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Monday, August 3, 2009

UMNO Was Born Out of Demonstrations / Illegal Gatherings (With Pictures)

I just cannot believe my ears when I watched TV3 and TVI news yesterday. They had strings of UMNO leaders, past and present, condemning the anti-ISA gathering last Saturday.

The biggest blunder came from our own, Dr Mahathir Mohd. He says that the culture of illegal gathering is the culture of Anwar Ibrahim and not of Malaysian. Maybe he forgot that UMNO itself was born out of illegal gatherings. Refer to the picture above.

Najib says that the ISA protest is an inconvenience. I bet the British said the same thing too when Malays came out in numbers protesting against Malayan Union back in 1946 in various illegal gatherings throughout the country.

Funny, because in major cities around the world, i.e. London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam etc, protests are a normal scene and yet none of the major leaders of the world had characterized these gatherings as being an inconvenience.

UMNO leaders are history blind and hypocritical. When UMNO people organized racists gathering bordering on sedition, never was UMNO people arrested or prevented from organizing their rallies.

Aziz Sheikh Fadzir should have been arrested under ISA long time ago and charged under the Sedition Act. Yet, we see Aziz free to contest as UMNO candidate in Kulim Bandar Baru ( although he lost).

Najib organized a seditious gathering in Stadium TPCA back in 1987. Yet, Najib was never arrested. Instead, leaders which has absolutely nothing to do with the gathering was arrested in large numbers.

Najib and a few MCA leaders were given a holiday in Australia to cool down while numerous opposition leaders suffered under the ISA interrogation and solitary confinement.

Clearly, ISA is a tool to serve UMNO. And whatever is inconvenient to UMNO is inconvenient to the current practice of corruption and money grabbing among UMNO leaders.

So, I call upon every Malaysians to see this deliberate memory lapse of UMNO leaders in their condemnation of the ISA protest. If UMNO leaders wanted to protest the ISA demonstration, then they must also condemn the 1946 anti Malayan Union protest as well, because clearly the 1946 protests were illegal protests and has no permits from the authorities. Plus it was a nuisance for the British.

Tulang Besi
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  1. This not surprising. Selective amnesia is a trademark of the BN politicians. Who was first to kurang ajar with the Sultans? Dr M with UMNO. Who was first to breed cronism? UMNO. Who was first to promote gambling and liquor in an "islamic" country? UMNO.

  2. Its the power to corrupt and we as people, got the blame to get these UMNO, MCA, MIC - BN to be there to corrupt and then forget about how to treat people as people but more as subjects.

    There is no other way out but to sack BN come GE13 and show UMNO once and for all that the equation of "UMNO is Malay, Malay is UMNO" is totally WRONG!!!. We are Malaysians and we got our human rights to assemble and to protest against any injustice.

    ISA by itself is already so outdated and injustice to the people of Malaysia now that the Communist threat is no longer with us. Once and for all, if UMNO wants to stay in power, they should really think of repealing ISA and NOT reviewing it. It will be another case of old wine in new bottle like the ACA to MACC...real SUCKS!!!!!

  3. .

    this old man is a known grand hypocrite.

    eveything that he is for or said is only to satiate his greed for power - by mean of dynasty thru his son via the PM.

    Does he care for the situation in the country - NOPE.

    devils are good schemers.


  4. UMNO...dulu kini selamanya...lupa...hanya ingat dosa orang lain tetapi lupa dosa-dosa dirinya...

  5. I was trapped in the heavy jam on that day but instead of feeling angry with the protestors, I felt rage in my heart with the government for all the injustice perpetrated to the people! If there is any inconvenience, it is only the incompetence of how the government is running the country! Already too fed-up with their faces in the mainstream TV talking all sorts of rubbish, thinking the people are stupid! We are not and we will vote you out in the next GE!

  6. what do you expect from Mamakthir ? His is mother of all hypocrite !!

  7. sometime we wish he is as clever as lee kuan yew.

  8. ISA is all about maintaining power. Power to issue UNLIMITED FREE MONEY for government and cronies.

    How to overthrow BN?
    I'm calling everybody, every rakyat to PRINT MONEY. Imagine we have millions of WE THE PEOPLE POWER printing money, breaking prisons and crashing BN overnight.

  9. ini gambo tipu la

  10. Mahathir must be too senile to say that Anwar started this street protest culture. Mahathir vengence just overflows. UMNO had used street protest in the early fifties against the British. All great leaders have used street protest as a means to achieve betterment to their people from repressive governments. Gandhi, Mandela, Ayotulla Khomeni have all used protest as means to awaken their people. Is it OK to organise street protest against Zoinist Isreal but all other protest are a NO No...........

  11. Bro,UMNO ori dah diharamkan in 1988..kahkahkah..ini UMNO BARUah..Mamak pundek kutty ahli # is 001..kahkahkah..

  12. How stupid are do they think the rakyat are? as stupid as them?
    In a race to scratch each other's butt, they would say anything to 'up their saham' and open up more possibilities for more position and money. Those who didn't say anything would be considered as less 'umno'ish and will be left by the next train.
    So here we are, listening to the bad, worse and worst blunders of malaysian politic

  13. ha! ha! ha!
    I thought you guys were different.

    Tiru UMNO pulak? bagus, bagus.

    You guys are right.
    That illegal UMNO gathering sudah lapuk, pun kamu nak tiru.

    Sekarang kata ISA dah lapuk, dan perlu mansuh!
    Tiru la jugak...

    Hei make up your mind laa. apa nih?

  14. Spot the difference!

    No street blockage. All standing on the kerb of the roundabout. Few cars at that time.

    No business forced to closed ( not in middle of Chowkit or Batu road ).

