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Friday, July 3, 2009

DAP Kedah is Contradicting DAP’s Principle

Ever since the inception of DAP, the rule of law has been the main basis of DAP’s struggle. We have heard time and time again, from one DAP generation of leaders to another, how “rule of law” must be upheld and cannot be undermine. In short, the rule of law has been one of the main reason for DAP’s existence.

In the case of DAP Kedah pulling out of Pakatan government, I find it hard to comprehend. Since the reason for their pulling out contradicts the very basis of DAP’s existence.

It is reported that DAP Kedah is angry with the closing down of a pig abattoir by the Alor Setar Municipal Council( As such, they have decided to leave Pakatan Rakyat government in Kedah because of the closing down.

What I have gathered from various sources, is that the pig abattoir has been operating illegally (without license) for about 30 years under the noses of the previous Barisan Nasional government. Only God knows how much corruption was involved to allow an illegal factory to operate right under the noses of the Local and State Government unhitched.

With the new government, it is expected that PR put a stop to all corrupt practices and enforces the law to everyone without fear and favor. That includes the pig abattoir. It is informed to me that the location of the disputed pig abattoir prohibits the local government from issuing a proper license. That is why the establishment has to operate illegally for the last 30 years.

Now, my question to Kedah DAP is, do they expect the current MB to forgo all written laws and procedures and allow the pig arbatoir to continue to operate illegally for it not to leave Pakatan government? If so, then what is the difference between Pakatan Rakyat government and that of the BN?

The current MB has given a one month grace period for Kedah DAP to locate to a new location. I think one month is more than enough to find a new location, of which, I assume the Kedah DAP didn’t use that time properly.

Lastly, I hope DAP HQ takes stern action against those who advocates flouting with rule of law be it from internal of DAP. This issue will seriously undermine DAP’s credibility and image if not handled properly.

Although, there is some truth to the claim that DAP is not respected by PAS in the PR government, but to choose this issue to blow up, destroys all credibility on the KEdah DAP to make the necessary changes.

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  1. " DAP Kedah is Contradicting DAP’s Principle"

    Pertama sekali kena faham prinsip syaitan*

    (* meminjam istilah TGNA yang melakarkan kerjasama dengan DAP sama seperti kerjasama dengan syaitan adalah dibolehkan beberapa tahun dulu )

    Syaitan akan contradict apa yang syaitan janjikan.
    Syaitan hanya berprinsip menipu umat manusia.

    Jadi tak payah cerita panjang-panjang.
    Dalam Quran pun dah berjela sebut pasal ni.


  2. DAP is under attack frm Waythamoorthy and HINDRAF,and now this.The issue is simple.Relocate.Susahkah ini?Me suspect barisan is 'sponsering" all these attacks,"pull outs".Malaysia is an ultra darwinian materialist society.Plus now,economy dah teruk,people will be more hungry for money and publicity.Everybody wants thir share of 1 minute of instant maggie mee of fame.Money rules waat,principles,can go to hell.

  3. You,know western style democarcy has failed failed miserably all over the world,yet,buffons keep on shouting "our rights,human rights" bla bla bla(as in the case in Iran).The Chinese ancient tradition of harmony and balance dah hilang entah ke mana.Islamic principles of harmony and equlibrium pun dah lama kena hijack,and ancient Indian practice of human order based on principles of divine realities dah jadi dinosour!!Wat we have in place is a f*ked up version of western kucing corrupt democracy which has also failed in Europe!!We asians under the influence of mat sallehism have turned in2 f*kin zombies.Now all we care is "our rights,our positions,democracy,candle light vigil,money,bimbos,luxury,instant fame,and dying our hair just to look like mat salleh!!That's why problems in asiatic societies are taking one hell of a long time to get solved,because,we have lost our identity!!

  4. One pig produces 2 tons of waste (manure and urine)per year. If a farm has 10000 pigs, the farm has contributed to 10000 tons of waste. Where do you think pig farmers flush this huge waste? Mostly down the streams. This waste does not include those discarded from the abattoirs. DAP, you cannot talk about clean governance or justice if you can't resolved this issue of pigs' waste and pollutants. Don't scapegoat others to hide your own environmental misdemeanour.

