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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

“Selangor PR Government May Have Only 2 Months Left” pt 1

It’s true. The government may not fall, but Barisan Nasional will do everything within their powers to make our lives very hard to bear in our administrations.

This is one information i received from one of my readers.

Perhaps Change of Power via Democracy Is not an Objective in Selangor

It will take them 8 ADUN to cross over for the government to fall. So, it’s quite a gigantic task to overcome. But what BN can do is:

a. Convict the MB on trumped out charges i.e. Lexus and cows
b. Get the Palace to advice MB to step down
c. When the MB step down, the PKR will name a new MB
d. But, the Palace will refuse the candidate. Instead, the Palace will nominate a new MB
e. The new MB that is the choice of the Palace is well known to us as he comes from one of PR’s component parties
f. At this stage, there will be a constitutional crisis since no new MB candidate can be appointed.
g. Both Palace and PKR will be adamant
h. At this point, BN will declared MAGERAN and administer Selangor from Federal Government
i. The length of the MAGERAN administration will be indefinite.

The above scenario has a high likelihood judging from the tragedy in Perak. The Selangor and Perak Palaces are kin to each other and as such they will act in tandem. Please bear in mind that appointment of MB in Selangor State Constitution is the sole discretion of the Sultan. The Sultan may refuse the nomination of the majority party.

PR’s Weaknesses That BN is Capitalizing

The number one weakness that BN is capitalizing in Selangor right now is COMMUNICATION. The PR’s communication team or effort is puny as compared to the amount of filth the BN is generating via their media.

There is virtually zero communication strategy and initiative being done in Selangor generated by the Pakatan Rakyat machinery. Selangorian are lucky because we have a wide penetration of the internet. As such, MSM has little impact on Selangorian. But, those are personal effort by various individuals.

On the part of Pakatan Rakyat, very little coordinated effort is being made. Very few people are made to be in charge of communication in Selangor. And the effort are puny.

We need millions of fliers, banners, posters, buntings, hundreds of meetings. I mean, the MB does not even have his own blog to counter all lies being generated by the enemy. All attacks against MB, PKR and PR in Selangor goes unanswered.

How can this be? The AK party of Turkey monitors all TV channels seen in Turkey. Any attacks against AK will be answered within hours, first thru the AK websites and after that through various channels.

They have people monitoring the various broadcasts 24 hrs a day. It’s no wonder they are the biggest victors in Turkey.

PLEASE PLEASE I beg of Pakatan Rakyat of Selangor to correct this devastating mistake. This is the same mistake the then PAS government of Terengganu made which led them to their downfall

(End of pt 1)
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  1. Tulang Besi,

    It's already 1 year after the last GE and do you know how much of frustration that has been inflicted the low income Malays in Selangor over the false/lies in the PAS/PKR election manifesto.

    All the promises like for instance, allowance to the elders, to the children, minimum wage of RM1500 etc has been just forgotten.

    Pakatan may still get the Chinese support, but not the Malays. All the Chinese want is to scrap of NEP, no assistance to bumiputra in whatsoever form, equality in entering public universities, ensure that Malaysia remained secular and becoming less islamic, being protected etc.

    But for the Malays, they need the government of the day to care and assist them in so many form just to carry on living...

    Just tell me, what has Pakatan government done to keep the Malay votes! I really wonder...

  2. Anonymous,

    The low income Malays voted for BN in masses last election in Selangor. And they never complained about their money being spent to enrich their UMNO leaders ever before.

    So why do they need to complain now?

  3. The role of Tuai Rumah in Dayak politics

    In the longhouse “administrative system”, a Tuai Rumah (headman) plays an important role - he is in fact the “everything” to the longhouse people. In the old days, he was the leader of “ngasu-beburu” (hunting), “bumai-bekebun” (farming) as well as a longhouse judge settling any quarrel between his followers.

    Elected by the longhouse people to be their leader, the Tuai Rumah was highly respected; a man of high standing in society having deep knowledge of Iban Adat (Customs and Traditions) and his views were being sought after. Sometimes the post of Tuai Rumah was hereditary.

    Today, the criteria for Tuai Rumah have changed; he must be educated at least up to Form Three, be pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) and not necessary having deep knowledge of Iban Adat (this he can learn from The Tusun Tunggu, a book containing all the customs, traditions, taboos, fines, etc.).

