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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is Wee Chee Keong a Troublemaker in PKR?

It was his open and unsubstantiated accusation against a Selangor exco man that prompted the MACC to start their uncall investigations on several Selangor Exco. And until now, Wee Chee Keong has not provided the public evidence to his accusation or even name the exco involved with the Chinese triads.

Wee Chee Keong, the MP for Wangsa Maju, made an open claim that a Selangor exco member is involved with the triads. Wee Chee Keong, the former DAP man, and former MP for Bukit Bintang (while I was schooling in the area, Wee Chee Keong was my MP). But he was canned from the DAP because he was such a troublemaker to the party.

I heard a lot of stories about the man from my DAP friends but I never really believe them. I know he formed a new party. I should’ve known my DAP friends were right because if Wee Chee Keong was right, then more than half of the party members would have followed him. But, alas, only a few of the supporters went with him.

Now, Teo is dead. And Teo’s blood is partly on Wee Chee Keong’s hands. It is his stupid and nonsensical claim that prompted the MACC to launch their head-hunting investigation that led to the tragic death of Teo.

In fact, Wee Chee Keong, according to my internal PKR sources, is speaking on behalf of a few PKR strong-men unsatisfied with the MB. And what is the source of their dissatisfaction? The MB refuse to give these people high-powered contracts and insist these people to go through the normal process and procedures.

Now, this small group wants to topple the MB and start an internal rebellion. They don’t care of the fact that the MB is very popular among the people of Selangor and the MB’s policies are making the PR government very popular.

On top of that, we have a certain PAS Exco members who are seeing the UMNO Selangor liason chief in secret. Not once but more than twice. But that’s another article.

So, it’s true what they say. When u want to make things right, you will face more people resisting you than when u want to make things wrong. Wee Chee Keong is a wrong the PKR must right, in the near future.

And I know the exco that Wee Chee Keong is trying to vilify. If he was such a triad man, he would have been in jail a long time ago for his vocalness in the last 30 years. Trust me. He is anything but a triad man.

To me, Wee Chee Keong is a disease. He must be rid of, else, PKR will die from the disease.

Tulang Besi
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  1. Fighting PantiesJuly 22, 2009 at 2:52 PM

    Wee Chee Keong is a used-up smelly panties that should be discarded before the privates catch disease.

  2. Another Perak ?

  3. I guess Teresa Kok was right in labelling Wee as a "shit stirrer"

    Whether any Selangor exco members involved in any trias is yet 2 be known
    Even if Wee Chee Keong does not revealed this serious allegations,UMNOputras would still seize the moment n reveal this allegation one way or another,prompting MACC 2 investigate

  4. Wee had already given his statement to SPRM. I repeat, dah bagi keterangan pada SPRM.

    If Wee have strong evidence, there would had, I repeat had arrested the said exco.

    Wee has nothing, not even a statutory declaration to back up his claim.

    If MDP is so strong, why Wee himself has to contest under PKR logo.

    You just lost whatever credibility you have Wee. Feel sorry for you.

  5. Wee, time for a toilet break and don't come back, you sick puppy.

  6. WEE CHEE KEONG is NOT a troublemaker. Why???

    1) His mother was raped by a group of stray dogs. 9 months later, WEE CHEE KEONG was born. Thus, it's normal for him to behave in such trouble-making manner.

    2) WEE CHEE KEONG's father was so traumatized with that stray dog rape incident. WEE's father later quit screwing women & started to screw dogs instead 9especially the PARIAH type).

    3) WEE CHEE KEONG's wife is also a styray dog LOVER. She's also a stray dog WHORE. Just buy her a burger & she'll let you screw her for FREEEE!!!!!

    4) WEE CHEE KEONG has erectile problem. Due to this problem, he spend most of his time doing stupid things such as causing unnecessary trouble cos' he no longer can have SEX to kill time.

    5) WEE CHEE KEONG ancestors have a history of screwing dogs for fun. That's why whenever WEE sees a dog....he catches it home & allow his wife to screw them

  7. please recall, wee chee keong and ahiruddin attan aka rocky bru were playing tandem. the malay mail, now headed by rocky, was the main source that played up the triad issue and took it to town. wee has got longer and darker puppet strings than just a few pkr strongmen.

  8. I am glad you bring this up, Wee Choo Keong turn off comments on his blog on this topic, purportly out of respect for the dead.

    I am sure plenty of readers have vented on his blog on his other threads, which he choose to hide.

    His political sandiwara started everything, his hands are stained.

    When he first started the post on Selangor state govt, I challenged him to lodge a police report first and claim credit later if he is sincere about cleaning up any govt whether BN or PR. Otherwise, he's no better than his BN counterparts like Ezam, plenty of threat of "I have proof" but nothing to show.