  5. Tahniah PAS Kedah dan Dato seri Azizan..

    Akhirnya dpt jugak org2 kampung menghirup udara segar..

    Saya rasa DAP telah over react..Pindahkan sahaja ke tempat yang sesuai di tempat majoriti orang2 Cina..

    Kalau DAP cakap PAS membuli membuli mereka dan tak ambil tahu hak golongan minoriti,lihatlah apa yang mereka buat kepada Johari Kassim di Pulau Pinang..Langsung tak diberi peluang membela diri..

    Dalam kita bermuafakat dan sering bertolak ansur,janganlah sampai kita biarkan kepala kita dipijak pulak

  6. You are right over this.

    The rule of law is very important.

    DAP Kedah is an embarrassment.

    And DAP's Kedah move to withdraw from PR for an illegal pork house is really unreasonable and illogical.

    DAP better clean up their act fast!

  7. TB ni berlakon je, kutuk DAP. Nak cover perangainya masa jilat bontot DAP dalam isu UG

  8. Anon The Bangang!!!July 3, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    anon July 3, 2009 12:21 PM


  9. Anon The Bangang!!! said...

    Eh betul laa... Nik Aziz memang ada cakap macam tu.
    Masuk TV lagi...

    Masa tu pemberita tanya Nik Aziz pasal PAS sama DAP bergabung untuk pilihanraya tahun berapa aku tak ingat, maybe 1998 atau yang sebelum tu.

  10. This is a problem which encounter by every leader. One of the cause problem arise is because there is lack of respect and understanding the needs and requirement of others. To a vegetarian, eating meat is not good and to others, it is their daily foods. In short, one's needs is another man poison. It takes a six years old to understanding the sentence, but it takes a 60 years man to practise it.

    Respecting others mean do not force other to believe your own belief (including religion belief) on others. Respect have to be earned and not by mean of using one's authority and force.

    Secondly, PR leader have to learn the Changes Management skill. A leader must be able to make changes that the impact bring minimum impact and suffering where the rakyat accepted changes without causing problem to the government. Simple rule to follow. This would makes PR government different from BN.

    With this principle, most of the problem can be under control.

    PR Leader it time for us to re-look this important area

  11. I am willing to bet Vincent Tan n co(co means BN) are tok dalangs of this latest attempt to break up pakatan.Even waythamoorthy and HIndraf are BN lackeys!!.

  12. Guan Eng's statement on Buah Pala..
    "Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon mesti menjelaskan sepenuhnya mengapa beliau
    menjual Kampung Buah Pala dengan harga RM10 sekaki persegi pada tahun
    2007 tanpa rundingan dengan penghuni-penghuni di sana"

  13. This is a correction/continuation of my previous posting:
    One pig produces 2 tons of waste (manure and urine)per year. If a farm has 10000 pigs, the farm has contributed to 20000 tons of waste. Where do you think pig farmers flush this huge waste? Mostly down the streams. This waste does not include those discarded from the abattoirs. DAP, you cannot talk about clean governance or justice if you can't resolved this issue of pigs' waste and pollutants. Don't scapegoat others to hide your own environmental misdemeanour.

    The abattoir has operated for 30 years. Imagine the amount of waste!!! There would be millions tons of waste, pollutants and non-measurable stench - not to mention the discomfort and hardship faced by the local population who have lived in the area long before the abattoir was built. The abattoir operators should compensate them! So DAP Kedah, shut up.

  14. I am a chinese.

    And i agree 110% with the action of the MB.

    I dont know what is going on with LKS and LGE , and the excuse they make just do not hold water.

    This is not about the MB banning the sale of pork of which then I agree, we should pull out.

    This is about relocating an illegal abbotoir to a proper location.

    The only issue is BOTH the MB and DAP could not work together to come out with an alternative location in that one month grace period.

    But the bigger fault lies with DAP Kedah, pull out over this? pull out when PAS MB was doing the correct thing?

    Too much!!!

