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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Landslide: The Problem That Doesn’t Seem To Want to Go Away

First of all, my deepest condolences to the victims of the various landslides that have occurred in the last two weeks. May God render His Blessings on the souls of the demised. Amin.

I don’t know what to say. To think that after the Highland Towers tragedy, we would’ve wised up and start taking stern action to prevent more landslide incident from happening. But, the incident kept repeating itself.

And everytime it happens, the power that be promised that all development on hillside will be banned. But everytime they promise, they almost always break their promise after that. And development on hillside almost always goes unabated.

Mainstream Media Treading on Thin Ice

I’ve also noticed that the Mainstream Media gives ZERO coverage to the Selangor State Government on this issue, in spite of the fact that all except one of the incidences occurred in Selangor. I also notice the MSM total blackout of the Selangor State Government from their coverage also avoids providing negative publicity to the Selangor State government.

My guess is that the Barisan Nasional government is scared. If they decide to blame the Selangor PR government, it will force the Selangor govt to responds, and this will result in various documents being made public.

If such exposure is made, the people will see that Barisan Nasional has been flouting with their own policy all this while. As a result, the more people will be convinced that Barisan Nasional is the wrong choice for them.

So, the MSM is treading a thin line. While not giving any publicity to the Selangor government, they also refrained themselves from attacking the Selangor PR government.
But I say, the Selangor PR govt must make public all records with regards to the development of the hillsides area that has resulted in the landslide tragedy. Let the guilty party be known and let the perpetrator be punished severely. The current Selangor state govt. owes this to the family of the demised from this tragedy.

These families have the right to know who is responsible for the death of their loved ones. I say make all records public and let the people decide who is the real culprit behind these tragedies.

Corruption is Now Claiming Lives, and not Just Effecting the Economy

Malaysians should realize that the landslide incidences are a direct result of corruption. How could these developers gain permission to build their structure very close to hillside when there is already a standing order not to allow such thing?
Now, the effects of corruption is not merely in terms of economic health or stability anymore. Now, corruption have begun to claim innocent lives. People are dying because of corruption.

As such, those responsible for allowing such structure be built must not just be charged for corruption, but should also be charged under the Penal Code for manslaughter. They have to be responsible for the lives these landslides have claimed.

No More Cover-Ups like the Bright Sparkle or Highland Tower Incident

Please do not let this new incident be another Bright Sparkle or Highland Towers where investigating Commissions were formed but no one was brought up on charges, at least for negligence. This time heads must roll because if it becomes another talking point, mark my words, other landslides will follow and more lives will be claimed.
There has been too many cover-ups in order to protect people at the top while innocent lives were sacrifice simply because they are weak and not connected. This time let those responsible be brought to justice despite the position they hold.

Justice must be done. We owe it to the innocent whom have fallen.
Tulang Besi

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  1. We are outraged by this landslide trajedy,but have we learned from all these lessons ? Just 2 days ago, I was in Damansara Perdana and was shocked by the hillside development next to the main road which is so steep ( more than 45 % ), and soil can be seen washed down by the recent rain. This hillside development is next to the Citibank Damansara Perdana branch, opposite the shophouses.
    The Selangor Government have been saying since March 8th 2008 that they will stop ALL hillslope development exceeding 30% slope, but this project must have "special permission".


    Whenever a tragedy strikes
    The blame game will begin
    With landslides too late to spike
    And authorities too drunk with 'gin'

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 071208
    Sun. 7th Dec. 2008.

  3. I am sorry indeed for those involved in the incident.
    By what can you expect from those who gave approval to the project ?
    He must be a Ketuanan Melayu.
    That is the reason ,in recent times, the Malaysian Government sent delegations abroad to beg the real Professional, the ex-non Malays to return to Malaysia to serve in Malaysia.
    These are the very people (non Malays) and or their parents were, in the first place, asked to leave Malaysia by members of UMNO or rejected by the Malaysian Varsities to study there because they are non Malays.
    Now Malaysia is so short of oversea educated and trained professionals. As a result the Government is offering these professionals lots of incentives, including giving them Malaysian citizen-ships that they had thrown away some years back when they left Malaysia. What a joke ?
    Not to mention lots of other incentives. What should these very peoples, the Ketuanan Melayu, beg them to return to serve in Malaysia especially always under a quarter cooked Keutanan Melayu-a Datuk Sri or Tan Sri!
    The present situation will go on repeating as long as the approving authority is quarter cooked Ketuanan Melayu !!!

  4. i agree with TB 120%. It is outright frustrating and idiotic and irritating to know that politicians can get away with MURDER!!!! VOTE BN OUT ASAP!!!!!!!

  5. It would do well for the people affected to remember who approved all those projects.

    The people are being bullied, pushed around, abused and treated with contempt for long enough. We don't deserve this, nobody does.

    Do the right thing in the next General Election. Remember, the power is in your hands.

  6. In Bukit Antarabangsa case, those house-owners are more to be blamed. They were the ones who have the choice of giving the money to the developers. There are so many other places but why go for Bukit Antarabangsa, especially those that bought AFTER the Highlands Tower tragedy. You seek prestige over safety, that is the risk you took.

    And for those property buyers elsewhere who seek hillsides homes, the same risk applies. You took the risk, do not blame others when tragedy struck.

    On the other hand, the developers who built on hillslopes and jeopardising those living down-slope, these people should be taken to court when incidents like this happens.

    In the world where supply an demand rules, we have a choice. Do not blame others when you yourself made the wrong choice.

    - USJ Dweller

  7. khir toyol is still running free, driving his merz, living in big bungalow and competing for the chief youth post

  8. USJ dweller, pls read the news in proper. those victims are living there for 20 years. it is because of the new construction at the upper hill.

  9. TB,
    YOU close to PAS selangor so you have the chances to let Tan Sri Khalid exposed those projeck under UMNO BN is SUX !! and corupt !!!! WE RAKYAT have the right to KNOW !!! Let RAKYAT KNOW EVERYTHING !!!! SEND UMNO BN to six feet underground... !!!
    MY COUSIN PASSED AWAY !!!!!! BCOS THIS CURPUT BN UMNO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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