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Friday, December 24, 2010

PENDEDAHAN: Isu "Kalimah Allah" Dirancang Oleh UMNO Sejak Awal Lagi

Tulang Besi bercadang mahu mendedahkan bukti betapa isu Kalimah Allah ini dirancang menjadi isu SEBELUM ia menjadi isu besar di media dan masyarakat.

Tulang Besi pernah menjadi ahli sebuah pakatan bernama "Muslim Blogger Alliance"(MBA)pimpinan seorang yang bernama Zainol Abideen@Mahaguru58. Dari beliau, Tulang Besi telah mendapat satu emel berkaitan dialog MBA bersama Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri pada masa itu, yakni Zahid Hamidi.

Emel tersebut ada dalam simpanan Tulang Besi dan Tulang Besi bersedia memberikannya kepada sesiapa sahaja yang mahu.

Emel Mahaguru58 itu mendedahkan:

1.0 Dialog itu juga dihadiri oleh Rocky Bru dan Nuraina Samad serta dua orang lagii blogger yang tidak mahu dikenali

2.0 Dialog tertutup tersebut diadakan pada 13 February 2009 di Shangrila Putrajaya

3.0 Turut menghadiri dialog tertutup itu adalah:
3.1 Dato' Hj Wan Mohamad bin Dato' Sheikh Abd.Aziz, PEngarah JAKIM
3.2 Dato' Hj Ibrahim bin Lembut, Pengarah dan Ketua Hakim Mahkamah Syariah,
Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia.
3.3 Datuk Dr. Syed Ali Tawfik, Pengarah IKIM
3.4 beberapa pegawai-pegawai tinggi yang lain

4.0 Di dalam pertemuan itu, Mahaguru58 melaporkan, Zahid Hamidi telah meminta blogger-blogger membantu pihak beliau untuk mmbersihkan salahfaham terhadap Islam yang disebabkan oleh mereka yang mempunyai agenda tersembunyi untuk menentang Islam dengan mengedepankan agenda yang belum pernah didengari sebelum ini seperti penggunaan nama Allah untuk penerbitan mereka yang bukan Islam itu.

Mahaguru58 melaporkan:

The main subject of discussion centred upon the Minister's wish that
the Malaysian Bloggers especially those of us here in The Muslim Bloggers Alliance led by me together with All Blogs under Rocky Bru join forces with the Ministry (Islamic Affairs) and support JAKIM, IKIM and other related Islamic Affairs Departments to help clear the misunderstandings being unleashed upon the Malaysian populace by those who have vested agendas against Islam and the Muslims of Malaysia by creating this wave of controversy by pushing for such unheard of demands before to use 'Allah' for their obviously unIslamic publications, etc 
(TERJEMAHAN:Topik utama perbincangan adalah kehendak Menteri (Zahid Hamidi) kepada Muslim Blogger Alliance yang dipimpin saya bersama blog lain di bawah Rocky Bru bekerja sama dengan pihak kementerian dgn bantuan JAKIM, IKIM dan mana2 badan yang berkaitan dgn ISlam untuk menjelaskan kekeliruan yang dilancarkan kepada rakyat Malaysia oleh mereka yang mempunyai agenda tersembunyi untuk menentang ISlam dengan mencipta isu2 kontroversi dengan membuat tuntutan yang tidak pernah didengari sebelum penggunaan kalimah Allah bagi terbitan yang tidak islamik dsbnya).

Kesimpulannya, usaha menentang permintaan Gereja Katolik Sabah dan Sarawak menggunakan nama Allah ini telah diketahui dan dirancang penentangannya oleh UMNO (melalui Zahid Hamidi) lama sebelum kes mahkamah majalah "The Herald" mendapat keputusannya.

Ini terbukti dengan perjumpaan tertutup bersama blogger2 di atas merancang jalan dan cara untuk memperbesarkan isu ini di khalayak ramai.

Sepatutnya Zahid berbincang dan mencari jalan tengah untuk menyelesaikan masaalah sensitif ini. Namun, Zahid menggunakan blogger-blogger "penjilat" seperti Mahaguru58, Rocky Bru, Nuraina Samad untuk mengeruhkan lagi suasana.

Ini bertujuan untuk menaikkan kemarahan umat Islam kepada bukan Islam seterusnya membolehkan UMNO memainkan sensitiviti orang Melayu dan Islam. Hasilnya kelak adalah peningkatan sokongan orang Melayu dan Islam kepada UMNO.