    If anything, DAP Kedah should b reprimanded for pulling this stunt.

  15. Learn the rule of engagements
    Learn the law respect and do it
    It is better to lose now than all
    What Kedah DAP action is wrong

    illegality shouldn't be allowed to grow
    It must go no matter how old it is
    When one doesn't follow the law
    It is the devil doing to turn new followers

    LKS and LGE reign in your back doors
    Talking about respect rule of law
    Let your people walk the talk
    Don't just hit at Bee Anne
    Yet practise the same flaw

    One month grace
    Kedah DAP forgot
    When law came to evict
    Crying loudly it wasn't fair

    DAP wants rule of law
    So clean the backdoors
    Lay out the proper systems
    Build up the correct administration
    Learn to live with majority
    It is for the general good of the people
    It shouldn't be just for a race
    It should be buried after March 08
    For Pakatan this is the way to go

  16. "Kenapa DAP marah...kalau MB Ust.Azizan dah ganti kan ketempat baru...kampong cina di Pendang!!! Takut2 benda ni baru nak di cadang kan je (atau baru nak dikenalpasti dan tidak diberitahu pada DAP Kedah), tapi dah di roboh kan dulu yang di Mergong tu...sebab tu la DAP marah kut. DAP marah sebab harga babi akan melambung naik..sebab supply terpaksa diambil dari Penang".

    BABI : Ladang Baru di PENDANG akan di tengok dulu sesuai @ tidak..
    Kampung China tempat ternak babi?

    KAMPUNG CHINA – Orang ramai tertanya-tanya mengenai kesesuaian Kampung China dijadikan tempat penternakan babi menggantikan Kampung Berjaya Alor Setar yang akan dirobohkan awal bulan ini kerana kawasan itu dikelilingi beberapa kampung Melayu berdekatan kawasan itu.

    Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Pendang, Abdul Syukor Abdul Ghani berkata, perancangan dan kajian akan dilakukan bagi memastikan tapak di sini sesuai dijadikan tempat ternakan babi atau tidak.

    Menurutnya, kira-kira dua relung tanah dicadangkan sebagai tapak pembinaan tempat ternakan babi itu.

    “Tapak ini dikelilingi sawah padi dan faktor saliran mesti diambil berat bagi memastikan saliran najis itu mengikut cara dan kaedah yang betul.

    “Tanah cadangan tempat pembinaan ini adalah milik individu berbangsa Cina yang bersetuju tanah itu dijadikan tempat ternakan babi,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian ketika membuat lawatan ke tapak cadangan pembinaan tempat ternakan babi itu di sini, semalam.

    Abdul Syukor berkata, pembinaan tempat ternakan babi di sini merupakan satu cadangan daripada pihak pengusaha yang merasakan tempat ini sesuai bagi aktiviti berkenaan.

    “Turut membuat lawatan ke tapak ternakan babi itu ialah wakil dari Pejabat Tanah Pendang, Majlis Daerah, Mada, Pertanian, Veterinar, penghulu mukim, Jabatan Alam Sekitar dan beberapa jabatan lain.

    “Sama ada tempat ini sesuai atau tidak adalah bergantung selepas perbincangan dan pelan yang dikeluarkan serta bergantung kepada perbincangan bersama pihak teknikal yang menentukan kesesuaiannya,” katanya.

  17. Betul apa yang Lim Guan Eng cakap...Menteri Besar Kedah(MB) Ust.Azizan ni...bagi siapa yang kenal dia..mesti perasan perangai dan cara di bercakap. Perangai dan cara di bercakap macam orang kampong yang bodoh..merapu, tak macam 'Statesman' dan ketelaluan hinanya, suka dendam,benci dan berniat buruk kepada kaum cina. Pernah berkata "nak ajak depa ni,biaq aku tutupkan ayaq Sg.Muda, baru mampoih cina di Penang"

    Guan Eng: Kedah situation “desperate”

