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Monday, August 17, 2009

With Every Can of Beer You Drink, You’re Contributing Directly to BN’s Re-election Effort

I guess my previous postings were not too clear. The real message that I want to convey is that the liquor industry in Malaysia is in bed with UMNO/BN since God knows when. They are one of the major financier of BN’s well-oiled election machinery and they will never support anyone else considering how the BN made it very easy for liquor to be sold in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, liquor is allowed to be sold for profits by major liquor corporations. The minimum level of liquor not subjected to Excise Act is 8.8%. In other words, in Malaysia any alcoholic beverage with liquor content less than 8.8% can be sold like Coca Cola and Sprite by anyone, even by a laundry shop.

Yet, Malaysia makes Islam as it’s official religion when countries like Norway and Sweden has liquor levels much lower than that to be subjected by regulations (4.7% and 3.5% respectively).

If you noticed, beers in Malaysia has alcohol content less than 5% which makes the sales of beer not subject to licensing. In other words, beer can be sold just like Coca Cola which explains why beer companies are doing so well in the KLSE.

Beer Companies Makes Tons of Profits Because of Malaysia’s Relaxed Liquor Regulations

The relaxed liquor laws engineered by UMNO/BN since Merdeka. As a result these liquor companies have been raking in billions. They have a symbiotic relationship with UMNO and the bond is hard to break.

One can argue that other industries help BN also. True, but other industries do make as much profits as the liquor and gaming industries. It’s no surprise that liquor and gaming stocks in the KLSE are Blue Chip stocks no matter how bad the economy is.

In other words, they can ship out money to BN by the truckloads, and yet, they can still recover the losses in a matter of months or even weeks. The BN will then be able to continue with their “Blitzkrieg” campaigning and win back the government each time. They can do so considering their endless supply of cash allows them to do so.

UMNO is a Hypocritical Party of the Highest Order

They conduct body snatches, they prevent use of the word Allah by the Catholics, they make issues out of conversion laws and organize demonstrations in the name of Malay supremacy, the make an issue when Dr Nasir suggested that Zakat can be distributed to non-muslim poor in Selangor ( the prophet himself distributed zakat money to idolaters during his time), they cry foul when Karpal said “over my dead body” on the Islamic state issue, they declare Malaysia as an Islamic state and many more.

Yet, they get aids from liquor and gaming industries by the bulk. They ensure relaxed regulations for the liquor and gaming industries ensuring billions of profits for them. They protect the liquor and gaming “taukehs” with their lives. They made it so well that it puts shame in the Federal Constitution provision that states that the religion of the Federation is Islam.

Why? Because each time UMNO will need to show people that they are the true defenders of Islam. They need to show people that they too are the defenders of Islam and how do they do that? By snatching bodies from grieving families. Why didn’t they snatch him when he was alive? That has been my question to them for a long time.

The issue I listed above is used by Zahid Hamidi and his goons to woo PAS into joining hands with BN in the name of protecting Islam. PAS people do not know that the fact that PAS is out of BN is the main reason why Islam is still respected by the people.

UMNO are hypocritical b**st*ds. They have always been so, They will always be so, forever.

The Issue is not Drinking or Selling Liquor

I do not have any reservations for non muslims to sell, buy or drink liquor. But I have every objections to liquor be sold for massive profits in Malaysia by big liquor industries who in the end will give money to BN to maintain their status quo.

Liquor should be sold by the government to the people not for profits but just to fulfill the needs of the people. It should not be privatized or even used as a tool for profits by big liquor industry who in turn will try to make people drink more than what they normally drink by their various “advertising” gimmicks and tactics.

It should not be used as a tool to support tyranny of Barisan Nasional and UMNO and it should not be a political tool for certain factions in PAS to project their image as if they are the defenders of Islam and no one else. It is a real issue and it should be handled with utmost respect and objectivity.

In Islam, even the prohibition of liquor was done gradually and that’s prohibition among those who are already Muslims. In other words, during the time of the Prophet, the prohibition of liquor on Muslims was done in stages and not abruptly. What’s more if we are dealing with liquor policy among non muslims, in which, liquor is not prohibited.

Hasan Ali Doesn’t Represent PAS but Fraksi UMNO

So, for Hasan Ali to mouth off like so without a detail policy and proposal is nothing more than a political gimmick to push his own dying popularity. I know the people in Hasan Ali’s circle and I know how these people think. You can get a glimpse of how these people operate in my latest expose “

PAS itself is very “liberal” and very accommodating to Non-Muslims feeling and needs when it comes to liquor as testified by Raja Petra in his latest article (How they prostitute Islam for political gains

He is now involved in a conspiracy to replace all his ADUN except two so that he can ensure their loyalty (should he decides to jump to the other side).

