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Monday, March 4, 2013

HANGAT:4 Pegawai Malaysia Ditawan Penceroboh?

Manila Post melaporkan bahawa 4 orang pegawai Malaysia telah ditawan pihak penceroboh Sulu di Lahad Datu Sabah. Mereka adalah terdiri dari 2 pegawai tentera, seorang pegawai polis dan seorang pegawai kerajaan.

Juga dilaporkan lebih ramai lagi tentera2 Sulu telah mendarat di Lahad Datu untuk membantu saudara2 mereka yang didakwa dibantai oleh tentera Malaysia.

Diharapkan khabar ini cuma dakwaan kosong dari pihak Sultan Sulu. Sekiranya dakwaan ini benar bererti keadaan di Lahad Datu itu masih tegang dan tidak selamat.

Minta pengesahan dari pihak berkuasa Malaysia.

Published on 03 March 2013 Hits: 1,124 Written by RITCHIE A. HORARIO AND JEFFERSON G. ANTIPORDA REPORTERS
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Princess Jacel Kiram, daughter of Sultan Jamalul Kiram 3rd, and Abraham Idjirani, the sultan’s spokesman, talk to reporters on Sunday following reports that seven more people have been killed in a clash in Sabah. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

AS Malaysian authorities stepped up their campaign to flush out Filipino intruders in Sabah, followers of Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram 3rd captured four ranking Malaysian officials following a clash that left seven people dead, raising fears that the situation in the disputed island would further worsen.

The tension that has gripped Sabah for several weeks now is expected to boil over as groups of Muslim Filipinos sympathetic with the sultan were reported to have arrived in Borneo.

Abraham Idjirani, the sultan’s spokesman, said that followers of Kiram captured the Malaysian officials on Saturday in the town of Semporna in Sabah.

Among those being held are two high-ranking military officials, one police official and one government official.

Idjirani said that the capture of the four officials was relayed to them on Sunday.

“The situation was triggered by the killing of the two imams and their children. Without provocation pinag-papatay silang lahat [they were all killed],” Idjirani told reporters in Maharlika Village, Taguig City.

He clarified that Kiram did not order his men to capture the Malaysian officials. However, he said that the sultan instructed his men to respect the rights of their captives.

He also said that the Malaysian officials will be used by the sultanate of Sulu “as an opening witness to the works of atrocities of Malaysian government against Filipinos in Sabah.”

The Kiram camp claimed that they received reports that Malaysian security forces have started rounding up Filipinos who are not members of Kiram’s Royal Army.

The sultan’s daughter, Princess Jacel, said that even Filipinos with proper papers are being arrested and ordered deported.

Idjirani also said that they received reports that reinforcement groups coming from the provinces of Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-tawi and Zamboanga arrived in Sabah on Saturday.

He, however, maintained that Kiram did not order these groups to go to Sabah to help hundreds of his supporters who have holed up in Lahad Datu. Idjirani also clarified that the groups are not part of the sultan’s Royal Army.

“This is an organized patriotic act in show of support to this struggle of the sultanate of Sulu. It did not come or ordered by the sultan,” he added.

He said that there were about a thousand men who went to Sabah, and that they are possibly armed with rifles.

“Kapag [If it is] reinforcement, may armas ‘yan [they are usually armed]. They went there to help control Sabah,” he added.

Kiram again criticized the government, particularly President Benigno Aquino 3rd, who on Saturday called on his supporters to surrender without conditions.

“Malamang buong Muslim, buong Tausug magpakamatay dahil dito [Perhaps the entire Muslim and Tausug communities will sacrifice their lives because of this]. This is not a joke, malaking gulo ito. Pilipino kami tapos Malaysia pa ang kanilang tinutulungan [We are Filipinos and yet they are siding with Malaysia],” he said.

Idjirani maintained that the sultan’s followers should not be blamed for the violence that killed scores in the island.

“It’s not the sultanate of Sulu that leveled up the conflict but the Malaysian authorities because of their continued atrocities against Filipinos in Sabah,” he said.

The sultan added that his followers in Sabah, led by his brother Raja Datu Agbimuddin, are ready to die for their cause.

Jacel told reporters that her family had received numerous messages of support. She said that some of their supporters are angry at the way Malaysian authorities are treating Filipinos and they also want Malaysians in the Philippines to be dealt with the same way.

The sultan’s daughter called on their supporters not to harm Malaysians in the country.

“We are appealing to our supporters and sympathizers to stay calm. We are doing everything we can to solve the issue peacefully,” she said. “The [Malaysians] should not be included in the issue, they are not our enemies. We are fighting for our right and for truth.”

Jacel said that her family and their supporters are also dismayed with the position of the President.

“The mere fact that the President wants our people to surrender without condition is a clear indication that he would rather support Malaysia rather than his own countrymen. It is painful for a Filipino to see his government side with Malaysia instead of protecting the interest of the Filipino people,” she added.

Surrender is best
MalacaƱang on Sunday maintained that the surrender of Kiram’s men in Sabah is the only way to resolve the standoff.

“Surrender is the best way to save the lives of the people who are there. We see nothing insensitive in calling for a peaceful resolution. We see nothing insensitive in calling for a surrender to prevent a further loss of lives. And we see nothing insensitive in our efforts to coordinate with the Malaysian authorities as well as the Kiram family to find a peaceful resolution that is beneficial for everybody and not just for a select group of people,” Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said.

“The Kiram family is now fully aware of the consequences of their action and what they have put their own people into, what they got them into,” she added

She said that the humanitarian ship send by the Philippine government to Sabah remains at the border of Malaysia. She added that social workers in Sulu are ready to provide counseling to the families of those in Sabah.

“In the note verbale handed by the secretary of Foreign Affairs to the Malaysian ambassador to the Philippines, we have been asking for full access to those who are in custody and we were asking for the go-signal to be able to treat the wounded, to provide assistance,” she said

Valte said that the Philippine government continues to coordinate with Malaysian authorities and the Kiram family.
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  1. Standoff ini bermakna melepaslah orang Sulu nak mengundi di Selangor. Somebody might have screwed up the whole plot.

  2. duit memali sape songlap..blh tolong jawab...peace


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