    Friday, 03 July 2009 02:38
    By Deborah Loh, The Nut Graph

    While other Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders today glossed over Kedah DAP's pullout of the state government, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had a different view.
    Lim, who is also Penang Chief Minister, said the situation in Kedah was "desperate" enough that the party's top leadership would be meeting to decide whether to endorse or oppose the move.
    He added that said the implications of DAP withdrawing from the Kedah PR government would have "large adverse national ramifications", and needed to be studied.
    He squarely blamed Kedah Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak for the breakdown in trust between PAS and DAP there.
    "Kedah DAP has been unhappy with the lack of respect accorded by PAS to DAP in Kedah unlike the respect accorded to PAS in Penang," Lim said in a statement today.
    He singled the "failure of the PAS-led government not to give equal treatment to all Kedahans" as the reason for the pullout.
    Lim said Kedah DAP chairperson Thomas Su had informed him that the demolition of an illegal pig abattoir and the imposition of the 50% bumiputera housing quota in the state were the main causes for DAP's unhappiness.
    "For Kedah DAP to pull out from the Kedah government, [this] signals the complete lack of communication and respect from the Kedah PAS-led government."
    Lim said he would "normally oppose such moves" if there was still room to correct the situation, but he believed things had become desperate.


  18. Ini le akibat nya apabila MB Kedah bersikap racist.

    ADUN DAP Kedah isytihar bebas dan berkecuali

    Jul 3, 09 3:20pm
    Wakil rakyat tunggal DAP di Kedah Lee Guan Aik hari ini mengisytiharkan dirinya sebagai ADUN bebas dan berkecuali dan tidak lagi menjadi penyokong kerajaan PAS Kedah.

    Sebagai ADUN bebas dan berkecuali, katanya, beliau juga tidak akan menyokong BN tetapi sebaliknya hanya menyokong pihak yang benar sahaja.

    Lee, ADUN Kota Darul Aman itu, memberitahu Bernama, pendirian DAP negeri untuk keluar dari pakatan pembangkang Kedah telah dimaklumkan kepada DAP pusat menerusi sepucuk surat dua hari lepas.

    "Bagaimanapun, kita tidak menghantar surat kepada Menteri Besar Kedah (Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak)," katanya kepada Bernama hari ini.

    Katanya DAP negeri sedang menunggu jawapan balas dari DAP pusat mengenai keputusan mereka berundur dari Pakatan Rakyat di negeri tersebut.

    Lee berkata berkata kerajaan negeri pimpinan PAS mungkin tidak sedar bahawa DAP telah memainkan peranan untuk memancing undi kaum Cina menyokong Pakatan Rakyat termasuk memberi undi kepada PAS dalam pilihanraya umum lepas.

    "Kita kesal dengan layanan yang diberikan kepada DAP kerana saya telah naik turun berjumpa menteri besar untuk meminta agar Majlis Bandaraya Alor Star (MBAS) menangguh operasi meroboh pusat penyembelihan babi itu sementara menunggu keputusan kerajaan negeri meluluskan tapak pusat yang baru", katanya.

    Rabu lalu, DAP Kedah membuat kejutan apabila mengumumkan untuk keluar daripada pakatan pembangkang negeri itu kerana tidak yakin dengan keadilan kerajaan negeri dalam mentadbir negeri.

    Tindakan itu berpunca daripada kegagalan kerajaan negeri menangani isu merobohkan pusat penyembelihan babi di Kampung Berjaya dekat sini.

    Pengerusi DAP negeri Thomas Su berkata selain Lee yang akan bertindak seperti ADUN bebas, tiga ahli majlis pihak berkuasa tempatan dan 43 ketua komuniti dari DAP negeri ini juga akan meletak jawatan jika DAP pusat bersetuju dengan keputusan mereka.

  19. MB Ust.Azizan kena belajak dengan TGNA cam mana cara nya nak run state government.Tu la, lain kali MB Ust.Azizan, bila bagi comment pasal TGNA...kena jaga mulut hang dan juga jaga hati TGNA...jangan merapu menyokong TEAM UG dengan alasan yang bodoh.

    Ill will in Kedah grows
    By Shannon Teoh

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 3 – Kedah DAP has applied more pressure on the PAS-led state government in a move that seems to be fueled by the public backing of DAP supremos.