    Wee Choo Keong will be gone next election. He has blood on his hands.

  9. Teresa was on the dot calling him a SHIT STIRRER. I have known him as one for so many years. PR don't need this piece of shit.

  10. I agree, Wee is a trouble maker. Why is he so vicious against those in his team. Can he do it behind close doors?

  11. wEE cHEE kEONG!!!! FCUK YOU!!!!! CI BAI!!! HAM KA CHAN!!!!

  12. It came as a surprise to me when PKR accepted him to run for a parliamentary seat. Those we follow closely on his relation with DAP would definitely be expecting such nonsensical action from him in no time!

  13. Can anyone let me know WEE CHEE KEONG's contact details???

    I wanna send him & his family a SURPRISE!!!

  14. My friend just finished fucking WEE CHEE KEONG's wife. My friend said Mrs. Wee complimented him becos' it's been many years since she last felt ORGASM.

    When my friend asked that bitch he screwed..."Why that bastards Wee Chee Keong never gave you a good time, meh???"

    Mrs. Wee replied...."That HAM KA CHAN husband of mine name WEE CHEE KEONG can't even fuck. His cock was dead a long time ago & that's why he got so much time causing stupid trouble for DAP"

    Now, you guys see the reason why???

  15. Tulang Besi,

    This shit has shown his true colour and he deserves only 1 term. B. Bintang folks pls take note.

  16. Remember that in 1999 WCK ran his mosquito MDP party against Barisan Alternatif, making a nuisance of himself in DAP contested seats.

    Around that time WCK also made public allegations that Lim Kit Siang personally profited from APs. Kit Siang challenged him to make an ACA report, which he didn't. Basically he just did a hit-and-run... just made the accusation to get attention and some newspaper coverage, then had nothing to substantiate it.

    This is WCK's style. He is a liar. At the moment he is popular because he made some noise over Labu and some other things, but he is still the same kind of person. He is dishonest. Sadly it seems that he is still good enough to be on PKR's supreme council.

    There is a very good reason that DAP told him to f*** off and die when he wanted to come back... on this specific issue, it's not the standard DAP personality politics. WCK really is shit. Unfortunately he is now PKR's shit.

  17. Danne, WCK is Wangsa Maju. He wanted to contest Bukit Bintang under DAP, but DAP told him to eat shit and die. So he went to PKR, and they gave him WM.

  18. How come you excluded the other shit stirrer Azmin come he is so quiet on this?

  19. Tips on how to spot WEE CHEE KEONG in Wangsa Maju

    Just look around for stray dogs. When you managed to spot some stray dogs, then, just follow these stray dogs wherever they go. At last, you'll be sure to see WEE CHEE KEONG pants down fucking these stray dogs as if he's enjoying fucking his WHORE MOTHER.

    By the way, WEE CHEE KEONG's mother used to sell her smelly maggot filled pussy at the backlanes of Bukit Bintang. Her charges was 1 burger = 1 fuck & 1 soft drink = 1 blow job. This is the reason why WEE HEE KEONG love Bukit Bintang. It's becos' he enjoy being in Bukit Bintang watching his mother get screwed by those Banglas, Indonesians, Nepalese & Sri Lankans.

  20. A direct consequence of his action is the death of TBH. Didn't expect that did you, Wee? Didn't you attend the funeral? Happy now?

    I hope Wee remembers to look in the mirror each and every morning until the day he die.

  21. Wee and his UMNO/BN goons are trying to accuse Ronnie Liu as being a Triad operative in Selangor state exco.

    I know Ronnie Liu. If he was a triad, then i am the king of france

  22. Wee Choo Keong, we will remember you, SHIT STIRRER!!!!!

    The blood of Teoh Beng Hock is in your hands!!!!

  23. Wee Chee Keong is a shit stirrer.
    And now, he has shit in one hand and blood in another had.
    PKR MUST get rid of him for good, the sooner the better.

  24. Kebebasan Ala 1Malaysia...
    Dalam tempoh beberapa hari lalu, perkembangan berikut berlaku di stesen-stesen televisyen milik Media Prima dan akhbar-akhbar utama. TV3, NTV7 dan 8TV diarah untuk tidak melaporkan sebarang komen/pandangan pemimpin PR mengenai kematian Teoh Beng Hock dan SPRM. Hanya komen BN dan pihak rasmi dibenar untuk disiarkan.

    Penerbit Berita Inggeris NTV7 diarah untuk memalsukan hasil tinjauan orang ramai ketika siaran berita stesen itu pada 21 Julai. Soalan berbunyi "Adakah PR telah mengeksploitasi isu Beng Huat ?". 88% responden menjawab TIDAK. Hanya 12 peratus yang menjawab YA. Namun arahan "atas" memaksa penerbit untuk mengumumkan bahawa 56 peratus daripada responden kononnya menjawab YA.

