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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Perak Assembly Drama: Why I Am Not Surprise.

What is there to be surprise about. Rule of Law has been thrown out of the window. The Speaker of the House completely disrespected and force is use to undermine other's rights. On top of that, the courts was also deployed to ensure their evil plans work. Then again, haven't we seen this before?

The prostitution of institutions paid by tax payers are the hallmarks of Barisan Nasional. Realizing that their support among the people are at an all time low, they had to resort to brute force using personnel who gets their salaries from the tax payers.

To me this is the measure of desperate people trying to cling to whatever minor legitimacy they have on power. They used the Palace, the Police, the state machinery, the courts, the media and just about everything they can get their hands on.

Pakatan Rakyat must realize that Barisan Nasional will stop at nothing. They will use any means necessary to maintain their grip of power. They will lie, cheat, bribe and everything they can. So, the last thing we should do, is to be overconfident and take things easy.

Worse off, we assume that they will also play by the rule. Clearly, they won't. And they never will.

They Will Get Dirtier and Dirtier

That's as sure as the sun and the moon. So, that begs the question, WHAT WILL PAKATAN RAKYAT do?

Tulang Besi

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  1. TB,

    You kept saying "things will get dirtier"...and "Pakatan Rakyat must realize that Barisan Nasional will stop at nothing."

    I'm sure PR understand that. The question is:

    What do you suggest?

  2. When evil rules
    We don’t play its game
    Go by the rule of law
    Tell the people
    There is always hope

    Though we see
    The onslaught many
    Defying conventions
    Playing the 3R’s
    Evading the issues

    Spinning doctored statements
    Sounding so hollow in our ears
    Harm Noh thinks it is its rights
    Branding its kind of law

    Every facet of institution
    Harm Noh uses it with full measures
    The people feel cheated
    In the game of politics

    PR I think knows the game
    Yet it can’t steep low as them
    In the end PR is no better
    The devil wins

    Play with sincerity
    Rule of law and pray
    Every avenue must be pursued
    Fight the battle on moral grounds
    For darkness will disappear
    When light finally shines

  3. At the end of the day who holds the gun rules!

    Thats why I always say once the Federal govt is taken over, Pakatan must appoint our PR 'own people' to head up the judiciary, police force and army.

    Only then will we be safe, for these positions, no such thing as best person for the job.

    It must be OUR PEOPLE!!

    then only can we be sure we are respected, once the heads are appointed, they can then select appropriate people like Perak police chief etc etc etc.

  4. After the above, we never need to fear them again.

    and yes, we all know Barisan Najis fights dirty and has no respect for law or instituitions.

  5. Lying, cheating and bribing is the easy bit. Now, let's analyse a bit more - they have already used the media, police, judiciary, ACA, and even the palace. Anything else??
    What do we have? Ah, only the good citizens of this country. If they have already bottom up their resources, there's nothing to fear, like the other commentator said. So, what PR needs now is to buck up on their communications strategy - both their message and communication channel (print, audio, visual) needs to be boosted. The strength lies in reaching to ALL the good citizens so that we can make an informed decision.


  6. Ada yang menyamakan situasi Sidang Tergempar Bawah Pokok DUN Perak semalam sama seperti Kerajaan Pasir Berdengung dalam cerita LAKSAMANA DO RE MI. Baguslah, kerana Kerajaan Pasir Berdengung itu adalah kerajaan yang sah dalam cerita itu, tetapi telah dirampas oleh Menteri FASOLA ZAMBRY. Semua orang tau Menteri FASOLA merampas kuasa kerajaan negeri secara tidak sah.

