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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr Mahathir is One of the Culprit Behind Perak Incident

At last the magician revealed himself. In his latest statement, he says:

"“So why should we have fresh elections ?“ he asked, saying that it was costly and that he did not agreed will calls by other BN leaders for fresh state elections.

He added that the people had already voted and chosen people who are willing to defect.

He said the situation should be resolved by a vote in the Perak state assembly and the assemblymen should determined who should form the government."

To me the entire Perak DUN incident has Dr Mahathir's signature all over it. Usage of all possible government apparatus to support one's narrow political agenda is Dr. Mahathir's unique trademark.

I mean, during his rule, he treated this country "macam bapak dia punya". I mean he ran our Bank Negara bangkrupt 4 times during his rule and he doesn't feel even a shread of guilt.

This narrow type of politics would have worked in the 80's and early 90's but i think it's a bit ineffective nowadays.

Dr Mahathir's entire scam relies on two very important factor:

a. A mass that is under educated and ignorant plus cut off from information

b. An economic condition that is favorable to most of the population

Unfortunately, those factors are not present anymore rendering Dr. M's methods futile.

Please also recall that Dr. Mahathir is a great fan of Suharto's New Order. Many of what Dr.M has implemented and practice during his rule is a direct copy cat to that of Suharto.

I mean, when Suharto massacared innocent Muslims in Tanjung Periuk, Dr. M could not resist the temptation to copy such feat and copy he did in Memali.

And Suharto used everything in the Indonesian government for his own personal need and his family and cronies. In fact, Suharto's New Order is nothing more than a scam to make himself, his family and his cronies rich at the expense of his people and country.

In truth, people like Dr.M, Daim Zainuddin, UMNO leaders, Suharto etc are nothing more than con men that got put in positions of power.

And Dr. M, we have managed to detect one of your many cons today in Perak.

Tulang Besi

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  1. Yo Bastards, what the fuck you are talking about?

    Yo Motherfucker, if you know nuts, then don't talk about the statesman...u motherfucker!

    Fucker, you will blame anything on tdm, even if ur neighbour's cat is pregnant u will blame it on him rite?

    You bastard, son of asshole, don't even you dare to say bad things about tdm, u anwar and kj ass licking bastard!

  2. Yo Bastards, what the fuck you are talking about?

    Yo Motherfucker, if you know nuts, then don't talk about the statesman...u motherfucker!

    Fucker, you will blame anything on tdm, even if ur neighbour's cat is pregnant u will blame it on him rite?

    You bastard, son of asshole, don't even you dare to say bad things about tdm, u anwar and kj ass licking bastard!

  3. Wow,didn't know they r still mamak Mahathir lovers in cyberspace wit such vulgar tongue

    I'm surprised u still post these comments

    I'm not sure mamak masterminded the whole Perak takeover
    But Najib did took this from mamak's playbook

    His senility contribute 2 his flip flopness
    1st, he said the Perak takeover was wrong n unconstitutional
    Then, after Najis's ascension, he said the takeover was legal
    After that, he said BN was "terburu-buru" in the takeover
    Now,he says no need 4 snap polls

    I pray this senile jackass 2 live long enough 2 see BN,his brainchild 2 be massacred in the next few years n witness DS Anwar or Nizar becomes PM

  4. Son of A GUN adalah sejenis manusia dari KERALA, mamak macam CheDet bengong.Mencarut macam orang UMNO yg hanya gila kuasa.Hoi Son of A GUN hang ni sebenarnya buta sejarah,buta ilmu,buta agama.Mamak mahadir tulah perosak ketuanan melayu di malaysia.Tak payah cerita pasai ISLAM kerana dia spesis jaga bangsa sahaja.Son of A GUN boleh kita kuburkan bersama MAMAK mahadir di jirat agama lain.

  5. Dr.M said ppl just sick of election.
    But I think ppl just sick of you Tun.

  6. How appropriate to see in unity a 'mother fucker' and 'son of a gun' in full demonstration of their ability to wipe mamak's ar#e!
    Hey, Old Fart Mamak, you are showing sign of your is much better for you to make peace with your Maker, for all the shits you have created in the nation for the past 22 years when you were at the helm.
    Perakians, don't let MAMAKS tie your is time to stand up and be counted, rid of all these political scumbags!
    How does that grab you, mother fucker and son of a gun?

