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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The PAS's Dilemma that Never Was

"What a load of crock!!!".... was my first response when I read Brendan Kuppusamy's latest posting in The Star. The article is entitled "PAS walking a narrow path" .

In the article he argues:
1.0 PAS is  between a rock and a hard place with regards to Nurul Izzah's latest statement on apostasy and Malays

2.0 PAS has found difficulty streamlining their Islamic beliefs and the reality of the multi-religous and multi-cultural Malaysia.

3.0 PAS many concession on matters of Islam has resulted in the sliding of support for PAS in the last few years.

4.0 In Brendan's own writing I quote " has been steadily losing the Malay fence-sitters with this “playing both ends of the stick” strategy."
 In short, point number 4.0 above sums up Brendan's whole article.

It amazes me how a once renowed and respected writer like Brendan Kuppusamy can lower himself to the level of street trash mercenary writer like the hundreds and thousands that UMNO/BN has employed.

To start off with, PAS has failed to capture the majority of the Malay electorate ever since it's inception. The majority of the Malays has always been on the side of UMNO in every single elections albeit with varying levels of support. The only exception is during the 1999 elections whereby the Malay votes slightly tilted to PAS and BN was saved by the overwhelming support from the non Malays.

Even in 2008 elections, PAS has the smaller share of the Malay votes as compared to UMNO.

So, Brendan's contention that PAS is losing their Malay base is truly a faulty argument indeed.  In truth, PAS has never been able to command the Malay base.

And, most of the "ideological" change that PAS has made i.e. Islamic State to Caring State(or Welfare State), cooperation with other parties (tahaluf siyasi) are done BEFORE  PAS had embarked on the Pakatan Rakyat cooperation with PKR and DAP.

In short, even before 2008 election, PAS's leaders has developed an overwhelming realization that their existing image or "package" does not promise a bright future for the party.

So, in 2007 they underwent a massive image changing exercise i.e. adopting Caring State (Welfare State), putting hudud on the side and adopting more populists agenda in the forefront, engaging HINDRAFF, concentrating more on socio-economic issues of the populace, more engagement of various aspects of the society and many more.

In 2008 election, PAS experienced their best result ever in the 50 years+ existence. The 27 seats plus 3 MB seats (later became 2) is the best result recorded ever for the party.

The seeds they sow in 2007 was reaped handsomely in 2008. As such, many of the members and core supporters of the party are convinced with the changes made by the party in 2007. 

Only an insignificant minority led by the likes of Hasan Ali and Nasaruddin Mat Isa and a bunch of old fogies who felt that they are left behind with the new PAS politics and fear that they might go into oblivion and irrelevance. That's right. The PAS people that has come out complaining about PAS's commitment to Pakatan Rakyat are people worried about their future in PAS as they are unable to adept to the new PAS politics.

So, Brendan, the issue of PAS trying to balance between the two and of the stick is not even an issue. It's something that you conjour up to please your political masters.

The changes that PAS had underwent started long before PAS had embarked on the voyage with Pakatan Rakyat.

To me, Brendan is just parroting the UMNO propaganda. UMNO has been hell bent to potray PAS as a party that has forgone Islam. That PAS is willing to forgo Islam in place of political expediency.

In truth, all of the changes made by PAS is in line with Shariah and the Islamic jurisprudence.

For instance hudud. The reason for PAS not to put forward hudud is because hudud cannot be implemented without the support of the non-muslim electorate.

So, it's a futile exercise for PAS to continue championing it in every election when it can never get the approval it requires. And in Islam, what you are helpless to implement you are allowed to leave it.

Another example is fasting. It is compulsory for all Muslims to fast during Ramadhan. But, for those suffering from medical issues, they are allowed not to fast. Why? because they have a legitimate impediment. But, for those Muslims who cannot fast, do we consider them as Muslims who rejects the compulsion of fasting? Of course not.

Brendan should apply for a job somewhere else other than The Star quick. Before  your reputation suffers even more


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  1. Very good rebuttal
    Wish PAS all the success
    They should get rid of Nasha I wonder why they don't
    Kicking out Hasan Ali was the best thing ever It won over a lot of non Muslim fence sitters

  2. Dulu dok kata takleh nak implement hudud awat ckp kafir? Skrg hang plak xleh nak implement hudud xplak kafir.


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