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Friday, May 30, 2008

It’s Stupid for PAS to Join BN/UMNO

I read the Malaysiakini report entitled “PAS-Umno talks - cause for concern?” with great interest. And the fact that the article is published the same day that Ezam Mat Nor declared his return to UMNO is also a very interesting.

As a PAS member and activist, I will say this outright: It is stupid for PAS to join up with Barisan Nasional or UMNO. I mean after getting bitten once, the right thing for PAS to do is to learn from their previous experience. The last time PAS cooperated with UMNO, they were stabbed in the back and the knife is still stuck to this day.

Dato Asri called for a “Muktamar Khas” before the decision to join Barisan Nasional was made. My late father was one of the delegates and he resisted the idea. Of course, he could not overcome the popularity of Dato Asri and the rest is history. But, what I’s like to highlight is the fact that my late father was right all along. He believes that UMNO cannot be trusted and therefore, joining BArisan Nasional is a big mistake and sooner than later PAS will be betrayed. He was proven right.

True enough, after UMNO regrouped and regained their strength, the first on their agenda was the removal of PAS from Barisan Nasional. PAS, at that point was expandable as compared to before the formation of Barisan Nasional. They used the flimsy excuse of an UMNO branch in Johor converting into a PAS branch. With that, they were able to unite the UMNO leaders in their plan to eject PAS from Barisan Nasional.

Everything else that occurred afterwards right to the point of PAS leaving Barisan Nasional was part of UMNO plan in effect. And PAS leaders, being gullible, swallowed UMNO’s bait hook, line and sinker. UMNO deployed the assistance of every single government apparatus including the Kelantan Palace which led to the Mageran incident in 1978 and subsequently the relegation of PAS to the status of pariah party among Malays.

When PAS was kicked out, the DEB was at the start of it’s implementation. The Malays had begun to experience something that they’ve never experienced before and therefore, making UMNO insanely popular. PAS was without any issues to fight UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Even worse, PAS is no more seen as a saviour to the Malays.

PAS was lucky that UMNO/BN still allowed them to have their Annual “Muktamar” at Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka after that. Starting from 1982 elections right about 1999, losing deposits is states like Negeri Sembilan, Johor, Melaka etc is a normal occurance. In short, UMNO didn’t just managed to kick PAS out of BN, they managed to kill PAS’es relevance among the Malay. Kindda like getting two for the price of one.


Shortly before 1986 elections, non-malay electorate begun to take interest in PAS. PAS leaders suddenly found themselves invited to dialogues with Chinese communities across Malaysia. Dialouges were organized with PAS leaders deep in Chinese new villages, Chinese halls etc.

At the same time, the Malays were beginning to be interested in PAS again. This is about the time when the Islamic resurgence was strong among the Malays. And at that time, Malaysia suffered from one of it’s worst recession on record. Naturally, UMNO is concerned if the Chinese and Malays turned, it will be like 2008 elections.

So, with the help of Anwar Ibrahim, a “tea party” was organized between the main PAS leaders, and the PM, that’s right, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohammad Iskndar Kutty at Seri Perdana. I can’t remember exactly what is the main agenda of the tea party, but it had something to do Malay Unity and the advancement of Islam and all that crap.

What was weird is that during the span of the meeting, Dr. Mahathir was loss for words. He spoke very little and the one that spoke the most is Anwar Ibrahim and the PAS leaders. The next day, word was spread that PAS was willing t work with UMNO in the name of advancing Islam and Malays.

The Chinese felt betrayed and suddenly, invitations for dialogues dried up big time. In truth, the entire tea-meeting did not reach any resolution. It was a mere chit chat and small talk and nothing concrete was ever reached.

The other example is the so call unity talk on Palestine involving the late President and Dr. Mahathir Mohd. I do not want to elaborate but suffice to say PAS was the biggest loser of the meeting. The talk was organized by ABIM and apparently the call for Malay Unity this time around is also being made by ABIM.


To think that PAS leaders have been “screwed” so many times by UMNO with the same pickup line: Malay Unity and Islam Advancement, is very weird. Everytime UMNO is in a bind, the same bait is used and PAS always seems to fall for that trap, until now.

One will start questioning why? I have a few theories. My biggest theory is that PAS has always been “infiltrated”. It seems that UMNO didn’t leave PAS all to itself after they got rid of PAS in 1978. UMNO left behind “moles” or “sleeper agents” that will be activated whenever there is a need for UMNO to do so.

The “sleeper agents” will push for Malay and Islamic unity whenever UMNO is in a bind or UMNO is in trouble, such as now. I believe this is the main factor. I also call upon ABIM to stop calling for crap political agenda such as the Malay Unity thing. The Malays are UNITED under the Sultan. We are always united because we all share the same Sultan. So, the agenda is irrelevant.

ABIM should stop wasting the people’s time with crappy agendas. Having said that, I support Munirah Bahari’s call to review the school uniform. I think that’s a better agenda for ABIM to pursue.


