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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

“Selangor PR Government May Have Only 2 Months Left” pt 2

Continuing from Part 1

What’s Going for UMNO in Selangor

It seems UMNO will be able to capitalize on many factors to materialize their evil schemes. Among others:

a. The Selangor Civil Servants : Most still have allegiance to UMNO and their former masters. After all, they use to get real fat by consuming “under table money” and now the trend has stopped. Go and ask all business owners in Selangor and u will see that feeding these civil servants is a must for them to survive
b. The PR policy of not putting politicians in tender committees: As a result, tenders are decided by Selangor Civil servants and they always choose to award contracts to UMNO contractors.
c. The Palace
d. The Police and Law Enforcement Apparatus
e. The Media
f. The Federal Coffers
g. An Army of UMNO contractors who are hungry for projects

So, please do not underestimate UMNO’s ability to create unnecessary havoc in the state administration for their own political gain.

For heaven’s sake, they have unlimited funds to draw from in order for them to carry out their evil plans. So, what’s Rm15mil for an ADUN. It’s pocket change compared to the amount of money at their disposal.

How much do you think they offered Helmi to get those incriminating pictures of you know who? If it’s anywhere below RM 5 mil I’d be very surprised.

For Selangor and all Pakatan leaders, get your heads out of the clouds. UMNO is dying and people at the end of their pitiful rope may do wonders.

Stop assuming that these people will play by the rules. They are above the laws and they will only get dirtier.

If you think that the Elizabeth Wong debacle is dirty, to me that’s just tip of the ice –berg.
They will get dirtier and dirtier.

Problem with Pakatan, NO CLEAR OBJECTIVE

This is their biggest problem. They don’t have a clear objective for the next 5 years. From what I’ve heard, their objective for the next 5 years is flimsy at best.

At least Kelantan PAS under Tok Guru Nik Aziz was very and is very clear on this. Right from the word go, their objective has always been: to retain the state in the next General Election.

This objective has been central to PAS Kelantan and it has manifested itself in every single acts and program PAS Kelantan has undertaken.

I mean Tok Guru has defended the state for 4 terms in a row. There must be something right that they have done for them to be able to accomplish such feat. All that is great with PAS Kelantan is that they got their objective right, right from the very start.

With the current crop of Pakatan states, I’m afraid this issue remains unresolved. None of the current Pakatan State actually has this in mind. And none of them makes such objective central to their effort.

For instance, if they have such objective in mind, then the Perak Pakatan government should have set up a massive and sophisticated communication beareau. But, in the last 11 months, the PErak Pakatan only managed to hire 2 full time staff to run the entire state’s communication programme.

Their state government newsletter were only in the 20k circulation. How could they have managed to combat all of BN's lies that way?.

That is why, flimsy lies such as “giving land to Chinese” gain traction throughout Perak. It was never effectively handled. It became a cancer.

PAS Kelantan since 1990 had worked on their communication program despite the non-existance of the internet back then. They used whatever means they have at their disposal like ceramah, kuliah etc to disseminate their message and combat BN’s lies.

It was unsophisticated but it worked. And why? Because they had their objective very clear right from the start.

It's also amazing how they had a meeting of all MB's under Pakatan Rakyat states and the objective of winning the next election was never discussed.

No one wanted to make this objective as their central theme. Am also worried about KEdah because i don't think they know where they are heading to in the next 5 years.

Pakatan's Communication Apparatus Is Flimsy at Best

Selangor is lucky because internet penetration is high in Selangor. That’s why all of BN’s lies backfired against the Barisan Nasional i.e. azan, pig farm projects etc. But then again, these are efforts made by individuals sympathizers and not the handiwork of the Pakatan Rakyat themselves.

Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor don’t even have their own websites to disseminate correct information about PR’s administration. The MB of Selangor doesn’t even have his own blog. Even the lying Khir Toyo keeps a blog and so does Mat Taib. Why can’t the MB of Selangor have his own blog?

And because of the free flow of information, I feel UMNO Selangor will have no chance of recapturing Selangor in the near future. Which is why, the Mageran option will be their only choice.

In states like Perak, massive newsletters and fliers is the best way to go. PR must spend wisely but effectively on telling the people what the state government is doing. They should have printed their newsletter in the hundreds of thousands and disseminated to the Perak household either by mail or courier.

That should have been their first priority. To estadblish constant communication with their electorate. Unfortunately, this the Perak PR government had failed to do. 11 months was long enough for them to estadblish this machinery but they failed.

And Selangor is replicating Perak’s failure. At least until now.

(End of Part 2)

Tulang Besi
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  1. Pls check out this article (fr. MT):

  2. i totally agree with this article.i,ve been saying this to some PAS leaders in perak the last few months but its too late now.hope it is not to late for selangor,i remember in april tian chua suppose to set up somthing about this.