  7. Tulang Besi Well said. Bank Negara Mahatir Sdn Bhd and yet ppl don't learn.

  8. U are right la...those uneducated or lack of education, like "Son of A GUN' and "Mother Fucker" are easily influenced by Dr.M !

  9. Well Tulang Besi, my sentiments exactly!

    Mahathir thinks Malaysia dia punya, so he can do as he wishes! Looks like he has ardent admirers a plenty! Those of them are the elite uneducated lot you mentioned ah!

    Some faces are better not be seen. His, Najib, Zambry, Hee Hor, Samy just to name the elite from the long list!

  10. Tun Mahathir Bapa Perogol semua Institusi Malaysia

    Institusi diRaja
    kena rogol
    Institusi Kehakiman kena rogol
    Institusi Perbankan kena rogol
    Institusi Keselamatan kena rogol
    Institusi Civil service kena rogol
    Malaysia kena rogol


    Timbalan Perdana Menteri kena Liwat !!!

  11. dr M is no statesman. he does not care about the rakyat. in the early 80's we are on par with south korea and taiwan , but now we are way behind. rakyat please remember this!


  12. Hoi, son of the gun, you are the real bastard, you like motherfucker so much, you better go and fuck your own mother or let najis poke your ass as is it so susceptible for najis. We, the silent majority knew it already when it started RAMPAS PERAK who is behind najis, BONEKA!!!

  13. sdr tulang,
    why do you bother to read and post retarded peoples comments on here.What kind of a human is this.This only confirms the kind of people that runs in umno.
    Tolonglah lain kali dont post this kind of comments here.Anyway agree 100% what you said about mahathir.

  14. Dear mohd Nizam.

    At first i want to delete this guy's posting.

    But, i want to remind readers of how Mahathir's supporters operate and think

    I was there at the forum when they dragged a guy out of the hotel (forget the forum hall) all the way to the car park for suggesting to Dr M on forgiving Anwar Ibrahim.

    I saw the guy being dragged right in front of my eyes.

    That's the measure of Dr.M's supporter's irrationality.

    They think they're so great and almighty.

  15. Son of a gun and mother fucker is just one kind and a ball-licker. Should have not intruded with your foul tongue. It's disgusting. Go and get yourself educated in politics. Twenty-two years of his political hegemony isn't just going to diminish into thin air. He still is the grandmaster in our politics like it or not and is still playing his part. His traces can be detected before long before Pak Lah made an exit. One has to be politically wise to sense the traces.

  16. how low can UMNO and their supporters go to to get what the want......

    they will destroy the country and also Malays and Islam

  17. You are right, Mahathir's signature is everywhere in the Perak Takeover of the Dewan. He is planning something, that is illegaly take over the Perak Dewan and pass a motion of no confidence. He has asked Najib to be concillatory, just to divert the attention and grab the Perak Government.He can have the government and the resilance of Perak people. Democracy is about people power, hence fresh mandate from people is the just solution. Just because the BN is going to lose is no justification. Dr. M be a gentleman and use democratic method to solve the Perak issue. His dialogue with Bloggers is to influence some half past six bloggers to write and promote his views. So beware bloggers. He is trying his best to change mindset of bloggers by playing his race card.

  18. TB

    No doubt Dr.M should be castigated for continuing to play the race and religious cards and suggesting that UMNO memebers should jump ship to PAS if they lose big time at GE 2013.

    Also, conspiracy theories like these are wonderful spins to warm the cockles of any anti-UMNO/BN's element's heart.

    But really, you must provide some evidence if you are going to link the Perak debacle to Mahathir's shenanigans.

    Perhaps in an indirect and distant way, Dr.M's brand of politics has contributed to the rot in UMNO that led to Najib's stupid tactics; UMNO has surely shot itself in its own foot!

  19. I am no fan of Mahatir and UMNO. Mahatir did a number of good things but destroyed many more good things. I blamed him for the corrupted state of the Judiciary, Police, AG, Civil Service, cronyism, nepotism and racial issues. These have destroyed Malaysia.

  20. This mentally retarded Son of A Gun & Mother Fucker is most prob'ly an umnoputra cybertrooper, that's how they consistently behave, waving keris and using abusive languages in any debate.

