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Monday, February 9, 2009

Karpal: The Issue is "Rep Buying" not "Rep Hopping"

Karpal misses the point by a mile...again. Party hopping is legal in our constitution. As Karpal is a supporter of our constitution, he should be the last person to speak against it.

Does Karpal think that if Anwar didn't advocate party hopping, the BN would not have pushed for the PKR rep to switch side? If he is thinking this way, then all I have to say is that Karpal is naive.

According to the Fauzi Muda affidavit, which hasn't been denied yet, he was offered a sum of R50m to do the rep buying since right after GE12.

This was before Anwar Ibrahim ever made it public of his intention to ask for defections of MP's into Pakatan Rakyat.

Also, based on what had happened to Pairin before, the BN has extensive experience in buying "reps" for their own benefit. Would Karpal blame Anwar as well for the fall of Pairin's government before?

Trust me, whether Anwar announced it or not, BN would've gone ahead with their plan to buy reps to topple the Perak government.

In fact, Karpal should've referred to the police report lodge by Kedah state executive councillor V Arumugam showed that he was offered money.

I myself had the opportunity from way back in 1996 to have met former Wakaf Baru rep, YB Ramli. At that time, S46 had just been dissolved and PAS was ruling Kelantan with a simple majority of 3 reps.

YB Ramli told me that he was offered RM1-2mil to switch to UMNO and thus help UMNO to topple Kelantan government. In fact, a day before the result of Pulai Chondong by election, Anwar Musa announced to the public that 3 PAS reps was going to switch to UMNO and cause the fall of the PAS government in Kelantan.

(Of course back then, bribers were very not straightforward in their wooing. Unlike now, where reps are threathened, cursed and insulted for not accepting bribes. How times has change)

So Karpal, UMNO's habit of buying reps is something they've been doing for a long time.

And it's naive of Karpal to think that the entire rep hopping occurred because of Anwar's attempt. It's even more naive to blame Anwar for the entire tragedy.

Real Reason For Karpal's Anger

Real reason. He thinks people in his party listens to Anwar more than to him. Well, if he had made more sense, people would've listened to him more.

Karpal's latest outburst is more of an expression of his ego rather than anything else. I have it from the highest authority that the outburst was in direct response to what Lim Guan Eng had asked him not to do. In other words, Karpal got angry with something Lim Guang Eng had said to him and he responded by lashing to Anwar.

Since Karpal has been known to be a prime defender of the Constituion, maybe Karpal can tell us how party hopping can be viewed as unconstitutional.

Please Karpal. You're just making a fool our of yourself. Nothing more.

It's time DAP clean themselves from negative element like Karpal.

Karpal is just naive. He is not in touch with the real world. He lives in his own world and thinks the world revolves around him

Pakatan Rakyat doesn't need people like this.

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  1. Actually theres so much wrong.

    We all know Najis and the MSM likes to spin things out of proportion.

    Karpal should be praised for his action to take Sultan to court. We should support him, how can it be derhaka , are we saying Sultan is 100% always right?

    We have to right the wrong!

    But on DSAI, Karpal is clearly out. he should learn from his sons, they hold their own counsel and dont mouth off simply. Gobind will make a good sucessor to Karpal ! :)

  2. Engko ni mudah sangat di perdayakan orang. Satu APIdavit saja kau dah percaya.
    Patutlah ko kena tipu dek nuar dan rejimnya.

  3. Biarlah karpal sorang tu dari kerusi rodanya! memang takleh pakai dalam PR. masuk la BN pun takpe

  4. This Nasa..guy from Bota..k was planted in. Nobody sees it coming. He was told to jump ship by his Najis bos to get feedback on the reaction from the PR party. They(PR) never see it coming. Boom!!! the whole thing collapsed. PR was complacent. It was planned. When everything was ready, Nasa.. jumped back as if nothing happens. The three independents were not bribed, they are hold up with dark secrets to be unleashed if they don't follow instructions. Najis guys are planted in PR as we blog right now. They are digging for infos and laying traps on the wakil rakyats. When temptations fall, that's when these wolfs strike.

