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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pakatan Supporters Should Not Celebrate Just Yet

The BN will file an appeal with the Courts of Appeals tommorow and they will apply for a stay of execution. That means, Nizar may not be the MB anymore in the nxt 19 hours.

We must never forget that the same Federal Court five-member panel that overturned Zambery and his exco's suspension, was headed by Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Sheriff, the Appeals Court President.

There's very little justice we can expect from our judges, the higher they go. And, just like the way Federal Court handled the Zambery + Exco's suspension. Can we expect anything different from the Court of Appeals this time around?

I DON'T THINK SO. Our judges are appointed by a drunk lawyer who is stupid enough to have his boasting be recorded.

Then, what is so great about them?

Lastly, before anyone start calling me a Monkey's uncle, u may want to investigate where the phrase comes from.

It is an idiom commonly used by Americans. A detailed explanation of the saying can be read here.

Allow me to quote the explanation:

I'll be a Monkey's Uncle.

Definition: Expression of disbelief.

Pig Players were certainly creative on this one. I particularly enjoyed rnf850’s story about stodgy Winston or Winny as he hated to be called and the story about the demise of Felix DeMont and his love for his only friend Albert the monkey submitted by warpt_princess brought a tear to my eye.

But the truth of the matter is that the origin of this phrase has more to do with scientific inquiry than with a monkey being part of the family. In 1871 Darwin published the Decent of Man outlining his theory of evolution, sparking controversy that continues today. It seems Darwin’s scribblings not only added yet another excuse to snipe and name call, but also contributed to our English lexicon. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle was originally a sarcastic remark made by non-believers of Darwinism.

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  1. Uncle monkey - kah-kah-kah

  2. TB,
    I enjoy your pre-emptive analysis and strike, ala-ala arts of war.
    Go bro...

  3. The next course of action is to bring Hee Yit Foong to court for her illegal usurpation of the Speaker's position. The fact that Hee cites Article 36(A) without understanding its contents shows how worthless Hee Yit Foong has become.

    Pray tell, how did Hee Yit Foong have the power to convene a mini dewan and assume the position of speaker when Sivakumar was still the Speaker of the House, Sivakumar was not ordered by any court of law to relinquish his position and by the very fact that Sivakumar at the time was still physically occupying the Speaker's chair. So on what constitutional basis did Hee Yit Foong claim her power to usurped the Speaker and pass motions in the state assembly?

    The entire proceedings of the state assembly starting from Hee Yit Foong's illegal act has rendered subsequent events in the state assembly as null and void. And Hee Yit Foong had better learn to shut up fast and stop provoking the rakyat.

    Article 36(a):
    “During the absence of the speaker from a sitting of the legislative assembly, such members as may be determined by the rules of procedure (standing orders) of the assembly, shall act as speaker"

    Hee Yit Foong, when you took power illegally the Speaker was physically present not "absent" as Article 36(a) states. It is you Hee Yit Foong that has gone against the Perak State Constitution and for your earlier betrayal of Jelapang voters, your serial lies on your sickness and pepper spray, and your constant provocations against the peoples of Malaysia...we hereby demand that you resign with immediate effect as the ADUN of Jelapang. You can go and contest in Pekan, then maybe you would have a chance of winning!

    I highly suggest Pakatan Rakyat immediately launch legal proceedings against Hee Yit Foong to stop BN from convening an illegal vote of no confidence. Haste is required, time is running short!

  4. I think people should not be too quick to think that the judge in question is on the people's side. For all we know the judge may have been following orders from opposing camps (cough cough SIL), or they could be doing wayang kulit to make us think he is free and fair and then later use the same judge to send Anwar to jail.

    Then at that time UMNO will paint us a hypocrites for only saying the judge is fair when his decisions are for us and unfair when against us. Please be aware of the many dirty tricks employed by UMNO.

    One swallow does not make a summer. I will reserve judgement on the judiciary until I see a clear pattern of neutrality and not base it on a one-off case.

  5. BN trying to convene an illegal sitting of the state assembly officiated by the illegal speaker Ganesan. FRU needed to block the state assembly from the people whom the state assembly is supposed to serve.

    Since Zambry has now been declared the illegal MB, therefore the entire May 7 State Assembly was also illegal because the state assembly was not called by the Speaker of the House but cloaked as a royal emergency sitting approved by the Sultan of Perak on advice of the MB of Perak.

    And since the MB of Perak has been declared illegal, logic dictates that the emergency sitting of the state assembly was also illegal. This means that all motions passed in the House on May 7, 2009 is illegal. Sivakumar is still the legal Speaker of the House. Any motion has to be approved by the Speaker.

    So it’s basically game over for BN but of course you didn’t think that BN will just sit down and let Perak slip from their grasp again do you? So they have deployed the FRU and possibly thousands more police and goons to Perak. The final showdown is yet to be witnessed.

  6. If BN wins the appeal tomorrow then you can call me a donkey

  7. Alex is right

    it's an UMNO wayang kulit

    our judges are never free

    they are UMNO judges, the only cater for UMNO, not Malaysia

  8. I agree with monkey's uncle but PR have the slightest reason to celebrate for short while as of now.

    Dear PR Leaders and PR supporters,

    Congratulations to DS Nijar and PR Leaders for they who won the 1st half battle of the constitutional issues but don't be too carried away for this moment.

    UM-No/BN (Najis/Zombie) not going to just let off the current political developments of the court ruling as they would appeal soon. It might be a strategy of getting the Rakyat thought that the judiciary commisssion was acting justifiably in the 1st half of this battle but on the 2nd half, the court may ruled otherwise. Be reminded that this agency (JC) is still the UM-No/BN horse.

