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Monday, July 21, 2008

BN Is Aiming For Another Taman Medan Incident to Break Pakatan Rakyat

I call upon all Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be careful of active attempts made by UMNO/BN to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

It has been a along standing policy of UMNO/BN that there must never be a competition to Barisan Nasional. In other words, to BN, there must never be an alternative allowed to exist along with Barisan Nasional.

My sources from inside Ministry of Home Affairs have informed me that such program has been planned and adopted by them after their loss in PRU12. Their plan now is to aim at weaknesses of Pakatan Rakyat and try to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

I am referring to the Loh Gwo Burne incident being roughed. A good account from someone who attended the ceremony can be read here. The part that I want to highlight is the fact that the police remained quiet and passive and allowed a bunch of demonstrators commits a crime under the Sedition Act.

The biggest question of them all is why does a group of Indians wants to protest a “surau” when the “surau” is approved by both State and Local government (under the Desa Mentari second phase development plan). Furthermore, the small demonstration was conducted during the “pecah tanah” ceremony, a clear act of provocation. They purposely disturb the events by blowing whitsels and shouting slogans. They created a very unhealthy and dangerous atmosphere.

They could have easily protested using the proper channel and the issue would have been considered. Yet, until the day of the ceremony, there was not a single note of protest submitted to the government formally. But, out of no where, a group of protestors appeared on that day and disturbed a peaceful and harmonious program.

The police, on the other hand, who was present on that day, chose to remain quiet and allowed the protestors to commit a clear crime under the Sedition Act. They let the protestors do their thing without interference.

From the eye-witness report, the protestors are mainly of the Indian race. Why I highlight this issue, is because it reminded me of the Taman Medan incident. I was in Taman Medan only hours after the unfortunate incident started and I got to see ambulances coming in and out of Taman Medan.

From what has been reported, it was a small group of Indians that provoked the Taman Medan incident. But, it was other Indians that got hacked and injured. The original provocateurs were never to be seen during the entire incident. One fatality involved a father of two who stopped at the fruit stall to buy some fruits for his children. He was a good citizen and has never been involved in any acts of provocation. In fact, he just came back from his second job as a bell boy in a hotel.

From the report above, I can say it contains striking similarities with the first Taman Medan incident. Furthermore, the mode of provocation is strikingly similar. The motive is also similar as well.

Except in the first Taman Medan incident, the motive was to fire up Malay sentiment feelings because UMNO lost the Malay ground in 1999. Now, another Taman Medan will result in UMNO maintaining their Malay ground plus they will be able to punish the Indians for not voting them in the last election.

But the biggest prize will be their ability to break Pakatan Rakyat because a racial riot in a Pakatan State is the best excuse to show that Pakatan Rakyat is a failure.

Low Gwo Burne is An Imbecile

I’d also like to comment on the Kelana Jaya MP. First of all, I’d like to congratulate Nik Nazmi’s assistant for giving Low a lesson he highly deserve.

Secondly, if Low was a competent MP he would know that encouraging a protest during a ceremony like this is tantamount to sedition. It’s sensitive and can lead to racial and religious tension. But unfortunately he is an imbecile.

Third, the entire ceremony was discussed in the local Pakatan Rakyat meeting which even Hannah Yeoh was present and it was approved. Why then would Low Gwo Burne didn’t express his reservation then?

Fourth, Low was easily duped into serving the interest of Barisan Nasional and UMNO and an imbecile like him should not represent PR in the parliament. Why does Anwar Ibrahim picked him as MP for Kelana Jaya, one can only wonder.

Fifth, Low Gwo Burne is also trying to show that he repesents the residents. Then, what about the Muslim residents who pushed for this surau? Aren’t they as much of a resident as the others? How can Low be so stupid?

Sixth, Low is not even sure if the demonstrators are true residents of the area

Seventh, Low himself admits that he doesn’t know who the developer first. Maybe, if he had checked, he will notice that the “surau” is part of a complete plan for Desa Mentari Phase II Development Plan, where areas for playgrounds have been allocated as well.

Clearly, Low is an imbecile and he belongs in a zoo. Making him a candidate is one of the big mistakes Anwar Ibrahim had ever done.

UMNO/BN Is Desperate to Break Pakatan Rakyat

I call upon all Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be careful of active attempts made by UMNO/BN to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

It has been a along standing policy of UMNO/BN that there must never be a competition to Barisan Nasional. In other words, to BN, there must never be an alternative allowed to exist along with Barisan Nasional.

My sources from inside Ministry of Home Affairs have informed me that such program has been planned and adopted by them after their loss in PRU12. Their plan now is to aim at weaknesses of Pakatan Rakyat and try to break Pakatan Rakyat apart.