    Its sole state assemblyman Lee Guan Aik made clear today that he will no longer support the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition government under Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak after one-and-a-half years of broken promises to non-Muslim Kedahans.

    Kedah DAP had pulled out of the state government after the only pig abbatoir in the state was demolished two days ago.

    Both party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and his father Lim Kit Siang, who is DAP parliamentary leader, blame the state government for leaving Kedah DAP no choice but to quit the coalition on principle.

    Speaking to The Malaysian Insider, Lee contended that in Kelantan, where PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat is mentri besar, non-Muslim rights were better protected even though the state had a higher proportion of Malay Muslims.

    “Pork sales are still not permitted in the main wet market but it is sold in Kelantan. Building plans for the Buddhist association here have also not been approved after one-and-a-half years whereas in Kelantan non-Muslim places of worship are encouraged.

    “Azizan’s governance is not in line with Tok Guru’s,” the Kota Darul Aman assemblyman said.

    While acknowledging that the illegal pig abattoir has been a problem for decades since Barisan Nasional (BN) were in charge, he said that the people voted for a new government “because they want to see a change for the better.”

    Kedah DAP has claimed that six sites had been suggested for a relocation but all were shot down while Azizan insists that a site in Pendang near a Chinese village had already been earmarked.

    There has been talk that the Siamese community in the area are not pleased with the site chosen but Lee claims it is only “hearsay evidence” and expressed suspicion that it was a sentiment that has been engineered.

    Critics say that Azizan has been too focused on pleasing the Malay Muslim grassroots and Kedah has not taken great strides under his leadership. Others, however, believe the current crisis in Kedah is due to a severe breakdown in communication.

    One of the most controversial decisions of his administration was last year’s 50 per cent housing quota for Bumiputeras.

    But reporters say that his announcement was misreported and that it had always been meant as a quota for Malay reserve land only, which ironically means it opens up the land for non-Bumiputeras.

    Lee today also said that the 28 butchers at the abattoir “were made to believe that the government was looking for a new site.”

    However, PKR Kedah chief Ahmad Kassim said that while the mentri besar promised to facilitate the application process for the new site, the operator had only submitted his application last week.

    His deputy Tan Show Kang also pointed out that the operator has also been asked to relocate by the BN state government more than 10 years ago but this was not executed.

  20. TB,
    Gua bukan nak sokong DAP jauh sekali nak sokong soal babi ni.Betul juga apa yang lu kata "DAP contradicting DAP's Principle".

    Apa yang gua nak komen ialah "perangai" MB Kedah ni.Perkara kecil begini takkan tak bolih runding?Wakil DAP tu seorang,tentulah dia rasa "diketepikan".Demi semangat Perpaduan Rakyat,takkan perkara sekecil ini tak mampu nak selesaikan.Ini bukan bermakna "nak jilat DAP" - tapi sekadar bermuafakat.
    Yang gua tak senang hati,perkara ini dia(MB Kedah) lakukan diambang PR Kecil Manik Urai.Begitu juga engagement Pemuda PAS dengan Tim.Pemuda UMNO - dibuat diambang PR Manik Urai.

    Us.Azizan ni memang pro-Kerajaan Perpaduan.Nampaknya MB Kedah dan Ketua Pemuda PAS yang interlkectual ni sengaja melakukan "hal-hal" nak membekalkan UMNO dengan "modal" untuk UMNO berkempen diManik Urai.Akhbar-akhbar UMNO dah mula gunakan 2 isu ini secara maksima.

    Bukan senang nak jadi "statesman" dan juga bukan senang nak jadi "leader" - buat kuliah Magrib disurau dan mesjid,lebih senang.

  21. Sebenarnya keadaan di kedah berlainan... Ustaz Azizan di muktamar lepas dikritik oleh perwakilan PAS malah dari Kelantan kerana tiada perubahan atau tindakannya perlahan dan terlalu berkompromi... sampai didalam pergulungan beliau menerangkan keaddan di Kedah berlainan kerana ramai orang bukan Islam... Biloa timbul isu ini, DAP memberi imej beliau sebagai hard-liner pulak... situasinya adalah ibarat diluah mati anak, titelan mati bapa...

