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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Day The Egyptians Got Their Country Back

Interestingly, the word “Bloody” means “My Country” in Egyptian Arabic dialect. And blood was what they were willing to give to get their country back. The peaceful demonstrations had incurred so many debt of blood from the ranks of the peaceful protestors. The above picture is just a handful of pictures put in Tahrir Square to remember those who have fallen for the Revolution.

But, it’s a small price to pay in order to get their country back. I say get their country back because all this while, Egypt and most of the Arab countries, is ruled by an American annointed dictator name Mubarak.

Not just Egypt, mind you. All of the Arab states is ruled by dictators and absolute monarch and they get their solid support from Uncle Sam.

They remained high and mighty for decades on the back of Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam kept a blind eye to all their oppressions and corruption.

I fully agree with Roger Hardy, in an article he wrote in the BBC in which he says:

The West has, for decades, made stability a higher priority than democracy and human rights.
Of course the word “stability” here means:

1.0 Maintaining hegemony of Israel
2.0 Ensuring that cheap oil flows into Western countries while getting these rulers to support
3.0 Ensuring that any type of dissent or disagreement is dealt with hastilty and by any means
4.0 Ensuring that the Arab countries elites are happy sucking away the wealth of their countries
to satisfy their whims and fancies
5.0 Complete disregard for the future and well being of the subjects in their respective country.

I was once mesmerized by this fact:

Iran is the most democratic country in the Middle East
.In spite of all that has been said by Western Media against Iran, it remains the most democratic country compared to the rest of the Arab world.

But now, Western countries are in a pickle. They have no idea what or how to deal with the “people’s revolution” in the Arab world. The policy that has served them so well is now seen as a disease by the people of the Arab world.

If America continues to support all these despot autocrats and dictators in the Arab world, soon these dictators never be able to serve the interest of America anymore. These dictators will be running for cover once their subjects starts breaking down their doors and ransacking their official residences.

By then, Ikhwan Muslimin and the Islamists will be the least of their problem. They will find NO ONE in the Arab world willing to talk or even negotiate with them regardless of their political ideology.

But, I always thought the people in the State Deparment would have learnt their lesson from the Iranian Revolution. I mean, the vibration from the Iranian Revolution is felt by generations after that.

And, despite opposition to the current Iranian regime, NONE from the opposition is willing to sit down and work with the CIA for the purpose of toppling the current Iranian regime. The Iranians have had a first hand lesson of American idea of a "democratic and just" state. 30 years under the Shah taught them really well of America's version of a "just society".

They rather try their luck fighting the current regime on the streets of Iran than to replace the current regime with another regime friendlier to America.

When it comes to Israel, there is only one policy: ISRAEL IS ALWAYS RIGHT. The current crop of autocrats in the Arab world do not mind that policy. Which is why the cruel dictators of the Arab world are America's best friends.

So, coming back to Egypt, isn’t it a coincidence that in Egypt, the word “bloody” means “my country” in Egypt?

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  1. Its actually "Biladi" :p

  2. Biladi is FUSHAH.It's not how the locals in Egypt pronounce it.


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