They saw that in 2004, after Barisan Alternatif was broken up, they managed to win handsomely and the people will shift back to them in large numbers. This is because voters will vote for stability first, then other issues.

In fact, I dare argue that Chinese and Indian did not vote for change in PRU12. They voted as a sign of protest but their numbers were too great and it resulted in the fall of BN in so many seats.

So, Pakatan Rakyat made the right move going forward when they formed the Pakatan Rakyat after the PRU12 victory.

Now, UMNO/BN is facing a viable alternative in the form of Pakatan Rakyat. Why do I say Pakatan Rakyat is viable:

  1. Pakatan Rakyat has a viable candidate for Prime Minister in the form of Anwar Ibrahim. He is a much better candidate than Pak Lah or Najib or Hishamuddin or all of the three put together.
  2. Pakatan Rakyat parties represents all three main ethnic group.
  3. Pakatan Rakyat has a party that represents Islam, the biggest religion in the country and the religion of the constitution
  4. Pakatan Rakyat is a coalition of political parties just like Barisan Nasional
  5. Pakatan Rakyat has faces and figures that people like for example Tn Guru Nik Aziz, Lim Guan Eng. These figures are proven to be tested and committed to the cause.
  6. Pakatan Rakyat has a much better policies to them people as compared to Barisan Nasional

PLUS, in the last 4 months, UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan has seens their ranks dwindle to record numbers. In States where BN lost, many of their Cawangan cannot organize meetings because not enough coroum. In other words, in the span of 4 months after elections, people are leaving them in droves.

They need to put this trend to a stop very fast. The best way to do it in such a short time is to break Pakatan Rakyat.


Tulang Besi
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  1. There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

    If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

    This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!

    That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

    In BeeEnd, everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs! That is why you have corruption galore!

    That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.

  2. it is not unreasonable to assume Loh Gwe Burn is an idiot all around. Circumstances arises when instead of thinking through his puny brain, he is reacting to the situation without weighing the pros and cons.

    When i read the headlines trumpeted by the MSM regarding LGB's assault, I immediately knew that it was a stupid and definitely there were some "powers" behind the play. Isolated incidences like this doesn't warrant a Front Page news.

    I reckon, if it's heading this way, I fear the worst for PR. But i am still hoping that some miracle will happen.

    mark C

  3. If what I read here is true,Anwar should immediately summon Loh and reprimand him and also find out who were the Indians took part in the protest.

    This is not the nature of Indians to protest agaist the building of a place of worship.Never have I heard such protest invoving Indians.This must be an inside work of those BN scums who must have hired some uncivilized Indian thugs to achieve thier selfish motives anf to break up the support for PAKATAN.

    Anwar has to pay for putting up an inexperienced,unknown fella as an MP.I hope the public will be able to weigh things and not get emotional due to the uncultured behavior of a few Indian thugs.The nation simply cant afford another Kg.Medan incident.BN is desperate and they will go to any extent to break up the opposition and create racial disharmony,so not to let out all those skeletons in thier closet.Anwar has to act immediately,nothing less is in order.

  4. mane ade negara di mane pribumi yang menjadi kaum majoriti rasa kedudukannyer tergugat ? MALAYSIA

    mane ade negara di mane pribumi yang menjadi kaum majoriti rasa die ketinggalan ? MALAYSIA

    mane ader negara di mane pribumi yang menjadi kaum majoriti rase die perlukan subsidi dan pertolongan sebagai sedekah untuk berjaya ? MALAYSIA

    mane ader negara Islam di mane Islam digunakan sebagai alasan untuk menyekat kemajuan rakyat dari bangsa lain ? MALAYSIA

    mane ader negara yang puak pribumi yang majority sentiasa rasa agama mereka, bangsa mereka, economi mereka sentiasa terancam oleh kaum kaum lain ? MALAYSIA

    mane ader negara yang puak pribumi yang majoriti menggubal undang2 untuk menjaga hak hak diorg ? MALAYSIA

    Klu kite kaji, akan didapati bahawa hanye puak puak minoriti di mane mane negara di dunia yang di beri insentif sedemikian. Tapi di Malaysia lain sikit.

    KNAPE ?

  5. Oh Yes.........

    and bile kite kaji lagi. Negara negara yang ditakluk oleh british.