    Oleh itu seperti pendapat seorang ahli akademik.. mungkin cadangan unity government dan muzakarah dengan UMNO itu adalah startegi untuk mengawal DAP danPKr agar bertolak ansur dengan PAS didalam masa yang sama PAS akan bertolak ansur dgn PRK/DAP...

  22. This is a test for DAP too see how sincere they are with PR.

    So far PAS has pass the test with flying colours, thanks to Nik Aziz.

    When Nasa, the no 2 executive in PAS threaten to split PR, Nik Aziz with no second thought gave him a public canning.

    So what we will see now is whether Thomas, who is only a DAP state leader who threaten to split PR will get anything from big mouth Karpal or LKS or LGE.

    So far the 3 has failed to do so. Lim Guang Eng evens sympathies Thomas, calling Kedah's illegal Pig abattoir house a 'desperate' situation.

    Ever since DAP pacts up with other parties to form PR, I have been defending their position, while ignoring insults thrown at me by fellow Malays and Muslims as Barua Babi DAP, kafir loving and such.

    But this is the case where DAP has gone entirely wrong.

    I whacked Hasan Ali when he negotiates with Khir Toyo to pull out from PR and form state government with UMNO.

    At least his intention is logical although not acceptable. He want to become MB Selangor.

    But DAP action in pulling out from PR in Kedah is really ridiculous, unacceptable, illogical and above all shows DAP stupidity at its best.

    Pulling out for an illegal Pig's abattoir that has been in existence for over 30 years?

    Pakatan has been in power for more than a year, and if Thomas is sincere, what has he done for that 1 year plus to rectify this problem with state government?

    If it was me who is the MB, the moment after I take my oath, I would have demolish it. But Azizan took 1 year plus to demolish it. So whose fault is this?

    My bet is on Thomas.

    DAP, you lose this one. The score is now 2-0. In Perak, it was your and PKR's ADUN who causes Perak government to fall. And if PR splits, the way it goes, it will be your fault too.

    I respect LKS and LGE but by their latest action, they are still way below Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

  23. Hahaha.. Ni la dia. Orang ajak bersatu dgn umno tak nak. Konon umno menolak islam. Yang dap,pkr tu sokong islam ka ? Pasal tutup tempat babi pun nak keluar. Macam mana kalau pas tutup pusat judi ? meletupla dap.
    -anti taksub.

  24. I agree. DAP was too hasty in walking away in a huff. As a responsible political organisation that is part of the Opposition Alliance it should have investigated the matter thoroughly and if indeed the farm was run illegally then, quite rightly, it should be closed down.

  25. If Pakatan did split, it's not solely because of Umno's cunning-although they certainly are.

    Suspicion and the lack of communication between the three parties, PAS's continuing flirtation with Umno and DAP's stubbornness have done more damage than anyhing UBN have done.

    So, congratu;ations all. You don't even need Umno and MSM to do the job. You did it better yourselves.

  26. Demi kestabilan dan keutuhan, semua pihak kena ikut kaedah berikut:-
    1. rule of law - ikut sepenuhnya sebarang peraturan & undang2 yg ditetapkan oleh undang2kecil PBT, enakmen negeri & akta persekutuan.
    2. rule of majority - kalau satu kawasan/kampung/mukim/daerah itu majoritinya satu kaum maka tidak bolehlah mengadakan sesuatu bukan dlm budaya/agama kaum tersebut. Contohnya majoritinya Cina tak eloklah diadakan amalan budaya/agama kaum lain secara terbuka sehingga timbul perkara sensitif.
    Sekadar cadangan

  27. tulang besi;

    Walaupun saya sokong dan undi pakatan rakyat,sampai mati pun saya takkan suka DAP kerana sikap biadap dan tidak menghormati rakan.

    Tahniah PAS Kedah..Makin sayanglah org2 Melayu kat MB Kedah..30tahun penderitaan sudah berakhir..