    Once this happen, PR will have a major set back and cry fouls of the JC's integrity and therefore any objections by PR of the court ruling that cannot be accepted by PR would be seen as uncivilised or "KIASU" !! (The 1st half UM-No/BN can accept court ruling but 2nd half court ruling cannot be accepted by PR).

    PR just have to be very careful and strategizing the next course of action.
    Anyway, as supporter of PR, I still believe in people's power and the best solutions to end the whole episode is to dissolved the assembly and go for a fresh elction.

    The PERAK peoples and MINDFULL Malaysian are 1000% behind PR.


  9. yes ppl,

    he's right. Lets not celebrate yet.. It just one judge in our favour. We must now pray that the sultan will see sense to dissolve the assembly immediately.....

  10. looks like we need Tun M to teach these people who live on tax payers money a lesson or two

  11. TQ Alex for your wonderful insight. I never really thought of it that way.

    Anyways, it's very enlighthening

  12. Guys you forget one thing and I think Datuk Nizar has also forgotten it.

    he actually does not need the Perak's consent to bubar the DUN anymore if the May 7th sitting is deemed illegal as Zambry the Illegal Alien is not the MB at the time and cannot advise the Sultan.

    Cause it would have passed the max time elapsed before the DUN must sit.

    Automtaically the DUN is dissolved and elections must be called.

    Why would Nizar need the sultan punya consent ?

  13. Bila federal court pun kata nizar mb hang nak kata apa ? BN semua salah,hang ja betul. Bila hang kalah,hang kata hakim bias. Bila menang,hang kata ini helah Bn. Susah betul. Puncanya hang taksub gila.
    To Alex,hebat betul. Dalam islam ia dipanggil bersangka buruk. Juga dipanggil fitnah jika ia tidak terjadi.
    -anti taksub.


    Let justice take its natural course
    For all those taking up the right cause
    Let there not be any further excuse because
    All are tired of antics and tactics coarse

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110509
    Mon. 11th May 2009.


    have we forgotten? Mahatir, thick lips Minister, lawyers, judges....

  16. I think this time it's gonna be true and good for PR. But the DUN won't be dissolved. Instead the 3 frogs Jamal, Othman and Hee are being made to resign "voluntarily" and PR leaders will agree to have PRKecil at these 3 DUNs only which BN guarantees its lost. Give-face-to-BN way out which otherwise will lose 59-0. Probably......

  17. saya nak berbeza pendapat sedikit, dan diharap semua penyokong pr tidak gembira terlalu awal. walaupun dr zambry kata akan menerima secara terbuka, macam mana yang dikatakan yang terbuka itu kalau ds najib kata bn akan merayu keputusan itu di mahkamah rayuan, hakim-hakim disana masih boleh berpihak pada bn, paduka tuanku sultan juga mungkin belum tentu perkenan bubar dun kerana masih menunggu keputusan mahkamah rayuan, dan jika bn kalah lagi di mahkamah rayuan mereka akan bawa ke mahkamah persekutuan, jangan percaya kepada umno bn ni, mereka tak akan mengalah begitu mudah....

  18. Alex
    i support ur views and points.what u say it right. And if fresh election to be hela in Perak, We have to face another tax paid underdogs. The Suruh Pilih Rompak Melayu. They wil fix the polling day on week days so that their undi hantu can help them to Lawan Roh Tuya.
    Anon 10.34
    Hang fikir orang malaysia semua bodoh macam hang kah?Orang bukan islam pun dah mula belajar islam. tau tak? Hamg cakap pasal taksub. Orang tau samdiwara dan wayang kulit pemimpin hang le. Kes Altantuya pincang habis dah jadi macam donald duck. Orang bangang macam hang yang caya Bee End. Tolol.

  19. Tulang Besi,

    I'll be honest, we are all monkey's uncle.
    Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.


  20. TB quoted "Our judges are appointed by a drunk lawyer who is stupid enough to have his boasting be recorded."

    salah satu warisan penjajah yg be-end kekalkan utk pengamal undang2 yg sama sekali tidak boleh dinafikan.

    warisan penjajah dlm angkatan tentera (drunk top officers) dah dpt dibersihkan (atau disekat) selama ust. ahmad awang dan peneraju selepasnya semasa dia meneraju pusat islam....???

    so, don't forget drunk judges ye. don't celebrate too much. sujud syukur lah.

  21. TQ Eric, although the idiom "ill be a monkey's uncle" should not be taken literally.

    It's an idiom

  22. kalau pilihranraya semula,DAP letak beberapa calon melayu. maka rakyat perak akan diperintah oleh MB melayu DAP yg pertama...

    penyokong DAP

  23. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    kalau pilihranraya semula,DAP letak beberapa calon melayu. maka rakyat perak akan diperintah oleh MB melayu DAP yg pertama...

    penyokong DAP

    Takdalah, YB Nizar akan terus jadi MB Perak sebab PAS pun akan menang 19 kerusi DUN

  24. the judge is a drunken monkey...kahkahkahkah..ya,mamak mee goreng dah file in appeals court..we shall see!!

  25. Serious ShepherdMay 12, 2009 at 2:20 PM

    Bad news! No bananas for you since you are not monkey's uncle.

    Mahkamah terima rayuan Zambry.

  26. This one is not "Kangaroo"s Court" but rightly "Monkey"s Court".High time our judges get paid not by RM but with bananas.


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