  3. I beleive it's time the PR government go on the offensive and dig up all the corrupt cases of Toyol and expose what he has done during his tenure as MB of Selangor.

    It's not an easy task as reporting to MACC will not be effective as MACC will chose and prosecute only when it's master gives the green light.

    Well, there must be some way to expose this Toyol and put a stop to his political career.

    Malaysia surely do not need a corrupt leader like this guy.

    Let's hope PR will hang on and outsmart these bunch of crooks or Malaysia will become another Zimbawe.

  4. And because of the free flow of information, I feel UMNO Selangor will have no chance of recapturing Selangor in the near future. Which is why, the Mageran option will be their only choice.

    But the unthinkable happend..S'gor was indeed captured by pakatn.true,malys voted for UMNo,but that trend has reversed,and we saw it in Trenegganu and permatang pauh,and overwhelming support for YB Nizar.yeah,it's a well known,fact,gomen civil servants,need kopi money to live..that has been the culture for donkey years..look,najis already spent multi millions in permatang pauh,terengganu,in perak..the result?kihkihkih..nevermindlah..Pakatan's trump card "is something else"..rakayat needs jobs,and for that FDI misti masuk,..and do u think,FDI's wanna talk with UMNO lap dog Dr.Hassan Ali or with any of UMNO's Baruas?

  5. Totally agree with you, TB.

    While I am a PR supporter, I am a bit concerned that after 1 year, there's no real synergy and aligned vision for all 5 PR states from the beginning. There were a lot of gloating and hyperboles and not much else.

    I've also left comments on DAP's website to stop repeating BN mistake of populist measures like giving petronas money to every household and start to work together to have a concrete roadmap so that we can truly see them as the better alternative.

    "Not corrupted" is simply not enough. Khalid in Selangor to me is still too much of a 'play safe' corporate man rather than a politician, hope he will not leave it too late.

  6. Civil srvants punya lui siapa kasi?rakyat lah!!..yalah,bulan bulan angkasa potong dui hutang,perlu bayar ah long..perlulah cari under table money utk bili maggie mee..but woit!!When ekonomi merudum,rata rata talak kilja,binis lui pun kolang maah!! USED..kahkahkah..most of the illict slush funds dri caymen,afrika,swiss akaun r being on adu domba,bili olang,tapi malang,result tak memihak UMNO pariah sad..:-)

  7. I think you are too pessimistic. The Malaysian Insider and malysiakini and numerous other blogs are already fantastic conduits for PR to disseminate their views, albeit quietly. But you are right in perhaps they need more writers.

  8. So be it..let the highly energised synergised tongkat ali UMNO take over..kahkahkah..and by letting them do that,the chances of a full version of "BASTILLE" appenin in Malaysia will be ummm..;-)


  10. Tulang Besi, I worry when you write such predictions. Remember your post on the Sultan not consenting to a fresh election in Perak? You were right! I really hope you are wrong this time!

  11. Hey, all bloggers out there!

    We need to assist Khalid to ward off all such stupid accusations against him and Nizar. Those of you who have information or knowledge of any wrong-doings by these UMNO bastards need to raise to the occasion and reveal them on this website or on Malaysia Today's website!

    Enough is enough, these UMNO characters are trying to destroy the good work of the current government of Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan! Do not allow them to manipulate our democratic system for their own selfish gains. Do not allow them to abuse our rights to have the government we voted for. Do not allow them the opportunity to destroy our democracy because of their greed!

    They may have all the government machineries and they may have the money to throw around to get what they want but we have the numbers and we have the passion and ability to analyse and report! We outnumber them in terms of commitment to the cause and we need to get the truth out to the general public for them to realise what is actually happening.

    Knowledge is a powerful element which enables informed decisions to be made. Truth shall always prevail. The general public needs to be informed of the dark secrets of these characters, their intentions, their motives and the skeletons in their closets and the voters will then be in a position to cast an informed vote for the betterment of the nation!

    There is a time to remain silent and a time to act. They are under attack from all fronts and we need to assist before it's too late. The time to act has arrived. The time to act is NOW! Use your pen, your keyboards as never before - in the name of democracy.

    We shall prove to them once again that the humble pen is always mightier than the sword!!!

  12. En Tulang, pasal apa artikel tentang PAS Selangor tu kena padam?

    Ada sesapa tersinggung ke?


  13. I think PR does not have enough experience and crooked ways and the machinery to fight UMNO. UMNO has tons of money to buy people over. It is very sad indeed to see PR fall. I hope PKR,PAS and DAP will find a way to win this. May God help them and the Malaysian rakyat.


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