Tulang Besi

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  1. mmg betol pun, no one can deny!!!sbb itu perlunya PAS untuk betolkan UMNO yg laknat ni!!!sbb ulama dlm UMNO ni dh murtad ke pe ntah...bersama KUBURKAN UMNO SELAMANYA,menyusahkan org je

  2. Hi, it amazed me on how you try to make an issue of beer.

    For me, beer is a non-issue. As long as everyone is playing by the book, no matter which government gets the profit, it is find with me.

    Please leave this issue alone. Talk about more serious issues such as corruption, environment, rule of law, and economy.

    Go after the bigger problems. Bukan perkara remeh temeh.

  3. //With Every Can of Beer You Drink, You’re Contributing Directly to BN’s Re-election Effort//

    tak logik. bn mempunyai cara yang lebih mudah.

    kalau tak silap saya, pendapatan tahunan carlsberg tidak melebihi 20 juta setahun, dilaporkan melalui surat khabar the star.

  4. Of course alcoholism is not a big matter in politics, yet much talked in social-related problems. Islam is colorless in selecting issue for mankind.

  5. Funny how some people can say that beer is a small issue. I think the basic problem is because the issue was perceived to be a PAS agenda, and whenever there is an issue that concerns Muslims, there is a section of noisy but tiny non-Muslim group making hellava noise over this. If this same issue was raised by DAP or MCA, it would not have created much problem for these Islam-allergic people.
    I dont know if UMNO survives due to beer industry, but what i know is that beer consumption is a huge issue with spiralling effects. It is certainly not a non-issue unless one tries to ignore it.
    Also, it is not a question of whether it is legal or not legal. It is whether it is morally profitable or not morally profitable. If you want to argue about legality, well, ISA is legal, OSA is legal, so is arresting demonstrators LEGAL. Just because something is legal, doesn't make it correct morally. We cannot pick and choose.

  6. Hai yah another pusing story of beating around the bush to justify your logic. I am a pakatan supporter but one thing I do not support is hypocrits.
    If by your logic that by buying every can of beer we are supporting BN & UMNO, than with this same logic I can say don't use the highways and pay tolls, don't buy proton, don't buy petrol from petronas, don't buy tires (dunlop/ continental) don't buy palm oil based cooking oil = boycott felda, don't use electricity from TNB/ LLN/CEB, boycott Malaysian Airlines, rubber, don't take shower because the water concessoneries are all proxies from UMNO or BN, there are MALAYS sitting on the boards of directors, or working in all these companies, because wheather you like it or not UMNO/ BN/ MALAYS are involved in all these jobs.
    So by following your logic and the examples given above what should a MAN OR WOMEN DO, don't work? walk to work? don't eat? starve? don't take showers? bloody hell even your wife will tell you to pei jauh jauh sikit! busuk lah you ni, I like reading your blog, I always come here for some amusing anectidotes but ADIK, since you keep insist on the beer issue than the time has come to tell you, GET A LIFE, PLEASSSSSE. GET OVER IT, nobody is forcing you to drink beer, if you don't like than jauhkan diri lah buat apa nak asyik sibuk aje? No wonder muslim kena ketuk, Please lah if something is against islam than just don't do it, but if it isn't against other peoples religion why you keep on insisting to shove your religion down other peoples throat? I have a few questions for you, what about bomohs is it halal or haram? What about duit kopi?, scholarships> bumiputra only policies> 30% discounts for houses, People in Malaysia of the non-bumi status have been living with this- they may not like the injustice, but they have to live with it, but your hypocritical stance of insisting on banning beer- MIND YOU ITS NOT ABOUT BEER- IT is the insistance that you should tell me on what we the people of Malaysia can do or cannot do- is what bothers us. SO get a life mate.

  7. tulang besi, i think article like this pushes readers away from your blog. It is obvious that you don't write what you think and for most of the time, we the readers noticed that you don't think.

    For example, you mentioned in your past article that your main reason for banning of liquor selling is for the sake of preventing the abuse by the underage....and now you are saying that it's about giving the BN resources...

    sigh....if you want to spin, please spin it better lar... always repeating the same thing like Islam is the official religion and Scandinavian countries, etc, etc....sigh....

    u tak jemu ke?

    most readers could see that your main purpose is for the rise of PAS, and your method of trying to appeal to the non-muslim is sickening.....

    i hate to say this, UMNO is a munafik, but you are no better. (IMHO)Any follower of your blog will know that you are not consistent with your views and opinions. Readers just don't know where you stand sometimes. While I don't expect you to write the things that I want to read, but at least be consistent, especially when you are pretty careless in putting forth your thoughts.


    "...They are one of the major financier of BN’s well-oiled..."

    I have to disagree as the taxes is very high. Go and visit Labuan and you will see that the beer there are cheaper than your average bottle mineral water. So the BN indeed make the consumption of beer expensive.

    "...Excise Act is 8.8%...can be sold like Coca Cola and Sprite by anyone.."

    Excise Act? My knowledge is limited in this area. But enlighten me, what has the excise act got to do with the laundry owner being able to sell it?

    "...Malaysia makes Islam as it’s official religion when countries..."

