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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat Must Not Be Distracted by "Battle of the Pirates"

Malaysiakini and all of the mainstream media is buzzing with stories of Dr. Mahathir leaving UMNO. It's clear that UMNO and Dr. Mahathir is desperate. Dr. Mahathir is desperate to remove Dolah Badawi to remain in office, Dolah is desperate to remain in power. And Barisan Nasional, post 2008 is desperate to remain relevant. Now, desperate people usually will resort to desperate measures. Allow me to explain:

a. UMNO: The desperate measures they are applying right now is by playing the Malay Rights and Supremacy issue again and again. These reports from Malaysiakini:

a.Khairy Planted NEP Question Causes A Stir(

b.Academics Discusses Social Contracts (

c.Live Bullets Sent to Karpal("

d. indicting Karpal Singh for alleged slander to the Sultan of Perak
and many more.

These series of actions by UMNO clearly indicates the desperate measures taken by UMNO in maintaining their Malay ground since UMNO only managed to hold on to power thanks to Malay votes. Fast eradication of the Malay ground will render UMNO useless and irrelevant.

b. PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi : He is clearly desperate to remain as PM and President of UMNO. He too is applying desperate measures. In my opinion, the entire "Judicial Reform" and "Linggam" videotape hearings was undertaken to villify chain Dr Mahathir and thus destroying Dr M credibilty to beyond repair. It's a fact that Dr. Mahathir is the only UMNO figure that is credible enough to move the UMNO masses towards removing Dollah Badawi from the PM position.

c. Dr. Mahathir: He's desperate too. His most recent action by quitting UMNO is a sign of desperation. There are two major factor pointing towards Dr. Mahathir's desperation. No 1, the Linggam Royal Commission report will eventually led to his indictment and most probably conviction. Dr. Mahathir might be sent to the same cell that Anwar Ibrahim was sent before. No 2, his desperate to remove Abdullah BAdawi for good before anything happened to him.

Pak Lah's decision to hold the UMNO election at the end of December is actually allowing him enough time to act on Dr Mahathir effectively. The intended scenarion for Pak Lah is to face the UMNO election with Dr. Mahathir eiter incarcerated or losing his credibility altogether making him uninfluential among UMNO members.

Therefore, his quitting UMNO is a last ditch desperate move to corner Pak Lah and probably force Pak Lah not to act on him legally.


Pakatan Rakyat MUST NOT BE DISTRACTED by these recent events. PAkatan Rakyat's must be focused on one thing: the eradication of UMNO/BN. As long as UMNO and BN still controls the Central Government, they are still dangerous and they are still able to mount an effective counter attack. PLEASE REMEMBER, they still control:

a. SPR
b Police
c. Army
d. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
e. Media
f. Perbendaharaan Negara
g. The Malaysian Judiciary

In short, they still have machinery, money and media (flow of information). They are still able to Malaysian mass communicate to the majority of the public. They can still meddle and lie and cheat via a rigged election process. They can still rely on the courts to nullify results which they don't like. THey can still rely on the Police to cheat in the elections. They can still rely on the army to provide "Postal Votes" that can change a lot of the results. They can rely on Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to provide them with the Pengundi Hantu.

The media they control can create a condition of distrust among the people against the Pakatan Rakyat.

WHAT I AM SUGGESTING: These are the few steps that I would recommend Pakatan Rakyat to do given the circumstances:

a. Pakatan Rakyat needs to connect with the people even more. They need to project themselves as a better option to the current Barisan Nasional

b. They need to show that they represent the interest of the Malays, Chinese and Indians and they can do a much better job then BArisan Nasional

c. They are more committed towards eradication of corruption and abuse of power

d. Pakatan Rakyat must be seen to be more committed towards eradicating draconian laws and measures which BN usually relies upon.

e. Pakatan Rakyat MUST AVOID touching on sensitive issues a. Malay Rights b. The status of Sultan c. The position of Islam d. NEP

Pakatan Rakyat must continue to expose Barisan Nasional corrupt practices. For instance, when it comes to Malay Rights, we must tell the Malays that so far, Malay Special rights are only enjoyed by "UMNO Putra" and not the majority of the Malays. The same with NEP.

In short, whether it's Malay Rights or NEP, it's actually a smoke screen to make certain individual rich or richer while leaving the majority of the Malays in the ditch.

Also, the Chinese also needs to be informed that Chinese businessmen are also party to NEP and MAlay Rights since they are the ones usually working with the UMNO elites for a piece of the NEP pie. The Majority of the Chinese on the other hand have to strive and suffer just to have a decent life.

In short, at the end of the day, it's always the small bt connected minority that benefits from all these programmes leaving most of us in the cold to suffer.

The UMNO, MIC or MCA (even Gerakan) reminds me of the movie "Pirates of the Carribean" in which each party is akin to each pirate ships that seems to be at odds with each other but can seem to work with each other when they have a common interest to pursue or a common threat to overcome.

Pakatan Rakyat must never be distracted by the "Battles of the Pirates". At the end of the day, no matter who wins, Dr. Mahathir, Pak Lah, Nihjar, Ong Ka Ting, Samy Vellu, they're still pirates.

The only option now is to replace these pirates with a clean and better government that cares for the people. Not a goverment that's bent on robbing the people.

Thank you.

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