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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Haris Ibrahim Playing for the Other Side Now?

He started out attacking Anwar Ibrahim because Anwar refuse to appoint Jeffery Kittigan as Sabah PKR Head. This is in spite of the well known fact that Jeffery is a very problematic character in Sabah PKR. He is very bitter when Anwar rejects Jeffery Kittigan. He ran articles after article bad-mouthing and slandering Anwar Ibrahim for not accepting his candidate of choice.

Then, he was the first to come to Jenapala’s defence when Jenapala was refused permission to contest in the PKR elections. Harris came out in public accusing the PKR (namely the current PKR Secretary General as being a forger of letter).

He also carried the statement of Salehuddin Hashim in full in his blog. Salehuddin is an estadblished betrayer or the PKR and the stuggle for reform. At the same time, he refuse to carry Saifuddin’s statement on the same subject. (So much for being a responsible blogger and media man).

Haris went to town defending Jenapala and accusing PKR of forging the letter. Yet, Saifuddin have been CONSISTENT in his story with regards to the sacking of Jenapala. Even Haris himself reports in his blog:

What was the date of the letter and who signed it, I asked.
Saifudin confirmed that the letter was issued in February, 2009 and signed by the then Sec-Gen, Sallehuddin Hashim.

I drew Saifudin’s attention to Jenapala’s contention that he has never been served with a show cause notice. How?

Saifudin explained that he was not the Sec-Gen at the material time and that he cannot fully recall what happened then, but pointed out that some offences by party members may be of sufficient severity that a decision to summarily dismiss, without an inquiry process, may be taken. This might be the case with Jenapala. He would have to check to verify if this was the case.
The same line is repeated by Saifuddin back in September 2010 and it’s repeated until today. Saifuddin had not changed any of his story and has been consistent throughout since.

I mean, at that point in time, Saifuddin had in his hands newspaper clippings of Jenapala forming a new party, the minutes that allows the SU to sack Jenapala if he was found to have formed a new party and testimonies from various sources attesting to Jenapala’s betrayal of the party.

Saifuddin DID NOT NEED to forge a sacking letter. He can write one himself. BUT, Saifuddin found the letter of sacking in the stack of files that he looked into. And he used that instead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

BUT NO. Haris prefers to listen to Salehuddin Hashim. He takes Salehuddin’s words as bible and rejects Saifuddin’s explanation altogether. He considers Salehuddin’s statement as the ultimate truth despite the fact that Saifuddin open declaration of his willingness for the PDRM to conduct investigation on the forgery accusation.

Haris relied on the words of Johnson Chong, who he claims as one of the few good men left in PKR. Yet, in all of Johson’s statement, never did he managed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that forgery had taken place. Just because Johnson Chong has never seen the letter before doesn’t make the letter unauthentic.

My source inside PKR tells me that Salehuddin had been guilty of not sending out letters despite clear decisions made by the party. Letters which he was supposed to have sent out were written and signed but never sent out.

That’s how Saifuddin found the letter in the stack of files left behind by Salehuddin. The letter is authentic and so far there is no evidence attesting to it’s forgery accept the words of a known traitor name Salehuddin Hashim (and someone name Johnson Chong who claims he had never seen the letter, like that’s going to amount to anything).

And, after the betrayal of Salehuddin which may have led to the BN regaining their 2/3 majority, what sick and twisted mind would accept Salehuddin’s words as the absolute truth. Anyone can come up with an affidavit my dear Haris Ibrahim. Even liars can issue affidavits.

The lies against Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 were all contained in affidavits. Yet they are all false and fabrications. So, Salehuddin’s affidavit may well be just another lie. I mean, the guy is a traitor. How can we take the word of a traitor. He turned his back on the cause that he once believed in. That speaks volumes of the man.

In short, Haris has been found to be defending characters like Jenapala, Salehuddin, Jeffery Kittigan, Zaid Ibrahim etc all of whom have either betrayed the party openly or troublesome people that has been rejected by members of PKR.

In my book, that makes Haris a prime candidate for another turncoat. I mean, turncoats are well taken care of by BN, you know.

His idea of putting up candidates in seats contested by PKR will ONLY BENEFIT UMNO/BN DIRECTLY. His so call MCLM is formed after all his lackey failed to make an impact in the PKR elections.

People like Johnson Chong is said to be short-listed as one of their candidates. It's no wonder that the little twat came out in the open supporting the affidavit of Salehuddin Hashim without any qualms. For all you know, Salehuddin Hashim is part of the MCLM setup.

So, either way, what Haris is doing right now is nothing more than service to UMNO and Barisan Nasional. He might as well claim all his expenses to UMNO because UMNO is the prime beneficiary of MLCM.

My advice. Stop condeming the BN and adopt your real identity Haris: A BN STOOGE.

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  1. ha ha ha..

    a BN stooge??

    A good one!!!

  2. tak lama lagi,people will be playing "swing low,sweet chariot,comin for to carry me home" for haris,zaid,johnson,raja fartra,jeff kitinggan etc etc ..hahahahaha

  3. haha, when did Haris actually stand on the side of BN?

    while your analysis may result in some discussion, your conclusion shows how shallow a mind you I hav always thought you are...

    but then again, i have always respected ppl like you who speaks what you think, although sometimes, I just felt pity that you could have shown some wisdom and a more analytical mindset...

    that's the problem when one have plenty of courage but lacks discretion..

  4. while your analysis may result in some discussion, your conclusion shows how shallow a mind you I hav always thought you are...

    but then again, i have always respected ppl like you who speaks what you think, although sometimes, I just felt pity that you could have shown some wisdom and a more analytical mindset...

    If you put up candidate against PKR candidate in addition to the BN candidate, what does that make you?

    Have you checked out the Alor Setar parliament result?

    Trust me, i've always known of your own shallowness, hence the loww quality insults you're hurling through your low quality comment

  5. "If you put up candidate against PKR candidate in addition to the BN candidate, what does that make you?"

    That's exactly my question. What does that make of Haris? Anything to do with BN stooge? Or do you actually subscribe to Bush philosophy?

    low quality comment? what do you expect from a low quality article?

    low quality insult? well, if you consider that as an insult, it doesn't matter to me the least on it's quality! lol!

  6. CHICKEN FEET = CHICKEN SHITDecember 13, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    Chicken feet,

    By your sad and pathetic definition, Haris is worst than a BN Stooge.

    He is a BN slave.

    Why? Because he's doing work that benefits BN FOR FREEE

    Hahahahaha try beating that, numbnuts

  7. Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.


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