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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Karpal Still Doesn't Get It

Karpal still doesn't get it. The time for opposition politics is over. Now, the PR is faced with a mountain of practical issues to overcome and making enemies with:

a. The majority race (malays)
b. The royalty
c. The Islamic faith

is not going to help each and every PR government in carrying out their duties.

Karpal need to wake up and smell the coffee. The time for rhetoric and empty threats is over. The reason why Karpal is not getting resonance from fellow DAP leaders is because they are all in the business of “getting things done”.

And practically, handling issues which is of not in the majority of the public’s interest is not a big priority on their agenda. What’s important now is to deliver what has been promised in the last election.

And I am sure that making enemies with the Palace is one sure way of getting yourself in a hot soup for no major gain.

My point being is that let us tackle issues that’s of public’s interest and not of your own individual political ideology agenda which is most of the time unpopular with the public.

The public wants to see the government deliver. That’s the #1 agenda for all. And the Malaysian public is a very pragmatic type of public, including the Chinese. That explains why the level of support of the Chinese to Dr. Mahathir when he was PM was consistent since 1990.

Despite the fact that Dr. Mahathir is a racist, a bigot, an ardent supporter of National Economic Policies and not to mention Malay Rights, the Chinese electorate came to his rescue in the 1999 elections and gave BN a rousing support in 2004 all because of him.

Karpal and his band of misfits should ask themselves, why is this so? How can a man who’s belief structure is heaven and earth apart from the Chinese can get so much of the Chinese support?

The answer is simple. Dr. Mahathir delivered. During the time of his reign, the Chinese experienced economic uplifting never before experienced under any other Prime Ministers. For that, the Chinese threw their support behind Dr. Mahathir come what may. In fact, the level of support for Dr. M among the Chinese did not wane even after he made his Negara Islam declaration.

DAP should remember this for in 1995, Dr. Mahathir nearly routed DAP from the map of Malaysia. In 1999, if it wouldn’t for the support of the Chinese, the BN government would have fallen with their face down. The Chinese defended the rule of Dr. Mahathir despite Dr. Mahathir being the opposite of the Chinese political beliefs.

Karpal, for one, have not learnt his lesson. Karpal needs to evaluate an issue and differentiate between issues which is “realpolitik” and “elitepolitik” of nature. It seems most of the PR leaders are aware of this except Karpal.

As a result of Karpal’s non-discriminatory actions, the BN has found an opportunity to drive a wedge between the PR leaders. Their insistence to indict Karpal for sedition is an attempt to drive a wedge between the PR leaders (

One should ask, why indict Karpal on this issue alone? Why wasn’t there an indiction on his other statements before? The reason is that the parties involved in this issue are members of the PR specifically PAS.

The BN is trying to catch PAS in an awkward situation. Karpal’s statement was in defense of the Perak MB’s action to sack the Director of JAIP. It will be very awkward for the MB of Perak not to defend Karpal. On the other hand, if the MB of Perak or PAS do not come out to defend Karpal, then it will show that there is no solidarity among the PR component parties.

But, the fact that no other DAP leaders coming out to support Karpal shows that Karpal is guilty of becoming a loose cannon. And PR do not need loose cannon, especially with someone like Karpal Singh.

So, my suggestion to PR leaders is to leave Karpal to his own devices and let him sink and swim with his statements. Pretty soon, the public will see that most of Karpal statements do not represent the DAP or PR in any way.

Quoted from Malaysiakini (

Karpal queries DAP, Pakatan leaders' silence
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | May 10, 08 10:15am

Amidst the uproar from Barisan Nasional leaders over Karpal Singh’s remarks regarding Perak Sultan Azlan Shah’s order for a senior civil servant to be reinstated, the DAP chairperson has expressed surprise about the noticeable silence from his own party members.

“My own party leaders have not condemned me for saying what I said. On the other hand, they have not come out openly to support me, which is unfortunate,” he told a press conference at his office in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

“When it comes to the crunch, the party must, should stand by its chairman as long as the chairman is telling the truth,” he added.

karpal singh pc on perak sultan 090508 01Karpal’s comments come on the heels of several police reports and statements by BN and Malay leaders - including Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Razak - against his statements on the Perak Sultan.