  28. nie bukan racial isu...itu yg pasti...ternak babi dikwsan pnempatan mane2 bangsa pun mmg tak patot...aku rs mb kedah bela hak sume kaum...dgn ptimbangan ttg ksjahteraan pnduduk yg ada kt situ...

  29. UMNO paraih di Kedah suka sangat nak berlagak alim di Kedah.pemimpin2 mereka kaki penipu,rasuah no1 tapi suka nak berlakon alim,pious..kalah dlm GE13,haiwan haiwan perosak ini dah start utk bikin kacau bilau.PerakUG gomen dah gagal(for now),sekarang giliran DAP jadi target.Pariah barua UMNO/BN has unleased all thier ejen subversifs to create trouble,which also include Waythamoorthy and Uthayakumar.Sengaja bikin problem di High Chapperal,and Su defender of khinzir's rights , pulak announce utk pull out.helo,he got authority to annouce kah?hahaa..jelas,ini semua kerja BN barua.Oh,I hopelah,Zul "mulut celupar" Nordin kena sepak keluar in the next GE..talks 2 much,does nothing,acts like a UMNO/Bn spokesman dis kaki 3 jalur jack s loyar beruk.

  30. Pemuda Umno akui pecah meja DAP
    Muda Mohd Noor | Jul 3, 09 6:31pm
    Pemuda Umno Bukit Katil mengaku ahlinya telah bertindak memecahkan sebuah meja dalam kekecohan dengan DAP dan PAS di pasar malam Taman Melaka Baru, malam tadi.

    Selain seorang wakil rakyat DAP didakwa mengalami luka-luka, seorang ahli Umno ditahan di balai polis Batu Berendam selama enam jam sejak 9 malam bagi membantu siasatan.

    Setiausahanya Safrie Abdullah berkata, kejadian tersebut berlaku selepas pertikaman lidah antara kira-kira 40 ahli dan penyokong Pemuda Umno dengan kumpulan seangkatannya dalam DAP dan PAS.

    Tambahnya, insiden ketegangan ini terjadi setelah kali ketiga Pemuda DAP membuka meja pendaftaran pemilih dan juga menambahkan keahlian parti di pasar malam itu.

    “Dua kali sebelum ini, hanya Pemuda DAP yang datang berkempen, tetapi kali ini mereka ajak sama Pemuda PAS,” kata Safrie, yang tidak hadir di situ kerana turut bertugas di DUN Manek Urai yang menghadapi pilihanraya kecil, Isnin ini.


    kahkahkah..maka jelaslah..chootia pariah BN/UMNi r retards!!..kahkahkah

  31. ALO ANON2 MELAYU!!!! JANGAN LA PANDAI MENYAMAR KONONNYA I'm a chinese!!!! The way ur style wrote here already know not a chinese !! u r the bangang UMNO pencacai!! Tiu!!!! kanasai la!!!! kan ni na bo!!!! tiu lei lou mou!!!

  32. hey anon chinese dia atas... kalau u suka sgt babi tu.. pegi buat kandang babi kat belakang rumah u.. jgn kacau rumah tangga org lain.. mangkuk hayun punya chinese. pasai babi illigel pun nak maki kaum oramg lain.. babi punya chinese

  33. Serious ShepherdJuly 6, 2009 at 7:55 AM

    Teringin jugak nak gunakan istilah KERAJAAN BABI kalau DAP & PKR terima ajakan Gerakan untuk membentuk kerajaan bersama BN demi 'menyingkirkan' MB Kedah dan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Kedah.

    Tapi bila check balik:
    -Dalam DUN Kedah kebanyakan ahli BN adalah dari UMNO. Sanggupkah mereka menjadi sebahagian daripada KERAJAAN BABI?
    -Tidak mustahil tempat sembelihan babi ini beroperasi dengan 'pihak tertentu' membayar 'wang perlindungan' kepada kerajaan yang memerintah Kedah sebelum ini, yang didominasi oleh tak lain dan tak bukan ialah UMNO

    UMNO = 'Pintu saya' dalam bahasa Arab?

  34. Good move by Kedah DAP. If handled properly, this will strengthen Pakatan.

    To begin with, this is a decision at a DAP state level, where they said they will listen to the center. They hedged wisely.