    Kerajaan Pasir Berdengung: kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Perak

    Menteri FASOLA: Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir Al-Kuti

    Akhirnya Menteri FASOLA (DR. Zambry) ini dijatuhkan oleh LAKSAMANA DOREMI (KUASA RAKYAT) melalui senjata Rahsia BULUH RUNCING, simbol untuk PILIHANRAYA NEGERI

    Saya cadangkan apabila berjumpa dengan DR. ZAmbry FASOLA ini, sila tunjukkan pada beliau sebatang Buluh Runcing, kerana Dr. Zambry akan bukak kasut beliau secara automatik apabila melihat Buluh Runcing itu.

    Al-Fatihah juga kepada Sultan Melaka dahulu, Sultan Mahmud yang Mangkat dijulang.

  7. Dear ALL,

    Bukan semua rakyat sokong Pakatan. That is a fact that must be lock in everybody's brain (if there is any). Half of the DUN seat is held by BN especially the Malay dominated areas.

    If not for certain malay areas that was lost to PAS or PKR, UMNO could easily won.

    To the majority of Perak malays, the last election was a mistake for trying out something new but believe me, we malay Perakian will not make the mistake twice.

    This is our promise to the Sultan and our chlidren. Daulat Tuanku!

  8. Every cloud has silver lining. Have faith in Allah.

  9. Push for Ku Li to be PM
    Timmy | Mar 4, 09 4:57pm
    I refer to the Malaysiakini report Stop wrecking the nation, says Ku Li.

    Malaysians should also Pakatan Rakyat, with the help of some BN supporters, to push for Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to be the country’s prime minister.

    Pakatan you can't take over now but do your part to ensure country is governed by someone who really wants to save Malaysia. Save Malaysia over the next 3 years with Ku Li in charge then you can take over without much mess plus some money in the bank.

    10 reasons for Ku Li as PM:

    1. He is better than Pak Lah and Najib Abdul Razak.

    2. He can take care of the country before Pakatan takes over in three years time or else the country will be ruined by then.

    3. He will return Perak to Pakatan, help Selangor to buy over the water concessionaires and stop the plot to take over Selangor and Kedah.

    4. He is of royal blood so he will be able seek a consensus from the royalty. If he gets a majority vote in Parliament, the King will be more likely approve his appointment.

    5. He is consistent with his principles.

    6. There will be no backlash from the Malays as he is a Malay but an open-minded one.

    7. There will be no backlash from Umno as he is still with Umno. Although he is a thorn in the flesh of Umno just like Zaid Ibrahim, he did not quit.

    8. He has enough experience with the economy.

    9. He can sit down, talk and listen to advice from DAP, PKR and PAS.

    10. He has a Chinese wife, which is a very good symbolic power-sharing theme between the races if he is the PM.

    With Ku Li, we can gain stability to steer our economy out of this global crisis more confidently.

    The problem now is that he lacks support.

    The idea of Pak Lah staying put is not a good idea also. He approves of the way his deputy plays politics, just like in Perak. Needless to say, the country the country won’t be in any much better shape when Najib comes to power soon.

    So why don't we take this bet and try to push Ku Li for PM to save Malaysia? This is the most effective remedy Or do we just sit aside and hope that Pak Lah will remain or that something happens to Najib which prevents him from becoming PM?

  10. Keep on rsisting!!That's d only way!!Look at United Moron n geng?Semakin hari semakin nuts,semakin loose..ingat when orang dah jadi loose n nut,hari "disembahyankan" semkain dekat..dis is d definate sign...kahkahkah..

  11. Let's go back in time when UMNO/BN sought the audience with the Sultan to form the Perak state government to the replace PR then.

    Who was seeking the audience with the Sultan? Who was Najib in Perak at that time, beyond the role of chef de mission/campaign manager? Did any one person in Perak cast a vote for him in the last GE? No, not even one atom.

    So who was he to seek an audience with the Sultan regarding the formation of the state government? What locus standi was he using?

    Was the Perak Sultan very ignorant of this oddity?

  12. Najis is a nobody.

    Its 'shit'.

  13. Dalam Radio Atok ada cerita pasal negeri Perak dan menarik kalau di baca..


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