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Monday, June 30, 2008

Isn’t Saiful Bukhari Physically Stronger than Anwar?

"So, my question is: How a 23 year Saiful Bukhari, healthy and strong, can allow himself to be sodomized by an old man, who had once undergone a spine operation and unable to exert himself physically as like anyone of his age?

Saiful Bukhari should be able to overpower Anwar Ibrahim and prevent himself from being sodomized."

I had a look at Saiful’s various pictures, and we all know that Anwar Ibrahim is :

  1. Old
  2. Had an operation done on his spine
  3. As a result, not able to be as physical as his age would permit
  4. I don’t think Anwar’s physical condition allows him to play golf.
  5. I think Anwar Ibrahim is as tall as Mostafa Mohammad, like in the picture.

So, my question is: How can a 23 year Saiful Bukhari, healthy and strong, can allow himself t be sodomized by an old man, who had once undergone a spine operation and unable to exert himself physically as anyone of his age?

Saiful Bukhari should be able to overpower Anwar Ibrahim and prevent himself from being sodomized.

Saiful claimed that he was sodomized in a condo in Damansara. The other question that entails is how was he dragged to the condominium assuming the sodomy did take place? Ok, maybe he was deceived into going there.

The next question we can ask is, how did he get himself sodomized when he is physically stronger than Anwar Ibrahim. He can easily push Anwar aside and run away. He can also hurt Anwar physically and lodge a police report there and then?

The fact that Saiful Bukhari is the one lodging the police report indicates that Saiful doesn’t consent to the act of “sodomy”. In short, Saiful was forcefully “violated”. And Anwar had forced upon Saiful without his willingness.

Saiful seems to be very connected. It is not easy to have pictures taken with several UMNO leaders unless you’re someone close to the party heirachy. Or at least you’re someone known to people who are in the circle of UMNO leaders. I mean, besides being UMNO leaders, they are also government officials, and there are protocols and rules to be followed before one can be in close proximity with these leaders.

In short, one will have to be connected to be able to have their pictures taken with UMNO leaders like Saiful Bukhari did.

I blame Anwar Ibrahim for not running a background check on people he appoints as special aides. I mean, it’s ok to have them work as normal worker but to appoint someone you don’t really know as an aide, is an act of carelessness, if u ask me.

Nevertheless, it’s still doesn’t mean that Anwar Ibrahim is guilty of the charges, only guilty for not being careful.

And as a reminder to Muslims reading this article. In Shariah, to accuse someone of fornication (or sodomy) without the presence of 4 credible witnesses is a GRAVE SIN. The ruling on this is unanimous on all scholars of Islam. There is no difference of opinion. IT IS IJMA’.

Whether Anwar did it or not is not an issue. Muslims must adhere to the rule and keep quiet. Accusing others of fornication is also a grave sin.

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  1. unless of course Saiful enjoys being sodomised by an older handsome man who might be Prime Minister one day.......

    then he went home saw his wife and felt guilty and decided to blame Anwar instead !!

    Hillarious u Malaysians Dudes

  2. malayamuda

    sodomy means rape. So there exists force

  3. Salam,

    What does Islam say about someone who creates/questions the integrity of a fellow Muslim based purely on speculation?

    And as for your assertion for the requirements of 4 witnesses, all the rapist in Malaysia would wish to thank you because no way you could find 4 witnesses, unless you are watching them, which also makes you a sinner because you should have stopped them in the 1st place.

    Don't use Islam to protect only your point of view.

    Let the investigation take its course.


  4. this kinda publicity Malaysia can do without !

    why is everyone so obsessed with sodomy ? If mahathir really wants to be sodomised , we can all sodmise him......

    the world will look at all malaysian men as sodomists from now on........


  5. so umnodo,

    It's ok for people to ruin other people's life with this kind of accusations?

  6. umnodu,

    as far as I know, this case is categorize under "liwat" in Jinayah Islam and not "rape".

    As far as I know, rape is considered as man sexually violating a woman.

    And in Jinayah, rape is categorized under taazeer, so no 4 witnessess is needed.