    Hanye Malaysia saje, kaum kaum asing terpakse di bawe masuk utk bekerja kat sini ......kaum2 pendatang, kaum kafir.......

    knape hanye di Malaysia, british terpakse bawe masuk pendatang dari cina , india dan ceylon ? knape umpama nyer di india tak perlu bawa masuk org melayu ? atau di australia knape tak perlu masuk org melayu untuk kerja disane ? atau negara kecil lagi umpama nyer Hong Kong ? Knape British tidak menggalakkan penhijrahan org melayu ke tempat lain jike org melayu mmg rajin dan hebat ?

    setelah british membawa kaum2 pendatang ke tanah melayu, kite tak suke kan ? tapi kite pun buat macam british jugak, kite liwat tanah melayu lagi.........

    selepas 1957, kite bawak org Indon, Bangla dan bagi mereka kerakyatan .....lepas tuh baru2 nih ader pulak negro, pakistan, nepal dan vietnam pulak .....

    Lepas tuh kite complain hak kite tergugat la, perlu ader Muzakarah lah, perpaduan Melayu la........

    Cis !!

  6. PKR need to give crash course for some of it first term MP. Exspecially those without political experience. LOW is really being set-up. So, hopefullly he learn his lesson. Just remember, we live in multi racial country, need to respect each other. This warning from malaysia waves is real.

  7. Dear Dr Resh,

    Tq for the thoughtful comments. I also find it hard to believe that a group of Indians are protesting against another place of worship.

    Indians are generally Hindus, and Hindus are trained to respect other places of worship even though they are not of the Hindu place of worship.

    since the incident occured not to far away from the Taman Medan incident, I believe they are the same thug that provoked the Taman Medan incident.

    Please get Hindu SAnggam or any Indian NGO to issue a statement of condemning this act.

    I am very sure, right now, UMNO operatives are going from house to house telling people that the indians have become arrogant and will try to destroy every place of Islamic worship.

    After that all it takes is just another one of this incident and we will see more bloodshed.

  8. If this link does not auto-display here:

    Then click on the link listed below:

    Yes, you may freely redistribute this image.

  9. No you are wrong. I am Chinese and I as well as many people I know voted for change. In fact all of us have voted against BN all these years. It is the Malays and Indians aho decided to agree with us in PRU12.

  10. Hi
    I m curious bout some of the comments made in this blog as well as by the readers.

    I wonder who were the residents of Lembah Bujang in Kedah?

    How about the lost civilization in Johor (the Malay professor from Australia tried to get permission to look for it but was turned down)?

    When Parameswara first came to Temasek and thence to Melaka, he was also a "Pendatang" right? I always wondered about his race?

    Curious too about the Hang Li Poh and her bodyguards?

    So when I read Malayamuda's comments, I wonder whether he knows about who were the first residents of this land.

    The conclusion is that there is poverty in this land. As long as stomach's are hungry, there will be dissatisfaction.

    The focus of the politicians are no longer on the country;
    The focus of some bloggers are no longer on the country;
    We can follow the politicians blindly, or we can smart-up, and focus on our beloved country, and SAVE it. Restore it to it's historical greatness.

    Do you know that the residents of Lembah Bujang were a great seafaring people?

    Do you know that the Indonesians who settled in Malaya (Tanah Melayu) continued their seafaring status, and Malaya via Melaka was a great maritime power?

    Do you know that the Sea Dayak's etc were also great maritime adventurers?

    Look at the history of the people who reside in the Greater Malay Archipelago (from Philippines to Kambodia/Vietnam).

  11. Thanks for another enlightening information, Tulang Besi. Keep revealing these dirty tactics of BN!

  12. BobSam,

    You missed the point that Tulang Besi was trying to make -- which was BN is trying to stir up racial unrest. His little talk on the background of races is irrelevant here.

    My million dollar question now is "Does Loh Gwo Burne know that he was set-up? Does he know the truth? Has anybody brought this blog posting to his attention?"

    If the answers are negative, then BN is winning. On my part, if I see that fei chai, I'll inform him. :-)

  13. Your writing sound contradictory. In one place, you said: " Making him a candidate is one of the big mistakes Anwar Ibrahim had ever done." in another place you said "Pakatan Rakyat has a viable candidate for Prime Minister in the form of Anwar Ibrahim". Which is which?

  14. Hello Bobsam this arguement are not going to stop. They won't agree with us. You can bring all the proof in the world. First they thought in U's that Indian and Chinese are kaum pendatang. Now I heard(the latest)they even teaching this in Kindergartens.
    I wonder when the Orang Asli going to come out and talk like The Abrogines in Australia. Then we can see who is the real PENDATANG. Nobody knows when this things going to stop. There better place then this land. The choice is yours whether you want or you don't want. You want to stay, you have to go through this almost everyday I BELIEVE. It will be better if could we start your pre plans to migrate. God created such wonderful earth for all of us to live and live happy.

