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Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Think GE 13 Will Be That Easy

I found this comment on MToday. I want to put it in my blog as it is very good for all. If i were PR leaders, the first thig i will do is resurrect Bersih. The Perak debacle is clearly the fault of the SPR which acted on behalf of Barisan Najis (pardon my French).

The core of BN's game and deception is the Electoral Roll. All states must clean up their roles starting from right now. Kelantan survived because the never fail to clean up their electoral rolls.

Here is the comments i quoted from MAlaysiaToday courtesy of RPK:

written by ToeJam, February 07, 2009 09:32:10
Dear people of Malaysia,

We must do something now! Don’t just keep harping that BN has won this round but will certainly lose GE-13. Honestly, you think Najib doesn’t know that ???? Do you seriously think he is going to sit on his hands from now onwards and wait for GE-13 to kill him dreams??? He can’t even win KT’s by-election and you think he will wait quietly for GE-13???? Do you think he is stupid????

Now assuming Najib is as smart as you, so let’s imagine you are Najib…. You have just earned big time disgust and hate of many yr citizens. What you did in Perak is just to buy time till GE-13. And you know, like all Malaysians, that GE-13 will be your Waterloo. So what will you do? Sit on your hands for the next 4 years and wait for waterloo to come to kill your dreams? Certainly not.

Since you are on borrowed time, your best-case scenario is that all Malaysians will just wait quietly to cast their vote on GE-13 many many moons from today. This means you will have the maximum time to plan actions to save you from that fateful day. (whatever Najib is capable of doing, I leave it to everyone’s imagination. But be rest assured, it would be evil and dishonest. Perak is the proof).

Also your best bet is that all the other citizens in the opposition states will refrain from reacting to what happened in Perak. This behaviour will give you opportunity to take NS. After that, Selangor, then Penang. Then finally Kelantan. One state at a time!

Your worst case scenario is Malaysian take immediate action because that will leave you with very little time to plan. Even worst is all citizens of all states takes action now! Then you have too many fronts to fight and Polis dogs will be over-stretched. Only then you will lose the war against democracy. And flee from this country like Marcos did!

So friends, remember;

When Najib bought over the Royals, I did nothing because I am being loyal
When Najib bought over Perak, I did nothing because I am not a Perakian.
When Najib bought over NS, I did nothing because I am not living in NS.
When Najib bought over Penang, I did nothing because I am not a Chinese.
When Najib bought over my state, there was no one to help me.

[ Some of us like to believe that this Perak issue is grey. It may be true, but remember; UMNO wants power immediately. UMNO does not want the people to decide.
PKR wants to the people to decide for themselves. So they request for an election. And if UMNO wins, so be it…..Get real, there is nothing grey in this.]

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  1. I don't think it will be easy. It's too early to be looking at GE12 now anyway. It's still a long way off. We just have to admit that PR suffered a defeat in this. Whether it can be a turning point in this nation's political history remains to be seen

  2. Ya betui..setuju..Pakatan leaders must start vetting their candidates for know hezbollah,tendang keluar all those talam dua mukas n spies..mulai sekarang,Pakatan mesti berjaga jaga..barisan haramjadah will continue to tempt Pakatan's ppl by showing the money..dengar kaboq,dat DAP katak dapat RM50 million!!!!(mmm..I wonder how much raja muda,sultan dapat?....mest ada beberap mill masyuk ka dlm swiss account mereka..kahkahkah..)

  3. kahkahkah..Petra Raja sakarang cakap apa?Dia mau bikin signature kempen utk dia pun blue blood line kah?kahkahkah..semua punggir putra tak boleh pakai..otak kosong,act lebeh..kahkahkah..

  4. He is right , we should start now, make sure Najis and his UMNO dogs do not have the time. Make no mistake. Nasjis wil from now on, only promote judges that will succumb to UMNo's will.

    Just in case Barisan Najis loses PRU 13, maybe he will declare state of emergency rule.

    Pakatam win PRU 13 , go to Court, the judges idiots will just agree with Najis.

    Can we really do anything if Pakatan wins PRU 13 but Najis refuses to hand over power and declares emergency rule with an emergecy council?

    What then !!

    can we really do anything?

    And what if that emergency council jails all Opposition under ISA, what then?

    Yes, we have to assume Najis is not stewpid and will do anything to stay in power.