  7. Whether who is stronger is purely subjective. Just because a person is younger doesn't mean that he is stronger. Simillarly just because a person has undergone a back surgery doesn't mean he is weak, maybe as a result of the surgery he is even stronger than before.

    The point of the matter is :-

    1. Everyone needs to calm down.

    2 Let our Judicial System deal with it.

    3.Who are we to say he is not guilty ?

    4. Who are we to say that he is guilty ?

    5. Do we really KNOW him ?

    6. Wouldn't it be stupid for BN to play the same song twice ?

    7. BN has learned the power of internet the hard way.

    8. The truth shall prevail in the end.

  8. That is quite a naive statement to make Crower. The truth will not always prevail, especially not when the mainstream media, the judiciary and especially the police are controlled by the government.

    As for BN playing the same song twice, why not? If the BN can blow up people (altantuya), what makes you think they cant accuse Anwar again?

    Rather ask yourself why Anwar would risk being accused of sodomy when he is so close to toppling the BN govt? It would be a stupid risk for him to take.

    I suggest Mr/Mrs Crower that you update yourself sufficiently before you make posts like that.

  9. Jawatan Kosong!! Penolong Peribadi parti komponen Barisan/Pakatan Rakyat.

    Kelayakan : Umur bawah 25 tahun. Kemas & Menawan, Bontot lentik.

    Interview Segera!!! Hadirkan diri pada bila-bila masa di Kedutaan Turki.

    Lelaki sahaja..

    Person to contact: Uncle Anwar

    Sekian terima kasih.

  10. anonymous,

    Awak ni agen UMNO ke?

    Setau saya hanya org UMNO sahaja yang begitu bodoh sangat percaya anwar diliwat

  11. manusia bukan malaikat yang tidak membuat kesalahan.Anwar perlu dibuktikan tidak bersalah, barulah kita boleh mengatakan dia tidak bersalah. kenapa lari sebelum di soal siasat. even ustaz pun boleh merogol orang

  12. antilie,

    sejak bila pulak orang dituduh terpaksa mempertahankan diri dia.

    Yang menuduh lah harus membuktikan tuduhan dia.

    Nampak sangat awak dah buat keputusan.

  13. The responsibility to prove is on the accuser, not the accused. Otherwise let's say having tattoo is illegal, and let's say someone accuses a pretty woman for having tattoo. Should the accuser provide the evidence or should the accused strip herself to prove that she has no tattoo?

    If that's how the current legal system works then anyone can be stripped :)

  14. Its a not-so-open secret that Anwar is bisexual. This has been known since the time he's been a youth leader.Almost 40 years.

    The charge is sodomy. Not forced sodomy, just sodomy. That's what the police have said. Saiful Buka-api was paid to say that he was forcibly sodomised, but because of the stupidly (for UMNO) unexpected uproar, the police have no choice but to say its sodomy. Meaning Buka-api will probably be charged as well, raising his fee to RM 20 mil, maybe. Yes, he's physically stronger than Anwar, that's why there was no force, the act was consensual. Anwar cannot admit it, because this is a de facto Muslim country, and its against Islamic law.

    Now, I hate UMNO. I dislike Badawi. Even more, I dislike Mahathir. But most of of all, I hate Anwar. He's a two-faced SOB who will do all he can to get into power in this country.

    UMNO old-timers know its suicide for this country if he gets into power, and UMNO old-timers are already fed-up with the shit happening.
    Those supporting the vendetta and supporting the current administration are not UMNO die-hards, they're just the last remains of the NEP generation, wanting to hold on to the last vestiges of their rent-collecting and gaji-buta.
    Tun Hussein Onn, after choosing Mahathir as his successor, went to see TAR. He didn't say anything for an hour, then got up and left.
    If he knows Anwar is close to being the prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman would be turning in his grave. He hated Mahathir, but I can tell you, he would hate the conniving bastard Anwar is.

    Let me tell you, believe me if you want to, if not keep your opinion, I respect yours as much as the next guy: Anwar f-ed the guy in his ass. The evidence will come out. Why? Its because Anwar is bisexual. And Buka-api is gay. He is engaged to a hot trophy fiance. (she is kinda hot, and seems smart, I like her, except that she got duped by this guy)

    Is it wrong? In the developed world, there would be no case. Its consensual and there would be nothing to talk about. But here, its a case. And people will talk about it.

