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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let PR Governments Sell Bonds, All Promises Will Be Fulfilled

The issue frequently raised by UMNO against Pakatan Rakyat is our inability to fulfill all our election promises. 

But what not many people know is that State Governments in Malaysia are not allowed to borrow money, sell bonds or even make loans with local banks without the express permission of Bank Negara. 

For Barisan Nasional governments, they can get loans from the Federal Governments. But, for Pakatan Rakyat states, that is not an option. Go ask Kelantan State governments and they can tell you with utmost details. 

 The election manifesto was drawn with the assumption that the respective state governments will be able to make loans in whatever legal way possible. Unfortunately, being a primitive minded party like UMNO dan Barisan Nasional, that right is consistently denied. 

So, the respective Pakatan governments has to spend time and effort to raise the necessary revenues first before being able to implement a program within the election manifesto.

In truth, it's not that the election manifesto of Pakatan States not fulfilled. They are delayed in it's implementation due to lengthy fund raising and revenue increasing exercise.

So, it's just evil for the Barisan Nasional to blame Pakatan Rakyat for not being able to fulfill all their promises considering the "SABOTAGE" done by Barisan Nasional upon the state government ruled by Pakatan Rakyat.


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