and they are not going to take any action because Rahim Ismail is with Pak Lah's group trying to topple Muhideen Yassin as UMNO No 2.

  2. TB,

    Thank you for very informative updates on UMNO's money politics. Looking forward to more updates on this from you. Thanks again bro.


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