    After being elected, his appointment must be endorsed by the government so that an allowance of RM450 per month can be given to him. His duties include being “eyes and ears” of the BN government, a judge, a law enforcer, tax collector, consultant, and chairman of JKKK (Village Security and Development Committee) through which government funds are being channeled.

    During election times, he is much wanted by the BN parties. This has become very pronounced in the 2006 State and 2008 parliamentary elections.

    Let me produce an account that has been written in the pages of “The Broken Shield Volume Two – The Dayak Dilemma” that is to be published very soon:

    “In this 2006 election, the BN devised an entirely different campaign strategy, which caught the Opposition with their pants down. Previously the money was passed directly to the voters on the eve of polling. This time the distribution was done through their Tuai Rumah.

    “Three days before polling all the headmen were summoned for a meeting, where they were coached to say something to their own people. And on their return to their respective longhouses, they were given some money that was to be shared with the voters of their own longhouses. In addition to this, there were also minor rural development projects that were promised to be implemented.

    “The Tuai Rumah then called for a meeting of the longhouse folks and ordered them to vote for the Barisan Nasional candidates. Anyone who failed to follow his order or directive would not be given any share of the bounties or any project that the government had promised them. And he was also likely to be expelled from the longhouse.

    “The Tuai Rumah must ensure that his followers must vote for the BN candidate, otherwise the BN candidate would report him to the District Officer, the Resident or the State Secretary. As Tuai Rumah is like a civil servant, action including the termination of his Tuai Rumahship could be taken against him. He might lose his monthly allowance of RM450 per month. And the promised minor rural development projects might be withdrawn.

    “In Datuk Daniel Tajem’s constituency of Bukit Begunan, he was defeated by a man, Mong Dagang, whom he had picked to replace him in the 1996 state election. Tajem practically lost in all the longhouses in the five polling districts. Before the money came, many longhouse chiefs and their followers had pledged their support to him, who had represented them in six previous elections. After the distribution of money and the threats issued, everything changed; longhouse headmen, their followers and even Tajem’s own relatives voted against him. And a similar tale of vote buying had also been reported in other Dayak constituencies.”

    Undoubtedly, money is power and the government has effectively used it as a "weapon" to intimidate the longhouse chiefs and their followers. And what makes it more frightening to the voters is the vote counting is done immediately after polling ends, revealing whether the voters from the longhouses voted for BN candidate or not.

    Unless this system of counting is changed and the vote buying is curbed and the Tuai Rumah system is abolished, future elections will continue to be unfair to the Opposition candidates.

    But the worst effect is that the system will create a government full of corrupted and dishonest elected representatives as well as inculcating into the people or voters a culture of corruption and a dishonest syndrome where money determines the election. – The Broken Shield

  4. aku setuju memang kerajaan pakatan selangor akan runtuh tak lama lagi .... aku dah predict dulu kerajaan perak akan runtuh dalam tempoh setahun and it happen .... and predict selangor tak akan runtuh percaya laaa ... kerajaan pulau pinang teguh ... tapi kerajaan kedah 50/50

  5. Pakatan is fighting an uphill battle against BN since they control the media.

    The one weapon they have against BN is to inform the public about BN's evil deeds - Khir Toyol's corruption, the whole Perak coup d'etat, Elizabeth Wong... They need to understand that the people behind this are bad people and should not be in power.

  6. AS LONG AS PEOPLE LIKE TULANG BESI ARE THERE THE COUNTRY WILL NOT PROGRESS. work for ypur self and never depend on the goverment to wash your bum. If everyone work hard and this country will progress well.You guys are not getting the point why umno does not want to have english as medium of teaching cause they want you guys to stay stupid and not question them regarding corruption.

  7. This is an important I say....SCREW THE SULTAN....Malaysians must unite in getting rid of the the PDRM, Judiciary. MACC, etc...these buggers also makan gaji and are subservient to the UMNO the faster Malaysia becomes a republic...the better it is for its rakyat.

  8. But for the Malays, they need the government of the day to care and assist them in so many form just to carry on living...

    inilah penyakit orang melayu ... masih mengharap sangat, macam tak tau nak berdikari.patutlah semakin undur ...