Azlan Shah had ordered for the reinstatement of the state’s Islamic Department director Jamry Sury after the latter was transferred to another department following what was alleged to be his refusal to cooperate with the new Pakatan Rakyat state government.

In response to the sultan’s orders, Karpal said early this month that Azlan Shah had acted beyond his powers as under the country's law, the Pakatan-led state government had every right to transfer Jamry as he is a government servant.

Commenting on this Thursday, Abdullah claimed that what Karpal said was seditious, insulting to the Sultan and tantamount to questioning his prerogative and knowledge of his scope of duties as the state’s head of religion.

Najib, on the other hand, described Karpal’s statement as incorrect as the federal and state constitutions legally allow the sultan to act as he did.

Perak MB also quiet

Several police reports were also made by Barisan Nasional MPs and a Malay NGOs coalition, who accused Karpal of being seditious, rude and having insulted the institution of Malay rulers.

Following this, Karpal said yesterday that the police were scheduled to see him tomorrow morning at his office in Penang.

While Karpal said he will not back down from his stand on the issue despite the police reports against him and what he described as moves to ‘intimidate’ him, he was also wondering why his own party members and other leaders from the Pakatan coalition were muted on the issue.

“Publicly, I have not seen any statements (by DAP leaders), at least in print,” said Karpal.

Asked why there were no such statements supporting him, Karpal said: “I don’t know. They should back me, right?”

perak cm mb mohamad nizar jamaluddinMeanwhile, in the Star, Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin was reported to have kept mum on Karpal’s comment that Nizar had ‘wilted and buckled’ under royal pressure.

Asked about Karpal’s statement that he had bowed down by apologising to Azlan Shah over Jamry’s reinstatement, Nizar was quoted as having said: “ “No. No. No. No statement from me,” said the report yesterday.

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  1. UMNO Also Sedition lah

    Well.. there are couple of questions they need to ask Pak la and Najip. They both seems to be "makan cili tidak tahu pedas"

    1. Pelantikan MB Terengganu, Umno has made a lot of sedition remark to Sultan .... remember the "Natang" word ? And pak la himself did said "Unconstitutional" on regard of pelantikan MB ? Why no action has been taken so far ? but action being taken to those are no Umno/BN supporter ?

    2. What abt Najip himself ? Sedition remark from him widely documented that in the days preceding Operasi Lallang in October 1987, Najib Razak then as the head of Umno Youth, made a speech at a rally in Kampung Baru where he vowed to bathe his keris in the blood of Chinese Malaysian citizens.
    And this speech was delivered against a background of banners by Umno Youth saying such things as ‘May 13 has begun’ and ‘Soak it with Chinese blood’.

    The above are only 2 examples ..... both examples by far menyakit teringga bila mendengar !!

  2. Buat pertama kali, Husin menyokong tindakan Pak Lah.

    Tetapi jangan salah faham, Husin belum cium tangan lagi.

  3. YB Karpal might be an experiance MP but certainly not a wise one. He only think of his political popularity . Did he ever think of the repurcussion to others. I believe the point he raised is right but but in the contact of Malaysian politic , is it wise? It take 50 long years for oppositions to win a significant number of sits in parliment, why destroy it.I believe he has an attitude problem.As long as I`m right,don`t care about others.This attitude is prevalent in BN and UMNO especially. That is why Malaysian vote PR in drove. Please don`t misplace their trust that PR just got unless YB is just content to be in the opposition forever.

  4. Yes what Karpal did is the right thing. He is a shrewd politician.
    Badawi, the lame duck PM is fighting for his political future. So is his Deputy. Majority UMNO mermbers want both of them to resign, so he tries to show he is `tough` but nobody ever said he was a clever fellow.
    Now he becomes a laughing stock if AG can`t perform.

  5. Let's look at a different scenario. In case whereby HRH Sultan 'dislikes' the JAIP director. HRH would call upon the MB to transfer the JAIP director and look for a replacement. The State administrative headed by MB is responsible for employment.