    It illustrates DAP is willing to give up power to protest (one Dun, three councillors and 43 village appointments).

    While MCA is happy to fan the fire, did MCA quit the BN government when BN did wrong?

    It illustrates a single DAP Dun seat can rock the national coalition, strengthening DAP position in the eyes of voters, and reassuring DAP supporters who voted for PAS. A win for DAP.

    Also a win for Pakatan because Chinese supporters of PAS can see effective protest by coalition partner DAP even if they voted in a non DAP seat.

    Same logic for voters of other states that are not yet under Pakatan. It illustrates DAP needs to get more seats come the next election. Another win for DAP.

    This is another blunder by the unpopular Kedah MB. It increases consensus within Pakatan and the excuse to remove him later. He is just digging his own political grave.

    They should now just delay the abattoir demolition, find a temporary location, then find a good permanent location.

    Pakatan will be strengthened tremendously if this is resolved properly.

  35. This country has racist laws that discriminate against minority citizens. Over the last 3 decades the discrimination has gotten from bad to worse.

    The policies of this government reminds us of South Africa apartheid days which was condemned by all humanity.

    I wonder how these racists can reconcile their actions with the tenets of their religion.

  36. The name Melayu is an Indian word to denote hills or mountain range. There is a place in South India called Melayur.

    Indigenous people who marry Muslim Indians from Melayur identified themselves as Melayur.

    Over time, as the Malay kingdom spead through insular SEA, the word Melayur became simply as Melayu.

    If one were to do genetic test on the modern Malay in Peninsula Malaysia, they would invariably carry genetics from Indian to explain the darker complexion and kinky hair of most Malays as opposed to the Mongolid look of some Malays of original Malayo Polynesian, Dusun or Dayak stocks.

    The real natives or indigenous people of the Peninsula Malaysia can be found in the Northern parts of Peninusla Malaysia apart from the aborigines.

  37. To demolish pig farm, temple, kuil etc are some of the typical examples done by the previous government and had cause severe suffering, frustration etc to this minority rakyat.

    This is basically not in line with minority human right being provided under the equitable rule of law in this country and internationaly. Besides, it is aslo against the teaching of of all the four great religions in this world. To bully rakyat especially minority or OKU or helpless or handicapped people is greatest sin at all time. Should not be compromised for this inhuman altitude.

    It is sad that these activities still being continually being carried our by present PR government and also it heappend in this modern society. Shame on the PR leader itself.

    Look like, it is a kind typical "hooligan virus" found widely in the politician leaders. Malaysian are still living in the stone age civilisaton. Also PR is a copy-cat and inherit this virus administration of previous government. When is PR is going to use the new and stronger anti-virus software to wipe of this virus from the system?

    PR have to be different. Stand-up for the people human right ie discontinue all these demolish practices immediately. If there is need to demolish, look on relocation and do it sysmatically without creating hardship, difficulty, frustration, anger etc to the rakyat. A great Leader create everyones a winner.

    This is what we call skillful in Change Management capability. It is time for PR leader to be excellant change agent and dare to be different for bring great happiness and benefit to rakyat.

    Looking forward and high hope for PR leader to one in the near future.

  38. hahaha..the chairman of high chapperal,dat indian mafiaso talivar(who has 2 houses) says he wants to turn buah pala into a racial issue..pakatan leaders are aware of of this danger..for sure umno/bn are directly involved to bikin huru hara..wat else to expect frm retards eh?

  39. wat's human rights?rlogically speaking ah,in a 100% pure human rights environment,a robber has has the rights to steal?umno has the right to break all the laws to rampas kuasa..a smoker has every right to smoke everywhere..and anyone has the right to shit anywhere(like in india)..and also in india,a person has the right to drive against the traffic!!..betui tak..dats why werstern style human rights shit is useless..its all bout equilibrium..look at nature,rain forest etc etc..semua ada equlibrium, harmony,and balance..but,haprak manusia,corrupted by mosnter ego and selfishnes has turned everything upside down!!


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