    I agree with you on this, Malaysia should not have an official religion. Especially when only 60% of the citizen profess Islam and deducting some percentage of those who wish to (but cannot) renounce Islam, we should really consider removing that in our Constitution. Hey, you keep on mentioning about how wise is those Scandinavian countries didn't you? Maybe we should go their way....

    "...Beer Companies Makes Tons of Profits Because of Malaysia’s Relaxed Liquor Regulations..."

    what is TONS of profit? how much is a lot?


  8. continue....

    "..As a result these liquor companies have been raking in billions..."

    you want to be a citizen journalist? check first lar...otherwise, what's the difference between you and utusan melayu reporter?

    "...Blue Chip stocks no matter how bad the economy is...."

    I don't how you can jump from one point to another unrelated issue. I failed to follow your flow of logic...

    "...They conduct body snatches, they prevent use of the word Allah by the Catholics,..."

    Please lar...Pas will be no different when it gets power. I wonder whether, the Erdogan group and the Pro-Umno Group is actually intentionally created so as to create confusion and obtain support from different segment of the society? Just like Dutch Lady having several brands of Milk which to the consumer seems to be a different and competing brands, so does Pas...

    If Hadi Awang being the pro UMNO is so terribly unpopular, why does Pas members vote him in to be the president?

    Islamist are well known to act in ways where the ends justify the means. Which is why it is considered to be legalistic. So, I would not be surprised that the current factions within Pas are just a show. If indeed the UMNO factions has gain a strong hold in Pas and stood against everything that is PAS, then perhaps you could consider going separate ways?

    "...puts shame in the Federal Constitution provision that states that the religion of the Federation is Islam..."

    So again, Islam is insulted...sigh....

    "...By snatching bodies from grieving families..."

    Snatching bodies is just the effect. The cause is due to the fact that Islam is a one way street. Let's see if PAS will address the cause.

    "...PAS people do not know that the fact that PAS is out of BN is the main reason why Islam is still respected by the people. .."

    Stupid. Islam is respected by people because of the message of Islam, definately not a human institution and what's more, a political one like Pas. that I think you have just insulted Islam...

    By the way, the pro-UMNO factions is attracted by the power, not Islamic reasons lar...... you really think these people so religious meh....

    "..UMNO are hypocritical b**st*ds. They have always been so, They will always be so, forever.. ..."

    your anger is overtaking you, my this world there is no such thing as don't be so sure...

    "..I do not have any reservations for non muslims to sell, buy or drink liquor. But I have every objections to liquor be sold for massive profits..."

    so why have you mentioned about the selling of beer by the laundry shop? about regulating it? aduhai....which is which lar...

    "...the prohibition of liquor on Muslims was done in stages and not abruptly. ..."

    there you go...
    compromise with non-muslims first so as to gain power, then start to flex your muscles...

    Again I reiterate, no point telling us how many fractions are there in Pas, just do the right thing, and people will judge. So far, only Tok Guru remains the sole reason for people like me to support Pas....but i wonder for how long....


  9. Again at the end of the article hentam Hasan Ali.

    So obvious that you still have a grudge on Hasan Ali because he did not return your favor of helping out in the 2004 election with the post of CEO/GM of Konsortium Jaringan Selangor.

    What a sore loser!

  10. Some people always talk..
    now that PR government run the State of Selangor.. rather than keep blaming BN why not Someone from PR make an usul to close down all the Beer & kilang in selangor like PAS always preach in ceramah..

    p/s: ckp tak serupa bikin..

  11. INi kakiayam memang hotak capacity to differentiate who is an erdogan who is a frakasi Lebih baik u stare at dinding..wokey?

  12. me thinks lot's of unemployed UMNO pundeks are yuckty yacking here...hehe:-)

  13. Anonymous-10:09 AM,

    haha! do I have the business to know? or maybe it's just too confusing on who is on which camp? or maybe they are just the same!

    it's for you to clarify, not for me to state the not so obvious....sigh....


  14. i see a lot of people are living in denial. And they hate people who tries to shine on them some truth.

    Chicken feet, please learn to accept reality.

    The fact remains that if u drink beer, you'll help the BN cause.

    What is so difficult to accept about that?

  15. kenapa cina suka arak...kalu acident hentam orang mati...anak jd yatim..isteri jadi janda..
    Kenapa cina suka makan babi...kan penyakit sumer dapat..mcm buah2 laa ada bole dimakan ada ak boleh..sumer dicipta ada tujuan.
    kenapa cina suka berjudi..mungkin bole jadi kaya..tapi berapa percent laa jika dibanding tokey judi..

    kenapa dalam utusan dan bh ada keputusan judi..sebab umno dapat saham.
    kenapa arak jual kat kedai aneka..umno take beer...
    umno umno bila laa nak mampos....

  16. Gua orang Cina....

    Asalkan BN jatuh, saya rela minum arak & makan babi kat rumah.


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