    Penerbit berita 8TV dibidas oleh pihak "atasan" kerana menyiarkan visual polis menggunakan kekerasan ke atas orang ramai yang berkumpul sebagai tanda simpati terhadap Beng Hock depan pejabat SPRM Selangor Jumaat lalu.

    Selain itu RTM, TV3,NTV7, 8TV, RTM diarah untuk tidak menyiarkan sebarang berita mengenai istana Khir Toyo atau mengaitkan isu itu kepada pemborosan BN, mahupun keengganan SPRM menyiasat mantan MB Selangor itu.

    Semua suratkhabar diarah untuk tidak membesar-besarkan persoalan mengenai peranan SPRM dalam kematian Beng Hock.

    Akhbar Cina khususnya diberi arahan untuk tidak 'lebih-lebih' dalam menyiarkan laporan mengenai kematian Beng Hock dan taktik-taktik yang digunakan SPRM. Akibatnya Akhbar Sin Chew terpaksa menarik balik berita pada saat terakhir yang mengupas cubaan Berita Harian untuk menjadikan kontrovesi kematian Beng Hock sebagai isu perkauman.

    Minggu lalu, seorang penolong pengarang NTV7 Florence Looi diturunkan pangkat setelah beliau meminta seorang tamu di rancangan yang dikendalikannya untuk menilai prestasi Najib selepas 100 hari beliau menjadi PM. Tamu berkenaan memberikan markah C atau D kepada Najib, yang jelas tidak menggembirakan pejabat PM.

    Semua perkembangan ini adalah lanjutan daripada arahan yang diterima oleh pengarang-pengarang media sebelum ini, sejurus selepas Najib Tun Razak mengambil alih kepimpinan negara dan berjanji untuk mendokong kebebasan media.

    Arahan itu termasuk memastikan semua media memberi keutamaan untuk membuat liputan majlis-majlis Rosmah Mansor, isteri Najib. Arahan istimewa diberi kepada TV3, iaitu berita Rosmah harus disiarkan sebagai antara berita utama dan terawal dalam Buletin Utama 8 malam. "Must cover, Must use,(Mesti diberi liputan, mesti disiarkan)" itulah arahan yang diterima oleh Meja Berita TV3 bersabit majlis-majlis Rosmah.

    Jelas, manipulasi berita malah fitnah yang mewarnai media arus perdana sekian lama berterusan, malah bertambah serius di bawah Najib. Beliau memberi kuasa kepada Datuk Ahmad Talib untuk menguruskan semua kandungan berita di stesen-stesen televisyen TV3,NTV7, TV8 dan akhbar NST dan Berita Harian.

    Pelantikan itu disusuli dengan rombakan besar-besaran yang menyaksikan pengarang-pengarang kanan seperti Datuk Kamarulzaman Zainal diberhentikan. Begitu juga dengan Pengarang NTV7, Mohsin Abdullah. Pengarah Berita TV3, Wee Your Lee pula dipindahkan ke jabatan lain.

    Ahmad Talib membawa masuk konco-konconya seperti Asraf Abdullah, Manja Ismail dan Ahiruddin Atan untuk memastikan berita yang disajikan kepada rakyat setiap malam di televisyen dan menerusi akhbar, adalah mengikut rentak pentadbiran Najib.

    Semuanya tentu dibuat atas nama "kebebasan media" yang dicanang oleh PM 1Malaysia Najib.

  25. Guess whould ask more questions from this Amoy who used the word "SHIT STIRRER". Malays kata "KACAU DAUN".

    Whose shit being stirred? What shit?

    Normally when you stir shit, lots will come out, WORMS and the lot..

    And worse, TAPEWORMS...


  26. Wee is just a piss compared to the bigger "shit-stirring" organization which by the way is funded by your tax money. Stop funding (voting) the rotten system, and Wee, Hee, etc will fall.


    AZMIN dah terhegeh-hegeh nak jadi MB.

  28. Malays say they are split. Cannot get along. I say there's a split everywhere. Split among Chinese and Indians too. Some Chinese are with Barisan, some are with PKR, some are with DAP and others. Some Indians are with Barisan, some with Hindraf and many others. Looks like every race is split. They are not getting along with each other and other races. What's wrong with Malaysians? Can't we all learn or at least try out best to get along with everyone? There's so much double crossing and in fighting. It makes me so sad.