    God knows how many malayamuda out there. But I know there are good hearted ones. Otherwise I would'n have known the Kindergarten's incident and of course Our Brothers In Pakatan Rakyat.

  15. malaysians need to stay united against the provocation of the BN.

    Be united until the next opportunity to kick the butts out of the BN.

  16. Dear Malaysian Brothers, this is a desperate attempt by UMNO and MIC to stir racial clashes. I understand the demonstrators on the day area thugs hired by MIC Saravanan, the Deputy Minister for Federal Territory. Unfortunately most malaysians have felt in the trap including the MP. This is a politically motivated event.

    Please pass this message to all Malaysian Malay brothers, it is aimed at breaking our unity similar to Kg Medan incident where Indonesians were fighting with MIC thugs.

  17. Yes. Loh Gwo Burne is definitely an IMBECILE of the first degree. He is also nefarious as well. In fact, I had written to Malaysia-Today prior to the elections that Loh had ulterior motives for submitting the Lingam video. He had initially tried to submit the Lingam video to BN/UMNO but they were very confident of the election results & largely ignored him. So then he tried Anwar & was rewarded for it. Loh & his family's priorities are not to serve the interest of the people but to enrich themselves in whatever way possible. I encourage all your readers to dig a little deeper into his family background: his father Loh Mui Fah & also his grandfather Loh Kim Fong (in his 90's) who is being held captive by Gwo Burne/Mui Fah & his family to ensure that he does not change the illegal will drawn up before he passes on.

  18. Goodness, frankly, I dislike your writings but there are some good points as well.

    If inexperience meant imbecile, then arrogance meant that you're the ultimate imbecile as your arrogant writing ways showed your bias and could incite racial hatred as well.

    Not good for PR as well.

  19. Sigh, I think before anyone jump into conclusions and assume whatever, please do try to find out what the real issue is about.

    1) I was not objecting to the building of surau on a PLAYGROUND shared by 6000 over residents. I was objecting to the building of a surau without MPPJ approval! Furthermore no dialogue was held with the residents. Although it is true there is approval from the state office, a MPPJ local counciller at the scene confirmed that this was never approved by MPPJ. I stated clearly that I do not object to the building of the Surau, I am objecting to the building of ANY structure without first going through the proper proceedures! I would have objected to any structure being built anywhere without regard to proceedure!

    2) Why is there an assumption that the Indians were objecting to a surau? The Indians stated clearly that they are objecting to any structure to be built on the Playground. Even if it was an Hindu temple! And the Indians said that they had no objections to the Masjid planned nearby, and will support it wholeheartedly.

    3) I have personally spoken to a number of Malay residents about their thoughts. The Malay residents I spoke to said that they were also not in favour of a surau and prefered the playground to remain. They say that there is another surau not 100m away which is under utilized. They said they would prefer to pray together, and another surau in such close proximity will only divide the crowd which will make prayers a less communial affair. They also pointed out that, a masjid is in the works just a few hundred meters away. When that is completed, the surau will be emptied. They prefer the playground to remain. This of course does not represent all the Malay residents' views, but of the 10 Malay residents I managed to speak to was unanimous. Therefore we can assume that at least a section of Malays are also not in favour of the Surau.

    4. I was there to voice the concerns of the people and to make sure that building activities be conducted in accordance to the law. And I also wanted to find the person responsible for this illegal activity which caused the protest! When I asked Nik's PA he refused to answer! As a representative of the people, am I not expected to push for answers? Or am I expected to just keep quiet? Would I not disappoint if I did? I am elected to represent and voice, and that is what I did!

    This is not a racial or religious issue. And it is NOT Malay v Indian! But it is clear that ill-informed readers have totally misinterpreted the situation. The Menteri Besar's ill-informed statement has also confused the issue more (he did not even talk to me about it) As an elected representative, I would have done the same for the Malays if an illegal hindu or chinese temple or whatever structure is being built without proper procedure. I hope I am not as foolish as you think I am, and I hope after this clarification... you would agree. Why I don't clarify in the press? The party has barred me from issuing statements on this while they sort things out... I hope I can do so soon.

    Gwo Burne

    p.s and the comment about me holding my granfather captive... sigh, indeed there was such a case back in 2001 in the case Wong Kim v Loh Mui Fah. The accusations were false (Loh Kim Foh was acctually staying in the hotel he always stays in in Bukit Bintang, with the plaintiff, I stayed no were near bukit bintang), in fact documents regarding the case can be found in the royal commission report. The case was withdrawn as soon as it went to court. Loh KIm Foh's Will? Lets say all his assets have been cleared out long before he came to us... you do not know how much sacrifices I have made to fight on his behalf and how much sacrifice I am making now fighting for you...

