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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Real Reason for Hating DAP is Their Open Tender Policy. Malay Rights Comes Second

I met an old friend and he use to get contracts from the old Penang government. He has a tendency towards UMNO. He began complaining about the DAP administration, that DAP is discriminating against Malays, disrespecting Islam by allowing the Ghost Festival procession to be held next to the State Masjid and many more. He also says that the DAP government is “kurang ajar” to Malays and the Islamic condition in Penang.

Then I asked him about contracts. How is the contract situation in Penang. He says that contracts are harder to get now because all contracts are subject to open tender. So, then I told him, the core of his hate towards DAP stems from DAP’s open tender policy. That, if DAP were to start awarding his company directly like during the UMNO days, he would turn into a staunch DAP supporter overnight?

He kept quiet. There was a dead silence for a few seconds. Then, I continued saying that Malays are always looking for easy out. I told him that the DAP open policy is to ensure that future generations of Malays in Penang will have the opportunity to bid for contracts rather than inheriting a bangkrupt and dilapidated State.

Direct Awards are expensive, costing the state millions unnecessarily and encouraging unproductive Malays to make easy money without creating a multiplying effect on the economy. With open tender, the start of the policy will be difficult but in time it will create a lot of productive Malay entrepreneur which in turn will create more economic opportunities for Malays in general. In the long run, more Malays benefit from the Open Tender policy of DAP.

And I summed up by saying UMNO should stop making stupid issues against the DAP and come clean with the fact that their rank and files (which are mostly contractors) HATES the Open Tender policy of DAP to the guts. All that they are bringing up against DAP Penang administration are just smoke screen to hide the fact that they hate the Open Tender policy to their guts.

And, UMNO contractors are suffering right now because they were never efficient and productive all this while and they survive and thrived by bleeding the Penang state dry with their direct awards contracts.

I told my friend that he should stop yapping and start looking for ways to improve his efficiency and productivity. That will be a better service to the Malays as compared to complaining about things which is unfounded and stupid. That is IF HE REALLY CARES ABOUT THE MALAYS, and not himself more.

Tulang Besi
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  1. Dear TB

    Sometime when a person got so use of getting "hand-outs" (i.e. the easy way), they could no more able to see the benefits through "hard work".

    Actually, at times I do sincerely pity the Malays that they have come to this level of thinking (though not all of them , but mostly). Not able or afraid of "hard work" or to even compete in the open market. In fact some find it so difficult to change. We can happily blame BN especially UMNO.

    But at the end of the day, one has to put effort in order to change one's situation.

    Wish that one day, the malays could realise that in the real world, a lot of things do not come in a silver plate.

  2. That is the problem when you are used to be given handouts all your life.

    Just like the son of a rich man. The rich man will give everything to his son, put him in a high post in his company even when the son doesn't know much. So the son will not know how to function at his high position and therefore not be respected by the subordinates. Worse still if he demands to be respected because of his rights.

    What rights? What respect? These must be earned.

  3. Truth be told...the open tender have benefitted a lot of unknown malay bizmen who did not have good connections with umno-gerakan then.A new group of hardworking bizmen has emerged to replace these old -thinking easy bizmen who now blame DAP for everything under the sun.How can the nation compete with other countries if all tenders are given by connections only?Pls. don't use race as an issue all the time.

  4. DAP may say they practice open tender, but in reality there will still be hanky-panky.

    I've been involved in many tender process, and I can tell you there are loop holes.

    especially when projects under PR are so scarce, Contractors will go a long way to get to the contracts.

    So Bullshit TB, you are just talking to a contractor. How about the malay layman? Malay & religious rights come second too?

    Trying to spin....?

  5. I've been involved in many tender process, and I can tell you there are loop holes.

    especially when projects under PR are so scarce, Contractors will go a long way to get to the contracts.

    So Bullshit TB, you are just talking to a contractor. How about the malay layman? Malay & religious rights come second too?

    My advice, put your money where your mouth is.

    Go make a report with MACC. Don't just stand around and complain.

