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Monday, February 9, 2009

Quit Putting Unfounded Blame On Pakatan Rakyat!!!!!

Am really getting sick and tired of people (some of them our die hard supporters) making unfounded blame on the Pakatan Rakyat leaders on the Perak debacle. I mean, some of these "criticism" is so unfounded or ridicolous, that if I were PAkatan Leaders listening to these suggestions, i'd be stupid to take it. I already wrote about Karpal's idiotic ravings. Let me quote a few from various blogs without naming names, that is.

Quote #1:

"About a week ago, a few of us sat down to discuss the impending collapse of the Perak government. It was suggested we speak to the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, which we did. Our recommendation was that they dissolve the Perak State Assembly and hold fresh state elections while Pakatan Rakyat still has the majority in the Assembly. Once Pakatan Rakyat has lost that majority it will be too late. No way will the Sultan agree to the request to dissolve the Perak State Assembly once you no longer command the majority in the Assembly.

But the Pakatan Rakyat leaders would not listen. They still have things under control, they remarked. We did not think so and we told them this. But who are we to ‘teach grandmothers how to suck eggs’, as Malaysians would say? If we are so smart then how come they, and not us, are the party leaders. We would be sitting in their chairs, instead, if we are cleverer than them. Politicians do not think much of you if you do not hold any party positions. They only respect those who hold positions in political parties and government, not those outside mainstream politics."

MY RESPOND: I think this complaint is as bad as the Karpal's ranting. Only it's a suggestion that makes a little bit more sense.

The plan to topple PR's government wsa hatched and implemented even during the Kuala Terengganu by elections. Even if YB Nizar went to the Sultan asking for dissolution, i am 100% sure the Sultan would not have consented.

And if YB Nizar had done so then, the Sultan would have a stronger excuse to reject it. I mean, why should Nizar ask for dissolution when he still enjoy support from the State Assembly? I mean, the Sultan would've had a stronger reason to reject the request.

Also, such move would send a very negative message among our supporters and enemies. It would signal that we are already weak and that would make UMNO/BN more determined and aggressive in their effort to buy reps.

I mean, why would anyone ask for dissolution out of the blue?

Quote #2

What happened in Perak is good. I hope it will teach Pakatan Rakyat that it has to get its act together. The DAP lady’s crossover was triggered by something very trivial and goes to show she is more concerned about herself than about her party or about the rakyat. Everyone got a new Camry except her. So she sulked (merajuk) and left the party. If she had been given a new car she would not have sulked. A mere car brought the Perak government down.

MY RESPOND: COME ON!!! Don't tell me the author is so naive so as to believe that anyone can risk hate, being ostracise, risking her entire family's safety for a mere Toyota Camry.

I mean you don't have to exercise that many brain cell to know that this is such a ludicrous story.

No, the real sum offered can buy u a fleet of Toyota Camry with more to spare. Trust me.

One must exercise reason and logic before one lashes out indiscriminately.

Quote #3

This i heard verbally but still it needs addressing

PKR should be blamed because it is their rep that switched sides. It shows that PKR is untrustable.

MY RESPOND: Please. PKR is a new party. When PAS ruled Terengganu the first time, it wasnt just PAS reps who switched side, but the motion of no confidence was facilitated by the Assembly Speaker at that time, Taib Selamat, who is a PAS rep.

Taib could've rejected the motion and thus save the PAS government. But, he didn't and let the motion thru. After that he joined UMNO.

I saw other criticism, notably the one written by MSO/Suyuti Omar. I believe that his criticism is more factual and realistic and not to mention more sensible. Hence, u don't see me rebutting him.

So, to all Pakatan supporters and leaders. If you don't have anything good to say, then keep the pie hole shut. Now's the time to band together and act. Not to spew unnecessary words that doesn't help the cause at all.

Tulang Besi

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  1. Assamu'alaykum Brother TB,

    I pray that one day we'll know the whole truth of this - the threats, the offers etc.

    People who wronged MB Nizar will pay for their crimes, if not in this world in the hereafter.

  2. Totally agreed with you bro..

    Losing the battle only made us stronger and wiser


  3. The Perak State government can only be dissolved due to a vote of no confidence and the sulatan must know as a CJ. Well unless...

    Malaysian royalty scandalised by murder
    October 28 2002
    By Mark Baker
    Asia Editor

    The pampered and polygamous lives of Malaysia's hereditary rulers have been scandalised by the arrest of a northern prince's ageing first wife in connection with the murder of his young second bride.

