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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Truth Has Prevailed: Congratulations Pakatan Rakyat

The results are out. Pakatan Rakyat has prevailed in two seats, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. For once, the truth has prevailed.

We have seen that during the entire Bukit Gantang campaign, BN has deployed nothing but lies against Pakatan Rakyat and Nizar specifically. I mean, the BN's entire campaign is made up of nothing but lies. Amazing, isn't it.

I mean, if the BN had deployed other issues, like for instance, the qualification of their candidate, or their ability to deliver better than Nizar or something like that, they probably would have a better fighting chance at winning.

I mean, during the entire campaign in Bukit Gantang, BN's preoccupation is to make the voters hate Nizar while giving very little reason why Bukit Gantang voters should vote for Ismail Saffian.

While on the other side, Pakatan and Nizar concentrated their message on what they can deliver for the people of Perak and Bukit Gantang specifically. Namely, with a Nizar victory, the people of Bukit Gantang has a chance of getting an elected government back. That's the least the people of Bukit Gantang can get from Nizar and Pakatan.

My theory is that Barisan Nasional is practicing to become the opposition. At least in their minds they already are the opposition.

This is Najib's Lost, not BN

The candidate was handpicked by Najib. In fact, the BN candidate is mentioned less as compared to Najib Tun Razak or other UMNO leaders. In fact, i had forgotten that the BN candidate existed until i saw the Dr.Mahathir's speech.

The entire Bukit Gantang election is about Najib vs Nizar. The result of this election is the referendum for Najib rather than anyone else.

Najib is responsible for the Perak "coup-de-tat" and the abuse of the Perak's palace. If Najib had asked the Perak Sultan to dissolve the Perak State Assembly, he probably might have won this election or even the state election. He would have appeared to the people of Malaysia as a PM interested in reforms. Sadly he didn't do that.

Najib was also responsible for appointing the illegal MB, Zambery, a "wakil pos" from Pangkor. In short, the entire mess Perak is in right now is Najib's handiwork.

And the Bukit Gantang by-election is a referendum for Najib and all that he has done in Perak. If BN had won, it would signal that Najib's acted with the approval of the Perak people.

I Was Never Worried About Bukit Selambau

In fact the only time I was worried is when the polling station was closed. My source on the ground told me that Malay PKR and PAS voters did not turn out in full like in 2008.

But when the results came out, it was a repeat of the 2008 result. What this means is that PKR managed to hog the majority of the swing/fence sitters voters.

It shows that fence sitters/swing voters in Bukit Selambau is more sophisticated than we think. Pakatan offered a candidate that will not only become the state assemblyman for Bukit Selambau, but also an Executive councillor for Kedah. That is something that the BN can never outmatch in this contest.

The Bukit Selambau swing voters understood this advantage and voted PKR in numbers. They know that the PKR candidate offers a better option for them conpared to the other candidates including that of the BN.


Bukit Gantang:

Mohd Jamaluddin Nizar (PAS) 21,860
Ismail Saffian (BN-Umno) 19,071
Kamarul Ramizu Idris (Ind) 62

Majority - 2,789 (In 2008, the majority was 1,566)

Bukit Selambau:

S Manikumar (PKR) 12,632
S Ganesan (MIC) 10,229

Majority 2,403

Tulang Besi

ps Apologize for not reporting anything from the elections. The information i know is crucial and i fear if i start reporting i might accidentally report some of the information i know.

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    In life we win some we lose some
    What matters most is the final sum
    Don't just look at the figure if it's handsome
    Ensure that the final results are not troublesome

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070409
    Tue. 7th Apr. 2009.

  2. it's a pity the wave didn't hit the east. happy though.

  3. Cina kalau dah dapat syurga dari PAS aka kuda DAP,mustilah taknak undi untuk BN..999 tahun tu

    Tahniahlah kpd PAS kerana berjaya menjadi kuda DAP dan hamba kpd org2Cina di Kuala sepetang terutamanya..

    Org Cina mmg tak sedar diuntung.Harap kerajaan tidak d tunduk kpd demand/permintaan org2 Cina.Bagilah pembangunan atau apa saja,jiwa keras mereka memang dah tolak BN.