    If the above is relevant than Karpal may just be right.

  6. I salute Karpal for being brave enough to speak out against injustice! Isn't that what leaders are supposed to do, rather than cowardly hide behind some comfort zone just to maintain power and position? True leaders of rakyat must also fight for justice not just for power for goodness sake! BY THE WAY, UMNO IS DEVIOUSLY USING THE MONARCHY AND ISLAM TO CONTINUE ITS BARBARIC DOMINANCE AND INJUSTICE TO THE RAKYAT! KINGS ARE NOT GOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  7. Dear Noor Aza,

    Please don't get me wrong. I personally agree with Karpal Singh on this one. I think Karpal is right for cautioning the Sultan, from a technical stand-point.

    But, from a practical and political standpoint, what Karpal is doing is benefiting the enemy of Pakatan Rakyat.

    U think deep in Nijar heart, he is not thankful to Karpal? i believe he is, but he has to take care of his relationship with the Sultan.

    Otherwise, the sultan can derail all of the reforms intended.

    In short, we need to have a bigger goal. Mere steamrolling is not an option.

    And Lesson 1 in picking issue: Always pick issues that is dear to the people.

  8. Dear chee xtheman,

    I agree with u. UMNO/BN is responsible for insulting the Palace more than the entire Chinese and Indian community put together.

    They're using this issue for their own convinient when in fact they never respected the Sultan.

    UMNO/BN only respect the dollar sign.

  9. Are we really clear whether it's a question of principle
    Or a principle of questioning whenever there's any doubt
    Don't we have the equal right to question even a principal
    Should there be any good reason to doubt about a new doubt?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100508
    Sat. 10th May 2008.

  10. Dear Samuel,

    There's principle, and then there's practical. We need to find a balance between the two without jeapordising each polar.

    Why? Simple. We're humans and there are things which we can do now, and there are things which we need to do later.

    That's what i call wisdom

  11. Well even telling lies is a privilege. Only privileged people can lie. So you see in Umno everything is a privilege for them.

  12. This is what happen to a good country ruled by a bad ruling party.

    Enriching themselves and forget the rest. Those greedy and selfish Umno are to be blamed.

  13. Tulang Besi, I'm one of the rakyat ok! How dare you be patronizing and think that such issue is not dear to the rakyat like me! Umno is increasingly using the monarch and iSlam to entrench its power-base; especially the Malay communities. Just like NEP was deemed untouchable issue, why not such issues, which have caused so much suffering to the ordinary rakyat be anymore untouchable! Easy for you, I presume you're a male, who don't understand what injustice and oppression of women in Islam means I bet! Nor am I a cow who's going to moo anymore if the elite or royal Malays, especially some idiot sexist, sadist and chauvinist males tell me to; for goodness sake this is the modern world! Those slavery times are over; so the monarchy/elitist class including in Islam better get over it! Out of the primitive cave-dweller mentality get it! By the way, I as a Malay have more in common and great respect for a true leader like Karpal than those fascist, racist and sadist Umno bastards!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  14. Sometimes when one reads about the statements or replies by the Umno-led government ministers, one feels ashamed of them, knowing that foreign correspondents would also be observing them.

    One just wonder how come majority of the government ministers or their subordinates just could not show themselves with depth in their words and thoughts!

    Their mentality is just so shallow as always reflected in their talks.

    Is it because they do lack reading and gaining knowledge and information? But then they are the ones who keep telling the public to read and read! They don't? Too busy politicking on trivial? What a pity!

    Or that they are too busy over personal interest? Or are they just of mediocre intelligence up there, but good in drawing support by being able to be able to talk mediocrity?

    Can the nation draws on them to prod on to the national vision?

    It is anybody's guess. Your guess is just as good as my guess. Just hope and guess the good things will come one fine day.

    Something is seriously and definitely lacking in the government ministers, selection? Is there a dearth of quality leaders in Malaysia politics to be selected?

    Something drastic must be done to rectify the current situation in the country.