  20. P.S After I was punched the crowd immediately went after Nik's PA. The first thing I did was to stop the crowd from going after him and shielded him from being attacked.

    I hope you do not find my response to the punching to be immature/idiotic.

    Mark C... I also believe that there is some power in play behind this. But not who you think... use your brain, why did Nik's PA refuse to answer my question as to who is responsible for the illegal structure? Will the state gov approve a BN project without following proper procedure? If my puny brain can get it, I am sure your significantly larger brain can get it also?

    Gwo Burne

  21. Loh Gwe Burne says:
    "why did Nik's PA refuse to answer my question as to who is responsible for the illegal structure?"

    MY REPLY: What illegal structure? The plan for the surau is approved by the State government and the local government.

    How can u say it is illegal? Where is your proof?

    And even if it is, it's not your job to take action, it's the local council.

    And what crap structure are u talking about anways. The ceremony is called "pecah tanah" which indicates there is no structure being built yet.

    If u think the building is illegal, then file a complaint with MPPJ? Is that too difficult for you to do?

    Why did u support the seditious demonstration on that day? The disagreement of the surau is not necessarily seditious, but the demonstration is. U went and supported the seditious act. Why?

    This is a sensitive issue becuase i involved religion, and you were right smack in the middle of it fanning religous tension. Why?

  22. Loh Gwo Brune says that there was an illegal structure.

    But the entire ceremony is a "pecah tanah" ceremony which means there is no structure being built yet.

    And does Loh knows this fact:

    "Untuk rekod tapak berkenaan telah diluluskan oleh pemaju dalam pelan pembangunan kawasan perumahan Desa Mentari itu sebagai tapak surau. Penduduk tempatan telah sejak dua tahun kebelakangan memohon kelulusan dari pihak JAIS dan selepas PRU lepas YB ADUN Seri Setia Sdr Nik Nazmi telah memberikan sokongannya dan akhirnya pihak JAIS telah memberikan kelulusan melalui Pejabat EXCO Agama. "

    Which means the land lot was approved by the developer and also by JAIS with the support of the ADUN office thru the Religous Exco office.

    Why didn't Loh consider this?
    Instead u went and listen to a bunch of ruffians?

    You're lucky I wasn;t there Loh, i would have clobbered u even worse.

    Not because i do not support your right to disagree with the proposed lot.

    But for your stupidity in handling the issue. The way you handled the issue brings shame to the human race.

  23. Dear Malaysian waves

    Near your commet on me being an imbecile. The so called Pakatan Rakyat meeting you mentioned is pure imaginary.
    Even if there was a meeting. Why would Hannah Yeo be present? She is the Adun for Subang Jaya, and the surau is in Seri setia outside of her area.
    And if there was such a meeting and I was invited to attend... while I would NOT object to the surau, I would have insisted that dialogue be held with the residents and local council approval be obtained (let me remind you that both of the above requirements were not met).

    It is true that the land is gazzetted for a surau. And YES I checked! (stop making assumptions!) But even if it was included in the original plans, I can tell you the local council was and still IS reviewing all the plans falling within MBPJ. I checked with the local council and the local councilors, and was told that they had no knowledge of this project and they gave no approval! According to the law (yes the LAW!) Any building project (including those gazzetted within the development plans) have to obtain approval from the local council. Also dialogue with residents are also mandatory! So get your facts straight!

    How on earth would you know I am not even sure if the residents were not from that area? I have met some of these people more than 10 times!!! I have been to some of their homes!!! Many of them were with PKR from day 1, when I arrived. And helped throughout the elections as well as after the elections!

    How am I the person who incited the crowd? I arrived only at 330pm, after I was informed by an Indian PKR member that there was a protest at 3pm and I rushed there. I understand that the protest started at 230pm.

    Yes there were muslims who pushed for the surau. Let me inform you that there are also muslims who disagreed with the surau. And at least 50% of the residents are Indians. Anyway I think I stated several times I am not objecting a surau, I am just objecting that proper procedure was not followed.

    Let me remind you a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And on this matter, your knowledge is clearly limited.

    Gwo Burne

  24. Sigh... is it so difficult to understand that because there was no dialogue with the people? And while I state again that I checked with the local council and was told they did not approve anything.

    At the time, even Nik Nazmi's PA admitted as much.

    Where is the proof that it is illegal? I never said it was illegal, I just said it did not follow proper procedure. Then where is your proof that it is legal? Maybe you missed me saying that there was a local councillor at the scene and he also told me the local council did not approve.