Itu sahaja. Persoalan samada ianya berdasarkan kepada Al Quran dan Sunnah tidak menjadi hal kepada Zahid Hamidi dan UMNO.

Yang penting isu ini memberi laba kepada UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

Kalau betul hendak bertindak, kenapa JAKIM tidak bertindak ke atas Mahaguru58 yang mengikut Tariqat yang telah difatwakan sesat oleh Jakim?

Tulang Besi

(Keseluruhan emal Mahaguru58 boleh dibaca dibawah)

[muslim-bloggers-alliance:766] Mahaguru58 and other Bloggers Dialogue with the Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs, PM's Department

muslim blogger alliance

Assalamualaikum dear MBA members. I was invited to a closed door meeting with...


show details 2/14/09

Assalamualaikum dear MBA members.

I was invited to a closed door meeting with Datuk Seri Dr. Hj. Ahmad
Zahid Hamidi, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and in
charge of Islamic Affairs, Government of Malaysia day before yesterday
at the Shangrila Putrajaya. The meeting took place at 9pm at a
designated meeting hall in the exclusive hotel.

The invitation to me was relayed by Rocky Bru @ Ahiruddin Atan,
President of All Blogs to discuss amongst many other topics, the
problem being created by the publishers of the Malaysian Roman
Catholic Magazine 'Herald' who remain obstinate in using the term
'Allah' to represent their idea of God in their Malay section of their
Christian magazine.

Fellow blogger Nuraina Samad who blogs at,
the daughter of National Laureate, Allahyarham Tan Sri Samad Ismail,
was also there and two other bloggers who wish to remain anonymous.

Also attending on behalf of the Malaysian Government's side was Dato'
Hj Wan Mohamad bin Dato' Sheikh Abd.Aziz, the Director General of
JAKIM, the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia, Dato' Hj
Ibrahim bin Lembut, the Director General and Chief Syarie Judge of the
Syariah Justice Department of Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Syed Ali Tawfik Al
Attas, the Director General of IKIM, the Institute of Islamic
Understanding Malaysia and other top officials of the Ministry
( Islamic Affairs, Prime Minister's Department).

The main subject of discussion centred upon the Minister's wish that
the Malaysian Bloggers especially those of us here in The Muslim
Bloggers Alliance led by me together with All Blogs under Rocky Bru
join forces with the Ministry (Islamic Affairs) and support JAKIM,
IKIM and other related Islamic Affairs Departments to help clear the
misunderstandings being unleashed upon the Malaysian populace by those
who have vested agendas against Islam and the Muslims of Malaysia by
creating this wave of controversy by pushing for such unheard of
demands before to use 'Allah' for their obviously unIslamic
publications, etc.

The Minister has been following postings done by many of us in the
Malaysian Blogosphere and supports the good work that most of us do to
help fight against the enemies of Islam through our respective blogs.

He admits to regularly read me too and also said that many of his
fellow ministers support me and those of us here in the Muslim
Bloggers Alliance.

Rocky Bru and Nuraina Samad are at the moment embroiled in engaging
the Islamophobes out there in our volatile Malaysian blogging scene
and have asked me to join forces with them in clearing the air about
what our stand is against the Christian Catholic magazine usage of
'Allah' to describe their distorted idea of God when in truth they do
not preach what Eesa Alaihis Salam himself preached that is to worship
none other than Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

We discussed many things and amongst the ideas mooted was my idea to
first and foremost register our MBA and after that to launch a 'Mobile
Dakwah Unit' national team where we would be using a 3 sided open
panel van to travel to most major cities and rural areas.

Volunteers would then stop these Mobile Dakwah Units at places to be
chosen in major towns and public fields.

We would after Isya' prayers start screening informative documentary
films about what Islam truly is and to help the public gain truthful
information about our Islamic faith.

The screening will be done using projectors and utilize mobile
projection screens when needed or use the area's building walls when

Airing informative documentaries through the broadcasting channels
doesn't attract on the field interactions such as what I proposed to
the Minister and the JAKIM, IKIM and Syariah DG's?

We need to return to the basics and approach the public face to face.

We can then after screening such films and documentaries attend to and
answer any questions posed by the public as far as matters such as the
Hudud Laws of Islam, the subject of apostasy as in the cases of Lina
Joy, Subashini and others, this usage of Allah by the Christian
Catholic Herald Magazine, and other matters which are being
misunderstood by the majority of Malaysians, both Muslims and
Disbelievers alike?