  29. TB,

    Kalau kita baca komen-komen tentang Wee Chee Keong ni,memanglah dia ni teruk dan tak bolih diharap.Kebetulan siMamat ni jadi Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju,kawasan kami.Sejak jadi ahli parlimen,siMamat ni gaji buta,tak buat apa-apa pun diWangsa Maju.Kami pun tak tahu dan tak faham mengapa PKR bolih setuju letak siMamat ni dekat Wangsa Maju.Dia menang diWangsa Maju sebab bantuan PAS.PKR hanya ada 2 cawangan saja diWangsa Maju,itu pun macam hidup segan mati tak mau manakala PAS punya 11 cawangan yang aktif.Bila dah menang pilihanraya siMamat ni buat deeek saja pada PAS.Apa yang dikomen olih orang tentang siMamat ni memang betul dan tepat.

  30. “Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was “manhandled and threatened” by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

    When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,”said the source who was not authorized to speak to media.”

    Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:


    We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
    That is all that really matters.

  31. WCK adalah manusia yang serupa dengan Ibrahim Ali. Mereka ingat kemenangan mereka di PRU12 adalah kerana kehebatan sendiri.....barua..... Kemenagan PR adalah kerjasama rakyat tak kira bangsa kerana nak tumpangkan BN. Kematian Teoh adalah kerana sgala tomahan tomahan WCK yang tidak berasas. Manusia ini tidak patut di ambil perhatina langsung dan kawan kawan Cina saya di Wangsa Maju pun telah bosan dan marah pada budak barua ini dan tidak akan memberikan undi mereka kepada WCK pada PRU13. Harap PR akan letak seorang yang betul betul hendak kerja sebagai Wakil Rakyat dan akan bersama rakyat dan bukan yang nak buat kacau saja. BorrrrDah....WCK...mampus lah kau.

  32. Is Azmin Ali involved?Pariah dogs like Rocky,WEE,and all those who want to be instant millionaire should be lynched!!Even misguided idealist like RPK should be shunned!!

  33. We must realsie ,this formula called
    MP(MONEY POWER) RULEZ" is a disease..worse then ebola virus,H1N1,AIDS,semua sekali..and Malaysia is an ultra f*ked up brain dead 'SHOW ME DA MONEY" PARIAH NATION..PEOPLE R WILLING TO DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY AND POSITIONS..thats why everything is distorted.including religious truths!!ow is the time to roll up our sleeves and and show our fists of fury!!Now is the time to show them,who really rules!!









    1. Please be more sensible and get off that Caps Lock please.

    2. Please don't expect people to be fools in believing out of nowhere Teoh jumpa out of 14th Floor.

    Furthermore, he is 30 years old with a bright future, about to get married with the woman he loved, and a father to be.

  36. Nizam Mahmud,
    There are many people all over the world that are below 30 committed suicide. Not everybody are the same. You may think it is not sensible but you are not Ben Huat.

    If he had survived, he would say the same like what you said. But it was a decision from a trouble minded person, an obvious irreversible mistake.

    As usual, Anwar and the goons will blame it on UMNO /BN Government, the police, MACC and everybody else except for themselve. You know I almost vomitted when I heard Anwar said it in the news.

  37. Looking at the rising number of of rumah urut in Selangor ever since Pakatan Rakyat takes over, I'm sure these underworld that run all these business have good links with PR excos...

  38. Please dont jump the gun if you are not sure what you are talking about. I am ardent supporter of Pakatan Rakyat but my credit goes to YB Azmin Ali. Forget about Wee Chee Keong. There is a truth that Selangor MB is uncapable to run the state. IF you are in the property developer circles... you would probably give a big applause to YB Azmin. To be exact....YB Azmin is not actually targeting the Selangor excos but the MB himself. This morning some of us attended MTES meeting chaired by the MB. The MB did not even study the project proposal but to reject outright if the proposal prepared by the developers who were in good relation with the previous government.....

  39. Here we go;

    PENDEDAHAN HEBAT! This makes RPK like elementary pupil...

    TBH is an idealistic young man. too bad there are bad apples in PAKATAN RAKYAT

  40. If he had survived, he would say the same like what you said. But it was a decision from a trouble minded person, an obvious irreversible mistake.

    My Answer:

    Dear Annoymous, you are the only one who is saying that now.

    His friends, his colleagues, his family, his parents and his fiance could not believe he committed suicide. And they said the only thing he ever complaint is that his present job is challenging which is basically what everyone else is saying about their jobs.

    Those who are close to him said he is no suicidal and does not indicate so in his last days on earth.

    Now you are saying he is a trouble minded person, can you prove that Annoymous?

    My advice is this, if you wanted people to belief your words against words of people and family close to him, you should try harder.

  41. PENDEDAHAN HEBAT! This makes RPK like elementary pupil...

    My answer:

    Look at the first document, the date is 28th-30th January 2008.

    I thought the present Selangor goverment is formed after 8th March 2008.