  5. PR have to act smart. The need to stragise. They need to be more proactive, and less reactive. Divise a list of work for each support group to look into, like BERSIH. DAP and PKR have to recruit intelligent people with intergrity, while PAS needs more people like u to fend off fraksi UMNO. All their unit kawalan keselamatan needs to be more disciplined, so that they can effectively control the crowd if the demos become rowdy. C4 man will not hesitate to send a man onto the crowd with a knife and stab another. This is how they create riot. Then he can declare emergency and rule for years with the miliary at his side. I imagine this to be very, very real. If one can murder once, he can murder twice. Thrice will not be a problem. Then it's a norm.

    All racial issues are created by BN. The Perakians have shown a full force of multiracial support for MB Nizar. It's BN/UMNO who will create problems. We are all living in peace, until they arrive.


  6. yep, it's a long and winding road ahead. Do we have the tenacity to persevere? I just don't understand. How can we allow just this one man to rule this country without the consent and agreement of the rakyat? Only the business people will support him. Will they outnumber the non-business people? The next best thing will be to come out in full force and reject this corrupted son of a former prime minister NOW!!!!

  7. As a Perakian I am now seething with anger, disgusted with all the frogs/toads and if you are are like me, lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! :)

  8. No GE is ever easy but the Chinese and Indian population of West Malaysia knows that if they keep voting as a bloc they have a good chance of knocking out the BN in enough constituencies so as to make UMNO lose their grip on power. Take a trip around Malaysia and you will see how the Chinese and Indians are coming together as they discover more and more similarities in their culture and religion. UMNO wants to maintain the old racial divisions which have kept them in power. However, the migration of Indians to the urban and semi-urban area is upsetting this division. The Indian votes which were sparsely and widely dispersed over many rural Malay constituencies suddenly becomes important when concentrated in the urban and semi-urban areas. For the next decade we will see more and more of this migration as the Indians seek out the support of their friends and relatives who have migrated. I come from a small town in Johor. Ten years ago Indians were hardly seen. As my mandarin sucks I usually turn my head around to see who is speaking mandarin behind me. Today it is no surprise to find myself looking at an Indian face.

  9. Hi everyone,

    There's a lot of sacrifice, hard work that PR has to undertake in the next 3 or 4 years in order to fulfill the will and wishes of the people. The PR leadership needs to mobilise its supporters and members in all branches to regularly scrutinise the Electoral Rolls for padding and ghost voters, encourage and get as many unregistered voters to register as voters before the next GE, recruit bona fide members to strengthen their grassroots administration, identify as many people with integrity, qualifications, etc as possible to stand as candidates.

    All these and more to be done!

  10. I still say what is MOST MOST important, watch who they appoint as Federal Court judges, who they apoint as Cort of Appeal Judges...

    Ultimately who rules Malaysia will be decided by judges, not the rakyat.

    Mark my words.

  11. wei mangkuk semua. tak payah nak pakai english. pakai jer bahasa melayu. raja lompat dah kalah. ko mangku semua nak buat apa lagi. termasuk sekali dgn lawyer buruk. ituler main lagi game katak lompat. itu ler raja katak bawah tempurung. kakaka. dah check dgn rakyat perak ker. jgn cakap byk kalo tak tau cerita.


    Let's go around to court the courts
    As they become the places of last resort
    Where else can you deliver your retort
    To have the chance of getting your rational thinking some thoughts

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070209
    Sat. 7th Feb. 2009.


    Let's go around to court the courts
    As they become the places of last resort
    Where else can you deliver your retort
    To have the chance of getting your rational thinking some thoughts

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070209
    Sat. 7th Feb. 2009.

  14. Oi, jangan main-main lah. Next GE, no more Pak Lah. Baru PM ada banyak wang untuk "prostitutes", army, EC, C4, ISA, dan sekarang, Derhaka sebab raja-raja on his side.

    So jangan main-main, ok. Berhati-hati.

  15. TB,
    What else can we do besides what you have suggested, ie, clean up the electoral rolls. (To be frank I don't know how this is being done, I thought it's controlled by the EC?)

    So what else, tell us. Or get Tok Guru to tell us, get Husam to tell us, get all your leaders to act, and co-ordinate with LKS, LGE and DSAI.

    I can't stand this anymore.

  16. aah,we can sula d pungkoks of those who take money and lari..kahkahkah..

  17. What more to say?

    kahkahkah..teringat lagu soundgarden yg cukup hebat "nothing to say"..kahkah..yo RPK..ur spinnings dah backfire big timekah kahkahkah?