    Btw, if u think Mahaithiu's flip-flops is due to senility, then u haven't know him well, that's his most vital character, he often berputar-pusing, he has no credibility at all. We should all just ignore him and let him die of boredom.

    statesman? yeah, right......

  21. Even if it's true, I will still support Mahathir. Hidup Mahathir forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Son of A Gun & Mother Fucker

    hahaha frustrated goons. TDM will soon meet his maker and so will both of you hahahah

  23. Hidup Mahathir forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eh? counting the days ... which are getting shorter for the old man lah.

  24. Kau ni memang bodohlah Tulang Besi. Apa kena-mengena Mahathir dengan isu Perak ni??

    Jangan nak temberanglah. Isu pokok di sini ialah kebodohan 3 ekor katak DAP dan PKR yang lompat parti lah!

    Inilah dia perangai tipikal puak2 Pakatan; bangkai depan mata tak nampak, semuaaaa nak salahkan orang lain pulak.

  25. Aiyoooooo someone already claim himself to be a " Son Of A Gun " and another one " Mother Fucker " Aiyaaaaaaaaaaa i don't know what to said lahhhhhhhhh......... I am crying now for his parent's.

  26. The first 2 comment posted is a good example of what TB is trying to illustrate:
    1. Uneducated - in more ways than we can imagine, low IQ, not religious, unethical, immoral; thus, no reasoning power whatsoever;
    2. They were doing very well prior to Pak Lah's takeover due to hand-outs from Madey's projects.

    Therefore, they treat Madey as demi-God and are willing to follow blindly to execute illegally; but like the Chinese says, they were "led to Holland!".

  27. Yes, the SH'T continues to ooze out malaysia and mahathir will live long to smell it. He will rue his long life.

  28. 1Malaysia, People first, Performance Now?

    1Perak, People fu_ked, Performance Not Applicable

  29. Son of A GUN and mother fucker,
    Both of you are speaking thru your arseholes.
    Mamakthir is turning the country upside down and you donkeys still support him.

  30. Mahathir is correct,correct ,correct!!!

    No matter what he says or do they will always be people who will ignorantly believe him. That's how he cheated the Sabah people of their legitimate government way back in the 1980's.

    Of course some blamed Anwar who was the DPM then but do you really believe that Anwar is able to do anything without the approval of Mahathir.

    Not only grabbing of power but also "project M" issuing of IC to the illegal immigrants in the hundreds of thousands.Why????

    Politics its just a numbers game and whoever has the nos control the government of the day.

    Well,let's pray and hope TDM will be around to see the demise of the Bee End.

  31. Hidup Mahatir 4ever!!!!!
    Jadi hantu raya lah tu.

    Thank you Tulang Besi, please keep the rakyat posted.

  32. Mother fucker and Son of a gun are actually Mahathir and Mukhrix respectively.

  33. Son of a Gun,
    It takes one to recognise another, did your parents or your teachers ever taught you this.
    Or may be you never ever went to school?
    Pariah Mahathir is not a Malay but a pariah Indian from Kerala. Just get his DNA tested and it will be proven he is an pariah Indian.
    President Obama has a white American mother and he also does everything the white American do. The best part is he did not sell his heritage to become a white American and still become the President of America. He will always be an Afican American !
    It must be that the Malays are short of people with a little bit of brain and need the Pariah Indian to fight for them and commit the atrocities the pariah did.
    He must win hands down to be the most hated man in Malaysia and you are still proud of him. He even chose another Indian to be the Parak M.B. why not a Malay ?
    May be you too are an Indian just like the pariah Mahathir because it takes one to recognise another !

  34. SoG aka MF is so eloquent. HIs parents must be mighty proud of him, seeing that his education did not go to waste.

    He most probably had his education on taxpayers' money.

    Keep it up, son, you are Malaysia's future. We'll soon be rivalling Myanmar in terms of new lows.

  35. Dear anonymous,
    We dont have to utter racist remarks like pariah indian and so,
    we are not like them umno goons.while we comment here and fight for our freedom from the umno's tyranny,we have to sensitive to all our brothers.

  36. Fully agree with your views. BTW, son of gun = son of monyet. sama saja.

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