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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Story Behind Najib's "Winnable Candidates" and Fear of Sabotage

Ever wondered why Najib has consistently failed to call for election?

By right, before his 100 days in office, he should've called for an election because that's when he was at the peak of his popularity.

But that didn't happened because his internal sources told him that even before his 100 days in PM office ends, he will not be able to capture 2/3 majority because the Chinese and Indian voters are still very frosty with him.

So, he decided to put off calling for elections with the assumption that using the time he has to woo enough non Malay votes to get his 2/3. He also assumed that the Malay votes is at least 60% with him anytime.

However, Najib forgets one thing, that politics is very fluid. Just because you're popular now, it doesn't mean that you will be popular next week or next month.

That's just what happened to Najib. As time went on, with BERSIH 2, PERKASA shenanigans, his wife's countless controversies and not to mention the failure of his "plants" in PAS which was supposed to bring PAS into BN, his effort to regain enough support for 2/3 has failed.

He gambled and lost very badly.


My sources has told me that the entire Najib or even UMNO as a whole has resigned to the fact that they won't get their elusive 2/3 majority.

No matter how good the candidates they put up, they will still miss the 2/3 target.

And from what I've been told, even Najib has accepted that.

So, what is the problem then?

Najib remembers what happened to the great Pak Lah after he lost UMNO's 2/3 command in Parliament.

He was pushed and shoved out of the PM's post.

Learning from Pak Lah's bitter experience, Najib must ensure that the UMNO post GE13 must be controlled by people that is loyal to him.

So, the real definition of "Winnable Candidates" are candidates that will remain loyal to Najib should these candidates takes the cake after the election.

So, during the ensuing UMNO elections, these "winnable candidates" will plough through the UMNO election and ensure Najib continues as President of UMNO. 

Now do you see whay Najib was so concerned about sabotage? If his "winnable candidates" fails in large numbers, his fate as UMNO president will be decided long before the UMNO elections.

I am very sure, the UMNO divisions not aligned to Najib will not be on Najib's candidate list. And these divisions will not tolerate Najib's candidate. No matter what Najib says, these divisions will not let Najib's candidate to prevail.

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  1. The delaying of elections could also be to make them at the same time as selangor Since massive cheating is in place to regain selangor this could help Najib stay in power

  2. Selangor govt has funds
    Something should be done Foreigners cannot hijack our country's destiny
    Many years from now these instant citizens will cause a lot of social problems and will compete with real bumiputras
    You can see this happening in Sabah and also in developed countries in Europe Which took in a lot of refugees


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