    Raja Nor Mahani Raja Shahar - the 60-year-old wife of Raja Jaafar Raja Musa, second in line to the throne of the Sultan of Perak - spent the weekend in a police lockup in Kuala Lumpur where she faced further questioning about the kidnapping and murder of the 26-year-old rival for her husband's affections.

  4. Alala..Karpal is stuck forever in his secular world..he cant be changed..actually he should stop using "singh"..sikhism is after is a fusion of hinduism and islam,and Karpal is a materialist,secular..with tiny a drop of feelings for charity..

  5. Let us stop bitching and pointing fingers.There's is a good lesson learned from this episode.Let us work together and seal our differences so that we can live together in peace.I'm willing to wait till GE13 to materialise my dream."Bukankah sabar itu sebahagian dari Iman".

  6. F*k those weak hearted pondans who know only how to condemn but dont have the will of a warrior to confront enormous falsehoods in this country!! all those kataks who wanna jump ship..i say,grab multi million,not just a mere 5 or 6 millions..najib gonna bankrupt the nation by just bribing,so go for it!!And BN's slaves like Chunni Velu,who uses mafia tactics,and money..haha,ask for trillions of $$$..ah..dont forget..same thing also to chinse fellas who r being courrted by kala triple x ok MCA..ask for mega millions...dont care ambik..jgn tak ambik!!


  7. I beg to differ with u this time. It is the time to do a post-mortem and analyse the ALL the rights and wrongs so that all the rest of the other PR govt learns this heavy lesson. It's time for them to buka mata besar-besar and govern with the right people, not being populist and appoint the wrong people. On the other hand, PR supporters should understand the grave situation, and give constructive critisms, not demoralise both their leaders and fellow supporters with petty comments.


  8. TB and all,

    I will have to take all criticisms with an open-heart.

    kerana ? nasi sudah jadi bubur...

    the scribe and the author of those criticisms have their point ...

    do not lose sight of the real problem ...

    whether the sultan would have granted the dissolution is now academic ...

    karpal's criticisms on anwar is also good because a good coalition like PR would only survive if it can weather challenges ...

    more adversities ... more love from the rakyat (my personal belief)

    if not because of online blogs and news, we will not be exposed to different views and ideas ...

    allowing for different views between u / rpk / karpal / anwar / etc is important as democracy is alive ... we can agree to disagree

    this is important ... u can only make a point thru if u belief what u say is right in ur opinion ...

    this is what the rakyat respects ...


  9. donplayplay,

    I agree we have to do a postmortem.

    All i'm angry with is the fact that certain people are making criticism that is so unfounded.

    it's not helping the cause at all.

  10. Tulang Besi, I dont know how far deep your connections goes with the PAS leadership esp Perak PAS but heres a suggestion

    They should now ask Mohd Nizar to fight for the Bukti Gantang parliament side.

    Imagine the peoples victory if Mohd Nizar wins.

    This will be a slap in teh face of the Sultan and Barisan Najis.

    Not uncommon to have MBs also as MPs.

    Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng to name just 2.

    Mohd Nizar for Parliament.!!!

    If Mohd Nizar wins, this will b a real slap in the face of people like Najis Razak and all those blind waiving Daulat Tuanku idiots and if Mohd Nizar wins, we have the moral standing even for the Perak state assembly.

    Pls pls ask Perak PAS to nominate Mohd Nizar for parliament.

    You need to do it.

  11. i agree completely. If Nizar wins, it will be a strong sign that the Sultan is a failure.

  12. kalau kita kurang kuat cam ni lah jadi nya! kalau kita kurang bijak cam ni lah jadi nya! Jadi tak payah lah kita nak bising bising, dok diam diam je le, tengok cam saye cari duit kuat kuat walau duit tu tak mai! hati senang. petang petang kayoh basikal kaki kuat jantong ber-otot. Lepas tu lepak kat stoll abang kassim makan ayam madu, Kenyang perut.

  13. Look here, why Raja Nazrin never use his HAAAAR...VAAAAARD and OXXXXX...FOOOOORD education to teach his royal auntie to not use black magic and murder her husband's second wife?

    Royal fairytale bewitched by sex and vampires

    Murderous Malay Magicians

    Macam Mona Affendy lah!

    Raja Nazrin, cepat guna kelulusan PhD tinggi mu dari HAAAAR...VAAAAARD untuk hapuskan 'Santau' yang bernama NAJIS NAJIB!!!