    Many so called leaders in Malaysia are still shackled in their perceived medieval mentality based false promises.

  15. History has shown that the most "biadap" and "kurang ajar" people in Malaysia are from Umno Youth. If other people dare to be more vocal, Umno Youth would brand them as terrorists and detain them under ISA.

  16. When Umno says that you have insulted race and religion and that you are a traitor, then wear it as a badge of honour.

    If Umno fascists and supremacists say that you are a traitor to the cause, then you must have done something right and that you are on the right path.

    You should be really worried if Umno starts praising you and putting you on a lofty pedestal, because it means you have turned your back on everything that is positive, rational and just.

  17. Nor Aza,

    It's true that you are one of the rakyats but there are other rakyat out there too.

    And the issues that we need to prioritze is the issue that effects the most rakyat.

    I doubt that the issue raised by Karpal is noticed by the majority of the rakyat.

    Only a handful, you and me, that's all.

    As for UMNO, i don't think we need to convince the people that they are corrupted anymore.

    What we need to show is that we are able to rule better than them.

    Then the rakyat will be with us for a long time.

  18. I agree. UMNO is a big bastard. They do whatever they accuse of others doing.

    The trouble is they still control the media and the majority of the people are still subjected to their media play.

    So, we have to be wary of that.

  19. I would not read Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian, despite being paid to read it!

    I cannot imagine people actually buying those papers to read it!

    That is why Mahathir said the bloggers are really the last remaining hope of the nation!

    Don't blame Utusan Malaysia la, it is owned by Umno, the party with low standard morons and extremists.

    Utusan Malaysia, the Star, New Strait Times etc, are just a few shameless newspapers that often cover up the scandals of BN government and to make oppositions look bad.

  20. I think most of us Malaysians know the country is rotting to its core for the last few decades. It only takes a Michael Backman to confirm it.

    Such a pity this country could have been a 1st world country like Singapore but had to be misgoverned by a bunch of crooks using misguided policies for their own ends.

    It looks like the country hasn't reach rock bottom yet and it is going to get a lot worse before it get any better.

    Local companies are moving away, rich peoples are moving their money elsewhere and the country's top brains are simply draining away. Our leaders are still happily plundering the country's wealth regardless of everything else.

    Our future is bleak, very bleak indeed.

  21. If only the malays are a bit smarter, then BN won't win. The problem is malays are too damn stupid that they keep voting for BN. I don't know what poison BN gave to make them in this state.

  22. As a post-independence-born Malaysian, I would like to offer my thoughts on Article 153 of the federal constitution which mentions the special position of the malays. Please note that there is no mention of the words 'special rights' or 'special privileges' in the constitution.

    For too long, there has been a lack of understanding of what our forefathers had in mind when they included this clause in our much talked about social contract. To gain a better understanding, let us take a trip back in time to 1957 to actually visualise the scene then.

    In a scenario where the immigrant Chinese and Indians were seeking citizenship rights in Malaysia, it is reasonable to presume that they would have had to understand and acknowledge the difficulties faced by the majority malays.

    And this is where the meaning of the words 'special position' comes into focus. What did our forefathers mean by the special position of the malays? Did they mean that the malays would have special rights and privileges in perpetuity? Did they mean that the malays would enjoy a higher status than all the other races?

    If this is what our forefathers had intended, then our constitution would have mentioned this specifically. However, the social contract or constitution does not say so.

    What then, could the words 'special position' mean? It is reasonable to infer that our forefathers were concerned first by the fact that the malays were left behind economically despite being the indigenous majority in the country.

    Secondly, they were concerned by the fact that, despite being immigrants, the Chinese and a small segment of the Indian community were relatively much better off.

    The clause was therefore more so of an acknowledgment by the non-malays of the disadvantageous economic situation of the malays. The consideration given by the former to the latter when entering into the social contract for citizenship rights was agree to provide some measure of support for the malays to improve their economic standing.

    If our forefathers had meant for these preferences to last in perpetuity, then there would not have been a request for a review in 15 years.