    Of course it is the local council that should take action. Which I urged the local councilor to do. I did not tear down any buildings or whatever. I was there because there was a protest! And I was there to voice the people's concern (and yes Malays included).

    Seditious? Making summary judgement aren't you? let me remind you that the residents are not opposing a surau, they are opposing any structure. By repeatedly claiming that the protest is seditious isn't that seditious in itself? Because you are insisting that the protest by the indian residents was seditious in itself is creating racial tension? You are trying to turn a protest to protect a children's playground into a racial religious incident, and sir your intentions are suspect.

    The residents were demanding answers, I was merely trying to do just that. As the people's representative it is my duty! I was not fanning religious tension? You are the only one here I see fanning religious tension. I was there to keep the crowd from going losing control. I know the people I know how to handle them, I voice their concern to satisfy them and by doing this they calm down. Which they did until your friend punched me. That is when I had to physically hold the crowd back to protect the guy who just PUNCHED me! And don't worry I will do the same for you also, the law (unless you bribe...) can handle the likes of you.

    And I am not even disagreeing with the propsed lot (note that you used the term proposed, meaning not approved), I am saying please do it properly, and you will have my full support as long as the majority of the people agree, and proper procedure be followed.

    Don't you think the person who is responsible for this project without giving consideration for the law and the feelings of the residents are the real culprits? Don't you think in an area where racial tension runs high a project like this should have been given deeper consideration? If what you say is true, Shouldn't Nik Nazmi if he was responsible be more cautious not to incite a racial incident? And in Nik's defence, I have heard Nik assure the Indian residents there that he does not agree to a surau on the playground. And I would like to believe that he will not go back on his word.

    This would not have happened if the responsible parties just put the thing on hold, and spoke to the people first. Someone cause this protest, and that someone is certainly not me. Why don't you hold that person responsible? I kept the crowd from getting out of hand (despite they were enraged when I got punched) and even managed to get them to leave eventually. Does this not show you that I was not fanning racial tension, but was defusing it? And does my success in getting the people to leave without any major incident (other than me being punched) prove this to you?

    Why are you so intent on making a racial issue out of this and slapping this with a term of sedition? Who is the one fanning racial tention here?

  25. The Desa Mentari surau incidents has been playing around the town. I just wanted to give a SENSE to this over-blown issue by gathering ‘facts’ provided by both sides, so that clearer head can take over the ‘confused’ mind dictated by one-sided feelings.

    1) why does a group of Indians wants to protest a “surau” when the “surau” is approved by both State and Local government (under the Desa Mentari second phase development plan)

    - When did the previous BN state government ever consider the request of Non-Malays about issues dealing with Malay request on a cohabit environment?

    2) They purposely disturb the events by blowing whitsels and shouting slogans. They created a very unhealthy and dangerous atmosphere.

    - the protest was peaceful, and the protesters made it clear that they were not objecting to a Surau, but they simply did not want anything(including a Hindu temple) to be built on the playgound which is utilized by both Malay and Indian Children

    3) They could have easily protested using the proper channel and the issue would have been considered. Yet, until the day of the ceremony, there was not a single note of protest submitted to the government formally.

    - I (Low) also sent word to Muslim affairs exco Hassan Ali, that there are alot of people objecting to the building plans. (a majority considering that more than 50% of the residence in that area are Indians) My advise to him was to put any plans on hold and have dialogue with the people first. I was informed that he will handle the matter, but as it turned out he ignored my advise.

    So an attempt has been made BUT ignored!

    4) From the eye-witness report, the protestors are mainly of the Indian race.

    - - (a majority considering that more than 50% of the residence in that area are Indians) So if the case is a Hindu temple then is there anything precocious conclusion that 50% of the protestors will be Malay?

    5) Third, the entire ceremony was discussed in the local Pakatan Rakyat meeting which even Hannah Yeoh was present and it was approved. Why then would Low Gwo Burne didn’t express his reservation then?

    - can Low & Hannah shape some lights on this?

    6) In fact, I dare argue that Chinese and Indian did not vote for change in PRU12.

    - This is only your gut feeling, same like the case of your ‘feeling’ about the general Malay sensitive that can lead to racial and religious tension. Give MORE credit to your peers about their maturity & sensibility!

    7) Low Gwo Burne is An Imbecile

    - calling Low with all sorts of name only show your prejudice, without first look seriously into the alternative views. This is exactly what you’ve accused Low had done!