By using this direct to the people approach, we will then also be able
to distribute booklets, brochures, informative DVD's and other Islamic
Information material for free to the general public.

The Minister supports this idea of mine and asked me to coordinate
with JAKIM, IKIM and the Syariah Justice Department to work out the

As far as the monetary needs are concerned, the Ministry will help
where it can and Datuk Seri Dr Hj Ahmad Zahid Hamidi asked that we
here in the MBA come up with about 40 dedicated bloggers whom he wants
to join him and the other top government officers in a meeting to
discuss this matter proper.

He also said that he wishes to have those of us who attended the
meeting at Shangrila Putrajaya to be ready to have an audience with
His Majesty, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong soon to address this current
situation where Islamophobia has been festering for quite some time
without the decisive corrective action be taken by those before him?

Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also asked that we work in tandem
with one another and not to let the cat out of the bag for now for we
have enemies both in and out of the ummah.

I am sharing this confidential development with you who are subscribed
to and registered with the MBA in total trust that you will not
disclose about this meeting between myself, Rocky Bru, Nuraina Samad,
those two other bloggers and the Minister and others especially the
Director General's of our nation's top most Islamic Departments
because I need to select and choose those who are willing to be
amongst our top 40 MBA delegation to be invited to the next meeting
with the Minister and others.

I am also giving you notice for each and every MBA member who is
registered with us to update your details in the member profile.

I am going to update the official MBA website with a list of every MBA
member with links to their respective blogs for the general public to
access and view them.

I need each of you dear MBA members to email me with your full list of
personal details for at the moment we do not yet have a proper working
committee to prepare all these.

I know that most of us are terribly busy with our own work and
personal life's but this is Fardhu Kifayyah as far as I am concerned
for the future of our ummah here in Malaysia depends on what we choose
to do in order to see to it that our Deen is protected from the evil
designs of our enemies out there, both declared and covert.

You need to be courageous and be firm when speaking up for Islam.

I need you to be with me in seeing to the proper registration and
formation of this Muslim Bloggers Alliance.

Today, we have come to be recognized as a legitimate representative of
the Muslim Bloggers this side of the world.

The Minister himself has given us his blessings and we stand to be
able to contribute officially as an Islamic NGO and do what we can for
the ummah and the nation using our collective pool of thoughts and
ideas to help our fellow Muslims and Malaysians in general.

I ask that you please email me your full details as per the usual
necessary details needed for registering your membership here in the

1. Full name
2. Full blog address
3. Email address
4. Contact Mobile Number
5. Gender
6. Age
7. Profession

We do not have a secretary yet.

For now it is all up to me and Brother Ades has graciously set up and
sponsored our main website. He himself is quite busy with his studies
and I do not wish to burden him unnecessarily.

I'm okay with the setting up of this MBA on my own for now but when we
are all ready to meet and set up our office in actuality, I hope that
those of you who are able to will come forth and do your part by
assuming ownership and taking responsibility for the running of the
MBA proper.

I do not wish to see this MBA die with me. I need you to carry on
after I'm no longer around or unable to if I'm to live to be old and
grey in the real sense of the word. :P

Please resend me your details here to my emails :

Remember, keep this info contained in this email confidential.

I trust you to hold to this in the Name of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
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1 comment:

MENJ said...

This mahafraud is having delusions of grandeur, that is certain. Here is the history of MBA in a nutshell:

MBA was "formed" in late 2007 at Markas Tarbiyah PAS Taman Melewar, smack-bang in the middle of Dewan Dato' Fadzil Noor. Its original intention was to act as an Islamically-inclined "pressure group" to counter the Muslim liberals in the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs). At the time, the issue of IFC/Lina Joy was a major concern in the blogosphere and many anti-Islam forces were using this issue as a tool to bash Islam (and PAS) with. Office-bearers were elected on that night, but only on a pro-tem basis until a proper general assembly with all members fulfilling quorum can be held.

Now this mahafraud (pro-tem president, by the way!) has turned this organisation, which was supposed to be originally aligned to PAS, into his own personal one-man show. He is now even cohabitating with All-Blogs, the very group that MBA was supposed to counteract against! This is already the end of 2010, and MBA has yet to be registered or formally recognised in any form. You can easily see how far MBA has fallen ever since this mahafraud subverted it for his own agenda.

I hope, TB, that you will publish the full story of MBA's origins so that your readers can see why MBA was originally formed (thanks to PAS!) but is now twisted at its core by this pro-UMNO fraudster.


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