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Monday, May 26, 2008

Ezam Turns Out To Be A Sell-Out, After All

I read the Malaysiakini report entitled "Ezam to make a timely move back to Umno". I must say it stopped my heart from beating for about a second. I am absolutely shocked But of all people, I should not be surprised as i've gotten signs of Ezam's intention long before this had happened. For one, i ran into one of Ezam's men, Zahid Mat Arip and I had a long conversation with him. From his Freudian slips, I can easily gather that plans and intention of Ezam Mat Nor was there long before. In fact, he was actually waiting for UMNO to offer him a seat in the last election but the offer never came through. If the offer was solid, Ezam would've jump to UMNO a long time ago.

As for his so call fallout with Anwar and Azmin and his so call power struggle, i suspect that the power struggle is nothing more than Ezam trying to destabilize the PKR.

I suspect Ezam has been playing for the other side a long time ago. He was trying to show his worth to UMNO by giving Anwar and the PKR a hard time. I strongly feel that Ezam didn't want to contest for PAS or DAP in the last election because he's never interested to remain with the Opposition. He was really interested in joining UMNO and contesting for UMNO. But, from the information I managed to gather, Ezam never got the final green light from UMNO leadership so he could not contest.

If Ezam is really true to his principle, he could join the other opposition parties like PAS or DAP. We have Sdr Anuar Tahir, for instance, a former SU Agung PKR, having a fallout with the party but instead joined PAS.

Or he could just retire from politics like the various PKR leaders whom have dissapeared from public life i.e. Zainur Zakaria etc. We also have people like Dr Chandra Muzaafar who doesn't explicitly supports UMNO but do so by forming an NGO. At least, no one can accuse Chandra of swallowing his own words.

But, Ezam's move is hypocrisy of the highest order. He has said and call for so much reforms for UMNO or the Government. Yet, none of his call for reforms have been implemented by the Pak Lah regime.

In fact, whatever corruption or abuse done by Dr.Mahathir has ben compounded and exploited by the people surrounding Pak Lah. Therefore, what is Ezam's justification for joining UMNO?

Does he think that he is big enough to reform UMNO? Does he think he can make a big difference in UMNO that UMNO will fall to his feet and change accordingly. Does he seriously think that he can rid of all the UMNO rent-seekers that currently plauging UMNO?

Will Ezam be able to influence PAk LAh to overturn all of the Draconian laws currently being enjoyed by the Pak Lah regime?

It is my opinion, that Ezam joining UMNO is only for his own personal interest. He has a personal agenda that he wants to implement and that he wants only to achieve his own personal glory.

I pity all of Ezam supporters whom had followed him to join GERAK. People like SD Johari, Zukri Akasyah etc. They really believed in Ezam and they were willing to ggo high and low with Ezam. Now, it seems that all their sacrifice is wasted. They have been banking with the wrong man. Their sacrifice is for nothing.

There are also Ezam men, like Hanafiah Man, Zahid Mat Arif, Hamdan Taha and many more whom have joined UMNO long before. I suspect these people were sent into UMNO by Ezam to facilitate Ezam's entry into UMNO.

Many people are unaware that when Ezam was the Youth Head of PKR, he was a dictator. Many a times he makes big decisions without referring to the Youth committee. People like Mustafa Kamil Ayub and Samsul Iskandar Mat Akin can testify to Ezam's style of leadership. In fact, I think Azmin Ali is more democratic than Ezam Mat Nor.

I, therefore, suspect that when Anwar Ibrahim refuse to follow his wishes, Ezam becomes agitated and responded by leaving the party. Not only that, he then tried to weaken and destabilize PKR so as to raise his value in the eyes of UMNO.

In fact, i think PKR is lucky to have themselves rid off Ezam Mat Nor completely. He is nothing but a cancerous cell in the entire PKR body. I think PKR should rejoice his departure to UMNO. Let all the bad elements join UMNO.

It's actually not a surprise that some former ISA detainees will then serve as agents and moles to UMNO/BN. It has happened before.

It is also strange that Ezam is chooses such a time to join UMNO. A time when the party is split and in complete strive. My internal UMNO information tells me that Ezam entry is meant to shore up the Pak Lah regime. He's been called up by the Pak lah team to project an image of strength and intelligence. My informants also told me that the reward waiting for Ezam is handsome. He might be made a Senator and at least a Deputy Minister. If he plays his cards right, he'll can also make a full fledge Minister.

His domain will be the entire Selangor. In other words, he will be put in the position of recapturing Selangor from PKR. He will take Khir Toyo's place for good.

Inshaalah, history will show that Ezam is nothing more than a black spot. MAlaysia in the future will look back and look on to Ezam Mat Nor as nothing more then a sell-out. I pray that my children does not follow Ezam's unprincipled ways.