    We start to see the EVIL force of the regime rising..

    Whatever , it is a shameful , despicable victory..

    End of the day.. LANUN rule this nation..

    You ask for it...

  10. IF ALL the PR good state governments collasped due to UMNO(forget about MCA,MIC etc...they are not allowed to say or think-just keep quiet or no more jobs) dirty tricks, the nation is definitely going to the dogs.Perhaps then it's time to migrate en masse to a better country......

  11. Do you aware the fall of Monarchy system happened in many countries in the past?


    This is because those country nations don't want to be fool by those evil Monarch!

  12. 100% agreed that PR need to communicate better with the people. Pro PR rakyat must be given argument to counter accusation by MSM in dealing with their social live.For eg some of pro PR people can argue much regarding land deal in Perak when they talking with pro BN people. Comprehensive and systematic counter argument musy be made available within a day.

  13. Tulang Besi,

    Present government has helped the malays through its policies like the education, Felda, Felcra, MARA etc, so please don't harp on the few that had made their money. It's not that I condone corruption or the like but all that cannot be avoided, its part and parcel of life itself.

    Don't tell me that if PAS were to take over the country, you would not have a single person taking advantage of the sitruation to gain wealth. Come on, live in the REAL WORLD...

  14. "Pakatan may still get the Chinese support, but not the Malays. All the Chinese want is to scrap of NEP, no assistance to bumiputra in whatsoever form, equality in entering public universities, ensure that Malaysia remained secular and becoming less islamic, being protected etc."

    One more thing, the chinese in Malaysia also want anything to do with Malay heritage to be scrap off and that is, TO GET RID OF THE MALAY MONARCHY....


  15. But for the Malays, they need the government of the day to care and assist them in so many form just to carry on living...

    kahkahkah..what UMNO BIN has done for the malays?Answerslah!!

  16. The plot has always been to topple Pakatan states from day1.ACtually it will be a blessing in disguise if the Sultan ,n the musangs dlm selimuts help to topple Pkatan Gov in S"gor.Why?Ekonomi maah!All this goo talk about malays helping malays..kahkahkah..since when UMNO helped to eradicate poverty of the malays?who gives the most jobs in the private sector..umm..?malays aah?bottom line is money,and at the moment,semua sedang merusut at a very fast rate(but pakatan gov of S'gor's gov managed to bring in more then USD11 billions of FDI)..all the black money,secret slush funds,tax payers hard earned $$ are being used to buy over kataks and in buy election,and all the results have proven to be disastrous for UMNOBIN..look at Perak..kihkihkih..sekarang pakatan28,umno bin 21..kahkahkah..and they even failed to shame let them continue with thier idiotic ways..Pakatans support is increasing..the more shitty things UMNOBIN does,the better it will be for Pakatan..just watch!!

  17. Tan Sri kahlid may not have web blog,but he aint keepin quiet!!He and the rakyat marahen r indeed fighting back!!Doc Ali buta huruf ke?Sudahlah woi!!..we knowlah,since last year,this golam of UMNo called hasan ali wants to be the menteri Baru..Ah!!..let him be lah..he will suffer the same fate as that mamak pudukang zambri,the sultan of perak n s'gor..psst..where is prrrrrrrrr kavita?hehehe

  18. hang ni kuat tul imaginasi khayalan..huh

  19. You people just watch closely the actions of Hasan Ali, see who he meets in secret and you can then predict the fate of the Selangor Government.

  20. Anonymous iswarahijau said...

    hang ni kuat tul imaginasi khayalan..huh

    Masa org kata kerajaan Perak nak jatuh pun diorang kata itu imaginasi

  21. Tulang Besi,
    U need to march into YB Khalid's office n hand him a list of suggestions on how the PR government can strengthen their defences against UMNO propaganda

  22. Tak perlu tunggu 2 bulan ....
    actually .... tak perlu baca pon cerita ni .... org tak berparti pon boleh paham apa yg berlaku sekarang .... Negara ini akan menjadi lebih teruk dr Myanmar .... org yang Lebih Islam akan di usir keluar dr Negara .... percayalahhhhhhhhhhhh

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