    That is proof against DAP or Khir Toyo's Selangor government?

    Confusing lah. First document already lost credibility.

  42. Dalam dokumen pertama, sila baca Header:


    ADUN pada Januari 2008 bukanlah Ronnie Liu. Ia adalah Datuk Liew Chee Khong dari MCA

    Keputusan Pilihanraya 2003 DUN Selangor:

    N. 56 SUNGAI PELEK (16,485)
    M: 37.6% C: 39.4% I: 22.4%
    B/Sab: 0.2% B/Swk: 0.1% L: 0.3%
    1. Datuk Liew Chee Khong @ Liew
    Chee Choong (BN) 7,847
    2. Cheong Kai Cheng (DAP) 3,740

    Untuk pengetahuan semua, Ronnie Liu kalah di PJU.

    Ronnie bukan ADUN pun sebelum 8 March 2008, kenapa dokumen itu memasukkan sekali tarikh pada Januari 2008.

    Dah la dokumen itu tak ada tanda apa-apa ataupun cop atau tandatangan sesiapa pun, bohong lah cerita ini.

    Macamana mendiang Teoh boleh ada dokumen pemberian kontrak pada Januari 2008?

    Tak masuk akal!

  43. Nizam Mahmud,

    Do you think the family of Beng Huat and pakatan colleague are going to admit that there is a possibility of suicide. Be real my friend. Politician be it BN or Pakatan are of the same lot. Don't put your life on them.

    Except for pakatan, most public do not believe that somebody had push him off the window.

    He is not an ordinary person whom the MACC can play around with.

  44. Kalu di lihat dari sudut Piskologi Ronie Liu sedang kepanasan..
    dari tindak tanduk orang sudah dapat agak ada tak kena dengan exco ini...Tunggulah penyiasatan selesai..

  45. Do you think the family of Beng Huat and pakatan colleague are going to admit that there is a possibility of suicide.

    Mr Annoymous,

    So everyone is lying except you right? Teoh's colleagues are lying, Teoh's friends are lying too, Teoh's family also lies and his fiancee and wife to be is also a liar.

    The only one who is telling the truth is you, who posted as Annoymous and some pro BN bloggers.

    Yeah, that is convincing. I am suppose to believe someone who posted as Annoymous against words from dozens of Teoh's friends, family and love ones.

    You work very hard to cover SPRM's ass my friend. But honestly, I must tell you that there is nothing you guys can do to cover up this.

    If I were Najib, I would hang those who threw the poor man out of window. Due to the action of few brainless thugs, the whole plan either has to be aborted or to be proceeded but with a very huge and gigantic consequences against BN.

    Even PAS Selangor is keeping quiet. Nobody in Selangor is talking about UG now. Because if they do, it will be a very big setback for them.

    Nobody looks kindly at people who are in unity with murderers. And they might as well dissolve Kelab Penyokong PAS.

    God works in mysterious ways.

  46. Nizam Mahmud,

    You are the one who is emotional trying to cover the ass of your pakatan colleague.

    Did I ever mentioned that the family and friends are lying. Read carefully my friend.

    Let the police or the royal commission investigate but believe me, you guys only want to hear one verdit that is, UMNO/BN is the murderer. Other then that, Anwar and the gang are going to declare it rubbish bla bla.. Do you want to bet?

    Face the fact, there are something going on out there. Anwar, Azmin Ali and Wee Chee Keong have the answer....

  47. Nizam Mahmud,

    Friend, read the news today on the new twist in Beng Hock case. You see what I mean when I said Anwar, Azmin and Wee Chee Keong knew the answers....

    You can hide the smelly shit, it gonna surface out.

  48. Nizam,

    "Look at the first document, the date is 28th-30th January 2008."

    You have just highlighted another form of abuse - backdating.... hahahahaha....

  49. PR = Perompak Rakyat!!!!

  50. Wck himself is involved with triad "Long Foo Tong" ppl like Chan Kai Man (Siew Ngap Man), Ang Sai Tee and lesser guys like Seh Pei(Snake Skin).

    He is a indeed a shit stirrer, during Petaling Street Project, he made a statement that the contractor is a Old Klang Road (gang 18) taiko just to incite Petaling Street (gang loong foo tong/24) to a gang war.

    The issue was settled by Yeh Soh from Imbi.

  51. Sahabat Kanan,

    Surat Ronnie Liu arah Jangan Ambil Tindakan Terhadap Pusat Cafe Siber Operasi Lebih Masa

    Rujuk surat di atas, ini pun fitnah jugak ke Nizam & Tulang Besi?

    kenapa korang ni buta hati sgt?Benda macam ni ke yg korang mahu bila Pakatan Rakyat memerintah?

    Kalau ada org PAS yg sokong lagi DAP ni, mmg confirm buta perut.