    All things aside your takes about BN playing with the Malay sendiments over the spilled-over effects of PRU12 is very very real. The real question is Can the Malays be so easily provoked again via the twin paradoxes of agama dan bangsa? Have the Malay learnt? Or innit the case of the ‘ketuanan’ + BTN indoctrinations + NEP addictions are playing the subconscious mind game with the Malays?

  26. Tulang besi... I've read many postings here that in my view questions the credibility of this blog.

    So, is the verdict that its the BN/ Saravanan/ Home Ministry's provoked incident still stands as per your reliable home ministry information now that Loh himself has responded?


  27. Dear People of Malaysia,

    Please chill the **** out. It is very admirable that Mr.Low has taken the time and effort to post and refute allegations against him in this blog. Not many people,let alone an MP has done that. Congrats to him for not replying to the harsh knee-jerk language used on him.
    Let me first say that Tulang Besi HAS to get his facts right before posting an article like this. UMNO will just use these kind of posting and agitate our Malay brothers and sisters. I do know how the MSM/BN/UMNO gov works but first of all we had to ascertain what actually transpired on that day before jumping to conclusion. It just makes the UMNO effort to destroy PR even easier when people jump to these conclusions.
    Nik Azmi's PA seems to be an extremely immature and hot tempered person, I hope Nik Azmi reprimands him and I'm upset that even after Mr.Low had spoken to some of the Exco members/S'gor gov members regarding this issue,they chose to ignore his ideas and thus now we can see that there is no proper channel of communication. Everyone in PR needs to work together and not work in Silos if PR is to succeed.

    Rage Against the Machine.

    PS.Tulang besi,please understand that many people read ur blog as such I hope that you make sure that your facts are 100% accurate. Peace.

  28. Semua ini adalah pengajaran yg berguna untuk semua orang...

    Terutama untuk pemimpin besar, bahagian ,cawangan serta pengikut PR...

    Kita perlu berusaha untuk mengukuhkan Pakatan Rakyat...

    Cara penyampai masaalah dan maklumat dan keputusan hendaklah mengikut Sistem Penyampai yg berkesann....

    Berpakatlah para pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat untuk masa depan Rakyat Selangor khususnya dan Malaysia am nya..


    yg memohon


  29. Congrate to MP Loh. You have finally shown that you are not as what many people think you are.

    As a Muslim, I accept your explanation. I believe you have done your best effort, but unfortunately some people like to politicize the issue to incite polemic and racial tension. I remember reading one of the article in Malaysia-Today about May 13. It was not the people who fought, but its the poltitician. The writer (a chinese) even told that he was saved by a Malay family.

    Many Muslim easily drawn by the sentiment of surau and masjid (the same goes for hindu in regard to temple). The easiest way to incite their anger is to say demolition of surau or masjid. Many of them will think that demolition of surau or masjid means destruction to their religion and building of surau and masjid means uplifting their religion. But they forget that surau and masjid have to be built with purpose. Purpose means there is a valid reason and demand.

    To the author of this blog, I am disappointed with the kind of writing in this blog. The issue seems to lie low until this writing came out. Indeed the real purporter of racial hatred and tension is the author of this blog. I believe you should know that Allah S.W.T. reminded us that we should avoid guesswork (syak wasangka)

    49:12 O you who have attained to faith! Avoid most guesswork [about one another] for, behold, some of [such] guesswork is [in itself] a sin;...

    It may sound fun to have many people visiting your blog, but as Muslim, know that we will be accountable for every of our action. Worse is we become the purporter of fitnah via our blog.

    This is just my advise as your Muslim brother. My final remark is that being a Muslim does not mean that we have to be unjust to the non-Muslim.

  30. Anonymous said...

    Low Gwe Burne says:
    "The police did not take any action because the protest was peaceful, and the protesters made it clear that they were not objecting to a Surau, but they simply did not want anything(including a Hindu temple) to be built on the playgound which is utilized by both Malay and Indian Children."

    MY REPLY: The fact that the demonstration is against a surau constitutes sedition.

    This is a religous matter and as such it must be handled with care and caution.

    To make things worse, the demonstrators are 98% Indians.

    The fact that the Taman Medan tragedy occured 10 km away from this place should serve as a caution to everyone.

    The non imbecile way of handling this issue is to have a close door meeting with all the residents.
    And from my experience, the best way of protest is to collect signatures from residents and submit them to the Local, State and Developers.

    This has been done before and it has borne results without the unnecessary tension and risks.

    This was done before in so many places.

    To have a demonstration at a religous function is nothing but seditous in nature.

    And if Gwe Burne is not an imbecile, he would have calmed the protestors and tell them to disperse.

    It's people like you that makes Pakatan Rakyat look bad

  31. Gwe Burne,

    Hope u understand, no one says the resident have no right object to having a surau.