PAS needs to understand who UMNO really is. UMNO is a bunch of “rent-seekers” with access to the wealth of the country. They lead a lavish life, with big fat bank accounts, expensive automobiles, big house or houses and all of the riches. They, however, possesses such wealth without the need of hard work. Such a thing is like living a dream.

Their position in the government are their meal-tickets. They make their wealth without having to break sweats. All they need to do is to get cuts of the top of government projects which they decide who will get, anyways.

Now, who would not want this kind of life? You do not have to wake up early every morning, brave the traffic jams, work from nine to five, yet you have money more than you can ever spend.

This is the classic definition of rent-seekers. This is what UMNO is filled with. And these rent-seekers, they will sell their families first before they give up their way if life, metaphorically speaking.

And does one really think that these rent-seekers actually care about the Malays, about Islam, about Ketuanan Melayu? All they care about is their lavish life and their bank accounts. As far as they’re concerned, Ketuanan Melayu is merely a good excuse for making themselves rich.

I’ve read about these people since 1986. These people are properly termed as “UMNOPUTRA”. They are the real beneficiary of Dasar Ekonomi Baru, Ketuanan Melayu Kedaulatan Islam etc. They get the prime cut of the beef while the rest of the Malays have to make do with scraps from their tables.

The Malays tolerate these criminals, because Malays are a very feudal society. And as a result, the UMNOPUTRA’s live like fat-rats. And no one can touch them.

That is, until 2008 when their “meal-ticket” party, UMNO was defeated in so many states and their 2/3 majority are now gone. The overwhelming control of the country is no more absolute with UMNO as before. And to make matters worse, there is chance that UMNO might fall and become a full-time opposition party.

Now, the UMNOUTRA’s are sweating profusely. If the BN government is toppled, the UMNOPUTRA might end up in “soup-lines” depending on the real meal-tickets for sustenance.

They know they need to do something. Otherwise, their way of life will be seriously altered. They don’t know how to earn a decent living or the value of a buck. They have always got it easy and having to endure hardship to survive is a nightmare.

So, what’s the next step? They must get PAS to rejoin BN and strengthen the credibility of UMNO again. That way, UMNO will be relevant again and their control of power and resources will be absolute once again.


For the first time in PAS’es history, the Non-Muslims are giving PAS a chance. All PAS needs to do is to prove to them that they’re a better government then UMNO. I strongly feel that non muslims in Malaysia will have no problem with PAS’es Islamic policy especially when PAS doesn’t need to touch on sensitive issues just to established their Islamic credentials.

UMNO had to snatch bodies from grieving families just to prove to Malays that they’re Islamic. PAS doesn’t need to resort to such theatricals. PAS practices Islam in the daily life. Islam to UMNO is merely a “meal ticket” to get Malays to support them in the elections.

Therefore, if PAS is true to their Islamic cause, they WILL reject the UMNO’s call. They will reject ABIM’s call for a Malay unity government. They will stick to their promise and commitment and prove to non muslims in this country that they are a as good as UMNO.

And they can also prove that further Islamization of this country will not effect the basic freedom of Non Muslims in Malaysia. They have proven that in Kelantan and they have no problem to prove that to the entire Malaysia. In fact, the critics of PAS’es Islamic policies are lackeys of UMNO anyways, i.e. Wong ChunWai, Zainah Anwar and Chandra Muzzaffar.

PAS do not need UMNO anymore. The myth of “ONE PARTY FOR ONE RACE” must be blown apart. Having multi-party is good for a race, a country, a people etc. It would mean competition and the best will prevail.

All advance races in the world practices multi-party politics where more than one party represents the interest of one race or one country or one nation. In fact, one party will only lead to more corruption, less competition and slower progress of the party.

In fact, I am informed that the main force rejecting the UMNO-PAS cooperation is the PAS President, Tuang Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang. Thus, stopping all tides towards an UMNO-PAS cooperation.

Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi is always known to be a man of his words. His argument is simple. Muslims must honor their promises And since we have promised our voters and friends, we must honor it.

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  1. Hi

    I too was shocked by Kian Ming's and Oon's 'analysis'.

    At least, they should have called Hadi or Nasharuddin up for a rejoiner instead of 'demanding' that PAS makes its stand clear. PAS has done that already.

    I am reassured because of Hadi Awang. It's unlikely a "hardcore" like him will bring PAS into BN.

    Also, without PAS or DAP, PKR is nothing. PKR has barely ANY election machinery. Without the PAS people, and to some extent, the DAP people, PKR simply didn't have enough members in the general election to man the operation centres, put up banners, etc.

    More critically, the political and social landscape has changed since the 1970s with the NEP. UMNO is now alien to the rakyat's needs. They've become the model of a corrupt feudal aristocracy that will or has been 'overthrown' by the people.

  2. Dear Jed Yoong,

    TQ for your response. I am sure that Tuan Guru will come through.

    But, since PAS is heavily infiltrated, there is a strong pressure from someone to push PAS towards UMNO.

    For me, even from the perspective of Islam, joining UMNO will not help PAS'es cause.

    We need to speak up and we need to fight this.

    ABIM is also a culprit. THey're the ones pushing for a PAS-UMNO cooperation or unity platform.


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