  14. Al Fatihah. Sama-samalah kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada allahyarham. Ucapan takziah juga kita sampaikan kepada semua ahli keluarganya. Bersabarlah.

    Pada masa yang sama, teman bersetuju sangatlah dengan cadangan Hadi, PAS kena calonkan YAB Menteri Besar DS Ir Hj Mohd Nizar sebagai calon MP untuk P059. Dan kita cabar, UMNO letakkan Mamak Bendahara D Dr Zambry sebagai calon mereka. Ini kerana, ia akan membuktikan segalanya:
    1) Kerusi Parlimen P059 agak seimbang komposisinya. Walaupun majoritinya Melayu, iaitu lebih 60%, hampir 40%adalah pengundi bukan Melayu (27% Cina, 10% India). Ini juga sebagai satu representasi pengundi Perak pada PRU12 dan secara tidak langsung penduduk negeri Perak. Jadi ia cukup signifikan untuk menunjukkan sokongan dan respons rakyat terhadap apa yang berlaku sekarang di Perak. Kita boleh tengok sejauhmana sokongan orang Melayu, Cina dan India terhadap PR dan BN selepas peristiwa hitam 050209.
    2) Kalau ADUN Bebas@Bebal Cangkat Jering nak test power sekalipun dialu-alukan. Tengok berapa undi orang Bukit Gantang@Cangkat Jering nak beri kepadanya kali ini. Pada masa yang sama ia menunjukkan sejaumana penerimaan orang Perak terhadap perbuatan tidak bermaruah ADUN CJ, Behrang dan Jelapang dalam konteks Lesen BEBAS,
    3)Secara tidak langsung ia sebagai satu referendum rakyat Perak kepada Istana, UMNO@BN dan juga PR sekaligus; yang diterjemahkan melalui pengundi P059 bersandarkan hujah (1) dan (2)

    Jadi PAS@PR pertimbangkanlah.


  15. thanks for your inside info.

    I did a layman's analysis of the Perak conspiracy. I got no inside info at all. maybe you can come and visit my blog and have a look.

    I will be very glad if you can give me some pointers so I can do a short summary later with your additional info. thanks!

  16. Dato’ Nasa: ‘Trojan Horse’ siapa?
    Feb 10th, 2009 | By Webmaster | Category: Khas
    Dalam ‘Konspirasi Nizar-Anwar’, aku tulis tentang peranan Dato’ Nasarudin sebagai ‘Trojan Horse’.

    “Satu perkara menarik…dalam episode rampasan kuasa di Perak ini, kemarahan dan penghinaan ditujukan hanya kepada dua EXCO PKR, Jamaludin dan Osman, tetapi tidak kepada Dato Nasarudin! Mengapakah kepimpinan PKR tidak menyalahkan Nasarudin, sebaliknya menyalahkan dua EXCO ini? Apakah Dato Nasrudin benar-benar mahu kembali kepada Umno…ataupun beliau telah disuruh?
    Aku percaya..Nasrudin memang benar-benar ‘trojan horse’. Tetapi untuk tunggangan siapa? Najib atau Anwar?”

    Dato’ Nasarudin, walaupun didalam Umno, tetapi merupakan seorang Anwaristas. Beliau adalah rakan Anwar semasa dikampus, dan penyokong Anwar semasa didalam Umno. Walaupun beliau masih didalam Umno, tetapi beliau tidak pernah memusuhi PKR sebaliknya begitu rapat dengan PKR. Beliau marah kerana diletakkan di DUN Bota, kerana terpaksa berhadapan dengan rakanya, Usaili.

    Apabila beliau dipinggirkan oleh Umno Bahagian Parit, keinginan beliau untuk menyertai PKR semakin kuat dan keputusan beliau untuk berjumpa Anwar Ibrahim adalah keputusanya sendiri tanpa dipaksa atau dipujuk oleh sesiapa pun.

    Begitu juga dengan isterinya, Datin Ummi, yang dikenali sebagai orang yang suka merendah diri dan senang didekati. Malah Datin Ummi merupakan orang yang banyak mempengaruhi Dato Nasa untuk menyertai PKR kerana beliau berjiwa rakyat, bukan macam kebanyakan Datin-Datin lain yang lebih suka bergaya dan meninggi diri.

    Walaupun Dato Nasa sudah menyertai Umno, tapi Datin Ummi masih tetap dengan pendirianya untuk kekal didalam PKR.

