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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Punggol East Result Bad News For Najib and BN

Well there it is. For the first time since 1965 the PAP has lost a Parliament seat that they are holding to an opposition party in a by-election.

And, it's not just about losing their seat, the fashion in which they lost it is also devastating. The Workers Party won the seat with a resounding 3182 majority.

Please remember that this is a by-election and not a General Election in which the PAP has all the resources to concentrate into the area.

The PAP even deployed their Prime Minister, Hon Lee Hsien Loong, to campaign for them and still they falter.


I dare stipulate that the result signifies the start of a Southern Political Wave against incumbent. A wave of discontent against the PAP will definitely spill over to Malaysia.

Why? Because the same reason for discontent with PAP occurs in Malaysia too, minus one major factor - corruption.

Yes, among the list of discontent of average Singaporean against the PAP, corruption is not on the list. The same cannot be said about their Malaysian counterpart.

From the various articles and analysis i've read, here are the list of Singaporean discontent with PAP:

1.0 Influx of cheap immigrant labor
2.0 High cost of housing
3.0 High cost of amenities
4.0 Decaying standards of public service
5.0 Deteriorating standards of public education system

and others.

Also, the demographics of the Punggol East parliamentary seat is also interesting. Most of the residents are young families with small children and just starting a family.

All of the above are present in the Malaysian government too. Add corruption and discrimination, it makes the wave from the south inevitable.


Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian gets their livelihood from Singapore. In the service industry, thousands of Malaysians cross the Causeway everyday to work in various firms in Singapore. Malaysian farmers sells a variety of produce to Singapore at better prices than here. Malaysians in the transport industry ferries people to and fro and not to mention high skilled migrants from Malaysia settling down in Singapore and paying taxes.

The sign of disapproval shown by Punggol East voters will resonate with all of them all. I am very sure of that.

I mean, with the PAP doing a much better job than the BN, the people still rejected them for not living up to their standard.

There is no reason, then, for Malaysians not to reject UMNO seeing that UMNO is nowhere near the standard of PAP. Plus UMNO is so bloody corrupted.

If one were to compare the PAP and UMNO government, it's like comparing Lionel Messi with an English Third Division player.

I mean where in the world can a government attract millions of tourist in a year to visit the concrete jungle we have come to know as Singapore?

Yet, the Singaporeans rose up and made their message clear yesterday. They were essentially rejecting PAP for the destruction that they saw will happen in 10 to 15 years. Not now.

So, what reason could UMNO give to justify Malaysians to continue their support for them when they are never in the same league as the PAP?

Punggol East first. Putrajaya next.



ps A few notes on the recently concluded elections

a) Kenneth Jayaratnam does not cut the mustard when it comes to Singapore politics. He's nowhere near his father mainly in the area of humility. Smugness and electoral sucsess is mutually exclusive

b) SDP took a bold step of withdrawing thus making themselves still relevent in the eyes of Singaporean electorate

c) SDA is as good as dead. For your information, UMNO Singapore is part of the SDA and even the Malays in Singapore don't give a rat's behind about them

d) Malays Singaporean will flock the PAP. In fact, the Malays will not even consider the Singaporean UMNO branch.

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  1. We shouldn't read too much into the result even though the WP won a by-election. PAP is still very strong in many other places. Remember that WP only has 7 seats in Singapore Parliament, that's not even as many as the lowest number of seats received by the Opposition in 2004.

    - MENJ

  2. And because of this, PAP will help UMNO to win at all costs in Malaysia.

    Singaporeans must not see that a regime change can happen at their backyard, lest they be bold enough to demand for the same come the next election.

    This is simple politics 101.

  3. TB, i think ethnic make-up is very different. Yes ethnic Chinese in Malaysia will vote PR overwhelmingly but the Malays are still soundly asleep. Sad indeed that I am also a Malay but I am only a few like you who hve been rudely awaken by economic gloom. Those Malays in public sectors and remote villages are still tuned into UMNO/BN idiot boxes blaring propaganda day in day out... I want to be optimistic but with phantom voters and rigging, I dare not dream of a better future ahead! I hope I am wrong though...


  4. .






    The effect of the Singapore spring

    cannot be ignored by PR or BN.

    It is a matter who react

    correctly to the phenomena.

    If PR wants to make the most

    out of the The Singapore

    spring, it must show

    all seriousness as to how it

    would want the country to look

    like after winning the election.

    Some suggestion to be in the


    >Give kelantan and ganu

    their rightful oil revenue

    >correct all the wrongs

    that successive that

    BN gomen

    had done in Sarawak and


    Whatever immoral acquisition

    of native lands must be


    natives must not be deprived

    of their rightful land even

    if acquired under

    legitamate gomen means

    One example, Ramli's ill-gotten

    land got to be

    given back to the 'rightful'

    occupiers of the land whether

    or not he is a

    big supporter of PR

    Brader Nuar /DAP cannot be practising

    gangnam style 'gansterism' of the 'ole

    BN ' days and these must be made

    into a manifesto

    Be brave in the simple religous

    issue. Stand with the Melayus

    in the semenanjung. There is no

    place for church interference

    /lobby in the use of Allah
    for the sake of ' human rights' BS

    Just google to find out

    `how extensive the vatican

    and their malaysian rep [the

    roman catholic church ] here is

    entwined in business. Najib's

    gomen is entwined in cooperation

    with the vatican. Now vatican has

    an ambassador here in kl.

    This could be used as a

    poison pill for the BN winning


    So all the BS about gomen

    bullying christians

    can be flushed down the toilet.

    The roman catholic church is

    backed by a business entitity

    [vatican body corpus] that can

    make the melayu led gomen look

    puny shit!

    No more dap using gomen

    bullying christians

    when the actual fact is the

    other way round!

    If PR were to be honest

    at the outset,

    a melayu spring willcome as

    clear as there

    will be sun in the morning!



    khong khek khuat





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