  15. puak2 amno ni bila kena anak bini sendiri masuk isa baru tau..tapi itu adalah mustahil,isa hanya utk pembangkang.. berbillion ringgit duit rakyat di curi oleh amno dan rakan2 perniagaannya siapa nak hukum mereka yg mengkhianati negara ini?

  16. True, but it's still an illegal gathering

  17. gambo ni ada signboard la


  18. Yes, the police should use ISA on the pro-ISA group and lock them up for 3 years. Since they are pro-ISA, I am sure they will fully support the police decision.

  19. Iyelah, signboard ckp omputih sebab masa tu British memerintah kan.

  20. Congratulations once again, to our blue uniform baboons and red wild guards.

    They have once again shown their undying loyalty to a bunch of corrupted evil men - the ketuanan Umno melayu bastards!

    These brainless marbles suckers never fail to entertain me with their despicable ass wiping acts……….

  21. In Malaysia everything is illegal except when Umno farts.

  22. Razak - started racial politics and malay supremacy

    Mahathir - started cronyism and corruption and ISA politic

    Badawi - started sleeping culture and half pass six nepotism

    Najib - start sex and killing politics

  23. The longer the existence of Utusan and Umno governing this nation, the worse the image Malaysia is projecting to the world.

    Utusan and Umno may not have realised that, but a lot of people in other countries have regarded Malaysia as a low class country.

    Jaguh kampung but a joker to the world indeed.

  24. As long as there is special right, ketuanan melayu, housing discount, there will never be a 1 Malaysia.

  25. The ISA is a political tool of Umno to stay in power.
    Malaysia is one of few countries in the world to have such a DRACONIAN LAW ....if its Terrorists we can understand but Opposition members & supporters being jailed without trial is against the spirit of decency & humanity.
    PAS & KEADILAN & DAP need to be supported in their front line effort to abolish the ISA.
    We all have a role to play ,however small to bring REAL CHANGE to end the ROT,SCANDALS,KILLINGS (remember Kugan,Teoh Beng Huat,Altantuya ) and the daily robbery,snatch thieves and corruption of money-billions & millions being stolen by Officials & Politicians.
    These are Issues the Government should address NOT fearing critics fr Opposition & jailing them without trial.

  26. assalamualaikum TB
    apa komen TB mengenai exco Ronnie Liu yang marah pasal MBSA angkut beer dr 7/11?
    mm..ambo harap TB boleh bg sikit2 pendapat TB mengenai ini, sebab dalam website RPK, ramai yg tgh komen dlm web tu, kebanyakkannya marah n x puas hati tindakan MBSA, seolah Islam ni boleh diperlekehkan oleh mereka..
    sedih, kecewa n frust ambo bila org bukan Islam bercakap pasal Islam tapi sebenarnya mereka xtau pasal Islam.Ambo rasa di Malaysia ni jarang kita dgr orang Islam bercakap pasal agama lain, tapi terlalu ramai yg bukan Islam cakap pasal Islam.

  27. Hmm. How about retaining the ISA just for a little while. I think there is a great chance of the the Oppositions winning the 13th GE. I would really love to see the UMNO goons and their lackeys have a taste of their own medicine which they deserve. I am sure many of the rakyat share this feeling.

  28. This is only further evidence to show that this pariah Mahathir is not a Malay, he is an Indian.
    What does he know about true Malay cultures neither do the half breeds in UMNO do.
    The Malays may be slow in most things but still I think it is about time that the real Malays have this pariah Mahathir and all the half breeds (they are all non Malays really) sacked from UMNO and above all have their corrupted money taken back. The Malays then will have more than 50% of the country wealth. Why wait for another 500 years, do it now !
    The 18.9% wealth that you are supposed to have at the present moment has not taken into account the corrupted wealth this pariah Mahathir, his children and all his cronies have. It is therefore quite true that the Malays do not have 30% of the country wealth. The pariah Mahathir, his children and the other half breeds (non Malays) together have more than all the others non Malays have put together.


  29. apa komen TB mengenai exco Ronnie Liu yang marah pasal MBSA angkut beer dr 7/11?

    Iye ke dia marah ataupun ini semua sandiwara?

  30. I rather hav the British colonizing us all over again than having the corrupt Yahudi like UMNO regime treating the rakyat like a piece of shit

  31. Iye ke dia marah ataupun ini semua sandiwara?

    Ya Allah buta hati betul... Ya Allah tunjukkan sesuatu kepada makhlukMu yang mempergunakan agama Mu untuk tujuan memutar belit ini


    Kepercayaan kepada Kuasa Rakyat
    Kesetiaan kepada Rakyat dan Alam
    Keluhuran Hak Asasi Manusia
    Kedaulatan Hak Rakyat
    Keberanian kerana Kebenaran

  33. Blogger Tulang Besi said...

    apa komen TB mengenai exco Ronnie Liu yang marah pasal MBSA angkut beer dr 7/11?.

    Iye ke dia marah ataupun ini semua sandiwara?



    Still nak backup org PR?

    Dah orang-orang pas pun dah marah, kau ni TB nak jadi apa?

    Ni la org cakap sokong membawa rebah. Memang betul la ano sorang tu tu cakap kau ni buta hati, bukan setakat buta mata!

  34. Tulang Besi, a funny thing when i tried to print this article the PDF name which is automatically generated was umno-was-born-out-of-demon.pdf how appropriate.

    "UMNO Was Born Out of Demonstrations / Illegal Gatherings (With Pictures)"

  35. kuman seberang laut nampak,gajah depan mata tak nampak..

    the point is,,majulah sukan untuk negara!!!!

  36. hehehehe UMNO born out of demons. Not too far from the truth


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