  5. I can understand y Anwar accepted Nasarruddin joinin PKR without asking much
    The guy's a former room/classmate of Anwar from his UM days
    If it were any other state assemblyman or assemblywoman,Anwar would hav done extensive investigations b4 makin his or her jump 2 PKR public

  6. NAsa wasn't a plant. He is weak and easily influenced by Najib

    If he wasn't kidnapped, he would still be with us.

    For all u know, he is still with us

  7. Anwar's reaction to what Karpal said about him is like an adult talking to a child! It's about time Karpal grow up to face reality. In the PR, there is no other leader who can command more respect and who has the ability to unify the different ideologies that individual parties adhere to, except Anwar. So he has to quickly realise that internal bickerings like this is not going to help but only weakens the coalition adversely. BN doesn't fear YB Nik, Karpal, Kit Siang or what have you, but indeed they fear Anwar because of his knowledge and experience and his international liaison that countries the world over can respect and would agree to that he is the better leader for Malaysia!

    So Karpal should quickly wake up and not see the forest for the trees! Internal problems, if any, can always be settled closed door and not at the slightest provocation broadcast to all. Of course there are problems inside every party, for that matter UMNO too has its problems. But it is the way that people go about solving them that counts. I thought (and I may be wrong here), that PR is more open and consultative. Hence Karpal should have gone to this channel first instead of being childish and quickly explode to the media.

    In fact UMNO and BN is just waiting for this to happen. They are all the time proding to get mutineers to break up the wonderful coalition that ANWAR & CO had built up. Let us know that in the end good sense will prevail, instead of carrying on hurting each other and continue to wash dirty linen in public.

    Recently, the many outbursts of Karpal has shown that he may become senile like TDM, opening mouths more instead of behaving like superior statesmen, thinking more and speaking less and also after much thought.

  8. I tend to agree with your reading of the situation.

    What Karpal did - asking Anwar to resign at a time when people are in need of support and understand, is terrible.

    He, of all people, should understand what it is like to be a leader.
    Karpal is no lion nor 10-feet tall. He's a little chihhuahua making a lot of noise!

    What a stab in the back!

  9. To All PR supporters,

    Let me remind you all,
    our enemy is Najis Mongolian and regime BN UNO!

    Don't create verbal war against any Pakatan Rakyat leaders!

    So stop attacking Mr Karpal!

    It will never benefit the parties and the supporters!

  10. I hope I am wrong. I just can't help wondering is this a prelude? A sort of foreplay?

    Like pretend to take a stand against party-hopping (quite a noble stand as everyone will agree) and so show anger at DSAI. And after being chided by LKS and LGE, then do a "I quit!"

    But what went on behind-the-scene (I really hope I am wrong) is that already negotiated with NAR for undisclosed millions.

    SIGH! Nowadays, forgive me for I daren't trust politicians any more.

  11. Pakatan, you are above the authoritarian BN where discourse is not allowed. You have attained a higher level by agreeing to disagree. It is alright to allow dissent or differences of opinion, because you can grow further with greater tolerance and respect for differences. You are after all, walking the talk. Only insecured people(BN alliance) forbide dissent and differences.
    Chinese has a saying that even the fingers on your hands are different, may I add even the thumbs are different. Imagine no differences allowed in families? A family can remain closed knitted even if the members differ in the opinion and taste.

  12. "..So Karpal should quickly wake up.."

    kahkahkah....pak bayi cannot wake up one..i dare say,just like that materialist whore ambiga,karpal,would rather sleep with a known devil then participating wholeheartedly in changing the political landscape of this country..look man,these secular materilsts phoney mat salleh dunggus got no strength at siki vocal power utk berteriak aje..dat all...kahkahkah..


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