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Thursday, May 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: UMNO's Giving In. Will Call for By-Election in Perak

This is an info i received from my source within UMNO. It seems that UMNO has decided to give in to mounting pressure calling them to dissolve the Perak Assembly and call for fresh elections. Announcement will be made within this week or next week, according to my source.

Apparently, UMNO realizes that the more that delay this issue, the bigger the negative effect it will have on UMNO and BN. The longer this crisis continues, the worst it gets for UMNO's national profile and intra-BN relations, according to my soruce.

My source elaborates that UMNO is reeling from internal pressure within Barisan Nasional in which component parties are calling for UMNO's head. This scandal will result in them losing more of what little left of their credibility with their electorate.

The Palace is also under tremendous amount of pressure and they too are losing credibility day by day. They too would like to see this issue resolved amicably. If this persists, they will not be respected by anyone in the state or outside. And all this because of UMNO's refusal to go back to the people.

International pressure is also slowly rising. Malaysia's good name is being smeared due to the 7th May incident. Openly, the government is seen as being disrespectful to rule of law, democracy and separation of powers. It's will effect us economically in the long run as investors do not want to invest in countries whose governments are not interested in rule of law.

UMNO also wants to stop the court process from continuing. As long as the battle continues in the courts, the credibility of our courts will also suffer.

So in order to save itself from being abandoned by their allies and prevent economic catastrophy in Malaysia and not to mention a total wipe-out in the next General Election, UMNO has decided to bite the bullet and call for by elections.

My source also say that UMNO is not confident of recapturing the state should the by-election be called. The most they say they can hold on to is 15 Malay seats. But it's better than losing the entire country to Pakatan Rakyat.

I hope my source is right as so far all of the Perak Revelations that Malaysiawaves have proven to be correct i.e. Malaysiawaves was the only blog that predicted the crossing over of a DAP rep when all attentions were concentrated on the 2 PKR reps.

Let's pray that Najib Tun Razak does the right thing.


Tulang Besi

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  1. don't count on it. doesn't work that way. your source is nuts

  2. Tok Pawi,

    How do u explain Malaysiawaves being the only one who predicted the jumping of a DAP rep?

  3. UMNO blogger do not like this news cos if this happen then their credibility ( as if they have any in the first place) will be non existence. For all the insults, lies and libelous article, if PR still wins and win big. The UMNO blogger will be utterly ridiculed and proven as outright liar. Just like that of Zambry being exposed as an impostor when the high court ruled that YB Nizar is and still the legitimate MB. Those fat UMNO blogger or should I say 'Jubba The Huts and their minion' will lose their audience and thus maybe no more funding coming in.... Who wants to fund blogs that only the jubbas visit ( less than 10 hits/day). Bet you they are worried and pissing in the circus tent of a pant. Errr...does Jubba the hut wear a pant?

  4. A wild guess? No... there were already stories on how certain DAP reps were unhappy with the Ngeh-Nga duo. Especially the Indian reps. But then, speculations were abound. Some may come true, some may not. Did you also guess more BN reps to jump ship after Nasar?

  5. Hamba, the High Court decision changed the whole concept. What if it was the other way around? You wouldn't say something like this today. Let's hear what the Federal Court has to say...

  6. Nope sorry to fail u it wasn't a wild guess.

    And there wasn't any story on a DAP rep jumping at all at that time.

  7. Encik Tulang,

    saya quote berita ini dalam blog saya...memberikan sedikit harapan walaupun sekadar khabar angin...

  8. Rahman said:

    But it's better than losing the entire country to Pakatan Rakyat.

    bakaq kata:

    Kalau gitu, elok panjangkanlah. Tak payahlah pilihan raya Perak tu!

  9. pak bakaq,

    la ni depa desperate nak bagi ada PRK di Perak pasai depa dah sedaq depa ni akan hancoq.

    Telan mati mak luah mati bapak

  10. Why do u say that those 15 seats cannot fall?

    I would believe that the people who live in those 15 locales will be sad/angry/hurt with the abuse of power, missue of power, etc.

    Wont they want to send a message, please behave or we will abandon you.

    I wonder whether those seats which were BN component seats, which were lost to PR could be taken back again. Admitted no one will vote for MIC or PPP. But Gerakan and MCA might get a few more votes...


  11. salam,

    Tuan Tulang Besi,

    Mereka itu berada dalam pasir jerlus, lagi lama2 , lagi dalam.

    dengan izin Allah , saya menjangakan kawasan campuran akan habis ke pakatan dan yang tinggal kawasan solid melayu dengang undi yang menurun...
    Cuma yang saya gusar ... calun Keadilan .....yang ......???? , cuma saya berdoa PAS diberi kelebihan kawasan dengan menurunkan calun yang berkelibar campuran golongan pengajian agama dan ilmuan dan profesional .