  6. It is no secret mlays who benefit from the contract awarded by the past government, then sub-contracted it to Indians and chinese....have we forgoten the once famous says "Ali Baba".
    I personaly know a malay contractor in Penang that was awarded with contract of grass cutting on all government quaters ten sub-contracted it ti indian. What did he got? probably just few K's...that the typical UMNO cronys character we are talking about here. If they have proven record, hardworking there is no reason the the panel should not select them. And again I want to emphasis the word panel, open tenders are selected by panels that made up of multi-racial members.
    IB is abosolutely right, if the bankrupt UMNO cronys have prove about corruption in the states awarding contract, please report them to MACC, I am sure they will get ultra-fast response...have we forgoten about the "Lembu" kes in Selangor? Hell no!

  7. If there are loopholes, tell us so that people will know and improve. Or are you using that loophole? kah kah

  8. That's the trouble with being spoon-fed for too long. Now the spoon has been withdrawn he no longer knows how to feed himself. We wouldn't do that to our children, would we?

  9. That is bumiputera right as enshrined in constitution. this is social contract. government jobs belong to malay!

  10. bumiputera 10.26pm,

    Which Bumiputra,UMNOputra or the ordinary Bumiputra?And among the UMNOputra which caste?The Leaders or the ordinary members?

  11. Don't live on silver spoons
    It makes you worst than before
    When the tide changes you sure leave behind
    Even you cry nobody will hear........

    The economy cake distributes
    The best candidates secure the jobs
    This should be the principle
    Nothing on the silver platter

    Open tender policy
    No hanky panky involves
    The panel members accountable
    On the projects awarded

    The Ali Baba Malay businessmen
    They shouldn't be allowed to breed
    They don't learn how to pass on knowledge?
    It is through hard work sweat and tears......
    Where God will award His children

    The class F contractors
    Before they start they are failures
    It reminds me of a TV show
    The F troops the discarded soldiers
    Nobody wanted to keep them

    Anything man makes
    Rules and laws, knowledge and experience
    All can be changed
    Only God laws
    It is impossible to change!

  12. PKR/PAS/DAP Malays has never been efficient as well. Stop yapping and blaming UMNO for the sins of the Malays. So many PKR/DAP/PAS Malays benefited from UMNO struggle.

  13. Hello Dino
    Which part of UMNO stuggle had benefit the ENTIRE malay community. There had always selected, small group in the malay community that have ejoy the benefit of UMNO strugle. Even the grass root of UMNO members don't. Look at the loyal UMNO grass root member of tanjong tokong, which their houses are about to be demolish by UDA to make way for luxury and commercial development. What this peoples get. A poor LOW COST flat with 2 bedroom. What did the UMNO brokers, middleman, ketua cawagan, bahagian, barua, budak suruhan, kaki pukul, kaki ugut get? much2 more.
    Please wake up!!!

  14. kahkahkah..UMNO tu haramjadah dari dulu lagi..defen ketuanan melayu konon..ya..apa nama MB yg rogol gadis melayu dibawah umur di Melaka?Tambi what?Who defended that gadis melayu?Lim Guan Eng..akibatnya..Guan Eng masuk jail,dan si rapist Tamby chik is free till this very day!!Maka jelaslah..UBN tu haiwan/makluk perosak!!

  15. UBN perlukan unundi POS..more then ever!!Mael Polin will make sure,,haiwan perosak Isa Samad wins Bagan Pinang..after all money talks bullshit walks is king maah..ada dui,boleh joli,boleh shopping,boleh kongkek,boleh act u r sombody who has "power"..kahkahkah..ya,every f*kin rogue thinks thery can rule,win forever..every haramjadah thinks they r immortal..hehe..they will never ever realise their falsehood is impermenant,and is under or tomorrow,they will sink,and they r indeed sinking!!

  16. Anon October 8, 2009 10:39 AM,

    You must be living in trees? how did you plug in your computers in trees. Or maybe you did not earn enough education to succeed in life and keep on blaming minority UMNO leaders.

    You will need to back that one up. It may be true that UMNO top members benefited, BUT how does the number compared to the rest of nation? If what you say is true, then Malaysia will be as backward as most African countries where only the warlord or clan leaders enjoy enjoy the cake.

