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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ulama Saudi Mengharuskan Orang Islam Merayakan Perayaan Bukan Islam

NOTA EDITOR: Ahli Majlis Syura Ulama Saudi, Dr Ghaith bin Muhammad Al Sheikh Mubarak mengeluarkan fatwa membolehkan orang Islam merayakan perayaan agama lain jika tujuannya untuk menarik perhatian penganut agama lain kepada Islam.

Dengan kata lain, sekiranya kita turut merayakan perayaan, penganut2 agama lain ini akan berlembut hati dengan orang Islam sekaligus melembutkan sikap dan pandangan mereka terhadap orang Islam dan Islam itu sendiri.

Dari pemahaman TUlang Besi, sekiranya perayaan itu semata-mata mahu merayakan perayaan agama lain, hukumnya haram. Namun, sekiranya perayaan itu bertujuan melembutkan hati penganut agama lain kepada Islam, maka mengikut Dr Ghaith, hukumnya adalah harus.

Tak sabar rasanya nak tunggu Dr Yusri Mohammad menggelarkan Dr Ghaith sebagai pengikut PLURALISME AGAMA.

Tulang Besi

Muslims can take part in non-Muslim festivals - paper
Dec 23, 2010 at 13:56

DUBAI - Muslims can take part in religious festivals of other faiths if the purpose of their attendance is to attract non-Muslims to Islam, a senior Saudi scholar said in remarks published on Thursday in the run-up to Christmas.

Dr Ghaith bin Muhammad al-Sheikh al-Mubarak, member of the Council of Senior Ulema (scholars), said by attending festivals of other faiths Muslims could help to “pacify their souls”, according to local daily the Saudi Gazette.

The scholar said when a Muslim rejects an invitation to attend such a festival it could alienate non-Muslims and divert them from the right path, the newspaper reported.

Saudi King Abdullah earlier this year issued a decree stating that only members of the Council of Senior Ulema were allowed to issue fatwas.

The limitation was imposed following a number of fatwas by individual clerics that caused disputes and dissent among Muslims, decree said.

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zakwan said...

Here in Malaysia, IMO
Muslims can celebrate Chinese New Year because it's a cultural celebration

I don't know about joining Indians for Deepavali but wishing them "Happy Deepavali" is not wrong because the word means "Festival of Light" with no reference to their god/deity
Still, I'll join the festivities if I'm invited

As for Christmas, I understand the word means celebrating the birth of the God Jesus
All Muslims know that Jesus is a prophet, not a god
So, wishing someone Merry Christmas may be considered as syirik

Nevertheless, I will not alienate them and will only wish my Christian friends "Happy Holidays"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, Muslims make me feel puzzled and make me laugh. Most Muslims do not have the ability to weigh deeds. They will strongly condemn everything that touches other faiths especially Christianity. They will refrain to do anything that links to Christianity and Jesus. But when come to doing evil things, most of them will never think twice which I think are even more serious and heinous for instances as corruption, racism and fitnah. Don't they know that by committing these wicked deeds they will in fact be heavier punished than to do things link to other faiths which with no evil intentions? Have a good thought, dear Muslim friends.

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