    The issue is not even surau vs playground.

    The issue is how an MP of Pakatan Rakyat handled a sensitive issue like this in the most stupid way.

    The issue could have been settled easily minus the religous and racial tension.

    For that Low Gwe Burne has proven himself to be a bona fide imbecile.

  32. both side have their points. the more you guys stress on this issues, you guys risk walking into BN's trap. Knowing the fact there are 2 sides of a coin. Thus take the episode as a learning curve for all PKR's supporter to build harmony relation. Is like a new couple just married and definitely a lot of adjustment must be made. In short accept the shortcoming of each person and tolerate and guide each other. Remember we have many futures together i hope when PKR comes into power. Build a better Malaysia. start from now. Call ourselves Malaysian and not differentiate by ethnic group.Lets take the 1st step. so guys calm down and appreciate Malaysia.

  33. Dear All,
    I would like to take a different view on the situation. Before proceeding further, please remember, Goh Burne is about 6 ft tall and a pretty tough guy. He got punched but he did not fight back. Just think how may of you would do the same.

    Secondly, the author of this blog is committing the serious error of calling people names. 3 months ago we were praising Goh Burne as due to his efforts we have proof that of the problems in the judiciary. We can speculate saying he was trying to do this and that, but the fact remains, that the Royal Commision concluded that there was improper conduct amongst the highest levels of our judiciary. For many who had sought justice but felt they were denied, this can go a long way in healing their pain.

    Goh Burne's point is he was for due process. Those against him say that he did not handle a potential volatile situation in the proper manner. Their argument is that there is a subtext to this situation, that the sum of the parts was greater than the whole, i.e. given what had happened previously in Kg. Medan, this was not any ordinary demonstration against a structure.

    I put it to you dear readers, how would you react? Goh Burne acted out of a sense of belief in the rule of law and due process. He got punched, he did not fight back. For me honestly, the supporters did him in. If they had originally been protesting against the demolition of a Hindu temple which was deemed illegal by the then Selangor state government, they should not protest against the construction of a surau ground breaking,semi construction or otherwise.

    In conclusion, and speaking as an Indian, the Indians in Kg Medan did not do themselves or Goh Burne any favours. They live in an area that can ignite like a tinderbox. They should take a lesson from Tok Guru Nik Aziz who is widely known to have supported the construction of a temple in a state almost 100% Muslim. Rabble rousing and then leaving teddy bears on the steps of the palace of His Majesty the King will not do anyone any favours. Unfortunately, the mentality is such, act first, think later. This needs to change, because in the end, when all is lost, it is because we lost it.

    Lastly, Goh Burne is not the sort of guy to do a 'hero' stunt. As my senior in boarding school, he was the quiet type. Few tried to mess around because he was quite tough :)


  34. Dear Naren,

    Goh is called an imbecile not because he disagrees with the building of the "surau" or because he supports a certain section of the Residents.

    He is called an imbecile because he handled and delicate and sensitive matter in a way that is most unprofessional and will only lead to highthen tension and fear in a place where blood was once spilled in the name of race.

    He could've handled it in a much smarter and correct way, and in the end everyone will win without any tension necessary.

    This whole area is a powder keg. Anything related to religion and race MUST BE HANDLED CAREFULLY and with CAUTION.

    The demonstration is a wrong move. THe fact that the Loh went and join the demonstration is just PLAIN DUMB.

    The people wh protested the Kiara cemetary protested as well, but u dont see them protesting when there is a funeral procession. It's just unnecesary and dumb plus it defeats the purpose.

    Low had it coming. He needs to be taught a hard lesson, and must ensure something like this doesn't happen again.

    Low, there are more than one way to skin a cat.

    The commentator was right, Low whould've referred to the more experienced and senior PR member for guidance.

    Call Sivarasa and he would've have advised him properly.

    Look, if this was a protest against a mall, or a dewan, or a street etc then it wouldn't be bad at all.

    But this is a place of worship, it's sensitive.

    What's wrong with you, Low. Where's your common sense?

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know these things u know. It;s just plain old simple run of the mills common sense.

  35. Tulang besi and those still calling Loh an imbecile,
    Inexperience meant that a person did not have prior encounter with the situation. Again, I stressed that if inexperience meant imbecile, then all those not knowing the meaning of imbecile is also an imbecile as ignorant meant refusing to acknowledge the lesson learnt.

    Tulang besi, you're contributing to PR efforts and at the same time stubbornly refusing to see that if you do not check your facts before writing (especially expressing your bias nature), you are telling everyone with an open mind what an A**EH**E you are.


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