    How does that explain the Chinese still be able to be ahead in the economic sector. Did UMNO stop or curb their economic activities?

    Have you asked every millionaires in Malaysia if they are linked to UMNO, MIC or MCA?

    You see, only fools will believe you, that if you are not part of the top ruling politician, then you are doomed!

    How true is that? How sad is your thinking!
    There are lots of people whom have made it in life without being part of the political circle.

    Just look around you and see . Go and ask.
    Ask every estate agents or luxury car dealers, how many of their rich clients are from political circle?

    You are giving a false impression. The truth is, the government of the day has provided policies and opportunities for everyone to succeed.

    If you can be honest and fair, and talk about the pros and cons of the government of the day, the conclusion is clear.
    But the opposition are just being opposition.
    They just talk about the cons only and generalise it as the conclusion.

    And you believe that. and those gullible lot...


  17. You will need to back that one up. It may be true that UMNO top members benefited, BUT how does the number compared to the rest of nation? If what you say is true, then Malaysia will be as backward as most African countries where only the warlord or clan leaders enjoy enjoy the cake.

    THe Selangor State Budget states that if we raise the income level for poverty in Selangor to Rm1500, you will find that the poverty rate in Selangor is at 30%.

    BN leaders go around feeling good about themselves robbing the country because they set the income rate for the poor at RM438 a month.

    That's why Selangor records a whopping rate of less than 1% when it comes to poverty.

    They come up with crap indicators to make themselves feel nice when robbing the country.

    So, no. Majority are suffering but they're doing it in silence, until the 2008 GE that is.

  18. Anone 4.11,

    Yeap, I totally agree with you. The only help we get from the BN government is just in the form of education be it at vokasional, technical or academic levels which is also opened to all other races.

    The rest is just up to us. There are opportunities, in one's lifetime and its whether you dare to take the risk of losing what you currently have.

    I also agreed when you said, the oppositions only knew how to oppose and they are good at generalising others. What they did not know is that they are also being generalised especially by the malays with names that they would not like to hear, especially the great Anwar al Juburi.....

  19. You will need to back that one up. It may be true that UMNO top members benefited, BUT how does the number compared to the rest of nation? If what you say is true, then Malaysia will be as backward as most African countries where only the warlord or clan leaders enjoy enjoy the cake.

    ha ha ha lawak lawak....

    Dasar orang cakap dengan kepala lutut!

    Woi bengong TSM tu proxy Mahathir la. TSM the richest malay in Malysia!

  20. so how the DAP would help the malay contractor?
    or they don't plan at all?

    all this talk about the Malay should realize they should work hard bla bla bla.. so how to start? its only fair when the field is level.

    only TB think that a government should not help the weaker community and the community solely responsible to change their fortune. So what a government actually does? the poor has to work like 100 times harder than the rich to get even because of the unlevel playing field. Is that fair?

  21. to LA oct9 1.13am...

    any policy cannot go on forever. give a time frame. when do u think this distorted economical plan they called the nep should end?

    it must and can not go on indefinitely. name the duration and end it once and for all.

    i dare u to say " long as it needs,,". give me a firm period.


  22. HI TB,

    I tell you a joke...last weekend I was invited to a raya party of one of our neighbours in a middle class suburbs in an upcoming area in the Klang Valley. I was surprised there were many Chinese Tan Sris and Datuks in the party although I thought it was an ordinary raya party. Soon, the various PAs of various officials and well known figures started coming...I do not need to tell you what happens...but can you see the link and how the elites are please la tell your readers stop this talk about rights the end of the day it is the connected that is getting the business...

  23. Salam TB

    Tender istilah Melayu-Islamnya ialah Lelong dan merupakan prinsip jual beli Islam yang diwujudkan sebagai kemudahan bagi pihak penjual/pembeli masing2 mendapatkan harga yang tinggi/ rendah yang didasarkan kepada sebuah Hadis Nabi.

    Maknanya, orang Islam yang melakukan prinsip jual beli Lelong merupakan orang yang mengikut sunnah Nabi seperti mana mereka ikuti sunnah lain dan diterima sebagai ibadat.


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