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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

UMNO Has Nothing to Offer but Fear

Thank god. The UMNO AGM is over. Now, we all can get back to our normal lives and not be disturbed by live coverage given to the UMNO AGM, as if like the UMNO AGM is something important to our daily lives.

For one, all of UMNO's decisions are made by the UMNO Presiden and sometimes by their Supreme Council. Therefore, whatever that is said during the AGM is meaningless and has no value.

Secondly, if UMNO can get liver coverage using money from the people, then other parties should get live coverage too. But, sadly this does not happened as the word "fair" deosn't exist in UMNO's vocabulary.

From the recently concluded UMNO AGM, we have seen speeches after speeches from one speaker to another. Yet, none of them can convince any of us to stick with UMNO and the status quo.

For one, there was very little policy offered by UMNO that will generate interest. This is because UMNO is a bankrupt party. They have nothing to offer to the people. They too lack any sort of credbility. Therefore, they cannot make any promises to the people because the people won't trust their promises.

Realizing their shortcomings, UMNO can only offer one thing: FEAR.

Aside from the bashing of Pakatan Rakyat over the public funded media, they kept talking about how this country will turn into New York in Kurt Russels "Escape from New York".

Shahrizat, the "Cow Lady", warned that the repeat of 13th May incident will happen in the defeat of UMNO.

There's also the usual fear mongering of DAP contrplling the country should Pakatan Rakyat falls. That would mean the end of Malay domination of the country and the start of Chinese rule in Malaysia

Other leaders and delegates also warned on the impending apocalypse should UMNO be dethroned from the seat of Putrajaya.

Even the great Dr Mahathir peddled fear like a mamak cendol on the streets of Kuala Lumpur by saying that DAP will lead the country should UMNO lose.

And worst, Najib has expressed fear of internal sabotage from disgruntled leaders and members. He fears that internal sabotage will destroy UMNO.

I conclude that the recent UMNO AGM has nothing to offer to the people of Malaysia apart from fear. That Malaysians must continue to support UMNO and BN in spite of all the nonsense that UMNO has perpetrated. No compromise should be given when it comes to giving support to UMNO.

Why? So that what we have come to fear all this while my come to pass.

I say, if Malaysians are willing to tolerate this absurdity, then Malaysia deserve to wither away and die.

At least Pakatan Rakyat has the nerve to offer us hope. UMNO has nothing to offer but fear.


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1 comment:

  1. This is so true, among the old folks at kampung2 always said the same thing, FEAR, fear of Anwar will sell the country even the truth is UmNo BN who sold our soils piece by piece and even sacrifice Malay's reserve for their own pocket and stomach, fear of Chinese will rule the country and become like a Singapore, which is for me I would prefer Malaysia to become Singapore even I'm a Malay, such a disgrace when the world knew the existence of red little dot country comparing to Malaysia which is 100 times bigger, shame on us to have such incapable leaders


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