    Soraklah sampai kampung tergadai korang semua..

    Tahniah tahniah sekali lagi

  4. With Batang Ai's win and Bukit Selambau's lost, the cumulative score for BN in the by-elections now stands at 4-1.

    Much to my chagrin, the Chinese vote did not swayed for BN. Did MCA or Gerakan failed to deliver for BN? Does it indicate MCA and Gerakan as being no more relevant to the Chinese voters?

    There was a rise in Malay votes and encouraging trend among the Saloran 3 and 4. Perhaps, the derhaka message, the issue of 999 year lease and Nizar's response to the power change reached the Malays.

    But, it was not sufficient to help BN. Malay votes remain split. The number of majority rose from about 1,500 to more than 2,000.

    Is the battle in Bukit Gantang about the age-old animosity between UMNO and DAP? Or it has changed from the battle of party politics to become the battle to win the heart of the voters? Has the traditional political stucture undergone a permanent change after GE12?

    BN has to assess it's position seriously. My gut feel is that the same political trend in GE12 prevails.

    The pressure on UMNO and Barisan Nasional to undertake change or transformation within itself has become more intense.

    The new cabinet to be revealed by Najib will be closely scrutinised. Dr Mahathir in his latest blog post have spoken to demand questionable personalities not be selected as Ministers.

    There is no more time for politicking and procrastination within UMNO. No more sugar-coated consoling words.

    Jangan layan org2 Cina ni.Tak sedar diuntung..Go on continue to vote for pakatan

  5. The signals
    Only the old dogs came
    Barking the whole day through
    Bringing in nothing
    But noise pollution

    The leader of the pack
    Cocooned in the city
    Putting his final touches
    Of his new breed in motion

    The signals
    He dared not come to the field
    After scoring losses last year
    He can't face it again

    Though he used back doors
    Got what he needed in Silver
    He suddenly careless what had happened
    He had played his card
    He got a full house then

    The tigers on the hills
    He is afraid to go out
    He sent his newly elected leaders
    Fighting in battles telling baked lies
    Wagging tails hoping people got the message

    It didn't happen
    The people decided
    The Silver must be returned
    For illegitimacy can't turned legality
    So the people spoken

    The tails between the legs
    Yet barking out loud and clear
    The end is cruising towards the fall
    The veterinarian coming to neuter the dogs

  6. UMNO/BN attempted to buy Election by giving all kinds of "Ang Bao" titles, boats, bicycles, rice, flour, land for school, $$. etc. In any case, these are all taxpayers $$ used by BN!

    The poll results show the Chinese did not sell out their dignity for material gains! Instead Chinese votes increased from 65% in 08 to 70%..

    Chinese would rather be enjoying the ride on the Rocket to the Moon.. while singing "月亮代表我的心" (the moon represents my heart).

    Its about time UMNO/BN respect the democratic rights of the people to choose the gov't they want and not use rakyat money to buy power !!

    Perakians have spoken ; dissolve the Perak state assembly and let the people decide !

    If UMNO/BN refuse to listen and take action.. come next GE, the people will take the necessary action !!

    Yes, congratulations is in order to the PAKATAN leaders and supporters who worked so hard for the much deserved victories..!!

  7. The truth is orang cina dan india sokong 100% kepada pakatan. Dengan 40% ditangan mereka, mereka hanya perlu 11% sokongan daripada orang melayu. Yang 11% ini adalah pengkianat bangsa yang patut di sula HIDUP-HIDUP.



