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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Answering MP for Kota Belud: Teluk Kemang By Election 2000

The MP of Kota Belud mentions one fact that I feel I have to rebut in order to make my arguement against postal voting more evident. Abdul Rahman Dahalan (ARD) mentions:

Some leaders of BERSIH also want counting of the postal votes on the same day citing possiblities of tempering if counted later. It is not a practical idea because the result will influence the voting pattern during normal polling day. In any case, there have been instances where the opposition got more postal votes compared to BN. Case in point, Teluk Kemang by election in 2000.

I, somehow, doubt ARD was involved in the Teluk Kemang by-election. I, however, was involved until the very last day. The contest was between Roslan Kassim of KeAdilan and S. Sotinathan of MIC/BN. The seat was originally contested by DAP. However, Marina Yusuf talked to Kerk Kim Hock and DAP agreed to let KeAdilan contest.

The result went to BN but the parliamentary votes in DUN Lukut was won by Roslan Kassim. I thank God Roslan Kassim lost because he would have used his status of MP to bargain for a really good deal and jumped.


In addition to DUN Lukut, KeAdilan won the postal votes as well:

BA also had a slight edge over BN in postal votes, where Ruslan bagged 1,743 votes against Sothinathan's 1,625.

I knew for a fact that our campaigners told as many army personnel as possible to submit their postal votes ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION. So, a LARGE NUMBER of Army personnel decided to do that.

They kept the ballots that was given to them via post and submitted their ballot for insertion into the locked bag ON THE DAY of ELECTION.

It caught everyone by surprise. They never thought army personnel in a very "liberal" area of Malaysian peninsular can be so supportive of the opposition.

Apparently, the army personnel have discovered a "loophole" in order to make their real voice count. It is indeed a "BN-unfriendly loophole".


In response to this loophole, the EC amended their Postal Voting rule and made it compulsory for all postal votes to be submitted TWO DAYS before the actual election day. Any postal votes submitted or received after the EARLY VOTING dateline will not be counted. Thus, army and police personnel are no more allowed to submit their postal ballot on election day.

So for TWO DAYS, the LOCKED BAGS will be kept in a secret place away from the observation of party representatives.

The EC also REFUSED to count the votes right after the vote collection/casting is completed. For no reason this refusal has been upheld ever since despite incessant protestations from political parties and NGO.

There is NO REASON IN HELL that can prevent EC from counting these votes except that it allows EC to manipulate the ballots in favor of UMNO and Barisan Nasional.


The wives and children of active servicemen are also included in the postal voters rolls. I mean, postal votes are meant for servicemen remote checkpoints or bases deep in the jungle or far at sea. I doubt these servicemen will bring their family along on their assignments.

Why then their families are included in the postal vote rolls, i will never understand.

but then again, the 2 days gap where the LOCKED BAGS can be manipulated in favor of UMNO and BN may be the answer.

If relying on servicemen alone, the numbers may be insufficient. Including their entire descendants will balloon the size of the Postal Votes count.

Since they can be manipulated by the ever willing EC, the bigger the better for BN.

The DAP captured what seems to be postal votes manipulation in effect. Enjoy.

Tulang Besi


Anak Perelih said...

tahu tak kenapa Roslan Kasim menang undi pos??????? ini kerana ada peraturan bagi tentera yang perlu dipatuhi bila mengundi... iaitu
1. bukan melayu BN lawan bukan melayu pembangkang = undi BN
2. melayu BN lawan melayu pembangkang = undi BN
3. Bukan Melayu BN lawan Melayu Pembangkang = undi pembangkang
4... melayu BN lawan bukan melayu pembangkang = wajib undi BN

Roslan kasim lawan cina BN... sebab tu dia menang undi pos....

Ramain askar sokong PKR/PAS... (at least lebih dari 10% la) tapi pasai apa PKR/PAS hanya dapat 10% aje undi pos???? itu satu soalan misteri... yang memerlukan demo Bersih... said...

Undi Pos ini dipakai sebelum tahun 2002 tetapi sejak tahun 2002 undi pos tidak dipakai lagi dengan digantikan dengan undi awal.

Askar dan PGA mengundi 3 hari lebih awal daripada awam mengundi. Wakil calon hadir bila pengundian awal dijalankan.

Itu la bercakap tanpa merujuk kepada Peraturan Pilihanraya tahun 2002 tuh.

Bertegang leher tapi akhirnya kantoi jika tak merujuk kepada Peraturan.

Harap lain kali kalo nak tulis tu rujuk la dulu kepada undang2 dan Peraturan.

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