    Pada malam sebelum keempat-empat ‘pembelot’ ini muncul diPutrajaya, Dato’ Nasa dikawal oleh AMK PKR Perak. Pada malam tersebut, Dato’ Nasa telah didatangi oleh Raja Ahmad Zainudin dan Dato Hamdi Jaafar. Dato Nasa telah meminta AMK Perak untuk keluar sekejap untuk minum, dan oleh kerana kedua-dua ADUN Umno ini rapat dengan Dato Nasa, AMK Perak telah membenarkan Dato Nasa untuk keluar.

    Apabila menyedari Dato Nasa tidak ada ditempat yang dikatakan, baru lah disedari bahawa Dato’ Nasa telah diperdaya oleh dua ADUN ini, dan satu team khas telah membawa Dato’ Nasa kePutrajaya. Mungkin benar kata Umno bahawa Dato Nasa tidak diculik, tetapi telah diperdaya kononnya untuk berjumpa Raja Muda Perak. Tidak dapat dipastikan sama ada Dato’ Nasa berjumpa dengan Raja Muda atau hanya berhubung tanpa bersemuka, tetapi Dato’ Nasa telah dititahkan untuk kembali kedalam Umno.

    Apa sebabnya? Tidak jelas …tetapi kalau dilihat kepada keperluan bisnis Raja Eleena, tidak mustahil arahan untuk Dato’ Nasa kembali kedalam Umno ada kaitan dengan Gamuda.

    Disini, konspirasi Anwar sedikit tergelincir. Anwar tidak menyangka bahawa istana akan campurtangan dalam hal-hal politik, memandangkan Sultan dan Raja Muda dianggap sebagai non-partisan dan terkenal dengan kematangan politik.

    Dato’ Nasa tidak mempunyai pilihan, malah seperti kata Najib, “Sultan tidak mempunyai pilihan’”. Kerana semua tangan mereka dipulas oleh Najib. Najib telah menyalahgunakan kedudukan beliau sebagai Menteri Kewangan untuk , mengugut Sultan dan kerabat diraja. Sekiranya Sultan tidak mengikut perancangan beliau, maka seluruh bisnis yang melibatkan keluarga diraja Perak akan lingkup.

    Dato Nasa juga merasa berat untuk bersama Umno, kerana kecewa dengan budaya Umno. Dan beliau menolak tawaran untuk menjadi MB, sebaliknya hanya akan menerima jawatan EXCO.

    Datin Ummi pula masih berkeras tidak akan keluar dari PKR. Malah beliau amat teruja dengan keikhlasan PKR menerima mereka. Dan bertegas, beliau akan terus bersama PKR walaupun Dato’ Nasa sudah menyertai Umno.

    Hanya jasad Dato Nasa menyertai Umno tetapi jiwanya tetap bersama Anwar dan PKR. Berapa lama beliau akan bertahan? Masa akan menentukan. Mungkin beliau akan sekali lagi melompat balik kedalam PKR untuk kali kedua dan membiarkan Umno hanyut di bumi Perak.

    Kita bukan menentang Sultan Perak malah kita mahukan martabat Raja-Raja Melayu itu di angkat ketempat yang lebih tinggi, bukan untuk diperlekehkan, diugut dan dipulas oleh Umno yang kononnya memperjuangkan Raja-Raja.

    Kita mahu Raja-raja Melayu dihormati dan diterima oleh semua rakyat, terutamanya diPerak. Dan itulah sebabnya Nizar memohon sembah derhaka, demi menyelamatkan maruah Sultan. Kita mahu Sultan yang dapat memimpin Perak dengan adil dan saksama, bukan dipulas dan diugut oleh Najib dan Umno.

    Dengar perbualan Datin Ummi dengan Mejar XXX melalui telefon

  17. tulang besi rasa PKR ni parti maksum ka??

    anwa tu pegi kempen 916 tu mcm nak gile apahal??dia canang org BN nak lompat parti mcmana?

    ape yg berlaku di perak adalah kerana kufur nikmat oleh org2 PR...walaupon nizar jadi PAS lemah dlm kerajaan...kuasa sebenarnya dibolot oleh Adun2 DAP..ape ingat adun DAP nak sokong kalau bagi tanah kat org melayu?bodoh ke hape nak harap kapiaq naikkan org islam??

    smua yg berlaku adalah jugak balasan kepada PAS yg angkuh..bile dah naik..langsung angkuh...takbur..hilang langsung ciri2 Islam...


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