    So choose. Support Anwar and support a bisexual. There's no problem in that.

    Or hold on to your prejudices, and when the truth gets revealed, be prepared to throw out Anwar, as you would have to prove that Malaysia cannot accept a bisexual as PM.

    P.S. Just remember, Anwar is a racist conniving SOB, who doesn't give a shit about anyone except himself. He'll please anyone just to get into power. When he was in UMNO, he was the darling of the Malay ultras. When he got kicked out, suddenly he's a moderate. All the while, licking the Western world's balls. Learn Malaysia. You already made mistakes with Badawi and Mahathir. Don't make the biggest mistake of your life with Anwar.

    *I am a young, hot-blooded, straight, urban Malaysian male, who likes to view people as equal, and believes that morals are the good you do to others, not the values that others project unto you.*

  15. I think Anwar being a bisexual is a lie. And the fact it only lingers among Anwar's enemies shows that it's a bigger lie.

    UMNO people are desperate. They know people don't like them.

    So they came up with this load a crap.

  16. The basic question is: who is telling the rakyat the truth? Here the rakyat must consider the facts. In Saiful's case, I think we have sufficient information from the media to make it all look too suspicious.

    According to Saiful's report to the police made on June 28, he was sodomized two days earlier,413 ...). That means he was sodomized on June 26. However, according to Najib, Saiful went to see him (Najib) in his house because he (Saiful)was traumatized after being sodomized several days earlier ( nama/v3/news.php?id=343750). Now, this meeting took place before the police report was made. So it took place before June 28. The phrase "several days" clearly means more than two days. So Saiful was sodomized, according to this report, before June 26.

    Are we therefore to infer that after Saiful was sodomized before June 26, he went to see Najib and then he went back to be sodomized again on June 26? If he went back to be sodomized for a second (at least) time after reporting the incident to Najib, what are we to make of that? Was he sent back to be sodomized again? If he was, who sent him back? If he wasn't sent back by someone then he must have gone voluntarily. In that case, isn't that a case of consensual sodomy? If a man was raped once by another man before June 26, would he go back to that same person to be raped again on June 26? What is going on here? Who is telling the truth?


  17. bodoh, saiful rela masa tu..hahahahahaha

  18. Being bisexual is not a crime nor a sin...blame it on genes. After Anwar found his mate, a woman, surely he would have settled down. And with his huge ambitions I will not believe he would do silly things to jeopardise them. Unless he's absolutely stupid....but he's not!

  19. I wonder why Saiful preferred to be sodomised by a man than sodomising his own girl friend? I also wonder if Saiful will sodomise his own girl friend from her back door?

    Till today, the police or the hospital has yet to tell the people whether Saiful's asshole has got a tear in it due to forceful penetration of one's penis? Why Saiful's girl friend failed to tell the people that Saiful was unable to walk properly after the foreced sodomy??

    Where is this guy now? Hiding and enjoying with lots of cash or suffering in pains because of his asshole's problem??

    Can anyone tell me?

  20. wait... i am still blur on the fact... whose asshole is filled? the young one or the old one?

  21. hoi Umno fcuktards go catch that blardy murderer first.

  22. 1. I did not do it

    2. I did it, but in different manner

    3. I did it, but not as per the allegation

    4. I did it, but not as per charge

    5. I did it, but not on the date in the allegations

    6. I did not do it with the boy

    7. I did not do it forcefully

    8. I did not do it, it's a conspiracy to lie

    9 I did not do it, because I got black eye before

    10 I did not do it, because all these are fixed by my enemies

    11. i did it, but it's not an offence known to law

    12. I did it, but why are you busy body

    13. I did not do it, but the police is prejudiced

    14. I never deny that

    15. I never said that

    16. Who says I said that?

    17. Who says I didn't say that

    18. Ask him, dont ask me

    19. I'm too close to victory, that's why

    20. Sumpah


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