    Moga2 ianya menjadi kenyaatan denga izin Allah s.w.t

  12. I would be amazed if UMNO calls for bye elections for the state.

    that is the stupidest thing for them to do.

    The smarter thing is for them to just ask the kataks to resign and have by elections in those 3 or 4 DUNs, at least they lose , they lose the 4 seats and pakatan punya majority is still marginal, not 2/3rds.

    if Barisan Najis call for state wide election, i dare say now, they will lose the 2/3rds majority and not only that , that idiot Zambry the Illegal Alien will prob lose his Pangkor seat also.

    So, make no sense to have state wide election.

    thsi way najis razak loses the 'least' face.

  13. member lu kutuk Islam, bro!

    Lim Guan Eng memperlekeh hukum Islam
    Dalam rakaman ucapan Lim Guan Eng di DAP Wanita Workshop 2009 pada pagi tarikh lebih kurang April 25hb, dia telah mengeluarkan satu kenyataan yang telah memperlekehkan hukum dan budaya poligami amalan orang Islam.

    Workshop yang bertema "Implement Gender Agenda as a DAP Strategy to the Hearts and Minds of Men and Women" berlangsung di Wisma Winbond, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.

    Berikut adalah kenyataan beliau:

    "We stand together for equal treatment. There should no double standard. We can't understand why a man can have four wives. Why should there be this type of double standard? I am not encouraging men to have four wives or woman to have four husbands but why should there be a double standard of this kind of perception? It is okay for men to have more, but not for women?"
    Semasa membuat kenyataan tersebut, Lim Guan Eng bercakap sambil ketawa dan disambut dengan gelak ketawa penonton."


  14. If BN and Umno are willing to call for snap election in Perak, I personally think it will bring back some credibility. Even if they lost Perak but if they continue to serve the rakyat without haste and in a humble ways, like they first did 50 years ago, it will slowly bring back the trust. Najib has started on some good things (despite the kinks in the courts etc) and I would give him a chance. The reason is simple, I have dealt with local councils in Pakatan states and also when they were under BN, things are not moving at the ground level now. Pakatan is still green at managing the economy and approvals are taking a long time. So, both parties have their own strength and weakness.
    If Anwar can impoves on his Pakatan team, it will also be good for the country, the same for Najib. I am all for anything that is for the betterment of this country and all Malaysians.
    But please stop all the politicking that is damaging this beautiful country.When we all travel abroad, when we see and meet others there, we are still all fellow Malaysians and we will never allow others to step on us, we are not ashamed to call ourselves Malaysians despite our different races and religions.

  15. Mengapa Istanan masih senyap macam tikus?

    Takkan DYMM nak dapat legal opinion dari peguam luar apabila DYMM sendiri dianggap pakar dalam undang2 negeri Perak?

    Dan takkan DYMM takut sama UMNO/BN dan PM Najib?

    Very mystifying bro!!

  16. When you're old and about to kick the bucket, I think most important to you is the security of your children or lets put it thsi way, to remove any harm that you can see may befall them.

    Whether you Sultan or roadsweeper, the above is true.

    Its not about him, its about the offspring.

  17. Hiya..don tease the rakyat Perak here lah on the fresh election, though many pray & hope that thier WISH answered.

    I for once jump for joy reading it but ...I know this is merely a tease.

    Anyway..we the Perakians can still pray for the fresh election. But likely dream dash..due to UMNO cowardice.


  18. pesanan-pesanan said Lim Guan Eng Kutuk Islam..

    Saya setuju tak adil komen dari Lim Guan Eng(kalau benar) tapi masyarakat dapat memaafkan beliau atas dasar kemungkinan kerana kurang ilmu dalam perkara berhubung islam. Tetapi saudara pesanan-pesanan lihat itu sebagai satu isu yang mencabar orang Islam .. kah kah kah
    Bagaimana dengan manusia Melayu yang bergelar Datuk dan YB tak tinggal sembahyang Raya melakukan perkara perkara yang di kutuk oleh islam dan Muhamad SAW.. seperti berzina, Rasuah,meraba, menipu wang rakyat ,membunuh menghukum orang dalam tahanan tanpa perbicaraan.

  19. TB,

    I am not at all surprised by this piece of news,infact it is written all over the wall.Its high time Najib realizes that he is reducing the country to a pariah state.

    Just look at those videos,how the speaker Sivakumar was dragged away by thugs,it's nauseating.What happened to our culture?Worst of all,there was a thug who was trying to brandish something which looked like a revolver.How low have we stooped.Is this Iraq?or Afganistan?orPakistan?Is Malaysia becoming a failed state?