  52. Sahabat kanan,

    Wong Chuan How Sapu Projek dr 4/7/09

    MS pertama dokumen,semenjak 4 julai 2008, asyik2 Wong Chuan How dapat projek..sebelum tu rencam jugak kompeni yg dapat kat sg Pelek.

    MS terakhir:

    Wong Chuan Wah sapu projek dari 20 Nov 2008

    Apa lagi yg nak korg defend, Nizam?Baik kau defend Nik Aziz ke Husam lg bagus.

    Kalau dah salah tu salah laaa..

  53. Well we PR kindergarten politician and this fatal virus had to be removed soonest possible. The truth had to be spoken at the right place and right time, then only it bring benefit to oneself and other simultaneously.

    At time, truth is not to be spoken for the sake of being responsibility or moral duty, as it could bring disaster/damages to others. We have to wait for the right timing, right place and through proper channel. Or else, keep quiet and don't be a dead hero as what is proven. At time, Silence is Golden.

    En Azmin Ali and Wee CK, do not shit at your main door of PKR and PR.

  54. PRO Pakatan terus senyap-sepi.

    Dah tak tau nak pusing.
    Masa kes mula-mula timbul, wah, dengan pantas menuduh BN, UMNO etc sebagai dalang, tanpa fakta, logical explanation atau kewarasan.

    In other words, fitnah melulu.
    Inilah reputasi Pakatan selama ini. fitnah dan mengutuk.
    Apa kerja yang PAkatan dah buat?

    Apakah yang kita semua telah nikmati dari kerajaan PR?

    Tak ada apapun.
    Asyik-asyik berhimpun, demonstrasi, bakar lilin, ceramah etc-etc


    And you expect people to support you?

    Go fly kite, only idiots supports PR.
    Sebab yang dok bising-bising sebelum ni, dah nampak macam idiot when the simple truth surface.

    Now, the crunch is who killed TBH?
    What would the families of TBH think of the parties that will be proven involved?
    The same face that lit the candles?


    And another give away...
    When WCK made that revelation, why Ronnie Liu and Ms Kok melatah when no names were mentioned?

    Nasib baik tak lari ke Turkish Embassy.

    Bersaralah dari mempertahankan yang tidak benar.
    Buat malu kemudian sahaja.

    Truth is very simple to see indeed.

  55. A few dubious printed statements, all the BN supporters jumping like monkey and jackass calling for the Selangor government to be brought down.

    Just like najis, dumb assess think alike……….

  56. Let Umno and MACC declare whether they are in any way behind these desperate acts.

    If Teoh had died outside MACC, the lies that DAP had killed Teoh to shut him up may have greater traction. But to these liars and desperadoes, truth is the least important.

    More lies, completely unbelievable ones, are in the pipeline.

    There are people who are mortally frightened of the truth and that is why the demands not only of the family, but all right thinking and justice loving Malaysians for a Royal Commission of Inquiry has been blocked.

  57. The sad fact is that most Malaysians, especially the malays, are guided by their greed instead of their brain. That is why we will never hear the end of "get rich quick" schemes.

    Offer them instant wealth however ridiculous and ludicrous it may be, and they will be rushing to put in their investment.

    The same may be said when it comes to election. Things are changing. But will it change fast enough?

  58. You said it, brother!

    Some people in this country have apparently lost their minds, hearts, whatever sense or conscience they had.

    We stay and fight, for truth, for justice, for freedom to live as humans!

    But we fight not with force or might, we fight with truth and the truth shall prevail.

  59. This is just another example of how sick our present government under BN is.

    It makes us all wonder how low can they go before the whole country collapses……….

  60. Kiri311

    Let us change the word BN to PR,what will happen:

    "A few dubious blog statements, all the PR supporters jumping like monkey and jackass calling for the Fderal government to be brought down.

    Just like najis, dumb assess think alike………."

    by reek

    "Let DAP and PR declare whether they are in any way behind these desperate acts.

    Unfortunately, Teoh had died inside MACC, the lies that BN had killed Teoh to shut him up may have greater traction. But to these liars and desperadoes, truth is the least important.

    More lies, completely unbelievable ones, are in the pipeline.

    There are people who are mortally frightened of the truth and that is why the demands not only of the family, but all right thinking and justice loving Malaysians for a Royal Commission of Inquiry has been blocked."

    by San

    "This is just another example of how sick our present government under PR is.

    It makes us all wonder how low can they go before all states under their control collapse………."

    by vesewe

  61. Kiri311

    "Just like najis, dumb assess think alike………."

    najis....u know..nik ajis..

    eat ur own ex perlis mufti said...

  62. Malaysian are in deep shit because they do not have much choice but to opt for BN. Time has revealed the hidden truth about DAP, PKR and PAS.

