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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pelan Ekonomi Najib: “Kroni Didahulukan. Rakyat Dibebankan”

Kenaikan harga barang yang terbaru adalah sebahagian dari pelan ekonomi Najib yang baru. Tema kepada pelan Najib ini adalah:

Beban diberikan kepada rakyat. Keuntungan diberikan kepada Kroni/UMNOPUTRA
Dalam tindakan drastic Najib yang terbaru, sedikit pun Najib tidak berusaha mengikis kekayaan dan keuntungan yang dinikmati oleh para korporat. Cukai korporat (baca kroni/UMNOPUTRA), misalnya, tidak dinaikkan langsung. Malah, yang saya dapat tahu, cukai korporat akan diturunkan.

Maka, demi untuk menampung kekurangan perbelanjaan kerajaan (yang selama ini menguntungkan korporat) maka dinaikkan harga barang. Najib tahu, kenaikan harga barang akan ditanggung bebannya oleh rakyat. Dan, oleh kerana rakyat Malaysiaakan terus menyokong Najib dan UMNO, maka kenaikkan ini diteruskan juga.

PEMANDU di bawah Idris Jala begitu aktif berkempen membuang subsidi. Idris Jala sedikit pun tidak menyusun strategi bagaimana membuat para korporat (baca: kroni) menampung beban perbelanjaan kerajaan Malaysia. PEMANDU pimpinan Idris juga berpaksi kepada ideologi: “Bebankan rakyat, bantu kroni”(baca: korporat).

Tak elok buat analisa begini tanpa contoh. Subsidi yang PETRONAS bayar kepada Pengeluar Elektrik Bebas (IPP) adalah dalam jumlah RM19 billion setahun. Soalannya, mengapa Najib tidak memotong subsidi kepada korporat2 kaya empunya IPP ini seperti YTL dan sebagainya?

Pelan ekonomi Najib tidak memikirkan rakyat marhean. Pelan ekonomi Najib hanya memikirkan bagaimana menambah kekayaan kroni dan UMNOPUTRA. Rakyat tidak penting kerana rakyat Malaysia akan terus mengundi Najib dan UMNO walau bagaimanapun rakyat Malaysia dilayan oleh Najib dan Barisan Nasional.

Usaha kerajaan PR untuk member air murah pun ditentang Najib demi membela kroni2 beliau (baca: korporat).

Dengan kata lain, di bawah pelan ekonomi Najib ini, rakyat Malaysia akan terus mengikat perut demi mengkayakan kroni dan UMNOPUTRA (baca: korporat).

Tulang Besi


Anwar: Why no subsidy cuts for corporate giants?
De facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has lambasted the government for the price hikes on fuel and sugar announced yesterday evening going after “small change” from the lower income group “when similar zeal is not shown vis-a-vis the rich corporate giants”.

He said a similar phased removal of subsidies for “wealthy independent power producers (IPPs) owned by business elites and cronies of Barisan Nasional” was part of Pemandu's plan.

“Amazingly, the only hikes implemented so far are on those items that hit directly on the people's purse; not the cronies,” said Anwar (right).

According to the opposition leader, Pemandu has estimated that RM1.12 billion could be saved in 2010 if subsidies on gas price to IPPs and non-power sectors are reduced.

This could have been achieved if gas price to IPP and the non-power sector is increased by RM4.65 per mmbtu and RM2.52 per mmbtu respectively, he explained.

He revealed that the government through Petronas currently subsidises the IPPs and industries to the tune of RM19 billion annually, as the subsidised gas price of RM10.70 per mmbtu (for IPPs) is remarkably lower than the average market price of imported gas of RM38 per mmbtu (should the country need to import the gas to meet the demand against a shortfall in production).

Anwar called for Prime Minister Najib Razakb (left) to explain why he was targetting the subsidy cuts at the rakyat rather than the industry.

“This is more so when nothing has been done so far (despite promises after promises) to reform the subsidy allocation system.

“This is pivotal to ensure that the lower income group will continue to benefit from state assistance to counter the rising cost of living.

“Pemandu seems to be extremely efficient at pushing for the subsidy removal; yet extremely slow at coming out with a solution to redistribute the subsidies that are meant for the poor,” said Anwar.

“It chases the small change in the form of subsidy removal on household items most widely used by the people, yet it procrastinates on confronting the real subsidy monsters (in the form of the IPPs).”

Paying for BN's 'carefree spending'

He also blamed the BN government for it's “carefree spending in the last decade” having contributed to the necessity for subsidy cuts to ease the national deficit.

“In the end, the RM126 million saved from the 16 July's 20 sen hike on sugar is not even enough to pay for Pemandu's own exorbitant cost as reported by Malaysiakini,” said Anwar.

“Where is the moral authority of a government that takes RM126 million from the poor to pay RM66 million to consultants for the set up of a government unit and another RM65 million for its whole operation in 2010?

“Hence, I take the recent announcement on NEM with a pinch of salt,” he said, adding that the BN “will continue to hoodwink the public” on the so-called transformation of the public sector when it was really just paying the “new breed of civil servants in Pemandu top of the range salaries that will easily beat the private sector”.

He also rubbished the NEM's promotion of liberalisation and deregulation as lacking in “honesty” of execution, citing how YTL was allegedly awarded the 700 MHz TV spectrum broadcasting band without an open tender.

“This is not surprising as the whole machination of this administration is based on the perpetuation of a public image crafted by firms of public relations that are paid by the taxpayers' money – with the sole intention of buying Barisan Nasional additional time before the people cast their judgement,” he said.

He warned that further price hikes can be expected as “the originally proposed quantum of price hike was at 10 sen per price hike for every 6 months.”

Adding that if the BN administration was not checked, “...we are definitely en route to paying a fuel price at RM2.10 litre within a year's time.”

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