    When I see the compulsory requirement for non-malay companies to hand over a certain portion of their equity to the malays for no input at all, I am tempted to ask: Is this what our forefathers had in mind? I can go on listing the abuses forever because there are plenty of them.

    It is intriguing to hear senior Umno and BN leaders repeatedly asking the people to adhere to the social contract. What contract they are referring to? It cannot be the federal constitution. It is most probably some contract that they have entered into unilaterally without the agreement of the non-malays.

    So it seems to be incorrect to firstly equate the words 'special position' with 'special rights and privileges'. Secondly, it also seems incorrect to suggest that the malays have special rights and privileges in perpetuity and therefore, that they have a higher status than everyone else.

    The non-malays only agreed to allow them preferences over the others for a finite period of time. It has now been almost 50 years since independent but has such a meaningful review of those preferences taken place at all? Absolutely not.

    In fact what has happened is that successive BN governments, dominated by Umno, and especially after the 1969 tragedy, have taken the liberty to very liberally interpret Article 153. This has led to the wholesale abuse of the consideration provided by the non-malays in 1957 for their citizenship rights.

    It seems to me that the real social contract of 1957 was torn up long ago by the BN government with the way in which the NEP was implemented from the 1970s onwards.

    To me, the real social contract of 1957 has long been dead. I hope the day will come when the people of Malaysia in the true independent spirit will make it live again.

    Then perhaps, we would not have to spend hundreds of millions ringgit on nonsensical projects like the National Service to inculcate unity amongst the races.

  23. If you turn on BBC, there are fair and equal coverage on the UK opposition parties.

    So is NHK (Japan), so is KBS (Korea), so is CNN (America), so is CBC (Canada), so is ABC (Australia).

    Even in our neighboring Thailand, their TV coverage is fair for both ruling and opposition parties!

    Only in this Umno hijacked country that you find most lop-sided idiotic coverage on Umno and its running dog partners!

  24. This can only happen in Bolehland. Thank heaven, I don't live in Malaysia anymore. But I pity my comrades there. Someone should assassinate Bodowi to teach Malaysian politicians a lesson. Looks like the only way out……….

    Ex-Malaysian in US.

  25. Lying, incompetent, hypocrite, faking, denial, crook, corrupt, unjust, stupid, pretending, all these words are apt to describe them Umno.

    How on earth Malaysia could sink low low low!

  26. Hey! UMNO lagi kurang ajarlah! Memang macam LANUN. MELAYU TIPU MELAYU! Tapi temberang kata memperjuangkan hak Melayu!

    Tiap-tiap hari ahli UMNO dan media kerajaan menjana berita berbau perkauman. Bacalah Utuasan, berita perkaumannya menjijikkan, sehingga nak muntah.

    Weh! Melayu sekarang bukan macam Melayu dululah! Tak bodoh macam ko!
    Melayu sekarang takut sebab Melayu yang tipu, rompak dan memperbodohkan mereka. UMNO sengaja memperlagakn and mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman.

    Karpal tak salahlah. Dia cuma memprsoalkan tindakan Sultan dalam mencampuri urusan kerajaan. Karpal bukan bodoh. Yang BODOH tu UMNO. Sengaja memesongkan isu. MUSNAHLAH UMNO!

  27. PM Abdullah Badawi is very conversant in the role and structure of the civil service in this country. He knows MP Karpal Singh is somewhat right. One needs to go back to the understanding of what administration system was inherited in 1957? The role of civil servants and Sultans in the unfederated malay states, the federated malay states and the straits settlement. Until and unless you know about these things, do not be ruled by emotions, political populists utterance and wasting time with police reports. The police have much to do aside from giving feedback to the BN government!

  28. "Silence is golden, but my eyes can see" (part of a song)
    What other leaders don't know what, when or how to say with what they want to say
    But to keep quiet until the next huge wave at sea
    Before they jump onto the bandwagon again on a right sunny day

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110508
    Sun. 11th May 2008.



  30. Ok for UMNO to call Agong binatang but Karpal cannot question a civil servant paid by rakyat money?

    Long Live Karpal Singh!


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