    DAP are racist from hair to toe and now swindler of public money, far worst than people accepting bribe. PKR comprised of rejected ex BN politican who are out they to take revenge, not on principle but to scoup projects for self interests while PAS wanted to put malaysian back to the stone age.

    The elegence silence played by BN has paid well and it showed how immature the pakatan alliance really are. Breaking off is the best thing to do and asked Brother Anwar to fcuk off. Karpal Singh was right when he said "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough trouble"....

  63. i really hope he can sleep well at night knowing that a man's life was lost because of his unfounded accusations. No one can believe Beng Hock killed himself. Shame on BN and Malaysia for not arresting teh murderers/ Agreed
    that WCK should be dropped from Pakatan line-up in the next elections.

  64. Thats the problem with Msian Chinese politicians. Everyone wants to be the head and hero. They love to double cross their comrades if things don't work their way. 1 thing I can tell is PR Govt won't last long with these idiots around. Talk is cheap when come to elections. Given the power, they will show their real colour. The chanting of CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE...change my foot lah, if the alternative choice is kurang lebih!

  65. The reason behind our chinese brother's struggle for change is just to abolish NEP. That's it. It was shear jealously even though they knew that the econmomic cake has to be shared for all of us to live in harmony.

    The corruption among malay politician in most cases involved the chinese businessmen that are full of greed to outsmart their rivals.

    With power comes great responsibility and Malaysian do not think DAP, PKR nor PAS has the maturity to hold it. THey are only good at barking...

  66. No matter how we look at things now, the people had elected for 5 states to be governed by PR when they denied BN the majority but only BN does not recognise this fact and are planning to overthrow these PR state govts by way of inducing PR reps first by using MACC agst them but so far only the 2 goons in Perak fell for it and of course the hapless "Camry Crazy" madam too.

    BN then tried to do the same in Kedah, Penang but their plans failed as people had seen thru their wicked plans.

    Now the stage is Selangor and probably they had inseider help in way of some PR Reps like Wee Choo Keong and Azmin by their outspoken cases of so called gangster and useless Excos. But the biggest related issue is the case of so called gangster related Excos which may have led to unfounded corruption cases and this helped BN thru their so called "Malay - UMNO Institution" to sting on PR reps and other members too.

    Therefore WCK is the black hand behind all these in collaboration with Najlis and BN thru MACC.

    If "Go fly kite, only idiots supports PR", then I prefer to be an idoit doesnt matter as those who support Bn are actually murderers and fools.

    There is no argument that Teoh was in MACC custody till his body was found and MACC is the mian suspect for his death. If one day, you were tyo be asked to go to MACC for questioning, I bet you will shiver with fear as you will worry if you will ever come out alive again????

  67. really ar? r u sure???? no la...

  68. Hey anon July 28, 2009 9:31 AM,

    You think people who support gangster not a murderer too.. what a joke.. you are an idiot and also a murderer...

  69. Sahabat kanan,

    No matter how we look at things now, the people had elected for 5 states to be governed by PR when they denied BN the majority but only BN does not recognise this fact and are planning to overthrow these PR state govts by way of inducing PR reps first by using MACC agst them but so far only the 2 goons in Perak fell for it and of course the hapless "Camry Crazy" madam too.

    So, macam mana dengan majoriti rakyat yang telah memilih BN sebagai kerajaan di negeri2 yg lain dan juga kerajaan pusat?

    Apabila Anwar Ibrahim mahu merampas kuasa pada 16 Sept, tiada pula geng2 pembangkang ini yang terkinja2 membantah atas nama demokrasi, tetapi menghalalkan pula perbuatan machiavelli Anwar.

    2 wakil dr PKR masih lagi dibicarakan atas jenayah rasuah seks.Hairannya, kenapa semasa mereka terlibat dgn rasuah seks ini pihak PR tidak mengutuk dan kondem.Jika Eli Wong tiba2 masuk Gerakan atau MCA, adakah semua kehidupan sosialnya akan dibongkar?Tetapi, sebelum ini hanya kerana dia org PKR, dia bebas dari dosa?

    Apa bukti Hee itu gila Camry?

    BN then tried to do the same in Kedah, Penang but their plans failed as people had seen thru their wicked plans.

    BN has no capability to do that.If Bukit Selambau is one of ur "good example", than it is a bad one.

    Apa hukum agama hindu ataupun masyarakat india, dia berpoligami?Apatah lagi kalau dia simpan perempuan?Apakah semua masalah moral yg kemudiannya berjaya dibongkar ahli masy perlu dituding kpd BN.

    Another thing is, cuma seorang sahaja, ingat, PAS sendiri ada 16 org, tidak termasuk PKR dan DAP.Duri dalam daging kepada kerajaan PR di kedah adalah DAP.