  8. PerKeMBer yang USANG

    1. Perdana Menteri Flip-Flop dah letak jawatan pun, kalah 1-2 jugak.
    2. Master of Puppet masuk balik parti dan turun kempen pun, kalah 1-2 jugak.
    3. Tabur duit kepada pengundi-pengundi pun, kalah 1-2 jugak.
    4. Buat Projek Kilat Mee Segera pun, kalah 1-2 jugak.
    5. Memperkudakan S.P.R pun, kalah 1-2 jugak.
    6. Tayang video Pak Sheikh hentam PAS dan DAP 14 tahun lepas pun (Yang ni cara paling desperate dan tak releven, malah memperbodohkan diri mereka sendiri) kalah 1-2 jugak.
    7. Buat Transformasi dan peralihan kuasa pun, kalah 1-2 jugak.
    8. Guna/Nak guna khidmat pengundi hantu pun, kalah 1-2 jugak

    Sejak dari P.R.U Mac 2008, dah kalah 4 dari 5 P.R.K selepas itu. Padahal P.R.K lah cara paling senang nak rampas kerusi, kerana Media Perdana, Agensi Kerajaan diperkudakan sepenuhnya bagi membantu kempen mereka, hingga kempen menjadi berat sebelah, menjadi PARTI VS KERAJAAN dan bukan PARTI VS PARTI.

    Inilah akibatnya menukarkan arah perjuangan parti dari Parti Politik kepada Parti Korporat. Membela Nasib Orang Melayu telah menjadi slogan yang usang. Yang di atas mengejar jawatan dalam parti hingga timbul pepecahan dalaman, mengaut projek dan kontrak bernilai juta-juta untuk kepentingan perut sendiri dan kroni. Yang dibawah kejar 2, 3 ratus time pilihanraya atau pemilihan parti. Agenda Melayu menjadi minoriti di dalam arah hala tuju perjuangan parti. Menindas rakyat sendiri apabila merobohkan kampung-kampung peneroka melayu yang sudah diwujudkan puluhan tahun untuk memberi jalan kepada projek tokey-tokey besar.

    Utusan Meloya dan TV123 tak henti-henti menjadi kuda tunggangan memperbodohkan pemikiran rakyat dengan agenda-agenda sempit dan berits putar alam. Tiada lagi kebebasan media apabila berterusan menjadi alat propaganda satu pihak sahaja.

    Hanya mereka yang mempunyai mentaliti ahli-ahli bawahan ini sahaja yang akan melenting dan marah apabila artikel ini dikeluarkan, sambil memaki hamun penulis artikel ini sambil terpaksa mengakui hakikat kebenaran penulisan ini yang nyata. Hanya mereka yang dapat berfikir dengan waras akan dapat menerima kenyataan ini. Ini bukan cerita dongeng, ini bukan cerita palsu, tetapi suatu hari nanti kenyataan ini akan menjadi hikayat rakyat yang akan diingati selama ratusan tahun. Seperti Hikayat Hang Tuah membela melayu, penuh dengan pelbagai kontroversi baik dari segi Sultannya, derhakanya, kesetiaannya, sahabat-sahabatnya, samalah dengan situasi sekarang ini.

    ”mengkritik tidak bererti menentang, menyetujui tidak semestinya menyokong, menegur tidak bermakna membenci, dan berbeza pendapat adalah kawan berfikir yang baik...”


  9. Betoi ke Cina Malaysia tu musuh orang Melayu? Atau orang orang BN UMNO sendiri yang telah pulun kekayaan berpuluh puluh tahun sampai handbag isteri depa saja boleh bagi makan satu keluarga miskin di Bkt Selambau untuk dua tiga tahun?

  10. Penyokong PAS jangan lupa salam peluk ciom Cina-Cina kimak kat kuala Sepetang tu

    Kalau ada buat BBQ babi,g lah join sama

    PAS skrg dah liberal.DAP pijak Quran pun takpa sebab DAP ababng besar maaa....

  11. dah kalah steady sikit. Pi jaga Khairy UMNO tu da...

    Dio kepala korang sekarang..


  12. Hakikatnya PAS tak menang, yang menang tu DAP kimak. Apa nak jadi...Anwar 'petualang' kata, perkataan Allah orang bukan Islam gunakan, Nik Aziz 'nyayuk' kata orang cina boleh guna ayat al quran bila bersyarah. SEMUANYA DAH JADI BARUA DAP..POOORAH PAS.