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Ezam to make a timely move back to Umno (
Stanley Koh May 22, 08 11:04am
Former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor's crossover to Umno is said to be imminent and expected to take place over the next few days to a week.

"Ezam joining Umno is not something unexpected as Ezam has been courted as a candidate even before the March 8 general election," said a reliable source from Umno.

gerak meet aca 211107 ezam and abdul gani haronIt is learnt that the change of Ezam's political fortunes from his crossover from PKR to Umno has been given top approval from both Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy, Najib Abdul Razak.

According to the Umno source, the reason in bringing in Ezam to the Umno's fold was both strategic and timely.

"Ezam has declined to be an Umno candidate in the previous general election on grounds of integrity. But the time is now appropriate as Ezam will be given a meaningful role in the party," the source said.

Umno's move to embrace Ezam will help mitigate the current negative developments in the party.

On the other hand, Ezam also expects his new party to continue to exert efforts in reforming the judiciary and the fight against corruption which form part of his negotiation with the top Umno leadership before accepting the move to join the party.

The source also indicated that Ezam was expected to be given a senatorship and his future role will include the daunting responsibility to win back Selangor from the Pakatan government in the next general election.

"Ezam's future role besides stemming the tide of PKR in Selangor will also provide him a potential to be a candidate for the Umno Youth chief in the coming party elections."

A breath of fresh air

Given the lack of potential candidates with credibility and integrity in the Umno Youth line-up, the entry of Ezam will provide a breath of fresh air to the movement, particularly when he is being the given challenging task to wrest back Selangor.

"Ezam joining Umno could well be a turning point for the party in Selangor given current perceptions that the Pakatan government under the Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has proven to be quite disappointing," according to a political observer.

"Besides a few public announcements on land issues and the pig-farming project, nothing seems to be moving."

Ezam, a former political secretary to PKR's de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, was also PKR's Youth chief and had served a two-year jail sentence over the Anwar's issue.

He had massive fallout with Anwar and PKR vice-president Azmin Ali last year following an internal power struggle, which resulted in him in quitting the party.

Since then he had been critical of Anwar's style of leadership and Azmin's role as a dominant schemer in the party.

After that he concentrated on his anti-corruption NGO, Gerak. He will be relinquishing his position in the NGO from June, to be replaced by Mohd Nazree Yunus.

When contacted Ezam said that he would be issuing a statement on the matter next Tuesday..

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  1. It would be an excellent article, if not for the numerous grammatical error.

  2. Ijok adalah bukti akhir di mana segala tingkah laku Ezam untuk lemahkan PKR. Tindakan buruk Ezam ini telah dikenalpasti oleh satu 'team khas' yang tidak dilantik secara rasmi oleh PKR tetapi tulen dalam perjuangan reformasi. Jika kita mampu renung lebih mendalam, kita akan tahu bagaimana Ezam cuba melemahkan parti dari dalam. Ezam tersentak dan mula tahu bahawa tindakannya dihidu pada saat PKR menghadapi Pilihan Raya kecil Ijok dan dia serta konco-konconya akhirnya lari. Hanya saja PKR tidak mahu aibkan Ezam kerana Ezam tetap ada jasanya tersendiri.

  3. tq sorry abt that becuase it was written in a haste

  4. Pemantau Ezam,

    Kalau sudi, bolehla kongsi pemgamatan saudara dalam blog ini kerana tiada masaalah lagi dah.

    Ezam dah pergi

  5. Apa nak dirisaukan Ezam masuk UMNO, kan PKR kata Ezam dah tak relevan...(atau Ezam ada rahsia yang boleh melemahkan PKR?)

  6. whatever his reason is, i think its a wrong move...the same one that DSAI made when joining UMNO from ABIM. You cannot change from within...if not the Prophet pbuh would have taken the offer from the Quraish to lead them by dropping the Islamic agenda, he could have change the Quraish from within, but that is not the way to do it. There is no ijtihad when the Prophet pbuh has shown the way. But then not many people really learn from history.

  7. yes, hypocrite? i am confused by ezam and his games...politicians...umno politicians?

  8. Jed Yoong,

    Ezam has proven to us that he is a hypocrite. He might have been honest once, but he sure changed.

    And all his excuses for joining UMNO is rubbish. Utter rubbish.

    My feeling is that Ezam have been doing things for his personal benefit all this while.

    Ever wondered where he gets the money to build a big house in the most expensive part of Shah Alam.

    He was only a govt. servant.

  9. politic is bull shit, semua sama je. tok sah nak kata org lain. klu di pihak yg betul buat apa nk risau. ni duk sibuk kutuk2 org lain. again BS!


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