  18. Lyrics by Chris Cornell
    Music by Kim Thayil

    Asking Hands Having Nothing But The Wanting

    Someone says my words are out of balance
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  19. There is shit anyone can do next election.

    Until now, BN depended on rural malay voters and the May13-ned non-malays. The 2008 election had taken them by surprise but so did Pairin's 1999 switching.

    If I am Najib, I will do a Sabah on all the states. With all the technology available, I will make fool-proof phantom voters. No more 90 phantoms registered in one unoccupied building.

    Of course,bringing out the electornic voting machines would be best though I doubt it can be done without 2/3 majority.

    Get rid of many current SPR workers and bring in the 'professionals' who can shift vote boxes.

    Oh boy! I can think of so many ideas to improve the existing methods; not to mention adding new ones.

    When will we Malai-sees learn democracy is not for the meek? It is for two equal sides who are willing to break heads but finally decide the voting booth is more profitable.

    Dream on. Always say 'we will teach them in the next GE' and go away.

    Bala (bukan PI)


    When silver loses its shine
    What remedy can we all find
    Since there'll be no grapes without the vine
    With what cords can virtue any longer bind

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070209
    Sat. 7th Feb. 2009.

  21. Those who think that GE 13 will knock out BN are being naive. Do you think Najib will sit down now and twiddle his thumbs till then? Most likely, before GE 13, he will have those critics and bloggers under ISA and throw away the key. In this way, the rakyat won't have muct access to information of misdeeds of the govt, and have to depend on MSM. Think about it.

  22. Reaksi kita kepada kerajaan HARAM Perak
    Feb 8th, 2009 | By Webmaster | Category: Isi I
    Oleh: Huzaifah
    MBH Perak (MBH = MB Haram) mengatakan, MB Datuk Sri Nizar buta undang-undang apabila enggan meletakkan jawatan. Sakit telingan dan pedihnya hati bersalut mual mendengar celoteh MBH Umno ini! Jika dulu muka Tun M yang dibenci, kini bertambah lagi muka Najib dan si MBH ini.

    Saya melihat, Umno adalah satu-satunya parti tua yang dah reput menunggu masa untuk mati, namun masih bernafsu muda dan ghairahnya tidak pernah padam. Inilah Umno. Mereka peduli apa dengan pandangan orang. Mereka peduli apa orang nak kata. Yang penting KUASA. Mereka akan mendapatkannya walaupun mereka terpaksa berbuat apa sahaja…termasuklah makan ludah dan kahak mereka sendiri!

    Ada orang-orang Umno berkata: “Dahulu kerajaan Perak dibayangi DAP = Cina, sekarang pula dibayangi bebas dan Melayu…sebabnya hampir semua Adunnya Melayu.”

    Saya mencelah: “Hanya orang Umno sahaja berkata demikian. Orang Perak sendiri merasa selesa, orang luar Perak pula yang berlebih-lebih.”

    Ingin sahaja saya menambah…sebenarnya selepas ini Kerajaan Perak BN akan dikenang sebagai Perampas Kuasa Rakyat dan juga Kerajaan Haram.

    Kebetulan kawan saya si Umno itu orang Kuala Pilah…memang banganglah bagi saya jika terus melayannya.

    Sekarang, saya ingin mengajak anda melihat apakah tindakan balas atau reaksi yang sewajarnya diambil oleh PR. Saya tidak kata idea saya ini baik atau hebat, namun mungkin boleh difikirkan rasionalnya…

    Satu: PR di Perak perlu memastikan baki Adun PR tetap istiqamah, kemungkinan besar usaha berterusan sedang dibuat bagi menarik lagi beberapa Adun PR ke dalam BN. Sudahlah kedudukan dua Adun ‘bebas’ itu sangat rapuh…maka kelalaian PR mengawal Adun mereka yang 28 orang akan memberikan kesan lebih negatif jika tidak diambil tindakan awal.

    Dua: MB Nizar dan semua exconya berhak menyaman MBH dan Exco-H yang baru kerana mereka dilantik atau memegang kuasa cara tidak sah. Dengan cara ini, sekurang-kurangnya ada tindakan balas yang boleh membuka mata mereka bahawa ini adalah negara demokrasi bukannya monarki…

    Tiga: Wujudkan rangkaian maklumat yang lebih efisien agar masyarakat desa khasnya di kampung-kampung pedalaman tidak ditipu oleh BN. Media mereka terlalu jijik memanipulasi berita. Jika ini tidak dilakukan, dikhuatiri akan ada masyarakat kampung yang termakan hasutan dan dakyah jahat Umno @ BN ini.

