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Monday, December 8, 2008

This Time I Happen To Agree With RPK: Need Fatwa to Ban Corruption

Raja Petra wrote a piece on the recent fatwa issue. And I think this time RPK made a very valuable point. The article (entitled “Fatwah Galore”) addresses the failing of the National Fatwa Council (NFC) of not addressing the most pertinent issue of the day.

The NFC could have played a great role in preventing and reducing levels of corruption at least among Muslims. Instead of focusing on small and insignificant issues like Yoga (which I think less than 1% of Muslims are practicing, and even then most of them practices the physical aspect of Yoga and not the spiritual aspect of it), the NFC should address the corruption issue that is most prevalent and problematic among Muslims.

Now, the problem of corruption is so grave that it’s even begun to claim innocent lives, Muslims or not. Example, the various landslides namely in Bukit Antarabangsa. Human lives are being lost as a direct consequence of corruption.

And corruption is also destroying the Muslim family institution. As a result, Muslims have to concentrate more and more of their time just to survive and they can only spend limited time with their respective families. Why?? Because corruption in this country are raising the cost of living by leaps and bounds resulting in Muslim families having to look for extra jobs just to get by each month.
Problems like “Pengkik” can easily be solved if parents have more time to spend with their respective families.

In case the NFC has problems looking for “nas” from the Quran, Al Hadeeth and ijma, recall the story of Saidina Umar. Once he was delivering a sermon from the pulpit and suddenly a man interrupted him by saying “we will not obey and follow you anymore, O Umar”. Umar was surprised and asked the man why? (No, he didn’t arrest the man under ISA). The man says that Umar is wearing a new outfit. Since the quantity of cloth each family in Madinah received is limited, and Umar being a physically big man, Umar will not have enough cloth to make a entire outfit. He can either make a shirt or a pant but not both. So the extra cloth Umar got is definitely ill-gotten via abuse of power.

Umar’s son, Abdullah, stood up and told the crowd that he has given his part of the spoil of war to his father which enabled Umar to cut an entire outfit. Upon hearing this, the man apologized and immediately swore allegiance to Umar.

This incident shows how sensitive the generation of Companions of the Prophet to corruption. In fact, Mullah and Shuyukh (scholars of Islam) throughout 1400 years of Islamic rule has consistently strived to check and curb corruption in various administration. Many has suffered and many has given their lives.

Therefore, the NFC must play a pro active role in curbing corruption especially now when innocent lives are being sacrificed for the benefit of the few. The NFC must appear in the society as a body that defends and assist the people, not as a tyrant trying to only impose rules and regulations while being oblivious to people’s sufferings.

In fact NFC must issue a fatwa on ISA of which RPK fell victim to twice (and counting). I suspect the NFC is secretly being used to come up with sensitive fatwa as to drive a bigger wedge between the various races and religions.

Why can’t NFC emulate Tok Guru Nik Aziz who is willing to meet the advisor of Hindu Sanggam two weeks ago to discuss matters related to affairs of both people, or the willingness of Dewan Ulama PAS Selangor under Ustaz Mat Zain Abdul Rahman to sit in the same committee as to sort out problems with “places of worhip” in Selangor.
Instead of issuing a encompassing fatwa on Yoga, the NFC can meet with Hindu Sanggam and get their explanation of Yoga. If Hindu Sanggam is also on board with the NFC, there will be less friction in the society.

Yes, this time I fully support Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s view. The NFC is addressing insignificant issues. They need to pump up the volume and start looking at more significant and important issue to the ummah.

Tulang Besi

ps I also agree with RPK that the Malays were not the only ones who fought for independence in this country. In fact at one point more Chinese and Indians fought for independence than Malays

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  1. NFC would not speak out against ruling party. Cari makan. This is the reason no fatwa on money politic and no fatwa on ISA. Ulamak suppose to stand on amar makruf nahi mungkar and yet they dare not say anything about ISA or money politic. I guess they scare about losing their position and salary. As muslim we are taught to be rezeki di tangan Allah SWT not from some earthy human. They never practise what they know about islam.

  2. Wau....A beautiful post..Yes. NFC would be doing a great favour for all of us Malaysians if the money is not end up secretly in a few people's pocket but use for the common good of all Malaysians.