    The world is watching,man.We have friends overseas asking us what is happening.Its shameful.

  20. Fresh election atau tidak, umno is already dead...only mereka sendiri tak sedar diri. Rakyat zaman sekarang bukan bodoh.. Yang bodoh bn. Dua katak-katak ada pun kes corruption, tapi sampai sekarang pun No Action Taken. Wayang kulit benar. Kerana aksi-aksi tamat kuasa, istana bersama-sama jatuh reputasi. Bukan hanya rakyat tak percaya umno/bn lagi, tapi di kalangan antarabangsa pun nama negara kita jadi semakin busuk. Boleh ke?.. paksa and dengan secara kasar seret Speaker keluar dari DUN?

  21. I believe you.Moreover there are already signs that Najib is buckling under pressure. But at the same time wanting some pride.
    This also prove that the Istana is subservient to UMNO. It has to green light from UMNO to dissolve the assembly.

  22. This is fantastic news if it's true.

    This will stop UMNO from starting similar trouble in other Pakatan held states!

    Let this be a lesson for them. Now they have to nuture their respectability back to an acceptable level.

  23. Even neutrals are turning away from UMNO because of this illegal power grab.

    What does UMNO aim to achieve by all this? Mind boggling and disgusting.

  24. Serious ShepherdMay 14, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    In my opinion, UMNO will call for by-election in Perak because they are prepared with the propaganda that the next MB will be from DAP i.e. Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim. This propaganda is expected to give more votes to BN. You can read an example of the propaganda here. (I commented the article but it was deleted). Note the point (16) which means that less votes for PR even from PAS supporters. You can also read the letter to Malaysiakini entitled Will Nizar make way for Tunku Aziz?Therefore, I would like to recommend that both PAS and DAP should prepare to counter such propaganda immediately.

  25. salam,
    I remember what happened the last that you predicted to be monkeys uncle.I hope you get right this time though.
    The star online today quoted Tun DrMahathir as saying that should there be a snap election in Perak Pakatan will surely win,Tun being the wise and man with great foresight,his words should be taken seriously and believed.Now, that statement from Tun only confirms further the theory that BN scared and unwilling to have snap polls.Najib today said that BN is not afraid to face the people.We have faced the people many times before, he said proudly.Yes Mr PM you have faced the people many times IN THE PAST,but the last few times you faced them the score was 4-1,The past that you are talking about are long gone.People have changed times have changed,your luck have changed,the only thing that has not changed is the mentality and attitude of umno.The faster you realized this the better for you and your party but we have our doubts.We the rakyat think change is beyond you.
    Now Tun also suggested against a snap election,being fully aware what are the wishes of the people of Perak. Tun is being very unwise to advise against the wishes of the people and being undemocratic.Tun's statement only gives weight to the argument of various people that he is indeed a dictator.

  26. salam,
    I remember what happened the last that you predicted to be monkeys uncle.I hope you get right this time though.

    I am still right. Look how the Court of Appeals treated us

  27. Pak Tulang,

    I hope krisis ini akan berpanjangan tanpa penyelesaian sehingga 2012. Ia akan memberikan manfaat yang besar kepada PR.


  28. Sdr Tulang,
    satu perkara yang kita semua lupa ialah kenaikan harga petrol sebanyak 20 sen berkuat kuasa dari 1 sept. kita kena tanya dengan penyokong umno ini, tidak cukupkah penderitaan rakyat dengan krisi ekonomi?mengapakah tidak boleh tanguh sebarang kenaikan harga petrol,tol dan sbgya?Janganlah begitu zalim dan tamak.kasihanilah rakyat yang sudahpun menderita dengan kehilangan mata pencarian,potogan gaji dan kenaikan harga barang keperluan kebelakangan ini.Aneh bila harga petrol turun tidak turun pula harga barangan.

  29. What najib wanted was some sort of kecoh,but this time,people and Pakatan politicians r more savvy.

  30. THE WHOLE country is like held at ransom : all waiting for UMNO to give the nod.Nobody wants to say a word.I hv never come across any organisation so powerful in the world.

  31. See la how Anwar/Hadi/LKS will negotiate with Najib. I had written this earlier: I think this time it's gonna be true and good for PR. But the DUN won't be dissolved. Instead the 3 frogs Jamal, Othman and Hee are being made to resign "voluntarily" and PR leaders will agree to have PRKecil at these 3 DUNs only which BN guarantees its lost. Give-face-to-BN way out which otherwise will lose 59-0.