    Empat: Semua Ketua Kampung dan JKKK yang sudah dibentuk perlu digembeleng terus sebagai unit di peringkat grass root PR. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya, PR memiliki rantaian intelligent sendiri di peringkat bawahan yang bertindak sebagai wadah menyalurkan info dan menggerakkan massa di Perak. Kewangan bagi menaja gerak kerja ini hendaklah dicari oleh PR Perak.

    Lima: Menyaman SUK, Datuk Mufti dan sesiapa sahaja yang dirasai telah menyumbang kepada kejatuhan kerajaan PR. Datuk mufti misalnya, sepatutnya mengeluarkan kenyataan yang tidak memihak; namun kenyataannya telah menunjukkan minda Umno-nya dengan membelakangkan al-Quran dan al-hadis. Adakah seorang tokoh agama seperti beliau boleh menerima perlantikan MBH itu walhal semuanya diselaputi kekaburan dan ketidak-sahihan.

    Enam: Saman Najib Razak dan bongkar habis-habisan kebobrokannya. Imej Najib perlu dilihat terlalu kotor dan jijik. Dengan itu, rakyat akan memejamkan mata dan memekakkan telinga apabila melihat wajah Najib. Jika boleh sampai ke tahap orang geli mendengar suaranya dan menutup TV dan radio bila dia keudara. Jika boleh, jika gambar beliau di depan akhbar, maka akhbar itu tidak akan laku.

    Tujuh: Gerakkan usaha memboikot media yang benar-benar merosakkan PR di Perak. Utusan memang sudah merasai kesannya. Kembangkan lagi kepada akhbar lain. Sebagai gantinya, perkembangkan akhbar Harakah, Suara KeAdilan, Rocket dan sebagainya. Juga akhbar internet yang difotostat dan diedarkan kepada massa.

    Lapan: Gerakkan massa agar memboikot semua majlis rasmi yang melibatkan MBH bahkan sultan jika perlu. Ia melambangkan sikap rakyat yang enggan menerima suatu pembohongan dan penipuan yang berskala besar di Perak. Boikot ini pasti memberi kesan kepada mereka. Misalnya hari ini (7 Feb 09), MBH Zamri pasti terasa kerana kehadirannya ke rumah terbuka Tahun Baru Cina kurang diberi sambutan. Akhirnya dia akan sedar, dia adalah MBH yang tidak dikehendaki dan pastinya akan melemahkan semangatnya.

    Sembilan: Minta seluruh rakyat Perak agar membuat majlis bacaan Yaasin setiap malam selama 40 hari / malam minta Allah SWT tunjukkan siapa yang benar. Umno takut dengan Yaasin ini. Kita tengak apa yang akan terjadi kelak.

    Sepuluh: Gesa seluruh rakyat Perak memohon pelbagai peruntukan daripada kerajaan MBH yang baru ini. Jangan bagi peluang…gasak cuku-cukup.

    Sebelas: Cari dua ekor kodok itu dan pandai-pandailah anda buat apa yang patut….
    Read more about my opinions at

  23. If anyone harm the Sultan Of Perak and our families in any way, we will not leave even one of them standing, inshaAllah.

    Best Regards.........

  24. Bkt Chandan,we can say the same thing.your beloved sultan menzalimi rakyat.jd rakyat pun takkan berdiam diri.kami rakyat diopress sebab kami miskin dan tak berpelajaran jd korang ingat korang blh pijak2 kami.ingat,Allah mengabulkan doa org2 yg tertindas.Sultan kesayangan korang menindas rakyat & kami berdoa bala akan menimpa kamu sekeluarga.masa tu hanya Allah saja tempat korang meminta tolong.tgk langit ni tinggi ke rendah.baru waktu tu korang sedar dunia hanya pinjaman dan you are answerable to Allah only.hahahahah!!

  25. Bukit Chandan,


    KAlau hang mati pertahan Sultan hang, mati katak woiii.

    Sedarlah sikit.

  26. Tulang Besi,aku sokong kata2 ko.Si Bukit Chandan mati free.dia ingat Sultan pojaan hati dia nak selamatkan dia ke?? porah!!! durang nak selamatkan bontot masing2 dulu.wakakakak!!!kesian Bkt Chandan,setia salah tempat.jd mcm Hang Tuah,dah berbakti kena hukum mati.

  27. he give us what we want, we don't give him what he want!! hahaha
    will see in GE13!!


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