  13. Woi!! dah kalah tu buat cara kalah.jgn nak fitnah kata PAS puppet DAP.apa kurangnya UMNO. kuda sapa lak tu?? alah,jgn buat tak taulah,klu bukan pasal tokeh2 Cina bg sokongan kat UMNO,pastu UMNO janji nak bg itu ini kat durang termasuk tanah rizah Melayu korang ingat Cina nak ke sokong UMNO tu?? UMNO dok kata orang tp sebenarnya cakap pasal diri sendiri.tepuk dulang paku serpih.hahahahaha!! dah kalah tp tak blh terima.kata rakyat belum decide lg.kita org dah decide dah.UMNO dan sekufu kufu nya boleh pigi mati dan mampus.

  14. Alhamdulillah..Syabas kepada pendukong,penyokong dan pejuang ISLAM dan rakyat sekelian.. Telah sekian lama kita di jajah oleh satu gerombolan yg zalim,perasuah dan pemaksiat.. Mungkin telah tiba masanye doa2 kita semua dimakbulkan..Insyaallah... TAKBIR !!

  15. To those who keep spitting venom on PAS and DAP and orang Cina - kuda DAP or whatever, why the hatred for non-Malays? Why don't we learn to respect one another, the care and love one another even though we are of different races and religion? The Chinese are supporting PAS not because they are kuda DAP. They are supporting PAS because PAS is better than BN. PAS is more sincere, less greedy, less corrupted. If BN is good, we will vote for BN too. We will vote for any race who are good leaders for the country. We don't care what race.

  16. The fact is I am very tired of any politician and any political party who says they are fighting for the Malays or Chinese or Indians. Please fight for all Malaysians.

  17. Saya berasa sedih.Dah 52tahun kita merdeka,kenapa ada yang suka membezakan kaum-kaum di Malaysia? Bukankah kita semua rakyat Malaysia? Apakah yang membezakan kita? Walaupun kita jarang berkawan karib dgn kaum yg berbeza,tapi kita masih menghormati satu sama lain kan? Kita cinta pada tanah air kita, bukan nak ia menjadi harta peribadi kita.

  18. Ko tengok la sendiri cara otak karat UMNO berfikir. Macam sampah kerajaan bernama BTN.

    Pilihanraya ni adalah untuk mendapat sokongan umum, umum ni maknanya majoriti dari semua pengundi disesuatu kawasan mengundi mengikut persempadanan kawasan mengundi.

    Kalau PAS tak dapat sokongan dari cross-section semua kaum, maka dia tak akan menang. Hukum ni jugak digunapakai oleh UMNO bila bertanding. Hak mengundi satu hak setiap individu tanpa mengira kaum.

    Isu-isu siapa undi siapa lebih banyak akan berubah-ubah mengikut isu semasa dan jugak faktor-faktor seperti jentera parti dan keadaan ekonomi. Ni semua susah nak baca. Kalau nak kata esok bertanding semula pun jumlah undi akan berubah.

    Rata-rata, BN dilihat mempunyai kelebihan ketika berkempen. Duit, jentera kerajaan (termasuk polis dan SPR) dan media massa yang berat sebelah merupakan apa yang dilihat kelebihan "incumbency" - yang korup. Kalau di negara maju yang semangat demokrasinya subur, perkara ini amat janggal dan mengundang penolakan oleh pengundi itu sendiri.

    Apa pun kesimpulan yang tak mampu ditolak oleh mana-mana pihak ialah cara berpolitik BN makin tidak mendapat sokongan majoriti. Pojokan perkauman oleh UMNO yang memomokkan masa depan orang Melayu disebut-sebut kenaikan undi Melayu menyokong UMNO. Walaubagaimanapun konsep BN itu sendiri berkubur tak bernesan kerana MCA dan Gerakan hilang sokongan terhadap calon PR dari PAS. Ini tidak terfikir oleh kita 10 tahun yang lalu.

    Pola pengundian sebegini akan terus mewarnai PRK terkemudian. Selagi PR tidak melakukan kesilapan besar, saya rasa trend ini akan berterusan, kerana BN dan UMNO tidak mampu merintis perubahan. Retorik zaman-berzaman membuktikannya.


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