    Look at Taiwan.Their former President Chen Shui Bien left office only in May but since 6 Nov 08, he is in jail on corruptions charges. Just one of the charges involved US$210 million in a Swiss bank account. His whole family is being labeled A family of thieves in newspaper headline.

    So Help us NFC...please


  3. A fatwa on terrorism would be most welcome.

  4. True moslem should abhor corruption and ill gotten money.NFC should speak out against corruption and terrorism and call for fatwa on this more important isues immediately.

  5. NFC should practise Islam and not just preach about it...

    Dont be Hipokrit

  6. TB,

    why do you need fatwa on corruption? Corruption is clearly haram. You issue fatwa on things that are still debatable.

  7. I don't think this kind of things need fatwa. A muslims should know that it is not right as it does injustice and suffering, just like like the ISA. Yet many muslims want the ISA and practise corruption.

    Fatwa on terrorism should be most welcome at this point in time. This is justified as jihat and many muslims just keep mum or justify the act. This act has claimed Islam world wide criticism and caused Islamophobia and distrust of muslims.
    There are many rich muslims who sponsor terrorism and many do the act- while many muslims keep justifying the act....all confused???
    What should be done to those who carry out terror acts? They still get hero burials and treated like saviours? Only Muslims kill in the name of God in the act of terror. Does that make them better muslims?

    The ISA is also an act of terror against humanity. The SBs (=Muslims=Malays) are alleged to tear kuran and not allow the muslim prisoners even to pray. How can this people be better than the Americans? (who incidently are the big enemy of islam..a ccording to many muslims)....

  8. I would like to see a fatwa on something like:

    a. joining political party for self-interest but claiming to champion the causes of the masses;

    b. receiving salary from a pool of money (coffer) that include riba, gaming, etc., for example, casino in Genting Highland and lottery were taxed and put in a coffer and that's the sources of money which many ulamas in NFC are being paid from. What's the ruling?

    c. how about the attitude and behavior of those who are paid to serve the customers but instead acting like a they owe the business and treat their own customers like shit. Have you seen how your bank teller treat our pakciks and makciks. What kind of fatwa will this be?

  9. Faham ke tidak engkau orang ni ha... tak payah fatwa lagi RASUAH MEMANG TELAH DIHARAMKAN DALAM ISLAM. Balik baca, mengaji lagi supaya tidak kelirukan orang lain. Yang telah diharamkan oleh Islam tak payah fatwa lagi dah... tentu nya haram. Macam Arak, Judi, Bertenung nasib dan selain nya lagi tu. Apa nak fatwa fatwa lagi... mengarutlah hangpa semua ni...elok bertanya ulama dulu sebelum keluarkan tulisan kerana nanti nampak jahil tentu tak elok.

  10. I know this is a little out of date but I think Umar should have refused to accept the extra cloth from Abdullah.

    Any kind of gift to someone in power should be construed as quid pro quo. No individual should be given the benefit of the doubt or imagined to be incorruptible.

    Asauk Rapal

  11. Dear Tulang Besi,

    There is no need for fatwa to ban corruption just like there is no need for fatwa to ban gambling.

    However, there is a need for fatwa to ban money politics just like there is a fatwa banning the dangerous drugs by means of fiqh method of 'Qiyas'.

    And the 'qiyas' should also cover other corruption in disguises of duit kopi and other wonderful names, just like there was a fatwa on Who Wants to be a Millionaire which was a gambling in disguise.

    A 'fatwa' from The Holy See on invading other countries in disguise of liberating them would be most welcome.

  12. Another matter that needs urgent attention is SMOKING!

    It is proven that secondary-smoke is dangerous to health of non-smokers through inhalations causing miseries and untold damage to families and friends.

  13. Tulang Besi,

    Fatwa selalunya diadakan sekiranya tiada nas di dalam Al Quran dan Hadis yang menyatakan benda itu haram. Contohnya, haram mendedahkan aurat dan haram meminum arak. Rasuah telah diharamkan oleh Al Quran dan tidak perlu fatwa untuk mengesahkannya. Saudara tidak perlu merujuk kepada mangkuk hayun RPK dalam bab-bab agama.



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