    Now extend it a little more, A/H/L should make Najib to promise 3 more UMNO ADUN must resign "voluntarily" also, so make it just 6 by-elections which PR will win (uncontested?), insyaAllah. besar lagi majoriti.

  32. Perak is the front line state which can determine who will govern the country in the future.

    As long as the political morass in Perak is not settled by allowing the people to choose ASAP, the repercussions will be catastrophic for BN.

    Notwithstanding who will win, if there is a snap election, the people's right to choose their government will be served. That is the bottom line.

  33. The by-election in Perak should be called by PR with Nizar as the legal MB. Don't let UMNO takes the credit. They will be boasting for decades that they do respect democracy.

  34. Fresh Election is a dream come true for PR and his supporters but not for Najib which is a nightmare.
    That will be the beginning of the end for him.

  35. I always thought that Pakatan should keep on piling up the pressure on BN,be it in streets, the courts or asssemblymen proceedings

    We cannot giv BN a free pass 4 takin away people's democratic rights just like that

    If Najib agrees 2 the dissolvement of Perak DUN,then Alhamdulillah

  36. I kinda agree with Pak Bakaq that we let the Perak crisis drag a bit longer. At least for now they cannot kacau the other PR states. Just continue the pressure and let them fight among the BN parties.

    I am very doubtful it will be state-wide elections if Jibby does budge. Madey alredi said it's a forgone conclusion, so why smear shit on their face when it's so obvious?? They may be willing to sacrifice the frogs, esp the ex-PR ones. Then, they can still continue to threaten PR for the next 3 years... not to forget cancel their balance payment for these frogs...



    Desperate people do desperate things
    They will do their stuff faster than they think
    For fear they'll lose everything in a blink
    Forgetting to bother how badly they stink

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150509
    Fri. 15th May 2009.

  38. Harap-harap tidak timbul pulak kerajaan campuran dengan BN. Pilihan hanya ada 2, samada PRK ataupun terus dengan tindakan mahkamah.

    Walaupun membawa kes ke mahkamah ini adalah berisiko tinggi, tapi in the court of public opinion ini lebih mendapat sokongan rakyat. Cara mahkamah melayan pemohonan Nizar dan Zambry sendiri dah mendapat perhatian umum.

    Kehakiman pada pandangan saya masih dibawah kawalan UMNO.


  40. Tulang Besi.
    "Let's pray that Najib Razak does the right thing."
    Indeed, I associate our prayers to yours so this will realise.

    "1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now."

  41. Salam TB aka RC,

    Already there is a piece of news that went on to report that Najib said "BN IS READY FOR THE POLLS". I think you are right.

    I think they will announce before the court of appeal sit i.e. before 18th May and therefore it has to be announced either today, 16th or the last day 17th before the court sits.

    Get all your gears. Perak, here we come! Insya Allah we will defeat the BN with a greater majority. Ameen.

  42. Honestly, in matters pertaining to who has the right to rule it should always be an election. Let the people decide period. Since when did judges have the right to tell us who should lead us? Honestly, all the court cases ongoing on this debacle is a waste of time. In the end to rule you must command respect of the majority period. This is all a farce. What is the law if people don't respect as the law? What is the police if people don't respect the police? What is the government if the people don't respect the government? That is TYRANNY and SLAVERY! On social greviances, yes we refer to the law collectively agreed by all the people and execute judgement through court. But question of rulership HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COURTS. That is not a social grievance but a collective endorsement by the public. We have seriously messed up priorities in this country. And now some people are saying its the Sultan's right. Well, if it is then please revert to a monarchy. Sheesh, go read the history textbook in schools and you can see that the Sultan SHOULD NOT INTERFERE with politics.

  43. tunku aziz pun royal gak...nak takut apa

  44. All power is under Amno/Bee End control now except the the power from the people. Together, we can bring them down one after another.
    Kita semua anak malaysia,jangan diperdaya lagi oleh kerajaan yang gila kuasa, rasuah, aniaya rakyat ! Malaysia Hidup !

  45. ANY rep will jump for the right amount of money offered to them.. but if they jump and there By-election just as good. Pocket money and run into the jungle to retire for the rest of their life.

    The only logical answer is now is in the hand of rakyat, not UMNO, PAKATAN or even Istana.

  46. Whatever your have been drinking, I want that. It gives positive dream.

    It is hard for UMNO's ego to call for election in Perak. Scared people dont act rationally.

  47. NO need 'snap erections' = too costly
    & it's our blood money !
    Tell the 3 sinful toads to quit for
    bye-elections, ok !?

  48. I bet BN may not call elections but I sincely hope what air waves said is true. all the same if true I wull be in PERAK to help out PKR


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