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Friday, February 11, 2011

Israel Suka Kepada Omar Sulaiman kerana Beliau Berjasa kepada Israel-Wikileaks

NOTA EDITOR: Langkah terbaru Mubarak, beliau telah menyerahkan sebahagian kuasa beliau kepada Naib Presiden beliau yang baru, Omar Sulaiman. Rupa-rupanya, Omar Sulaiman ini seorang yang banyak berjasa kepada Israel. Wikileaks mendedahkan Omar Sulaiman berjasa kepada Israel di dalam menghalang aliran senjata kepada Hamas di Gaza. Saya tidak terkejut langkah Mubarak ini adalah sebahagian dari nasihat Israel kepada beliau. Yakni, kalau terpaksa melepaskan jawatan Presiden, maka serahlah jawatan tersebut kepada Omar Sulaiman yang banyak berjasa kepada Israel.

Mesti diingat, Israel menentang sama sekali Mesir menjadi negara demokrasi dan diperintah oleh kerajaan yang dipilih rakyat. Israel mahu Mesir terus diperintah oleh kerajaan diktator yang zalim dan korup yang terus menindas rakyat tanpa belas kasihan serta membiarkan rakyat mereka kelaparan dan tersiksa.

WikiLeaks: Suleiman told Israel he would 'cleanse' Sinai of arms runners to Gaza

Omar Suleiman, the new vice-president of Egypt, told the Israelis he wanted to start “cleansing the Sinai” of Palestinian arms smugglers, according to leaked cables.
Omar Suleiman, the new vice-president of Egypt, told the Israelis he wanted to start cleansing the Sinai of Palestinian arms smugglers, according to leaked cables.
Suleiman promised personally to take responsibility for 'cleansing the Sinai'

Christopher Hope
By Christopher Hope 9:00PM GMT 09 Feb 2011

The news is more evidence of the close ties between Israel, the United States and Mr Suleiman, who is tipped to replace Hosni Mubarak as Egypt’s president.

The close relationship has emerged from American diplomatic cables leaked to the WikiLeaks website and passed to The Daily Telegraph.

Mr Suleiman is Israel’s preferred candidate to replace 82-year-old Mr Mubarak. A secret hotline between Mr Suleiman and the Israelis was said to be “in daily use”, according to US diplomatic cables.

The pledge to cleanse Sinai was made by Mr Suleiman to Yuval Diskin of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) after he complained about the smuggling of weapons across the border with Gaza. According to a cable sent in November, 2007, Mr Diskin met Rob Danin, the US deputy assistant secretary of state, and Mark Kimmitt, the deputy assistant defence secretary, in Tel Aviv and told them that the Sinai peninsula had now become a “weapons and explosives warehouse” for operations in Gaza, Egypt and Israel.

The cable said: “Diskin told Danin and Kimmit [sic] that the ISA had, on several occasions provided Omar Suleiman, chief of Egypt’s intelligence services, with detailed intelligence on the names of smugglers.

“In 2005, Diskin said he met personally with Suleiman in Egypt, at which time Suleiman promised personally to take responsibility for 'cleansing the Sinai’.”

The cable continued: “Despite these promises and Israeli offers to initiate joint operations, Diskin said Egypt has not acted to eliminate the smuggling networks. In Diskin’s view, there is a core policy problem in that the Egyptians saw themselves as the primary mediator between the Israelis and Palestinians, and are careful not to alienate either side.”

Mr Suleiman worked hard to position himself as the main Egyptian link with Israel. According to the cable, he was blocking attempts by the Israelis to form links with other members of the Cairo government.

This was, according to Mr Diskin, because of Mr Suleiman’s “desire to remain the sole point of contact for foreign intelligence”.

The efforts paid off. In 2008, Mr Suleiman was named as Israel’s preferred successor to Mr Mubarak and the new secret direct hotline was in daily use. By early 2009, Dan Harel, deputy chief of staff at the Israel Defence Staff, was reporting that “on the intelligence side under Suleiman co-operation is good”.

A cable reported: “Co-operation against smuggling is better with Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman than it is with Egyptian Military Commander Field Marshall Tantawi.”

In May, 2009, in a meeting with the Americans, Mr Suleiman was telling them of how Egypt had made the border with Gaza more secure. This included “destroying tunnels, and erecting underground metal barricades”, although he “acknowledged that the smuggling could never be fully stopped”.

Mr Suleiman has already won the backing of Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, to lead the “transition” to democracy after nearly three weeks of demonstrations calling for Mr Mubarak to resign.

Earlier this week, David Cameron spoke to Mr Suleiman and urged him to take “bold and credible steps” to show the world that Egypt was embarking on an “irreversible, urgent and real” transition to democracy.

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  1. Salam, how about El Baradei? yg pernah berkerja sebagai EIEA? menghentam Iraq, etc.

  2. no only isreal,saudi pooki oso wants mubarak to stay this..

    Report: Saudis Warned Obama Not to 'Humiliate' Mubarak

    Read more:

    Saudi Arabia has threatened to prop up embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak if the Obama administration tries to force a swift change of regime in Egypt, The Times of London reported Thursday.

    In a testy personal telephone call on Jan. 29, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah reportedly told President Obama not to humiliate Mubarak and warned that he would step in to bankroll Egypt if the U.S. withdrew its aid program, worth $1.5 billion annually.

    America's closest ally in the Gulf made clear that the Egyptian president must be allowed to stay on to oversee the transition towards peaceful democracy and then leave with dignity.

    "Mubarak and King Abdullah are not just allies, they are close friends, and the King is not about to see his friend cast aside and humiliated," a senior source in the Saudi capital told The Times.

    Two sources confirmed details of the King's call, made four days after the people of Egypt took to the streets.

  3. The revelation of Saudi concerns sheds new light on America's apparent diplomatic paralysis and lays bare the biggest rift between the nations since the oil price shock of 1973.

    The tough line from Riyadh is driven by concern that Western governments were too eager to shove aside Mubarak when the uprising began, without proper consideration of what should follow him.

    "With Egypt in chaos, the kingdom is Washington's only major ally left in the Arab world and the Saudis want the Americans to remember that," said a source in Riyadh.

    The White House declined to comment on the reports Wednesday, saying that the administration did not divulge what other leaders said to Obama.

    However, it later said that Obama had discussed Egypt during a phone call with King Abdullah on Wednesday, saying the U.S. leader stressed the need for a meaningful and lasting political transition.

  4. The news came as testimony gathered by the Guardian newspaper claimed that the Egyptian military, despite maintaining an appearance of neutrality in the ongoing crisis, had secretly detained hundreds and possibly thousands of suspected government opponents since mass protests began weeks ago.

    Egyptians continued to demonstrate across the country Wednesday in a 16th day of protests against longtime leader Mubarak despite warnings of a crackdown by the regime if the continued uprising creates chaos.

    Obama's most senior national security aides also met with Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday to discuss the situation in Egypt.

    Meanwhile, the Egyptian military has been accused of being involved in both the disappearance and torture of Egyptian citizens, including the use of electric shocks.

    Hossam Bahgat, director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights in Cairo, said hundreds, and possibly thousands, of ordinary people had "disappeared" into military custody across the country. Many were still missing.

  5. "Their range is very wide, from people who were at the protests or detained for breaking curfew to those who talked back at an army officer or were handed over to the army for looking suspicious or for looking like foreigners even if they were not," he said.

    "It's unusual and to the best of our knowledge it's also unprecedented for the army to be doing this."

    The military has maintained that it is neutral in the current unrest.

    NewsCore contributed to this report.


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