    It is the same in penang, where DAp n PKR hold the majority, and negligence is shown towards the only rep from PAS.

    Ada fairus nak masuk BN?takde, although his misdeed had been exposed in fairus believe that the blog was set up by PKR members themselve to overthrow him.

  70. These pro pakatan supporters have weird sense of imagination.
    Totally detached from reality that their imagination is totally wild.
    That's what happen when logic no longer parallel to their interest. RPK wannabes... What else can I say

  71. I totally agreed with the above statement infact, majority of Malaysian do think the same now.

    Pakstan barks and fabricates stories to their whim and fancy. The 'rakyat' are not stupid all the time. The wind of change are blowing faster then you think...

  72. ex-bukit bintangJuly 29, 2009 at 4:04 PM

    Pakatan may bark but BN "Farts". Why and when does a dog normally barks? A dog will bark when it sense wrong doings about to happen or sensed danger coming.....Havent you watch movies how a dog will bark to attract attention to save somebody? Thats dog sense for you.

    BN component parties will not dare to even murmur to UMNO when UMNO bullies or even hti them...thats BN for you.

    I have know WCK since his days as MP for Bukit Bintang. Even then, he showed his egoistic manner and even then he is not a teamplayer. I can say that DAP must have felt very relieved when he left to form his onw private party MDP whcih never gather any support except for some miserable splinters who quickly melted away after some dealings with him.

    Wonder if his party ever held any AGM and done any submissions to the Registrar?

    Anyway, WCK is no doubt the black hand to TEOH's death and many believed that he is also the black hand on the coward blog that tried to put Ronnie Liew to trouble but fortunately this wont work as poeple nowadays are smart enough to see which is the truth.

  73. MCA remains lapdog of Umno, coward, hypocrite, super cronyism whoever its president is, and totally hopeless as far as most fair-minded Malaysians are concerned!

  74. The initial postmortem report revealed that Teoh Beng Hock was murdered by MACC.

    (1) He was pronouced dead at around 8 to 9 am. But MACC claimed they only heard a big sound at 1.30 pm and then found his body.

    (2) His handphone is not with his body. Teoh was either still under the custody of MACC or someone removed the phone from his dead body.

    (3) The latch of window in leval 14 where MACC office is located found at the floor of level 5.

    (4) The body is not facing down unlike normal suicide from tall building. This pointed to he was already dead when he was falling down.

    (5) The blood stain is abnormal little. This is another sign to show that he already dead before falling down.

    (6) His pants were torn. His pants incidentally hooked to window latch before his body was forced out.

    (7) The timber door at MACC main entrance was shut down from 1.15 to 1.50 pm. This 45 minutes duration is mostly the body was pushed out.

    From these initial findings, my conclusion is he was murdered inside the office at 8 - 9 am before his dead body was threw out from level 14 at 1.30 pm.

  75. Umno/BN component parties and their cronies/EC/MACC/PDRM - No. 1 liar and public enemy, bunch of corrupted, despicable, racist morons rotten to the core!

  76. Hey Konek,

    If ur wife got raped, ur house been broke in, ur daughter been kidnapped and make as a prostitute, dont ask PDRM to help u. try settle by ur ownself...

    U r rotten sick maniac people...

  77. To the above anon:

    When we say an institution is corrupt, we don't mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that institution is.

    Stop being ignorant. Know the difference.

  78. To the Anon who said ....

    "Hey Konek,
    If ur wife got raped, ur house been broke in, ur daughter been kidnapped and make as a prostitute, dont ask PDRM to help u"

    My answer is

    Hey PDRM (calling someone PDRM is a worse insult in Malaysia than calling him Konek)

    So, Hey PDRM
    Let me tell you that in Malaysia it's usuallly PDRM people who rape, break into homes and turn daughters into prostitutes.

    Go do some research and you'll see I'm telling the truth. Or just look at yourself in the mirror, PDRM.

  79. It seems that Wee Choo Keong was tageting to tarnish the image of Malaysiakini and Air Asia.

    I don't feel that Malaysiakini is bankrupt because in general many want to update themselves with news that are transparent. It up to people opinion and he should not ask government to take action on Malaysiakini. All Malaysian should have equal right to view any type of news and therefore I don't see bankrupt issue exist.
    For Air Asia we should be proud to have the first private company to champion a well known airline in Malaysia and as well as oversea. Why killing this company image and degrade our nation ahievement and income ?

    I would advise Wee Choo Keong to rethink his statement in parliament. He should think before he speak. If he feel the two company is wrong then don't need to be hasty to make comment. Let time take it cause. Let these company run their own business and see whether the gain or lose support from public.


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